Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: MAC PRO Members

Several readers have emailed me reporting that if you’re a MAC PRO member, you can purchase Venomous Villains products online.   I don’t know if any orders have gone through or if this changes when it will be online for the rest of customers – but this is the information I’ve received from readers thus far.  If you’ve ordered or seen your order ship, do let me know!

Thanks to all the lovely readers who sent over screenshots for us! :)

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120 thoughts on “MAC Venomous Villains: MAC PRO Members

  1. Laura

    just put placed my order on Mac Pro. everything seemed to go through ok 😀

  2. Heather

    ?Do you think the stores will replenish their stock? I can’t imagine they would have so much of it sold out already before even released in stores.

    • As far as I know, usually stores don’t get additional stock when things sell out. I don’t know if things have changed.

      • They told me a the unveiling party that this time they were keeping track of things that sold out the fastest and then making an additional order for those to be in stock when the collection really comes out !

        • I’m a cynic, I suppose – I’ll believe it when I see it, LOL!

          • Annette

            Violetta lipstick sold out at my unveiling party, and they said that was it, they have non for when the collection launches, so I know that my MAC doesn’t replenish. I saw it happen online once or twice, but never in the stores.

  3. Shelley

    Where is the collection located on the PRO site?

  4. Yep looks like pro members can purchase!! :-)

  5. leanne

    Would the first poster Laura kindly give us the link…as i cant find anything on the mac pro website??? are you a pro member?
    If anyone has a link i would be greatful

  6. Lauryn

    Yup- its definately there.. no ship status YET.

  7. mo

    well that is not fair

  8. Jodda

    my pulse just quickened from looking at that screen shot!

  9. Lucia

    If your not a Pro Member it won’t show you anything. I just got on the website and Mac Pro did some revamping of their website. You sign in and then if your not shopping for pro product they send you to regular Mac site. Prior Mac Pro had everything. Honestly it was kinda of confusing. I was able to make my order of Venomous Villians so who knows.

  10. elise

    This is a new pro website layout. the only way you can even see pro products is to log inn with the account and pro card. Before you wore able to brows the products but not anymore. As a bonus for pro card holders you can now order all new collections before they are out for sale anywhere else.

  11. Leslie

    Has anyone had a problem with there discount? I didn’t get mine.

    • There is no PRO discount, employee discount, or B2M on Venomous Villains (and licensed/collaborated collections).

      • Leslie

        Thanks for letting me know :)

      • lipglosschic87

        the PRO discount works on only some of the items on VV like the greasepaint stick, the pigments, nail polish, and penultimate brow markers.

        • Yup, that makes sense! Basically anything branded required licensing and those are the products they made ineligible for discount/B2M!

        • Leslie

          That’s funny I didn’t order any of those thing. I can’t wait for what I did order to come in. Thanks Lipglosschic87

          • Pamela

            I’ve noticed that after a LE collection has been out for a about four weeks, the pro discount can be applied. I noticed it with To the Beach and Liberty of London. Can’t say that will happen with V V…

            • Ani_BEE

              Maybe prevent ebay scalpers from getting the discount early on items and/or after 4 weeks to move some of the items that are not selling as well.

              I would not be surprised to see some of the items up on ebay as soon as these PRO shipments go out. >__>

              I’m so sad to see that the PRO items are no longer available for view. How am I going order something over the phone if I can’t see it or find the name. >_<

            • Shelley

              Even on the PRO website or just in stores?

        • Mai

          Wow!!! Thank you sooo much for printing this. I am a PRO memeber and I paid full price for my nail laquers. Now I am going to take them back and order off line (if not adjusted at the store). I called Cherry Hill, NJ location and the AM there said that they could not adjust my price.

      • Actually, you do get a pro discount on the nail polishes in the new collection.

  12. Love Peace and Mac

    Just placed my order and received confirmation!
    Lets see how it goes!

  13. lipglosschic87

    also an update for those wondering…the Melon pigment is listed as SOLD OUT!

  14. HH

    I’m sad! i really wanted a couple of items but i’m not a pro member. I’m afraid it’s gonna sell out before I can even order. They shouldn’t do this to us. :-(

  15. Maureen

    Just ordered mine and received a conf #

  16. I just placed an online order and the MAC VV collection was available! I purchased a few things and it seemed to go through OK

  17. tg

    I think I’m getting right to the city’s lone MAC counter when it opens on 9/30, but even then I’m not safe. The staff might have wiped out some of the stuff. They took most of the Stereo Roses they got in.

    I can feel the hairy situation already starting. MAC opens it up to pros first, depletes some of their stock to the point where it’s really low, it goes live on the 28th, people order and get confirmations thinking it went through and then bam…sorry, we don’t have any stock.

    Then we all move over to Nordstrom and get another Stereo Rose/TTB situation.

    Sorry to be a cynic here. I was burned by MAC and Nordstrom and am not feeling very optimistic right now. :(

    • tg

      Not to mention that I’ll do anything to avoid Nordstrom’s ludicrous $8 shipping fee!

      • Annette

        The Nordstrom shipping is only 5 dollars if you buy over 50 dollars of beauty products. I think it’s an ongoing promo code, and I believe the code is BEAUTY.

    • Evelyn

      This situation really only means one thing to me – not to bother to buy MAC at all. Everything’s hyped up and disappears within seconds so why bother even checking out upcoming collections when you know you probably won’t get your items because everyone else with special connections or those given priority will wipe them out first. Just have to look at other cosmetics companies.

  18. Giuseppina

    I’m a pro member and cannot get access to the VV Collection. I’m signed in and everything. I even did a search and nothing comes up. When I try to shop pro product, it just sends me the non-pro site.

    • The PRO site merged with so that you can shop from the same site.

    • Lauryn

      You have to “shop products”, not the pro section. it will bring to you “”. it will look like the consumer site, but it will give you the pro discount. i was confused too. I don’t really like it this way, its too many windows.

  19. Courtney

    The collections up on not only MAC PRO, but the consumer site as well.

  20. ms.mad

    Placed my order on mac pro. I am alittle ticked because yesterday i placed and order for $180.00. Asked 6 times during the day if it was going to be released earlier. when I called canada they said yes but not sure when, when i called mac pro website they said it won’t be any earlier than tuesday. pro online is clueless at time. Plus i am supposed to get emails for upcoming info ect. didn’t receive on for venomous villans. Receiced one for something else, and when i opened i to my suprise villans was there. Placed another order, paid for shipping, but didn’t want to miss out on anything i wanted. Good luck with ordering. Mac is offering free shipping hopefully it last by the time they release villans on reg mac site.

  21. Tiffany

    I was getting a pedicure today and I noticed the lady next to me had the Formidable nail polish. I asked her about it. She said she went to an unveiling in the Westchester Mall and it was madness! Women were grabbing up everything! She grabbed Formidable, a lipglass, and a lipstick and she had to get out of there. LOL, I cant wait to get my items, if I can get them!

  22. Talia

    Hey guys!

    For those of you wondering, you have to sign into your pro account first, then when you are signed in a go to the “What’s New” section it pops up! Hope that helps :)

    Happy shopping!

  23. Made my order for venomous villans actually like the new pro set up a lot more seamless. Doing a 2 day ship I’ll keep you posted C. Thanks for the heads up girly. :)

  24. Vanessa

    Everything went smoothly with my order! So happy that the 40% discount was applied to the nail polishes :) Now I don’t have to hunt for the ORLY dupes!

  25. allie

    Its true its true!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited.

  26. Kat

    Christine — When will the collection be available on the regular MAC site? It will be before the 30th, right? It should be before because the To the Beach collection was available before hand …. if memory serves me.

  27. Members can purchase but Pro discount only applies to nail lacquers.

  28. lipglosschic87

    For those afraid of products selling out, you can pre-order from Nordstrom….they will take your order and ring it up on the 25th and I was told by the MUA there that they will actually allow you to pick it up on the 25th (this is the case for Nordstrom at International Plaza in Tampa, FL). Also, if you have a Nordstrom card/account, you will earn triple reward points for your purchase! I hope this helps!

  29. You know… I thought that the Pro site had issues before. You couldn’t see everything MAC carried, they didn’t always update it on time and the “organize by color” feature didn’t work AT ALL.

    But can I just say I REALLY hate the new site. I hate that you can’t see what’s a Pro Product and what’s not a Pro Product anymore. I hate the way the login works. I hate that the Pro site is like… NOTHING anymore. It just sucks butt. I also hate that non-pro members can’t look at Pro products anymore – You used to be able to use it as a shopping guide, you just had to call to order. Now you can’t see ANYTHING Pro unless you’re a Pro member.


    • Nikki

      when you go to any item up on the top right it says pro item you then hit that and the pro items pop up, you just have to look harder for it is all but they did put them in a did link

      I order a BP that was it got my order #

    • Crowstoes

      I TOTALLY agree! I’m in the same boat and its complete bs how the pro site is.

  30. Bianca

    Hi Christine, I would liek to start off by saying that you are my holy grail when it comes to beauty and swatches. Secondly I love make-up, but I tend to have a problem when it comes to seeing what would look nice on my skin. I am a NC40-NC45 when tanned. I stick to the safe colors that suit me such a peaches and corals, but I really am looking for this upcoming collection from MAC Venemous Villains. I am deeply in love with all the rich fall colors from reds, to purples, but I am not quit sure which lipstick and lipglosses would suite me. If you can reply and kinda give me a list of what your professional thought or recomendations would be I would be so much in debt and devoted blog reader as to which I already am. Oh yeah thier is no MAC what so ever or any Sephora near me. So pretty much my purchasing always is by internet.

    Thank you very much.

  31. Vale

    So the question is: how can I become a pro-member?

  32. Madeleine

    I’m bump because it’s not very fair. Especially when there is no MAC near me. sobs… It’s probably gonna be sold out on the reg website by next week.

  33. nikki c.

    just wondering,
    do you do makeup for others
    like as a makeupartist for a counter, store, freelance?

  34. Oh no, the madness is starting already! 😀

  35. ledonatella

    My discount is not available for the couple things I want and this collection just doesn’t wow me enough to pay full price so I passed in the end.

  36. Nastassia

    Christine do you know if the “discount” counts for Macys employees? I don’t work for mac but macys employee could get discounts on our purchases… that how I but my MAC stuff :) – I was just wondering I don’t think there should b a problem or one of the MAC girls would have let me know!

    • I don’t know what the Macy’s policy is with MAC and licensed packaging – I just know that MAC employees at the freestanding store said they couldn’t use their discount on VV.

      But keep in mind, I think their discount is 60% (PRO is 40%). When I worked at Macy’s for two months, LOL, back in the day, I think cosmetics was 10 or 15%, so that might make a difference.

      • nastassia

        Oh okay, i called Macys, the girl told me there should be a problem with using my ‘macy money’ Macy Money = FREE money they kinda work like coupons in a way. LOL but she did say that i could use them and that i would still get my 20% for being a employee. which i am super grateful for because that would have ruin my list :(; LOL !

        Thanks for responding either way!
        P.S how long ago was that? ‘back in the day’ just 2 months?

        • I worked there for about 1 or 2 months during freshman year of college – so that was hmm… almost 6 years ago? Yeah, they wouldn’t let me go home for some holiday break (dorms were closed – I would have no place to live), so I just quit.

        • Cate

          Wait, wait! As a fellow Macy’s employee…we CAN use Macy Money!?Please say it’s true!!!

  37. Jae

    I’m more than a little bummed about this. By the time release to the public comes around, there won’t be as much left to consumers. The only MAC store in my state that will do preorders is in downtown Chicago, 2 hours from me and has a 11.25% sales tax. My local stores say they’re too small. I’m starting to think i probably won’t be able to get anything before it sells out. :(

    • LADY DI.

      Im happy to hear this, I work 5 minutes from that Macys On state street! The tax is actually 10.25% but its still outrageous.Im going to try to preorder tomorrow!

  38. Rita

    I’m really disapponted if you can’t even browse the pro products any more. I sometimes get to go to a Pro Store / order them from a connection, and it would be nice to see what pro products are available!

  39. Lauren

    So far so good! I just purchased Venomous Villains on MAC Pro. Got the confirmation number and email. This is exciting if they don’t wait to ship it.

  40. CaribbeanQueen

    Im having an axiety attack with the thoughts that I will be sitting on Tuesday with my list and everything will be sold out…dont do it to me MAC!!!

  41. Ameera

    Woohoo, just overnighted mine. Hopefully it will be here soon enough.

  42. Samantha P.

    This is seriously ridiculous. Everything will be sold out very quickly – hopefully I can order mine as soon as it becomes available for everyone else.. I can only hope they have a large stash for pro members, and one for ‘regular’ members like myself.

  43. Christine – Just FYI – I wasn’t sure where to post this. I never heard back from MAC when I sent an email but I called customer service and spoke with them (800 387 6707 / Option 8) and…

    YES it’s true, non MAC-Pro Members can no longer view products on line. NO they have no plans to change this. The people at customer service were equally annoyed because they used to use the Pro site to find products for customers all the time, now they cannot because they aren’t Pro members either. I would URGE anyone who is bothered by this to make the simple phone call and tell them you don’t like it. Otherwise they won’t even consider changing it.


    Personally I also don’t like that, as a Pro member you can’t view ONLY Pro products anymore AND Pro-Only products aren’t labeled as such anymore. Since everything is just lumped together now, I have no idea which products are Pro and which ones aren’t. This REALLY sucks for me because if I’m doing someone’s makeup and they ask where they can buy that blush, or eyeshadow… I don’t know! BAH!

    The seach also sucks on the new site but they know that. They hate it too (at this point I’m ranting). You have to know EXACTLY what CITY a store is in if you want to find a store. It used to give you several stores (when I would search for my city it gave me every Pro store from Canada to LA, and every regular store in Western Washington), now it just says, “Sorry, you’re SOL.” Well… I’m paraphrasing. LOL.

    • Nikki

      pro items are pulled away for the other items you need to look on the page like for eyeshadow they say pro on the top right you need to look for it, I’m on the site and everything in pro is there in there item box, the link says pro shades

  44. Carrie Ann

    If you have a MAC counter near you, I would suggest pre-paying for the items you want (if you’re able to), rather than waiting for the launch date. (You can usually do this over the phone.) My MAC counter already has the collection, and I was able to take a look at everything yesterday & select the things I wanted. They rung it for me and put my package in the back. The torturous part is that I have to wait until next Friday to pick it up. I think that may be the best way to insure that you’ll get what you want. Things will sell out quickly online and it’s a pain to keep track of when Macy’s, Nordstrom & Bloomingdales will have the collection online. (Plus, you don’t get free shipping.) A lot of it will be sold out by the time you get to the store on Thursday. Also, if you think you want something, don’t hesitate. Just get it. It seems like almost everything in this collection will sell out in no time.

    • nastassia

      what MAC counter is that? ughh i work at Macys.. i kinda want to pre-order but they were saying they didn’t do that for this collection! how does pre-ordering work btw?

      • Sachi

        Basically you pick which products you want, they’re supposed to pull the items and put them on hold until the release date. You then give a credit card number and sign a waiver for them to charge your card on the release date.

  45. aradhana

    the collection was also available for purchase today in my local pro store. (for anyone)

  46. Shanda

    Wow this sucks for the rest of us. There won’t be anything left. I was even able to order my products at Nordstroms last week and will be billed Oct 17th…

  47. nastassia

    say it ain’t soo. i watch a few hauls on YOUtube and people were saying that the prices went up?!?!? whaaat??!! why? this girl said she paid 35$ for the cool liquid powder. :(

  48. Sachi

    Hey ladies- I was just able to purchase the collection IN-STORE at Mac Pro. I guess they got the go-ahead today. Those who did pre-sale are being asked if they’d like to purchase early or on the original release date.

  49. Daniela

    I got the email about it being in the Pro Store today and just ordered some stuff! So, yes, it is on!!!! :)

  50. Stephanie

    I ordered way too much stuff and my order went through just fine! Of course no discount on limited items (but the pigments and nail polishes do get a discount because they are not branded with the licensed characters).

  51. Manisha

    The collection is available at the local MAC Pro store (Montreal) since yesterday. You don’t need to be a member to buy. Might wanna check out Pro stores in your area.

  52. Corinne

    I have a preorder at the pro store AND nordstrom (since some items were already sold out) so I am going to pick up my items at pro and pray that nordstrom was told to release early too….

  53. Crystal

    I was able to reserve some stuff in the store today (the whole collection was in the back, I had to ask the MUA to see it). I can’t pick it up until 9/30 though. He told me they have to have a certain amount of each product left over so they won’t be sold out on 9/30 when the doors open (and some of the stuff wasn’t available to be reserved anymore b/c it had already sold out). He said the Barbie collection sold out in an hour and they’re expecting this one to be a much bigger hit. So if you can’t order something online or reserve it in the store, I would get there as soon as the store opens on 9/30.

  54. Beckie

    i also just placed my MAC Pro order online and everything went smoothely

  55. Elaine

    I just went to the PRO store in San Francisco, the collection was released in PRO store yesterday. A few item already sold out (Dr. Facilier // Truth & Light Powder & Maleficent // She Who Dares Shadow)

  56. bayli

    Is anything sold out online from the vv collection? I’m not a pro member, so I can’t see the site.

  57. Sami

    So I just got the bright idea to try calling MAC Pro to see if I could buy some VV products over the phone even though I’m not a member. When I called they informed me that they changed the policy last Thursday so now *only* pro member can place orders for pro products over the phone laaaaaame. I guess it makes sense since they changed the website so us normal people can’t see pro products :-/

  58. Luckily I live in Orlando with a regular store, a PRO store, and about like I think 5 counters I can list off the top of my head. So if one place is sold out, I can go MAC hopping to the next store. Hehe.

  59. Jenna

    If you live near a MAC pro store you can buy the collection now. Also most MAC stores will let you pre purchase the collection. I am not a pro member and got my wish list. I hope this helps as I would not be able to go out on release date and pick these up.

  60. melz

    I’m very interest with MAC venom…how to buy it…how to make MAC PRO member??? Anyone can help??

  61. lauren

    will everything be available for non pro members at 6 est?