Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection

MAC Wonder Woman:  Online & Available for Purchase!

It’s up on MAC Cosmetics — happy hauling! :)  Free shipping with code POW!  Feel free to share your hauls in the comments!

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168 thoughts on “MAC Wonder Woman: Online & Available for Purchase!

  1. Amber

    WOW – I cannot thank you enough for your hard work Christine! You are my fave makeup loving “friend” for sure! Thanks to you, I was able to get my hands on exaclty what I wanted – Mighty Aphrodite blush and Pink Power MSF – I couldn’t pass up the prettyness.

  2. Annette

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m shocked they put it up already. I ordered both blush duos. I will probably get Marquis d next week, and maybe spitfire. I’m still debating on whether or not I need the lipsticks, lol.

  3. Reese

    Thanks for the heads up! I always get my emails from MAC late. I ordered Russian Red lipstick, Amazon Princess blush and Athena’s Kiss and Wonder Woman lipglass. I want to get a few more things but I’ll wait to check them out @ my counter :)

  4. Shannon

    I only got Mighty Aphrodite, that was the only thing I really wanted. I’m so excited!!! I guess I’ll decide later if I want Marquise d’.

  5. Kati

    I just checked online and Pink Power MSF has been the first thing to sell out!

  6. Iliana

    I noticed you said the lipglass are $19.50 but on the website they are $20.00 , just letting you know.

  7. Jane

    I’m so happy I decided to buy pink power I just looked online and it’s already sold out!!!

  8. Hannah

    I am very confused as to why this collection launched so unexpectedly soon. Thank goodness I was not yet at work and was in range of a computer when I received the email to my phone! I am excited to receive my ordered products:

    Nail Laquer: Spirit of Truth
    Powder Blush: Amazon Princess, Mighty Aphrodite
    Lipglass: Athena’s Kisses
    Lipstick: Spitfire, Russian Red, Marquise d’
    Reflects Glitter: Reflects Bronze, Reflects Pearl
    Opulash: Themyscira
    Eyeshadow Quad: Defiance
    Mineralize Skinfinish: Pink Power, Golden Lariat

    and i just HAD to splurge on overnight shipping! 😉

    I am looking forward to seeing the other eyeshadow quads in person to decide which other ones I want, and i’m thinking of splurging on the red cosmetic bag so I can keep my WW products all together :)

    Happy Shopping girls! I hope everyone here was able to get everything they wanted, again, I was quite shocked to see the collection had already launched, I was expecting the online launch date to be closer to the in-store launch date like how Venomous Villains was : /

  9. Natalie

    I know I already commented but I just got the products in hand, right now, and after going wild testing them, I just wanted to say it again: Thank you! Your recommendations are spot on (as always) & normally I’m very weary to buy product untested, despite my huge collection (addiction? haha), but you put in such hard work to bring us all such wonderful, helpful information that can really be trusted. This is the first time I’ve actually ordered so many products without seeing them in person first, and I’m so pleased with it all! So again, thank you for all your hard work! It is unbelievably appreciated.

  10. Sarah

    Hey Christine! Did you check out the brush bags? If so, what do you think of them?

  11. Ije

    I just received my WW, Secret Identity lipglass, the tube is gigantic, but you are right, it does take some jostling to pull out the applicator. Other than that, its a great shade to go with any skin tone. Its very warm and is similar to comparison with Liquer, with a little less frost. I really like it!!

  12. hey i have a question, is there a definite date for the in-store debut? im a little confused

  13. Rebecca

    Mighty Aphrodite is also sold out now!

    • G-marie

      yeah..it was sold out online within a day here in canada.. :( i didnt even had the chance to get it… i got the other blush instead.
      i was wondering why i cant purchase the MSF in Pink power… it says COMING SOON.. how come the other msf is available now.. not fair.. :(

  14. ashley

    I just got my order in today, OMG, mighty aphrodite is gorgeous, like if hippness & ripe peach mixed. The pink power is amazing so soft & blends like dream & not at all disco ball like some MSFs are!

  15. Lola

    Hey Christine / Viewers!
    I got my WW order in today but one of the MSF doesn’t look so good on me.
    Would you if I can exchange it at my nearest counter when it actually released at stores? Or would I have to mail it back? ={

  16. Myranda

    I went all out with this collection! I love macs collections! I got the quads in lady justice and valiant, lipglasses in emancipation and athenas kiss, lipsticks in marquise d and spitfire, pink power msf, mighty aphrodyte blush, and the navy blue nail polish!! Do you have any swatches for the nail lacquers from this collection?

  17. Yvee

    has anyone gotten the tshirts i keep checking mac but i havent seen them.. too bad i probably would’ve bought one i’m waiting 6 more agonizing days to go to the mall to pck up my stuff we don’t have presales and stuff, i ask but the mac lady was all “NO!” really short answer. and geeze they need nicer less intimidating people working, they look at me like i know nothing about anything!

    for some reason i think mac online isn’t selling out as fast as i thought it would.. do you think it’d have something to do with the packaging?

  18. Sam

    Hey Christine. I just got the things in the mail yesterday, and I am happy with them. I didn’t get too much though, because I was really dissiapointed with the quality of the eyeshadows, and the markup of the pigments. But, I have had this question for a while, and I hope that you can answer it. For example, if you buy any lip gloss from any makeup company, and lets say that it is supposed to have 10 grams of product in it, is that really how much you are actually getting of the product, or are a lot of makeup companies ripping us off by making the tubes really thick, and we are really only getting maybe 5 grams of actual product, and the other 5 grams is the actual tube??? This has really bothered me for a while, because I feel like a lot of makeup comanies are doing this, and it is not right. Do you know if this is true???

    • No, the packaging weights are regulated as far as I know, so the weight you see is the weight of the contents – the net weight – so it has nothing to do with the packaging. I think if you actually weighed it, too, it would far outweigh what it says on the box.

      • Sam

        Okay. That makes sense. I was just never sure about it, and with the jumbo sized items from the Wonder Woman collection, I was really unsure if the packaging was just jumbo sized, but the product was not. It makes sense now that you explained it. Thanks! :)

  19. Late post: Glad was able to get Mighty Aphrodite before it went out of stock weeee, Thanks to you Christine

  20. kristen

    it’s up on bloomingdales and nordstroms for purchase!