Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

MAC Wonder Woman Collection

MAC Wonder Woman:  Online & Available for Purchase!

It’s up on MAC Cosmetics — happy hauling! :)  Free shipping with code POW!  Feel free to share your hauls in the comments!

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168 thoughts on “MAC Wonder Woman: Online & Available for Purchase!

  1. Amy

    What…what would we do without you?? I’ve had my list all ready thanks to your reviews and swatches!! Happy hauling indeed!

  2. tammy

    Wow! Thanks to you Christine, I’m able to get everything I needed before it’s all sold out. You’re wonderful. Keep up the good work!

  3. After reading your reviews, I must say as cute as the packaging is and as wonderful as the concept is, I didn’t see anything I didn’t already have a close dupe for that I wanted. Oh well. Guess I save a bit of cash for a different collection. Thanks!

  4. I always get an instant rush when I see you tweet that a collection is up.
    (that is to say if I want something from it.)
    I only got one thing from the collection, the Amazon Princess blush.
    I also ordered a Viva Glam Gaga lipglass before they all go away.
    Had to decided whether or not I wanted Pink Power msf, or the blush,
    and finally came to it that I have some dupes for Pink Power.
    All thanks to you Christine! :)

  5. Caitlin

    No pentultimate liner? Ha oh well! I got Mighty Aphrodite, yay! I wanted to get the Army of Amazons Opulash, but decided I probably won’t wear it enough. Thanks so much Christine :) I wonder why they put it up so early!

  6. I was really excited about this collection but thanks to your reviews I saved some money. I only purchased 3 lipglass (Athena’s kiss, emancipation, and wonder woman) and 2 lipsticks (marquise d’ and russian red) I also purchased the two nail lacquers to do a review for my blog.

  7. Lauren

    Is there no discount available for Pro Members for this collection? :(

  8. Lilith

    does this mean it will be released sooner in-store?

  9. Juliana

    Thanks Christine! I was able to buy everything I wanted online thanks to you! =)


    yay. just ordered. overnight shipping too.

  11. Marsha

    I am so excited! Thank goodness it usually only takes a couple of days to get my stuff from MAC. There are still a few things I want to see in person before buying. Let us know if you find out the in store release has been pushed up too. :)

  12. Julia

    Hooray! Just ordered Marquise D’ and Spitfire lipsticks, and Pink Power MSF!!

  13. Carrie Ann

    Wow, I did not expect the collection to be available so soon! I just happened to check my e-mail a few minutes after MAC sent the Wonder Woman code. I immediately went to the site and was shocked. I quickly ordered the things that were must-have for me: Pink Power MSF, Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo, Valiant Eyeshadow Quad & Marquise d’ lipstick. There are other things that I want from the collection, but I have a feeling those are the items that will sell out quickly. The rest I’ll try to pick up at my local MAC counter on the actual release date. :)

    • Jane

      Wow! That’s all I wanted for my wishlist as well. But I only ended up getting the mighty aphrodite! Too scared if the Pink Power MSF is too shiny for my taste. Im NC 42. Just wodnering what shade are you?

  14. Ashley

    just ordered heroine, secret identity, army of amazons and victorious.

    the red makeup bag, mighty aphrodite, golden lariat, themyscira, valiant quad and obey me to come on payday!

  15. Georgina

    Ahhh~ I got the e-mail from MAC, and literally my fingers were flying just to type in maccosmetics.com. 😉

    • Golden Lariat MSF
    • Athena’s Kisses Lipglass
    • Secret Identity Lipglass
    • Amazon Princess Blush (I wasn’t planning on getting this, but when I went online just to double check if I wanted anything else, your swatch convinced me Christine, lol. ;])
    • Heroine Lipstick

    And second day shipping. (: Happy day.

    Thanks so much Christine! I wouldn’t be able to make decisions without you!

  16. Funny how the penultimate eyeliner is not there XD

    Thanks Christine! I was gonna get Mighty Aphrodite, but I have Guerlain Blush G. Yay for saving money XD

  17. Catherine

    Thanks for the heads up! Because of you I think I was able to get everything I wanted. I got Pink Power MSF, Mighty Aphrodite, and Marquise D. Thanks, you’re the best!!

  18. I picked up Mighty Aphrodite and Russian Red, knew I needed them since the moment the photos were realeased on here!!!

    • Ani_BEE

      I was bad and got Mighty Aphrodite and Russian redas well. But no T-shirts just yet. :(

      POW! works for Canadian orders.

      • Louli

        Hey, if you’re looking to buy the mac wonderwoman t-shirt, I have a size 4 that I can sell you. let me know if you’re interested. I don’t think they sold them to the public at all

  19. I just got Mighty Aphrodite and waiting to swatch Marquise D’ in store before i decide to buy it. Thanks so much!

  20. Ann

    I only picked up Heroine Lipstick. I’m not really impressed with this collection or the packaging. I really loved this show growing up; however, the packaging just turns me off.

  21. jess

    just got one marquis d’ l/s! i want to see if i like it before i buy backups!

  22. Yay! Just ordered the two blushes. They were the only things I wanted badly.

  23. Gretchen

    I just ordered Pink Power MSF and the Spitfire lipstick.

    I do have a question, Christine. Will you be reviewing the Tough Love collection? That’s up on the site too, and it’s my first time seeing it.

    • Tough Love isn’t a real collection – it is just MAC throwing together permanent products for Valentine’s Day – it’s just for online.

    • stephanie

      some of those items are pro, so check it out. I ordered Sin, which is pro only. I wish it was a color available at a counter or regular store. its beautiful

  24. Becca

    i just ordered Marquis D’ and Pink Power. Hopefully I ordered early enough to get everything and not have anything sold out by my order like when i ordered from Venomous Villains for my birthday =.=

  25. lauren

    i passed on this . i appreciate your honest reviews!

  26. i’m nc42 so i got marquis d’ and golden lariat…so glad i checked back to your site!

  27. Got my Marquise D’ l/s! Was thinking about Mighty Aphrodite, but I recently bought Chanel Espiegle JC blush(totally worth it) and I can’t justify another blush so soon. Now I can concentrate on MAC Quite Cute!

  28. Katie

    Cool. I’m not in love with anything, but I got the purple mascara because I love how it looked in your “look”.

    Also took the opportunity to buy another 239 and some blotting powder.

  29. Nunuiviet

    Thanks, but I’ll pass this collection, nothing interesting, colour packaging, too disappointed…

  30. Is it normal for MAC(or other brands) to release something so much earlier than the announced date? It’s almost 2 weeks prior to the official release date.

  31. S

    What a surprise to see this up so early! I got Pink Power and Mighty Aphrodite. Thanks so much for the heads up,Christine!

  32. Alexis (m0rg3nst3rn)

    I actually got more than I was planning on buying, I am so mad at myself because I just made a big Sugarpill order a few days ago.

    I ordered:
    Three of the lipglasses: Athena’s Kiss, Secret Identity and Wonder Woman
    Three lipsticks: Marquis d’, Heroine and Spit Fire

    I wasn’t planning on it but, I also ended ordering both blushes and and MSFs, which totally blew my total to double what it would have been if I just stuck to the lipsticks and lipglasses like I was going to. Then again if I don’t want something in the end I can always return something or swap or sell it, instead of later wishing that I purchased something.

  33. LU

    Thank you for the notice Christine! I have your blog and twitter as my homepages, LOL. I hauled one blush and one MSF. :)

  34. Karen

    Oh thank you so much! I was not expecting it to be up this early. I got Wonder Woman lipglass (I actually loved the sheerness) before it sold out!

  35. SoSwanky

    I just ordered both of the blushes, Golden Lariat MSF, and Spitfire lippie. I think that I will wait to test the Valiant quad out before I purhase. The code didn’t work, though.

  36. Trish

    Picked up the blush in Mighty Aphrodite as I missed out on Ripe Peach. I need to try the MSFs in person. Though I’m NW43/45 if shades pull too orange/warm they look awful on me.

  37. Elisa

    I’ve been so excited for this collection! Thanks Christine for the reviews and swatches. Makes my shopping a lot easier.

  38. Yaz

    Mighty Aphrodite baby!!! YAY Thank you Christine, You are the BEST!!!

  39. SoSwanky

    Love all that you do, Christine! THANK YOU!

  40. WOW why so early MAC? Thank god for you, Christine, or I think everyone would have missed this! Only picked up Mighty Aphrodite! I’m trying to focus on car payments :)

  41. Sophia

    Is the lightfully bright collection only online?

  42. Just ordered Mighty Aphrodite, Amazon Princess, and Pink Power! I am super psyched to get these and start wearing them! Thank you for your swatches and reviews! I hope your cheeks didn’t get too raw!

  43. Lauren

    Thank you sooooo much Christine!!! I got Marquise’d and Heroine lipsticks, Wonder Woman lipglass, and Pink Power MSF.

    I’m thinking of getting Spitfire as well, but I’m still on the fence about it.

  44. Jane

    bought my mighty aphrodite!!
    still deciding if i should get pink power MSF. its pretty actually, just don’t know if its really worth it!

  45. Lorraine

    I wasn’t loving any product enough to buy it. Thanks for the swatches ahead of time so I knew this collection wasn’t for me Christine.

  46. Lola

    Does Mac send confirmation emails right after placing an order? I placed mine and haven’t gotten an email should i worry?:/

    • Lauren

      Did you check your spam folder? That’s where I found mine. :)

    • Sometimes they don’t send one, as long as your order is posted in your order history on MAC it’s ok

    • Rebekah

      no need to worry:) sometimes my confirmation emails don’t show up for an hour or so after i place an order for whatever reason. and half the time, i never get shipping confirmation emails until after the package arrives but i DO always get my package on the day i expect it:) no reason to worry, sometimes it’s just slow:/

    • Miss J

      I haven’t gotten mine either.

  47. minh-vy

    wow this so early, not even 1st of february, probably nobody noticed yet. Thanks Christine ! Not loving the packaging but the Mighty Aphrodite is a good value, just placed my order :)

  48. brandy

    oh boy..excited..i ordered both blushes,both msfs,2 lipsticks and a lipglass..whew!!

  49. Amanda Dubs

    I will be waiting for next week in order to support my little MAC store :) the ladies there are so nice

    • Carrie Ann

      I also figured I’d wait to purchase some things at my local MAC counter because the girls there have been really sweet to me. I don’t know why MAC released the collection online so early. On one hand, it’s exciting for people to get things sooner than expected. On the other hand, I feel bad for people who will miss out because they had no idea. By Feb. 10th, a lot of things will be sold out.

      • Amanda Dubs

        Yeah, I’m mostly thinking of the impact of buying online instead of from the counter. I was talking to one of the girls about this the other day, she just can’t understand why MAC seems to WANT some stores to go out of business. Putting collections up early, having some online only collections, and having all these deals for the online store affects the way people buy. I buy exclusively from the store unless online has something that they are out of.

  50. Lucie

    Oh man, I didn’t think it was coming out till the ninth! So sad, I just spent my make up budget for this weeks paycheck on Cle de Peau and Tom Ford lippies. By the time I have more cash the Wonder Woman stuff will probably be sold out. :( So sad, oh well. Have fun hauling guys!

  51. Cody

    Although there were a couple products I kind of wanted from this collection (the blushes, maaaaaybe a quad) I’m way more excited for all the upcoming March and April releases, so I’m not going to get in a frenzy over this. When it launches in store, I’ll go in person at my convenience and if the things I’m interested in sell out fast, oh well, I’m not going to panic.

  52. Devon

    <3 ya for the shipping code or I would have justified spending at least $50 lol! I got the Amazon Princess blush :)

  53. RosaVee

    Bought Pink Power MSF and Marquise ‘d lipstick! :)

  54. dawn

    I only got mighty Aphrodite. I’ll get golden lariat, amazon princess and pink power later. I gotta see those in person. Thx for the heads up. So excited!!!

  55. Resa

    I couldn’t resist Pink Power MSF and Mighty Aphrodite blush! The rest of it was sadly meh to me.

  56. stephanie

    Just Mighty Aphrodite blush. So surprised to see it all out already!

  57. I purchased Pink Power MSF, Emancipation lipglass, Valiant palette, and Army of Amazons Opulash. I’m really excited to get the palette and the MSF. I think the colors are all very pretty!

  58. Kati

    Yayy! Thanks for the info!

    My boyfriend got me mighty aphrodite as an early valentine’s day present :)

  59. Kensey

    I bought Marquise D’!

  60. Lauren

    Phew! I saw Christine’s post at like 7 o’clock EST. I work until 11, and panicked the rest of my shift worrying some of the products would be sold out by the time I got home to place an order. But luckily, everything was still in stock. I got Marquise’D, Emancipation, Pink Power and Mighty Aphrodite. I think I’ll debate on Spitfire until it comes out in the stores.

  61. Stacia

    I picked up Mighty Aphrodite, Marquise d’ and the Wonder Woman lipglass. I had to call customer service to make sure my order went through because I never received a confirmation number!

  62. Ally

    Even though I don”t usually where colors that bright, I ordered spitfire. It is so pretty and I think will be really nice for the days I want to do a little extra. I also got pink power and marquise d. I thought I was done but couldnt resist mighty apricot. I think it will be a nice summer shade.

  63. elise

    I was so excided to be going to the official unveiling party tommorrow, but sadly it got moved to Friday due to the humangous snow storm hitting Chicago tommorrow. So I decided to get it all on line instead. That way I will have it on Wednesday and won’t have to wait till Friday. BTW, for those of you asking about the jumbo eyeliner, just go under eyes, liners and you will see it there. I have no idea why I does not show up with the rest of the stuff? But it’s there, just got to loook. As for the misterious shirt, it is no where to be found as of yet. i got way, way, way too much stuff so I’m going to bed before hubby notices the bill.

  64. Just Placed My Order Iv Been stalking the website all week, They always set a date then sell sooner so i wasn’t missing out like i did with the Hello Kitty Line. My Order: Wonder Woman Lipglass Athena’s Kisses, Wonder Woman Lipglass Emancipation Wonder Woman Lipstick Spitfire, Wonder Woman Lipstick Marquise d’, Wonder Woman Eye Shadow X4: Valiant, Wonder Woman Mineralize Skinfinish Golden Lariat. / I Will also be picking up the Pro Permanent Items once the Woman Woman is long gone i can wait to save my 40%. I Also picked up a few Pro items seeing i never shop online saved me a trip to the pro store. Thanks for keeping us updated!

  65. Rikki

    Any idea when this is available in stores? At a mac store or dept store?

  66. Grabbed Mighty Aphrodite and Marquise d! Thanks for the notice and swatches!

  67. Lola

    Thank to you I ordered..
    Mighty Aphrodite- Blush.
    Golden Lariat and Pink Power – MSF.
    Marquise D’ – Lipstick.

    Everything else I would have to try on at a MAC counter.

    Thanks again!

  68. M@rsy

    Wow! I was so excited about this line but I actually passed on everything. I couldn’t find anything that I felt was incredible. Thank you for your review. It helped a lot

  69. does anyone know when this line is available in uk? thanks

  70. I haven’t been buying from the recent MAC collections, so I’ve been able to save a bit from this launch.

    I got:
    Mighty Aphrodite blush
    Pink Power MSF
    Athena’s Kiss, Wonder Woman lipglasses
    Spitfire, Marquise d’, and Russian Red lipsticks
    I also ordered the Viva Glam Gaga lipglass and the 130 brush while I was at it.

    I don’t know how this is the case, but I do not own Russian Red, so I’m excited to see what the hype is all about! 😀

    • Heather

      And I’ve been eyeing the Russian Red lipstick from MAC but I’m a MAC newbie (only have the Vanity Fair kissable lipcolour so pretty much nothing lol) and not sure if I want to take the plunge. I swear by NARS stuff, usually.

  71. Yay!Broke my 5 month moratorium on makeup buying to haul the two blushes. I’m very excited to get them.

  72. Sam

    Christine, I went on the MAC website, and the Jumbo Eyeliner is not included in the collection!!! I really want it. Did MAC decide to not put it into production???

  73. Jasmine

    Why are there no face brushes? I was so looking forward to getting them and they’re not online :(

  74. Rebekah

    The very second I saw that I got the email from MAC saying it was online, my fingers flew across the keyboard determined to get what I wanted before it sold out.

    I ordered: Mighty Aphrodite, Pink Power, Emancipation, and Marquise d’

    Debating on Wonder Woman lipglass. I don’t wear that type of red too frequently but your swatch makes it look gorgeous.

  75. Holly

    Thanks Christine!
    I don’t have time to go to the mall so this allowed me to get what I wanted without worry that it’d be sold out by the time I got there!

    From this collection I bought: Mighty Aphrodite Blush and Marquise d’ lipstick.

  76. I am setup to attend the pre-lauch party tonight, but last night I ordered online. Ha! Oh well! Weather is supposed to be bad tonight so I’m glad I went ahead with the online order.

    I ordered…

    msf golden lariat
    blush mighty aphrodite
    n/p (the red one)
    n/p (the blue one)
    l/s russian red (because I always wanted, never picked it up)
    l/s marquis d’

    I also wanted the red bag, but I like collecting Toki Doki ones instead. I also passed on the mirror because it doesn’t have a cover (which makes no sense) and where is that infamous WONDER WOMAN TSHIRT???

  77. Wenny

    Thank you, so glad I checked your site today! Just placed an order for Mighty Aphrodite!

  78. MicaelaB

    So excited for this! I know I went overboard but I love the colors and I semi-love the packaging =)
    Ordered: Marquise d’ & Emancipation, Russian Red & Wonder Woman, Amazon Princess ( wishing I got Mighty Aphrodite now…I’ll likely get it at my local mac), and Pink Power MSF. February Makeup budget is done since I also got every color of the Liquidlast Liner from MAC that just got discontinued!

    • MicaelaB

      forgot I also ordered the Valient Quad and the Justica Quad..skipped the Defiance since you said it was such poor quality! Thanks for your honesty..it must be hard sometimes when the companies throw free stuff your way!

  79. Ana

    I was able to order all the items I wanted: Marquie D’ & Spitfire lipsticks, Emancipation Lipglass, Mighty Aphrodite Blush Duo and Pink Power MSF!

    Christine, I just wanted to say thanks for the hard work that you do to get the info out to your readers soon- because of your swatches I was able to determine what I really wanted! Also, your swatches are amazing becase, as we all know, MAC Cosmetics online swatch photos NEVER EVER EVER match up, or are even close, to the real thing.

    Thanks again!

  80. Promise

    I think I’ve got everything I wanted, mighty aphrodite blush, pink power msf, and marquise’d lipstick.

  81. Alli

    Why isnt the penultimate there? that was the only thing i wanted!

  82. Sarah

    Probably spent way too much money than i was supposed to on this collection but oh well, i can always return what i dont like, better to have it than to want it later and have it be sold out.

    I purchased:

    Pink Power Msf
    Mighty Aphordite Blush Duo
    Two Marquies’d Lipsticks
    Emancipation Lipglass
    Valiant quad
    lady justice Quad
    defiance Quad
    Marine Ultra pigment
    and that blue nailpolish. i forget the name. lol

  83. Heather

    I really, really, really want the Athena’s Kiss lipglass, but I just dropped $40 (w/ using coupons) for NARS’ glosses in Chihuahua and Easy Lover, the LORAC lip lacquer (whatever they call it) in Vintage and a whole bunch of Jack Black stuff. Oh and a Cargo reverse lipliner :( I am beyond broke! So that was my haul today- nothing MAC-related, unfortunately.

  84. I went from wanting, drooling, plotting, and saving to get this entire collection to only getting 3 items. Well in total 6 but only 3 from WW. I picked up WW Opulash in Army of Amazons and Themyscira, WW Lipstick in Heroine, and 3 Pro Longwear Lipcremes in Till Tomorrow, Made To Last, and Faithfully Yours. I’m so upset that this collection was this big of a let down. Wonder Woman is my girl, she’s my Hero, she’s such a huge influence. Why MAC why?

  85. Natalie

    After initially thinking I was skipping the whole collection…I caved. I got both MSFs, Marquise D’, Emancipation, Mighty Aphrodite, and Victorious mascara…all in 3 shipments! I kept debating! I also ordered a brush yesterday afternoon before this…so I’ve paid 4x for shipping, since the code didn’t work for me. I get the packages shipped to work so I don’t miss them at home, so at least this gives me little surprises all week long!

  86. Gem

    I was able to purchase Penultimate eye liner. You just have to click “Eyes’ then go to “Liner” and there you go! :)

  87. Lola


  88. jamie

    after seeing your swatches, i was kinda disappointed… so not getting anything :( sucks but i can save up for that guerlain G blush!!! :)

  89. Laura

    Pink Power is the only item showing as “Coming Soon”
    anyone know when this will be available for order?

    • Rebekah

      It was available last night and I just checked a few minutes ago and it was there. it’s 2:02pm EST where I am, in case you haven’t seen it on there yet:)

    • G-marie

      let me guess.. you’re from canada?.. thats what im wondering about… some said its sold out.. but it says coming soon.. what a bummer :( i want it too

  90. Crystal

    Thanks for the heads up last night, I got my order in. I got the golden lariat msf, amazon princess blush, black opulash, the blue makeup bag, spitfire/russian red lipsticks, and athena’s kiss gloss. Whew, and I don’t have to brave the bad weather to go to the preview event tonight.

  91. Julia

    I got Marquise d’, really excited to get it!

  92. Laura

    Are they selling T-shirts with this Collection?

    • I just got home from MAC store with Wonder Woamn red makeup bag, Valiant eye shadow, Army of Amazons, Amazon princess blush, and pink blush, as i already purchased all the lipglasses and lipsticks, plus the cosmetic mirror online exclusive, they are all so much fun!!!! I am so bumbed though that once again there are no t shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Amanda

    Hey Christine!
    Whats your opinion on the utility brush sets? I’m a newbie and I’m looking to start my collection.

  94. leah

    THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRISTINE!!! i got mighty a Aphrodite Blush Duo and spitfire lipstick =]

  95. dee

    Ugh! I wish this was on the Macy’s site so I could use my card. I don’t get paid until Friday and wasn’t expecting the early release. Hope what I want doesn’t sell out.

  96. Deirdre

    See I’m so mad at myself, I got the email from MAC and I ordered but didn’t come and check over here first, I could have gotten free shipping!!! I got both blushes the golden lariat MSF and the valiant eyeshadow quad.

    • Sam

      I would not worry if I were you. If you spend at least $50.00, you get free standard shipping, so I think you got the free shipping. :)

    • Tabi

      As Sam pointed out, you probably already had free shipping due to the amount on the order. I just wanted to let you know, though, that MAC always gives a free standard shipping code with every release. It’s always listed in the email somewhere (for WW, it’s in the bottom left of the email). =)

  97. Chanelle

    I just got done chatting with a rep from MAC on their website and she said that the collection is now being launched in stores this thursady! (1/3/11)!!!!! Did you hear about this Christine?

  98. Tiffany

    I only got the Mighty Aphrodite. This collection really didn’t “do it” for me… hoping some stuff coming up is more fun!

  99. Lady Di.

    I got both blushes, I have a feeling Mighty Aphrodite will be the first thing to sell out, everyone seems to be have on their list so Im glad I got it! I think Ill pick up Spitfire lipstick when its on the counters.

  100. Jane

    I was just wondering if the free shipping only applies to standard shipping or if it applies to the second day shipping as well???