Monday, July 25th, 2011

MAC Viva Glam 2012 Featuring Nicki Minaj & Ricky Martin

Today, MAC AIDS Fund has announced Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin are its newest spokespersons to represent the 2012 VIVA GLAM campaign set to launch in February 2012.  Both are in Miami today to shoot the campaign’s visuals with David La Chappelle.

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74 thoughts on “MAC Viva Glam 2012 Featuring Nicki Minaj & Ricky Martin

  1. leslie

    i cant wait,i hope i dont miss out!

  2. Stefani

    I love Ricky Martin! Im picturing a cherry red color…. maybe im way off. Cant wait to see the colors! I hope the campaign isnt like Miami themed with palm trees and stuff.

  3. I’m excited, I loved her lipstick and get a good amount of use from it. I’m hoping, though, that her Viva Glam lipstick is a new color but I doubt that it will be. I wonder what Ricky Martin’s lipstick might look like? We shall just have to see!

  4. Deanna

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!! =o)

  5. Karyn

    This will be Epic.

  6. I LOVED the Christina Aguilera-era campaigns, so I’m pretty excited to see what they’ll do with both Nicki AND Ricky. :)

  7. Susana

    Ahhh!!!Cant wait to see the new colors :)

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  9. Gillian (AKA Munchy)

    hmm, i wonder if pink friday will make another appearance…

  10. So cool!
    I like both of them!

  11. Jenny

    Since David La Chappelle is doing the shooting, can’t be nothing but exceptionally great!!! I love his work! I like Ricky Martin too :)

    • Adrienne

      I’m SOOOO excited to see what David La Chapelle does, he is outstanding! I think be is really going to shine with Nikki Minaj, and I’m so curious to see how Ricky Martin works it!

  12. JELOUS. Cant wait to see the pix. David La Chappelle is the man. Fave photographer…aside from Andy Warhol. :)

  13. Courtney

    I absolutely love Nicki Minaj and I think she could be the inspiration for some great colors. ThIngs I’d like to see from MAC are a SUPER matte (like ruby woo) pastel orange (sounds ugly but in my imagination, it’s not) and something true purple (maybe with a tiny bit of a bluish base) with massive amounts of shimmer. The only colors from the upcoming collections that I am excited about are Prince Noir and Potent Fig, so hopefully these will be awesome. I could also see her doing something Saint Germainy but I hope not because I own so many pinks like that. The only way I would buy it would be if it was a little less hot and super, super matter (once again, with a texture like ruby woo, which I know everyone hates, but I like my mattes to have NO shine at all!).

    Don’t get me wrong, on most days I’ll just grab for a coral, pink, nude, or red, but I own enough of those. Sometimes I just want to do something different, so I’ll wear a crazy lipstick for a day, and then I’ll put it away for a couple months. Plus it’s way more fun to swipe colors like that across your lips than your everyday shades.

  14. Andrea

    awesome! I love Pink Friday l/s, can’t wait to see what she will have for VG!

  15. kenneth alan

    The freak in me hopes nicki minaj’s lipstick is something crazy like a bright blue or something and a glittery green lip gloss.

  16. Mel

    does this mean lady gaga and cyndi lauper are not doing it next year agai?

  17. leslie

    Can’t wait! So excited !

  18. Laura

    I’d never even heard of Nicki Minaj until that lipstick she did for MAC, and I’ve never heard of her since. I assume she’s famous in the USA? I know nothing about her so I can’t really judge whether she’s an appropriate spokesperson or not, but her look (from a quick Google image search) is trashy as hell. Ugh.

    I didn’t realise Ricky Martin was even still famous.

    • Ginga

      I’d never heard of her before that lippy either. I’ve heard of her since but it’s been all negative. I’m just stunned they chose her. I agree, there is nothing about her that reflects positively, in my opinion.

      I love Ricky Martin. He’s pretty and all, but, I don’t understand why they chose him. Wasn’t the last headline he made about him coming out and adopting a baby? Which I think is fine…but still…will he be in drag or something?

      • mumtaza

        Once again, I think Ricky Martin is a great choice. Yes he’s famous, beautiful and talented and courageous enough to gamble his future career so he and his family can lead an honest life about who they are. Breaking the silence about sex and how and who we are having it with is one way to help end the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. Which is the aim of raising funds through the Viva Glam program.
        Ricky is gay, yes. But effeminate? Not that I’ve ever seen. Maybe we’ll get a super badass Viva Glam lip balm. I know I’d wear it.

    • Jessica

      shes not that famous in the u.s. either. At least nothing that will last more then a year or two. I dont mean to put anyone down but shes just so fake and pointless.

    • Jasmin

      Nicki minaj is considered one of the best female rappers right now. She is pretty famous here in the USA. Shes known for being over the top, loud and wearing crazy wigs and outfits but most importantly her lyrics.She is currently on tour with Britney Spears.

    • mumtaza

      Nicki Minaj is a wildly successful rapper and singer who has had critical and commercial success in her solo career and in chart-topping collaborations with L’il Wayne, Usher and just about everyone else you can think of that’s hot in music right now. Aside from excelling and innovating in a male-dominated field, Nicki Minaj also showed that one need not conform to stereotypes about rappers, female rappers or black women in general in order to succeed and thrive in the music business. Her style is totally unique, as are her lyrics. She brings to hip-hop a playful whimsy and totally original female archetype. She has also been from the beginning of her career an out and vocal bisexual, an immensely brave and refreshing stance given the current climate of homophobia in hip-hop and the country at large. Combine all that with the fact that she’s beautiful and funny, referring to herself as “the black barbie doll”, and you’ve got one excellent pick for a Viva Glam spokesperson.

  19. Judy

    My guesses were so off base. I like the idea of Ricky Martin & Nicki Minaj. I can’t wait to see the lipsticks! Hoping for some bold colors.

  20. Lulee

    i wouldve been really excited for the ricky martin portion of this pairing if it was 1999.

  21. pearson G.


  22. I don’t know if Nicki Minaj is the best choice for this, but I 100% approve of Ricky Martin!

  23. Elle

    I can’t lie – Livin’ La Vida Loca is still one of my jams. I always get excited for Viva Glam regardless of its spokespeople. You get a lipstick or lipgloss, and the MAC AIDS fund gets money. You really can’t ask for anything more with that sort of deal.

  24. Cathryn

    I’m so looking forward to this. I REALLY hope they go all-out bold. I’ll probably pick up the ricky martin shade regardless.

  25. bxboricua

    I LOVE Ricky Martin!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see what the ads for this campaign look like :)

  26. Malaika


  27. Oh ma gawwwwwwwwwddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  28. Marina

    Sounds awesome!

  29. Jennifer

    I love them both! especially ricky! it would be cool if they did a lipstick to relate to puerto rico 😀

  30. Mel

    I would buy the Nicki Minaj color if it is wearable because even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t pull off Pink Friday.

  31. Hinahon

    totally excited, can’t wait for the Ricky Martin part. If this is out in Europe too (as it usually always is) i’m pretty sure i’ll order that ^^

  32. grace

    CANT FREAKIN WAIT! i loveeee Nicki minaj!!! and missed out on her pink friday lipstick! :(

  33. Bailey

    I’M SO HAPPY! I love them both! Nicki’s lip stick was gorgeous, I’m looking forward to see all the colors.

  34. Jesica

    Omg I love both! Most likely getting both colors :)

  35. Liang

    Wow, sounds amazing…can’t wait to see the pictures.

  36. Alex

    Meh, I think I’ll pass on these. Surely some others out there will want them more than I will. I think I’ll spring for the Lady Gaga II VG’s before they’re gone instead.

  37. I’m excited too!!

    I think Nicki’s will be another variation of pink, or maybe an oddball color, like lime green or baby blue. I’m also excited the tube will be different. I was disappointed with Pink Friday’s packaging.

    Ricky’s might be a hot latina-inspired color like a bright orange or festive red.

    Haha, just realized — this campaign will probably be “Ricky & Nicki!” It rhymes 😛 Can’t wait to see the photos — they’re going to be awesome.

    Also, I think Nicki is a great spokesperson. She’s wild, fun, creative, loves her fans, and is a huge supporter of gay rights. Really, she’s a black rapping Lady Gaga 😛

  38. Marissa

    I’m looking forward to this but I don’t want the lipsticks/glosses to be colors that MAC already has. Colors I want to see are milky pastel orange, creamy bright neon pink and a full coverage creamy pale lilac. <333

  39. Miss_M

    Interesting choice.

    I don’t know much about Nicki since she’s not famous in the Netherlands. She looks like a cross between Gaga and Lil’ Kim. For what Ricky is concerned, I rather had someone like Adam Lambert or David Bowie for the Viva Glam campaign. They are both men who know how to handle a make-up brush and are not so uptight when it comes to homosexuality (since Ricky tried to hide his for years).

  40. Piper

    Nicki’s will be like a bright neon turqiouse or something.
    (Stares at store rack and taps chin) Nooot really my thang.

  41. Ahhh NICKI! yesssss!!!!!

  42. Karla

    Oh Yeah!! Soo excited about Ricky, should be amazing & they picked Miami to shoot, gr8 choice as tropical as Ricky! I`ve met him before and he is simply gorgeous <3

  43. KILEY

    I cant wait for this launch. Im hoping Nikki Minaj will come out with a shade that can suit WOC (women of Color). I purchased the PinkFriday but it took me a while to match a perfect lipliner/lipgloss to with it. I still wear it but on occasions when Im feeling “Pink”…lol. I can see Ricky Martin with a very pretty RED or Peachy color. Either way I support any campaigns that have to do with AIDS Awareness!

  44. VJNS

    Loving the Nicki/Ricky duo. Hope they do another great pink, but I bet this time it’ll be a satiny purple for Nicki and a creamy tanned nude for Ricki.

  45. Gina

    I don’t care what the color is, I’m purchasing both Nikki & Ricky colors… :o)

  46. Jill

    Not a fan of Nicki Minaj, I wish they’d have chosen someone else. I think she’s mediocre at best…if you actually listen to her lyrics, they don’t hold a candle to female rappers like Lil’ Kim, Queen Latifah, and MC Lyte. She’s popular now, because she’s got catchy beats, but the substance of her songs isn’t good at all. I don’t think barely any rappers on the charts today even compare to rappers from the 1990’s. I’d have preferred a female choice who is known for thought provoking lyrics and strong stances on what she believes in. Nicki Minaj is just a pop star who dresses crazy, not someone who makes you stop and think about world issues and causes.

    • Gwen T.

      Think about her fan base though…she will is a perfect fit to reach out to youth about protecting yourself and HIV/AIDS awareness. How many other celeb’s do you see, with that age of audience, doing that? Anyone that will volunteer time to spread the word on how to save a life gets a thumbs up from me.

  47. Kayla

    Nice! So excited! :)

  48. Hannah

    A bit of a random choice IMO, but it’s for charity so I’ll buy them. I was wondering who they would get to follow up Lady Gaga.

  49. TT

    I would love to see Janet Jackson as the next Viva Glam rep for MAC!!! I’m sure she’d jump at the opportunity too!

  50. Dionne

    Are there any swatches yet, Christine?

  51. Blushlicious

    Wowzers! Lol can’t wait to see what it looks like;)

  52. MakeupJukiee

    I can’t wait!!! I know it’s gonna be a fierce lippies

  53. Tanya

    It’s amazing.

  54. Tanya

    Kim Kardashian,needs her own lipstick, and quick!

  55. Mia

    OMG I LOVE NICKI MINAJ!! Super excited!! Thanks for having this list!!

  56. Sara

    Nicky Minaj it’s right and I guess the lipstick will be so bright pink /purple or somethin in pinkish colours but Ricky Martin? I don’t know why MAC choose it for this collection. In my country (Spain) Ricky Martin was famous in 1995 but now?anyone reminds Ricky.Anyways if the Ricky’s lipstick likes me I will pick up

  57. Jennifer

    Im excited but i really hope nicki minajs viva glam lipstick isnt just a repromote of her pink friday lipstick

  58. Nay

    Its 23rd Feb…. still no sign of this :( Oh I wish it would come out soon!!!!!!!!