Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Wonder Woman Comparison “Session”

MAC Wonder Woman: Blush and Mineralize Skinfinish Comparisons & Dupes

Here are comparisons for the blushes and mineralize skinfinishes! If I did not compare something, the most likely reason is because I do not own it.

Blush Duos

  • AMAZON PRINCESS (magenta side) is a lighter version of Her Blooming Cheek, while Band of Roses is less blue-based.
  • AMAZON PRINCESS (redder side) is closest to New Vibe, which is slightly less intense. Band of Roses is a darker red with no coral. NARS Sin doesn’t compare.
  • MIGHTY APHRODITE (pink coral side) is similar to Guerlain Blush G (pink side, not mixed) and NARS Deep Throat, which is a little less pink. Ripe Peach is more orange-based (this used equal parts of it; if you used the darker half, then it would be more similar). Benefit Bella Bamba is pinker, while Bite of an Apple is redder and darker (nothing alike).
  • MIGHTY APHRODITE (red coral side) is pinker than Bite of an Apple.

Mineralize Skinfinishes

  • GOLDEN LARIAT (highlighting side) did not compare to any other highlighter I owned, because it has a very strong yellow base. It’s kindof like using Goldmine eyeshadow as a highlighter. NARS Albatross, for example, goes on as a white gold.
  • GOLDEN LARIAT (bronzing side) is darker and less golden than both Comfort and Sunny by Nature. Gold Deposit is bronzy in comparison. A Little Bit of Sunshine is cooler and darker. Cheeky Bronze is similar in color but the gold shimmer makes it appear lighter.
  • GOLDEN LARIAT (blushing side)is a touch darker than A Little Bit of Sunshine.
  • PINK POWER (highlighting side) is paler than both Perfect Topping and Happy Together, which appear more beige.
  • PINK POWER (bronzing side) is less golden than both Comfort and Sunny by Nature.
  • PINK POWER (blushing side) has less pink than both Springsheen and NARS Super Orgasm.

See comparison swatches!

Blush Duos

Her Blooming Cheek, Amazon Princess, Band of Roses

NARS Sin, Amazon Princess, Band of Roses, New Vibe

Ripe Peach, Mighty Aphrodite, Guerlain Blush G, Benefit Bella Bamba, Mighty Aphrodite, Bite of an Apple, NARS Deep Throat

Ripe Peach, Mighty Aphrodite, Guerlain Blush G

Benefit Bella Bamba, Mighty Aphrodite, Bite of an Apple, NARS Deep Throat

Mighty Aphrodite, Bite of an Apple

Mineralize Skinfinishes

Comfort, Golden Lariat, Sunny by Nature, Gold Deposit, A Little Bit of Sunshine, Cheeky Bronze

Golden Lariat, A Little Bit of Sunshine

Perfect Topping, Pink Power, Happy Together

Comfort, Pink Power, Sunny by Nature

Springsheen, Pink Power, NARS Super Orgasm

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46 thoughts on “MAC Wonder Woman: Blush and Mineralize Skinfinish Comparisons & Dupes

  1. oh boy, i’m an idiot. i asked you in the other post how one of these blushes compared to bi-tone and i totally meant Band of Roses LOL! durrrrp. i dont have Little Bit of Sunshine so I’m gonna have to grab Golden Lariat, that color is gorgeous, esp for spring. thanks for this!

  2. Grace Chin

    Bite of an Apple is the best blush shade i have ever seen!!

    • Yes it is, I didn’t realize how much I would love, definitely should have skipped other stuff from this collection and bought a backup of that one.

  3. Vvn

    I’m really glad Mighty Aphrodite is similar to Blush G… because I picked up that pricey little number yesterday, and not looking forward to forking out so much money on MAC collections, hahah, thanks for the swatches! much appreciated x

  4. S

    Wow, Christine, as always a big huge thank you!! I don’t have many of the comparisons to Mighty Aphrodite or Pink Power so will pick both up.

  5. stephanie

    I think Mighty Aphrodite is going to be the first one to sell out. It’s the most talked about item online in the whole collection.
    Do you know if the dark part of band of roses is similar to NARS Mounia? Thanks

  6. Mighty Aphrodite is so pretty! i need to get it since i dont have any of those similar shades =D haha thanks christine!

  7. Im definitely getting mighty aphrodite…just dont like the fact its super sized and more expensive…

  8. Heli

    Christine, I don’t know how you manage to do all these swatches with such good quality too. Thank you!

    Too bad so many items from this collection are easily dupable. I can’t justify buying supersized products when I already have similar shades in normal size.

  9. fabiola

    I like golden lariat, but i am an NC20, it might be to orange for me, i think pink power would be better. Thank you christine.

  10. stephanie

    Does the dark part of amazon princess look like MAC fever blush ?

  11. Lady Di.

    Thanks so much for doing this Christine! When I first saw Mighty Aphrodite I as sooo sure it would be the same as Ripe peach, but looking at the swatches, I can see the difference. I still want it though!lol

  12. Aude Mai

    Thank you for this post !! Hope Ill be able to get the two MSF and the blush before they sell out ^^

  13. I am always in awe of how much work you put into your website. It’s my go to guide and reference for everything especially the features, love the reviews, pics, your opinion everything. THANK YOU!!!!!

  14. Yari

    Thx for the dupes!! Do you think if swirled mighty Aphrodite would be a good dupe for ripe peach?? Thx

  15. Jennifer

    Thanks for all the work done for these comparison/dupe swatches!

  16. Jumper

    How does the blushing side of Pink Power compare to Improvise mineralize blush?

  17. Nikki

    I was hoping you’d compare Mighty Aphrodite to Marine Life. Do you think they are similar?

  18. Parris

    Hey Christine do you think that mighty aphrodite is comparable to hipness blush? Thanks

  19. Thank you for these swatches Christine! You just saved me a ton of money. I bought Blush G a few days ago, and I own Bite of an Apple and ripe peach, so I’m sure I don’t need Mighty Aphrodite now!

  20. Oh I’m really excited to see how similar Mighty Aphrodite is to the Guerlain blush G, I really liked that colour and after seeing how much it is in the UK there is no way I’m getting it so this is great. Thanks for swatching! I wanted to get the MAC one anyway but I’m glad to see how similar it is too.

  21. Jess

    Does the one portion of Pink Power look at all like the ligher side of Guerlain Blush G? Thanks !!

  22. Adelita

    Is Mighty Aphrodite (when the duo mixed together) similar to Rock & Republic Call Me or is it more like NARS Torrid?
    I really want to have a back up for my R&R Call Me since R&R blushes are discontinued and I’m afraid I’ll run out of this stuff (as if it’s possible due to the enormous amount of R&R blush, LOL)…

    Many thanks! 😉

  23. tracy

    Thank you so much for your hard work and it’s greatly appreciated. :-) I got to view the collection today and I agree with your sentiment. I ended up getting 2 golden lariat msf. that was it! keep up the good work!

  24. 53

    Guerlain Blush G or Mighty Aphrodite?? Which is better?

  25. jen

    Basically, you can find all the colors in your makeup collection ladies! Don’t waste money on cheap packaging!

  26. Laura

    Hi Christine, thank you so much for all the effort you put into this blog! It is such a helpful resource! I was wondering which mineralize blush would you say the blushing side of pink power is comparable to? Also, for someone with very fair and neutral toned skin (I’ve been meaning to switch to mac but so far I wear fairly light from bare minerals), do you think the bronzing side of pink power would look too orangy? Thank you so much!

  27. Nijh

    AWESOME swatches!! Ordered Mighty Aphrodite just now after checking out this post+youtube vid! =)

  28. judy

    Would you reccomend golden lariat for hispanic girls?

  29. I fancily strolled to my MAC Counter today, TOTALLY forgetting it was Launch Day, and I asked for a nude lipstick. I was given Marquise’D then Emancipation to try on top…and a beautiful blush, which turned out to be Mighty Aphorodite. I passed on the blush for now but bought Marquise’D.

    Then I looked online hours later….and Mighty Aphrodite (MA) was sold out (at least on the Canadian site), and with 10 minutes left in the day before 9pm, I phoned my MAC counter and asked them to hold MA for me. It took her a while…there were only TWO left!!!

    I honestly didn’t think these products would fly off the shelves (pun not intended!) LOL

    MA looks wonderful on NC 37 skin…perfect for calling in spring! Great work on the swatches, Christine!

  30. Judy

    wow, you have so much makeup!!! :) haha, lucky you!!

  31. Lisa

    What brand is Happy together and Perfect topping by?