Friday, November 15th, 2013

MAC x Disney Maleficent Collection for Summer 2014
MAC x Disney Maleficent Collection for Summer 2014

Being bad never looked so good. Our limited-edition colour collection inspired by Disney’s Maleficent debuts summer 2014.

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75 thoughts on “MAC x Disney Maleficent Collection for Summer 2014 (Sneak Peek)

  1. Ilaria

    too late, I want it NOW! ;_;

  2. Treefinger

    Wait, there is going to be a Maleficient movie? I must live under a rock.

    Looking forward to this considering how great the Maleficient stuff in Venomous Villains was :)

  3. Emily

    It wont even matter because this collection will sell out within -23 seconds of it being released. YAY! hahaha

    • brandy

      i know they really need to manufacture more and not pre sell it way before its released. they should be ashamed of themselves for the madness they create with the limited edition collections.

    • Elle

      You summed up how I feel. I don’t think I’ve bothered with a MAC collection in years because I got too tired being disappointed with the product I want being gone before it even made it to stores. I’m still excited to see Christine’s review, but I’m sure the chances of getting stuff from this collection will be kinda slim to none :(

      • Same here. To be honest, I find it disrespectful to long time customers because, to me, it really feels like they’re playing games with us and actually having a good laugh while doing it. The last time Moth Brown was released – only online – I was so irked because I had never actually seen it “in the flesh” and I’m one of those people who will generally repurchase online but for a first time buy, I like to buy in-store. Add to that the very real fact that a lot of their LE products have been of very iffy quality (thank heaven for Christine’s honest and thorough reviews) and I’ve given most of them a really wide swerve!

        • artemis

          I agree! One of the reasons I don’t buy MAC, beside their price over here(Lol, I doubt they ever sell LE stuff in the 2 stores here)

        • My thoughts exactly. I dont even bother with MACs LE collections anymore. Ploys like theirs dont make a product feel special to me, it makes me feel like Im being messed with. Limited Edition should mean a limited time it will be available, not a limited amount. (like Nars for example)

    • Pari

      Haha so true but in stores not 😀

    • Bluebelle

      Exactly! And then it will all end up on ebay for 3-4 times the retail price, Even though I LOVE Maleficent, I won’t let myself get excited for this collection because I know it will just end in disappointment. I used to be a huge MAC fan, but I haven’t bought from them in ages because I don’t have time to sit on my computer, refreshing their website days in advance in the hopes of being able to order what I want :(

  4. Whtney

    Omg omg omg. If Bad Fairy is released again… I may die of joy. I have never mourned using a product more in my life lol. I will be forced to stock up.

  5. Rad

    I’m so on this. I loved the disney villians and bought most of the collection. I cannot wait :)
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    • I spent about $400 on it, it was disgusting, and I am not rich! I was so stupid and excited. lol. Her Own Devices is still one of my favourite daily blushes..and yea, all the Malificent was great <3

  6. angie

    i want some product pics!

  7. I CANNOT wait for your product shots.

  8. Maleficent is my favorite villain <3
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  9. Pari

    holy cow,I am soooo excited especially because I was missing the vinamous villians limited edition.I will definitely buy a lot of stuff.Can not wait

  10. beck

    Oh man this looks right up my alley! Hopefully
    I don’t like it in person as I could see myself going
    crazzzzy. I love the poster! I’m excited for the movie
    to come out on Blu Ray nothing like watching a flick
    at home, for me any way!
    I went crazy with Venemous Villains, if this collec has
    cool packaging I am doomed.

  11. Did you say Summer? Girl, you already got this summer baby starting her birthday gift list and the Holidays haven’t gotten into full swing (lol). I know it’s only a sneak peek, but it looks mighty dark and vampy for Summer. Love it!

  12. Alyssa

    It has been a LONG time since I did a hard core mac haul because I haven’t been crazy about them lately but with this… Unless they screw it up I’m going to buy so much from this! I’ve been freaking out over this movie and now a makeup collection!!! Tbh, I think Uban Decay would’ve been nice (especially with how they did their Oz palettes!!) but if mac treats this like the villains collections then I can’t wait!!

  13. nikki

    I can’t believe they finally got Angelina Jolie for a makeup ad campaign! has she done… any at all besides Sheseido? this collection is going to sell out at record speed.

  14. I can’t wait to see how this is going to differ from the Venemous Villians collection!

  15. Veronica

    I am thrilled about this movie. We’ll see if the collection is worth getting excited about. 😛

  16. Pamela

    OMG im so excited!!!!

  17. Amalia

    Hoping for re promote Mac’s Toxic Tale lipstick

  18. Oh my….
    Why do I have a feeling this might be juuuust a little ‘different’ than the other Villains release…

    This is a good example of why I have a love-hate with my local 2 MAC stores.
    Love: IF we get LE things, they rarely sell out so I have enough choose to make my wallet squeak.
    Hate: We often don’t get LE things or will just get a partial collection.

    I don’t shop at either enough (yet) to have developed a relationship with a SA to be more ‘in the know’ about what they will get before-hand. I wonder if there’s time for that if I start shopping more regularly in-store now, hmmm…

    • artemis

      There is time, just talk to them a lot when you shop for something and if they wear something that you like, ask them about it 😀

  19. Grace

    Hmm so will Jolie be showcased throughout the packaging, or will they be using Disney’s version of Maleficent.. not a big fan of Jolie *runs off before getting hit by bricks

  20. Lizzi

    Oh dear… I bought almost every piece of the Venomous Villains collection. This will probably another crazy bill for my checking acct. I do hope they release Bad Fairy again though. That was such a unique shade and I used mine up over a year ago. I bet there will be a few repromotes from the VV collection, but the packaging will be more elegant and no cartoons, it’ll just sucker me in more…

    • Pishi

      there is a dupe out there for bad fairy: pink spice by accessorize. just google swatches and reviews and it’s only 1.99

  21. I hope they’d have enough stock for the level of enthusiasm this time. Would be a huge bummer otherwise.

    • beck

      Yep!! I hope it is not like the first Marilyn Monroe launch
      or I will be sending MAC a letter of disappointment. Because obviously
      they won’t release Maleficent twice like they did with
      Marilyn, giving people a CHANCE to actually buy a product or
      I wouldn’t mind the packaging like Marilyn’s either,
      with the photo printed on top of Angelina, esp. the poster
      shot here with those amazing green hued eyes.

      • If I know I want something really really badly before it’s released, I usually call my local Nordstrom. They sometimes have a set number of stock reserved for pre-order.

    • Veronica

      That’s why I’ve just backed away from MAC’s LE releases. If I occasionally stumble upon a leftover MAC LE item I like after the big rush was over, I’ll get it, but otherwise I stick to the permanent line. Less duds, anyhow. :)

  22. I’m so excited for this collection! :) Can’t wait for your reviews!

  23. Summer! I still have to make it through a long Canadian WINTER and then the typically unpredictable Canadian spring (some of which thinks it is winter and some of which thinks it is the dog days of August!) Sure would like to see something of what this collection will offer (will it be repromotes of the Maleficent products from the Disney Villains?)

  24. Ricki

    OH WOW!!!! I just saw the trailer today and was so excited, now THIS!!! :0

  25. Lark

    Wait a minute – Summer? We don’t do Evil in summer, thats Winter Wear. Besides, that movie is Christmas release, the long trailers are running on Hulu. And she’s just fabulous!

    But putting out teaser announcements seven months ahead for a look based on pale skin? In summer? Somethings wrong here.

  26. divinem1 (Melissa)

    Love the idea, but may I please see one snowflake fall before I start thinking of summer?!

  27. I’m really excited for this collection without even seeing products! I hope they are as fantastic as I hope, and that they don’t sell out the moment they’re online…

  28. I hate disney but LOVE La Jolie! So conflicted, she looks smashing, as always.

    • xamyx

      I’m the complete opposite! I love Disney, particularly the Villains, but find Jolie mediocre-both physically, and as an actress…

  29. I hope this collection is as good as the Venomous Villains collection (if not better)..! I was absolutely in love with the lipsticks in that collection when I saw it here on Temptalia, but I wasn’t obsessed with makeup yet when that was released so I had no idea about it. Sad. :(

    I can’t wait for your review of this set, Christine! :)
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  30. Cariad

    I need this NOW!

    Cariad x

  31. OMG i love Maleficent most of the villains and i bought about everything from venomous villains so this is way to exciting for me im gonna have to go nuts on this collection. cant wait to see packaging

  32. Trudy

    OMG Angelina!!! And Maleficent – yay!!!

  33. artemis

    Cool prosthetics!

  34. Charli

    Am I missing something here? A link or a go to another page button? Because all I see is a movie poster. What, or where, is the sneak peak? I hope I don’t come off as rude, because I am genuinely confused.

    • This is the image that MAC provided to announce their collection — this is all I have :)

      • Charli

        Oh! No worries Christine! It’s just the way everyone was commenting, it seemed to me that they were talking about actual products and I was genuinely confused :) Thank you for clearing that up. I guess they are excited at the prospect and anticipation of the products.

        • When brands have really HUGE collaborations, like MAC x Disney, they usually will tease with something more generic and less informative at this time to get the buzz going :)

  35. I can’t wait for this! I’m a MAC addict! :)
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  36. Lynda

    Phew! Don’t care for Disney OR celebs. You have taken enough of my money, MAC!

  37. J

    My favorite celebrity x my favorite Disney villain x my favorite makeup brand. I’m so excited for this!

  38. I don’t get it, I don’t see any makeup in this photo, except a tiny corner of lipstick showing. I never understand when makeup companies don’t bother to do anything special with the makeup in their promo images. This doesn’t make me want to buy anything except maybe a pair of badass horns.
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  39. I had no idea there was going to be a movie. I’m excited to see this collection and hopefully it’s unique!

  40. Judith

    Did my computer not load the images? All see if the movie poster.

  41. Nikki

    I rarely shop LE collections, but I’m super excited to see reviews and swatches for this one! I completely missed the Disney Villains collection (I wasn’t into MAC at the time), and there was so much in that collection that I was impressed with. Hopefully, the products in this one will be equally as beautiful!

  42. Ahh, I don’t know if I can do it again. I generally don’t shop MAC LE collections because my anxiety just can’t take it but I need all the things. Disney plus MAC? AND they did the Villains collections SO well? Dammit!

  43. Liz W.

    Oh my goodness! Another Maleficent collection! My all the time favorite super villain. Too many things to be excited about & look forward to 2014. I can’t really wait!!!!!!!!

  44. Mary

    M.A.C. sigh. I can’t.

  45. Annie

    I might actually be interested in this set.

  46. Tiara

    excited to see what the whole collection is going to look like

  47. kristie

    OMG! I CAN’T WAIT for this collection! I wasn’t a makeup lover when the venomous villains collection launched :( sad face! So I can’t wait for this launch or the movie! Angelina is going to rock it! Love Disney and MAC!

  48. Victor

    Has there been any news on when the final product photos will be released. I’m dying for the movie, but this makeup collection is killing me with anticipation! Please and thank you for your time.