Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

U.S. Launch Date: September 24th, 2009

Anyone who thinks Black is Black hasn’t got their hands on Zoom Fast Black Lash, our newest mascara designed for voluptuous night-sky volume, length like a glamorous, never-ending asphalt highway! This is the deep end of the Dark View, the night charm of every neo-Goth night crawler, and the most dramatic statement black could make for the Film Noir way of life. Day or night, sweep it on, and don’t stop there…a second coat before twilight will make the evening all the more exciting. It’s intense. Fast. And blacker than black. Zoom!

Zoom Fast Black Lash creates the most intensely black lashes while adding dramatic volume and length. The formula includes carbon black pigment, which creates the deepest, richest black ever. Zoom Fast Black Lash contains silica to add volume and create beautiful, high drama lashes. Panthenol and pantethine help to condition and strengthen each lash while a derivative of vitamin e and sodium hyaluronate help keep the lashes hydrated, soft and flexible. The patented, perfectly sculpted brush has 3-sided fibres that grab onto each lash, separating and coating each lash evenly in one stroke. Zoom Fast Black Lash is smudgeproof, non-flaking, long-wearing, ophthalmologist-and dermatologist-tested.

  • Deepest Black The blackest of blacks

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34 thoughts on “MAC Zoom Fast Black Lash

  1. Ooooh I am excited about this one!!!

  2. sugarcrumb

    Christine, would you know how different this is from Zoom Lash? I have Zoom Lash and i love it (the brush can be messy but i sometimes use a diff brush on it) – the formula is fantastic! A MAC MUA who was touching up my eyeshadow even commented that it was soooo intense and wanted to know what i was using!

  3. Christy

    I’m always up to try new mascara. I’m all about super black big lashes.

  4. Alexa

    I hope The model did not wear fake lashes. That mascara looks good. So excited

  5. glitter princess

    never tried mac’s masacaras are they good? as ive heard mixed reviews which would you reccomned for a 1st timer of mac mascara bearin gin mind i have long lashes naturally and am curtrently usign rimmel sexy curve masacra and givencxy phemonons eyes as i jst use then for the curl ! X

  6. jess

    I LOVE the promo photo for this. The model has great eyebrows!

  7. Karly

    This mascara looks fantastic, I love really dark lashes. Does anyone know if this mascara will curl your eyelashes as well?

  8. MsKia

    I really want to love MAC mascara’s, but every time I go to the counter and have a girl/or boy apply a new fun look, the mascara burns my eyes. I mean they really sting for at least 5-7 min to the point where my eyes water! I prefer using other brands for mascara.

    • Diabla

      That sucks. Some brands do that to me too so I know exactly how it is (I don’t know if Mac would burn my eyes, I’ve never tried their mascara). Fortunately other brands work for you (and for me)! :)

  9. Kathy

    I really like Zoom lash, and I always thought it was really pigmented so I’m sooo excited to try this one out!<3

  10. Phoenix

    very unhappy with this i would rather spend $6 on a mascara that actually works than shelling out 15.50 for one i know i will hate i mean look at the wand you just KNOW that will leave clumps :( and why giv it its own launch instead just throwing it in with style black? MAC sometimes i just don’t understand you :(

    • KyAnRa

      IDK, This wand looks like fibre lash sort of, i’m excited about it! It sounds worth the 15.50 but probably because i’m always spending more at different counters :(. Hopefully this one will be worth it and i can save some $$$.

  11. Rory

    Omg I can’t wait, I’m definitely getting it…!! it sounds amazing in the description…!!

  12. tess

    sound like a must have for me! can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  13. Val

    mac mascaras ALWAYS SUCK dont get this!

  14. Ashlyn

    I love Mac mascara! My fav is zoom lash, so this sounds like it will be fantastic!!!! I cannot wait!!!!

  15. Erika

    the brush looks similar to the zoom lash…i love zoom lash! i wonder how this one will work…

  16. mars

    I’m eagerly awaiting this as Zoom Lash is my fav. One coat gives me more lash than 2-3 coats of any other mascara. Zoom Lash can be a little chunky with multiple coats but nothing my lash comb can’t fix. The color on this is so amazingly deep black. After trying it my regular Zoom Lash almost seemed brown in comparison.

  17. Meghann

    I always liked Zoom lash, it always made my lashes pop. I use to get brands from drug stores until a MAC rep put it on the inside and the outside of my top lash. It looked so good. It’s well worth getting MAC mascara, which is 3 or 4 bucks more than the drug store brand. I did try other mascaras from Sephora and right now I am loving the Guerlain to get every hair. But I will definitely get this one when it comes out, can’t wait. =)

  18. KP&7

    I like this mascara, I recieved a sample and it reminds me of one of the Lancome mascaras. I love all their mascaras but they can be pricey.

    • KyAnRa

      I’m a big Lancome Virtose black carat fan, so i hope your right and i can save by getting this one instead, by the time this one comes out it’ll be time for me to purchase more mascara, i’m excited about it!How’d you get a sample!!!! i want one! :)

  19. BabyDollB

    Is it going to be available in the UK?

  20. leslie

    OK! I REALLY TRIED to like MAC mascaras! Really ,I tried.I tried this and it was messy and wet. It was smearing up AND clumping:( when i was working with it.

  21. Marta Fernandes

    I love this mascara, it’s fabulous!
    After one or two coats my eyelashes look just like the model’s only a bit smaller (I have full eyelashes but they’re not particularly long) and it doesn’t clump at all.

  22. Regan

    WOW i literally just bought this mascara about an hour ago and put it on immidiately when i got in the car.
    The color is true to description and my eyes look phenomenal! For once i can just wear my mascara and have my eyelashes look great without any shadow! The brush did throw me off for a second though, because i typically go for fuller lash brushes with longer bristles & this brush can get just a little messy with its short bristled long body but the end result is well worth it. The lady in MAC said that with the smaller brush the application is more precise and you have the ability to put product on your lower lashes without it becoming a mess!
    Go get this mascara, it i now my offical top mascara in my make-up collection. MAC does it again!

  23. Glam

    To me and this is my personal opinion!! M.A.C is years behind in mascara!! It is the worst!! I love Rimmel “Sexy Curves”!! Its working for me!