Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Feelin’ Good Tinted Lip Conditioner

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection: Tinted Lip Conditioners

Even though I really like the feel of MAC’s Tinted Lip Conditioner (creamy and hydrating), I’m not keen on the delivery/packaging. I wish they’d release more Tinted Lip Conditioner *Sticks* instead of the pots. It’s more of an on-the-go kind of product, so I know many are not going to want to be fussed to use a lip brush any time they want to use this sheer lip balm. If you do use your fingers, though, you do have this gooey, tinted mess left on your fingers and need to wipe it off somewhere, which can be frustrating.

Feelin’ Good is a milky pink with a little beige in it. I don’t know why MAC describes it as a “light neutral beige” because it looked very pink on my lips!

Close for Comfort is a peachy-brown and goes on mostly peach on me. It’s kind of like a lip brightener for me, because it doesn’t alter the color of my lips that much, but it definitely makes them look healthier.

See more photos and swatches!

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Feelin’ Good Tinted Lip Conditioner

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Feelin’ Good Tinted Lip Conditioner

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Close for Comfort Tinted Lip Conditioner

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Close for Comfort Tinted Lip Conditioner

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Close for Comfort Tinted Lip Conditioner

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioners: Feelin’ Good, Close for Comfort

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34 thoughts on “MAC Warm & Cozy Collection: Tinted Lip Conditioners Reviews, Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

  1. cmferrets

    i LOVE tinted lip conditioners! i just wish mac would make their packages LE and special for each collection! since they always have so many of them coming out!

  2. Cristina

    These look really nice! I love the tinted lip conditioners!

  3. I love TLCs! They are awesome! I haven’t bought one in ages after the Hello Kitty ones. I might get one for sure though.

  4. Sarah M

    I love MAC’s tinted lip conditioners and the way they make my lips feel so I just have to have to have these!!! Tip: Use TLC under MAC’s Dazzleglass. Corresponding shades add very slightly to the colour intensity (e.g. Soothing Beige under Get Rich Quick, Fuchsia Fix under Extra Amps, etc) and make the dazzleglass much less sticky… for those of us who don’t like that feeling. Works like a charm. :-)

  5. Michelle

    Hmmm. I didn’t think I cared about these, but I actually really like the way they look on the lips. Well that certainly complicates things. lol!

  6. Ann

    Honestly mac’s TLCs are the best ones I have used. They make my lips sooo soft!

  7. amy

    These look so much prettier in the pot but they didn’t capture my heart when I swatch these at the store.

  8. Nataliya

    I love those colors! and it looks good on your lips!!:)

  9. I’m liking the looks of Close for Comfort. I can’t wait to swatch these :)

  10. I love the Feeling Good color :) I never tried a lip conditioner by MAC before but I think this will definitely be my first one :)

  11. KIKI

    I was wondering if Feelin’ Good is close to Pink Fish of the HK collection? I didn’t get pink fish but a lot of people raved about it so if this is a close dupe i might just get it!

    • It’s probably the closest TLC I’ve seen to it – probably not as purple-ish, but similar :) It’s pretty though, so you might want to check it out!

  12. Lily

    Close for Comfort looks so beautiful on your lips! I’m thinking of buying this now, but I’m still iffy, because of the packaging. xP

  13. Fatin

    i like both of them.
    I think i might end up getting both!

  14. I love the Feelin’ Good TLC…it is so pretty and natural…it reminds me of a more pink E-Z Baby Tendertone….it is a great everyday nude color…your swatch is very true to color so glad I got a couple thanks to seeing this post

  15. Nicole

    they looked so great and pigmented on your lips, I just HAD to go out and pick up Feelin’ Good, but for some reason it doesn’t come out as pigmented on my lips compared to yours. I guess it might be because my lips are pigmented… Do you have any tips for making my lips looking like yours without having to slather on A LOT? :)

  16. KIKI

    i live in hong kong and i went to the mac counter today and the MA told me that the warm and cozy collection doesn’t carry any tinted lip conditioners! are they only released in the US?

  17. M

    I bought both the tinted lip conditioners, first I thought they would not show up on my pigmented lips but they look sooo pretty!! x

  18. Courtney

    Is Feelin’ Good similar to E Z Baby tendertone or closer to Pink Fish? I loooooooove E Z Baby and would die if they’d re-promote it, I hunt for anything close to it. I got Pink Fish because everyone raved about it but it was to Pink for me I prefer a milky pink like E Z Baby. If this isn’t like E Z baby can anyone let me know of a dupe for it?? Or if they will ever re-promote it?

  19. Teresa

    Is there anything close for a dupe to Feelin’ Good? In lipstick or lipglass? I am still debating on this one. So in case I decide to pass on it but later regret it! Also, is it sheer? Thank you :)

  20. Cindy

    Close for Comfort is so nice!! any dupes for it? :c

  21. Maddy

    are they going to re-release feelin good anytime soon?
    i regret not buying it and i want it back!!!!

  22. Nikki C

    mine melted and molded funny and all the product is shifted to one side and now there’s a big gap on the other and product is all messy and stuck to the lid
    any suggestions for how to make it back to normal?
    like melting?