Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: Discussion

I know many of you are getting ready to head out to Venomous Villains’ unveiling parties across the U.S., and I thought it might be fun to create a place for everyone to discuss the collection.  Last minute decisions, hauls, wish lists… ask for recommendations or insight from other readers.  Even if you’re not going to an unveiling, feel free to join in with your thoughts, to-buy lists, or what have you.

Chatter away! :)

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306 thoughts on “MAC Venomous Villains: Discussion

  1. Annie

    i just got back from an unveiling and got heartless, strange potion, bite of an apple, and darkly my dear! it was so packed. everyone could hardly move around, and there was a long line outside to get in throughout the night too!
    i’m still lemming for more, but i have to wait until next week cause i’ll be so broke. (i’m actually going to a disneyland wedding this upcoming monday). i’m totally gonna miss the online release! how ironic that i’m missing it because of disneyland 😛

  2. I went to one of these tonight and got the three things I wanted the most- Hot House l/g, Vainglorious e/s and French Quarter Greasepaint stick and they are all so pretty, I can’t wait to wear them! I figured I’d wait until the collection comes out to see if I really want anything else because the party was so crowded I couldn’t even swatch anything.

  3. Shontay

    I got more than I expected and I love it all.

    Toxic Tale
    Dark Deed
    Strange Potion
    Resort Life
    Cajun Cooling Powder
    Viole Violet
    Formidable Nail Lacquer

  4. Cynthia

    I purchased almost the entire collection this evening except for the few items I already had. I love this collection especially the packaging. Toxic Tale sold out within 45 minutes.

  5. Kayla

    the event was fun i went to the one at spring street SOHO
    I got im so vain mirror,
    darkly my dear blush
    bite of an apple blush
    formidable nail polish
    hot house lip glass
    revenge is sweet lipglass
    sinister lipstick
    vile violet e/s
    de-vil e/s

  6. I don’t really know, but i think that all the things i am interested in is from the maleficent part of the collection.
    Violetta lipstick and the glitter eyeshadows.

    I am really exited, because i am going to my mac counter and getting my makeup done at the release evant (yay)

  7. Samantha Kathleen

    I want a new red. End of story. I am working on bringing back Red lips big tiiime :) I love them!

    I hope I just get to GET SOMETHING I really want. :( I hate seeing something and then it’s sold out before I even get a chance to get it… it stink-a-roos!

  8. Jaime

    Dudes, this collection was the single biggest purchase I’ve ever made at once, except for like, furniture. I’ve been saving up for this since May!

    I’m so happy with what all I got! Did anyone else nerd out and take pictures with the costumes?

    • Heheh, I did. I wouldn’t call it nerding out, but I thought it would be fun. They’ll be posted up on the macvenomousvillains.com site. I can’t wait to see them 😉 I was the Evil Queen (although as a child I always wanted to be Snow White), but my hair is slippery so the crown would fall every 2 seconds. Eventually one of the ma’s held it while they were taking pictures.

  9. Mayra

    I wish my MAC did unveilings, but a lot of people in the Fresno area don’t really have much love for makeup :( which is really sad, but at the same time good since i never miss out on what I want!! lol

  10. Michelle Thao

    I just got back from the event. It was crazy!!! The lines were long (had to wait 30mins – 45 since I got there 15mins early) to get in. Then once there, it was hard to look and test out the products cause everyone was standing around them. They should have set them out like they did the Spring Forecast one so that if you were interested in a particular collection you could just go check that one out first. Finally got in line to pay and the machine burnt out so they had to do the credit cards manually. I got out of line to get cash because they started another line for cash but that line took as long. I ended up giving up Revenge is Sweet lipglass because my total came out more than what the MUA calculated it should be when I asked how much my items will be. Oh well, I will have to go and get it later. Also, theyhad props of the Evil Queen and Cruella and you could get polaroids taken if you wanted to. That was neat! Overall, it was still a great experience!

    • jEN

      The same thing happened to me!! Then to top it off I stood in the cash line and was short like 75 bucks (too many impulse buys) and had to run thru the mall to the ATM machine AFTER about 6 drinks…. It was quite a sight =)
      Had the greatest time so it was totally worth it!!

  11. Kathleen

    Bite of an Apple blush is my one must-have. I may also get the Maleficent and Evil Queen beauty powders. Other than that, I’m not getting much. The eyeshadows didn’t wow me, the nail polishes all have cheaper dupes, and I talked myself out of all of the lip products. It has to be SUPER unique for me to drop the money on MAC lip products. Especially when my favorite brands for lip products are WAY cheaper and work for me better.
    I LOVE disney, but the packaging wasn’t enough on this one to warrant getting products I felt meh about.

  12. Jen

    Omg fastest sold out I have ever seen tonight…

  13. Afrohippychick

    I had lots of fun at the launch party and made friends fawning over Temptalia’s wish list. Yes, i did drink the cocktail, eat the desserts and dress up like an Evil Queen. Only MAC can make me don that costume.
    I’m NW45 and had lots to pick from. I got Revenge is Sweet, Wrong Spell and Hot House lip glosses. I got both of the MES. They look even better over the grease sticks. I also got Bit of Apple and Bad Fairy nail polish.

  14. Monica

    Thanks SOOO much for all the reviews and for putting together that cheat sheet! I was also one of the ones with the print-out at the unveiling party i went to today…Thanks again!

  15. Parris

    I went to the event at queens center mall. It was fun…I loved the drinks. I got wicked ways l/g, strange potion l/g, revenge is sweet l/g, toxic tale l/s, violetta l/s, she who dares mes and formidable nail polish. Toxic tale and wicked ways look great together but violetta with revenge is sweet is amazing. I told the bf to make sure we go out this weekend just so I can where it lol

  16. I just got back from the unveiling/launch event. Drinks were not as good as at the To The Beach event and it was much more crowded this go around. To get people into the event they had Cruella and Evil Queen costumes for us to dress up in. I am only 5 foot 1 inch tall, so the cape for the Evil Queen was swimming on me. Great collection never the less, I got so much :$ But that’s a shopaholic for you 😉 My haul included Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer, Formidable Nail Lacquer, Mean & Green Nail Lacquer, French Quarter Greasepaint Stick, Wrong Spell Lipglass, Hot House Lipglass, Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass, Strange Potion Lipglass, Oh So Fair Beauty Powder, She Who Dares Mineralized Eye Shadow, My Dark Magic Mineralized Eye Shadow, Bite Of An Apple Blush, and Darkly My Dear Blush. I may go back to get Wicked Ways and perhaps a lipstick or two, but I will try not to 😉 Prices are up a bit from regular price. I’m thinking it is because of the Disney license.

  17. laura

    T_T I wanted to buy a lot of things but I’ve realized I was going to spend too much money only for eyeshadows (and they are not so essential in my make up bag)so I’ll only buy bad fairy and wicked ways!!

  18. inaya

    Christine; do you think peaches would show up as a true peach on a warm toned NC 32? Thanks!

  19. Naomi

    Can you pre-order from MAC or only department stores. I want I’m So Vain mirror and think its one of those MAC store exclusives. I didn’t get to go to the unveiling party,because I was sick(not a great time to be trying on makeup)and its a school night,instead I went to my best friend’s house, so it was fun.

  20. Rooibos

    I can’t say that I get the hype surrounding this collection, just because it is Disney themed. At the end of the day, basically (for the majority of items)isn’t it just standard MAC makeup with a Disney sticker on the packaging? I think for those on the fence about making a large number of purchases from this collection we need to ask ourselves would we still buy the same product/colour if it was part of their permanent line or had less cute packaging? If we would, all well and good, but if not perhaps we need to think to what extent we are just getting swept up by the promo concepts that MAC increasingly surround each of their (many) collections with, and which in the case of Rodarte, backfired.

  21. kenneth alan

    I originally had a list of about 10 things I wanted and last week the list jumped to 20 things. Now I just have no idea what I want. I know for sure I’ll be getting toxic tale lipstick and those 2 mineralize eyeshadow duos from Maleficent. I regretted not buying those mineralize eyeshadows from style black last year and now is my second chance to get something similar.

  22. Kathryn

    I am in the Caribbean for school so have asked my Mom for a few things for Christmas. I only asked for Bad Fairy nail polish and Hot House lipglass. There were other lipsticks I was interested in but would have wanted to try in person before committing. I like the look of the blushes and beauty powders, but I have so many blushes already I didn’t ask for them. Mom will probably not be able to go to MAC until she is done work so I hope there is some left!

  23. Brenda

    I went to the event last night. What an awesome time. The girls were super nice as always. I ended up getting Hot House, Sinister, Violetta (gorgeous!), Resort Life, Sweet Joy, Formidable nail laquer, and also got some stuff that was not part of the collection. Overall it was a great experience.

  24. I was suppose to go but my plans fell through. My boyfriend felt bad so we went to my local MAC and he bought me the Viva Glam lipglasses. He’s too sweet :)

  25. April

    I am newborn MAC lover and tried some foundation, MSFN, and e/s, concealer, and a paintpot to start me off……well now I am in love, so I am going to buy all of Dr. Facilier and Maleficent items because they look soooo pretty:)

  26. Natasha. S

    Oh no! I think my last comment got deleted!!
    Well, here goes again…lol

    I went to the unveiling party @ Eaton Center, Toronto ON last night. Made a reservation for 7:30, but since I got there early, I was able to get in for 7 =)

    Loved the party…like always, and I felt it wasn’t so crowded inside as it was when I went to the Hello Kitty launch @ Scarborough Town Center.

    This is what I got:

    2 Strange Potion l/g : Might take 1 back…just to save $$ because it’s a beautiful colour yes, but I think I can find a similar pink gloss else where. Nonetheless, this shade is really nice, very different from what MAC brings out as Christine said.

    Wicked Ways l/g: LOVED IT! period. I think it’s a must-have on alot of ppl’s list. It’s a beautiful shade of red on my lips.

    Toxic Tale l/s: My friend tried this shade on in the store, and it looked so good! So I got, but when I tried it on myself, I thought it was wayyyyy too bright for me. I have Vegas Volt lipstick and I thought both were quite close, just Toxic Tale was 100x more brighter. So I’m taking this one back to the store.

    Bite of An Apple Blush: I didn’t actually try this blush on as yet, but I did swatch it at the party and thought it was a nice shade, and something that I didn’t have. So I got it, but if anyone knows a dupe or something close PLS LET ME KNOW…lol. This blush was quite expensive, and if I can something close to it, I will return it.

    All 3 nail polishes, Formiable!, Mean & Green, and Bad Fairy: LOVED all 3 so I got all 3…although, the best is Bad Fairy in my opinion. I might return either Mean & Green or Formiable! , but still debating…

  27. I think that this collection is very hyped up! At first i thought i wanted it all! I love the packaging, but i’m an eyeshadow girl. Love to play up the eyes. So i want:

    – Carbon with SE packaging
    – De-vil (looks gorgeous!)
    – Vainglorious (i want this the most)
    – Star Violet Yes.. i know it’s always there but.. (i thought it look really good with vainglorious?)

    & i’d like to check out the magically cool liquid powder, if that’s what it’s called, haha. BUT $30 FOR A POWDER? ha ha ha ha ha.

    I prob won’t end up with it!

    Does anyone know a good e/s combo including Vainglorious?!!? Using perm. e/s’ PLEASE REPLY. thanks :)

    • I think Star Violet & Vainglorious are pretty much dupes of each other, so I don’t think it’d be fab with Vainglorious – might not contrast enough!

  28. melissa

    Someone is already posting a huge set on ebay… there are multiples of the eyeshadows and some of the lip products, 2 of the same beauty powder, 2 of the same mineralize e/s…starting at $100 for 20 products….I hope no one buys this and they are stuck with all that extra crap…I can see this posting getting really pricey… ugh! sometimes I get so mad…like the NY book of shadows….some are listed at $100+ when they are still available at sephora, and still have a few releases coming up! I always felt like ebay was (used to be) a place to get a good deal, not get ripped off! grrrrr… I am just hoping that MAC made enough for everyone and it doesnt end up being a stereo rose incident… It seems like they make enough holiday products though to fulfill everyones wishlist and gift lists… my mom got me a few things from the holiday collection last year way after it launched and they were easy to find and available…
    I hope hope hope I am able to fulfill my small wishlist online for this one…I have to work thursday until 7pm and going into the store that late is NOT a risk I am willing to take!

  29. Liz W

    I didn’t get to go to an “unveiling” but I did get to see the items over a week ago from my friend at my MAC counter and I have on hold:

    3 nail polishes, briar rose, both minzerlize eyeshadow duos, vainglorious, sweet joy, heartless, sweet revenge, devilishly stylish, strange potion and brash and bold pigment!

    so excited may change my mind on a few when i can actually test them out and pick up some thing i thought i didn’t need until reading everyone’s reviews on here! thanks for giving all of us makeup freaks a place to come together and geek out Christine!

  30. Collection launches on the day before I get paid! Why!!!! Grrrrrrrr! So on Thursday I’m going to take my Temptalia VV inventory sheets to my counter all filled out and have them hold everything I want. Gotta love the excitement.

  31. Courtney

    You know…at fist I thought I would skip this collection, but the more I see it, the more I like it. I actually ended up preordering six items: Briar Rose, Bite of an Apple, My Dark Magic, Formidable, Devilishly Stylish, and Truth and Light.

    And I’m in it for the product. I don’t even like Disney.

  32. saku

    I may get a few lipgloss and lipsticks. I’m unsure of bite of an apple and briar rose ? It may not even show up on my dark tan skin tone. I have to see in person.

  33. Nastalie

    I was one of the first ones in and first ones out, thanks to all the lovely prep I got here! I picked up:

    Wicked Ways & Revenge is Sweet l/g
    Toxic Tale, Heartless & Innocence, Beware! l/s
    Bite of an Apple blush
    Her Own Devices beauty powder
    Formidable, Bad Fairy, and Mean Green nail polishes
    Truth & Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder

    I can see myself going overboard and using all the liquid powder insanely quickly because it is just the craziest feeling EVER!

    The event itself was like anything I’ve ever seen before at MAC. Total insanity! I’m sure all my lovely MUAs are probably still asleep. My store (Cherry Hill, NJ) is on the much smaller side of most MACs I’ve been too, and it looked as if it was going to explode! I can’t wait to finally play with all my new things tonight after work.

  34. Lynn

    I went to the unveiling party at Valley Fair last night and boy was it so much fun! It’s my first unveiling party and wow…was the line long or what? It moved very quickly though. I did try to take some video footage inside but was feeling kinda awkward with all the people there.

    So, I bought quite a few things:

    Briar Rose Beauty Powder
    French Quarter Greasepaint Stick
    Hot House
    Strange Potion
    Vile Violet
    Heartless lipstick
    Formidable (actually, Mean & Green ended up in my bag instead of Formidable) I wasn’t paying too much attention at this point because the register line was long and it was really hot:)

    I might keep Mean & Green and get Formidable later.
    Prior to this event, I also pre-ordered a few things: Bite of an Apple, My Dark Magic, Bad Fairy, Wicked Ways & Truth & Light Powder.

    Did anyone else go to the Valley Fair party?

  35. Becky

    No unveiling but was able to preorder. got the dr facilier mirror, violetta lipstick, the malificent lipgloss that goes with violetta, the mean green nail polish and the bluish purple nail polish :) yay!!!

  36. Jessica

    I had such a fun time at the party!
    Got sooo much stuff
    Best collection yet!

  37. Kay

    I live in the UK so its so great seeing all the US bloggers swatches and so on before hand so i can be certain what i want 😀 !

    My wish list is..

    Evil Queen:
    Toxic tale lipstick
    Strange potion lipglass
    Hot house lipglass
    Bite of an apple blush

    Wicked ways lipglass
    Darkly my Dear blush

    not too bad actually.. as you can tell im a lips girl!! trying to narrow it down :)

  38. Kristen

    After extensive research and debate…. this is my wish list (which I intend to pick up from my MAC counter the day it’s released):
    Either Formidable or Bad Fairy Nail Laquer (Maleficent)
    My Dark Magic Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo (Maleficent)
    Innocence, Beware Lipstick (Cruella De Vil)
    Heartless Lipstick (Cruella De Vil) I’m debating between this colour, or just getting Russian Red, suggestions?
    That’s it :)

  39. Amanda

    I went to the event last night at the WestFarms mall in Connecticut. I have never seen a MAC store so packed in my life. It looked like it was going to burst at the seams, haha. The cocktails were really good. We had blackberry mojitos. I passed on the hor d’oeuvres. The collection has some definite hits and misses. I had a good time and enjoyed talking to a few of the girls. I saw a couple of your cheatsheets floating around. They sold out of the Push The Edge pigment pretty quickly.

    I personally picked up:
    Bite of an Apple Blush
    Briar Rose Beauty Powder
    Liquid Powder in Cajun (it works so well on my skintone as a bronzer)
    Sinister Lipstick
    Devil Eyeshadow
    Resort Life Lip Gelee

    I think I’ll be going back to get the Wicked Ways lipglass and the Darkly My Dear blush.

    Your reviews, swatches, and cheatsheet really helped me get a better idea of what I was looking for before I went in. Thank goodness for that because getting anywhere near the new collections was madness. They had it all in one area to begin with and they actually had to set up another station because it was so packed. I hope you all got everything you wanted. :)

  40. Harlow

    I wasn’t fortunate enough to attend an unveiling party but my local Nordstrom’s was having a presale so I was able to order Strange Potion, Bite of an Apple, and French Quarter Greasepaint:)

  41. Lenora

    I went to the MAC @ Mall of America in MN. It was pretty cool. I had 2 things on my list…and left with..more than two things!

    I grabbed:
    Formidable nail laquer
    Violetta – LOVE!
    Revenge is Sweeter lipglass – Very cool jelly texture
    Bite of an Apple Blush – looked great on my NW50 skin
    Heartless – BEAUTIFUL
    Wicked Ways lipglass – must have

    I tried the cooling powder in Cajun. very interesting – it feels like you’re putting water all over your face..very cool. I didn’t feel pressed to get it though since it’ll be permanent in a few months.

  42. Erica

    Does anyone know when the collection will be available on Mac’s website??? I’m not sure I can make it into Mac the day it releases :(

    • Most likely around the 27th or 28th is my guess. Knowing they have it online, at this point, all they have to do is really flip a switch (essentially, lol, I’m sure it’s a bit more than that!) so that the collections show up for everyone and not just PRO members — so it’s hard to say.

  43. Becky Jo

    OMG. I just went and swatched AND presold (bought?) the collection at Nordstrom’s. I am obsessed with it. I purchased the following:

    1. Heartless lipstick
    2. Wicked Ways lipglass
    3. Strange Potion lipglass
    4. Briar Rose Beauty Powder
    5. Sinister lipstick
    6. Bite of an Apple blush
    7. Bad Fairy nail polish
    8. My Dark Magic eyeshadow
    9. Resort Life gelee

    Holy cow. Listing it out is a little insane…Oh my.

    Bad Fairy and Strange Potion were late additions. I’ve been told this is definitely going to sell out, like yesterday, so I didn’t want to NOT get something, and then regret it!!

    Good think I skipped on all but one pigment during Fabulous Felines!!!

    Additionally, I don’t love MAC lipglasses in general, because of the tacky texture, but I swear…I LOVED Wicked Ways so much, that I had to own the color. It’s amazing!

    Christine, thank you, as always, for your wonderful information and for supporting and encouraging my MAC obsession. Reading your site gets me so excited for upcoming products, and it also makes me feel OK for indulging in so much makeup!!


  44. Kat

    Christine — or anyone else who can answer…when will the collection be available on the regular MAC website…also, will we have to do some kind of special search to find it?

  45. Laura

    After all of this discussion I revised my wishlist pretty significantly. If you think I’m off based on my coloring (I’m pale with pink undertones) please let me know.

    Wicked Ways lipglass (Cruella) $15.50 (replacing Devilishly Stylish)
    Briar Rose Beauty Powder (Maleficent) $25 (replacing Oh So Fair Beauty Powder)
    Her Alter Image eyeshadow $15.50 (Evil Queen)
    Vile Violet Eyeshadow $15.50 (Evil Queen)
    Bad Fairy nail polish $13

    Thanks so much for such comprehensive coverage of this collection. These will be my first MAC purchases and your site was invaluable in helping me figure out what might work for me!

  46. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE the Maleficent Collection! I am a big fan of red lipsticks but I was dissapointed at Cruella’s red, its just the wrong red for me. However, Maleficents Mineralize eyeshadows, and all 3 Nail Polishes are to die for! I do not own any MAC Nail polishes, but I own over 200 eyeshadows lol. Anyways, Bad Fairy and Formidable! Have made it to my must have list. I LOVE The Briar Rose Beauty Powder as well. As a MAC Addict for over 5 years I am loving this collection!!! Its feels good to be bad!

  47. sophie

    the ONLY thing i like from this collection (and i think i buy it) are the Maleficent mineralize eyeshadows.

  48. Belinda

    I still hate the packaging so, so much. :( Especially since I’m not at all a Disney fan. Some of the producsts are really pretty though – Dark Deeds is a great red lipstick, for example.

  49. Kat

    Christine — I have MAC’s l/s Dark Side — should I skip buying Dark Deed l/s since they are so similar? Dark Deed looks a bit darker, but still very similar…what do you think?

  50. Francine

    Oh So fair BP (Purchasing just for the packaging)
    Strange Potion Lipglass
    Bite of an Apple Blush

  51. Mara

    How is the quality/effect of the polishes vs their ORLY/OPI counterparts?

    Where I am MAC is much more easily accessible but if the dupes are much better/nicer I’d rather import, kwim? :)

    I wish my MAC would have an event but they never do. Boohoo!!! :(

  52. cynthia

    i went to the party already and it was a blast! i must say MAC is extremely organized and fair and has such amazing service when it comes to hosting such parties, i loved the way everything was handled in a calm manner among all the girls and chaos! lol

    BITE OF APPLE BLUSH its so unique and orange-pink coral color, matte and reminds me a lot of the marine life beauty powder, in terms of color
    DEVILISHLY STYLISH lipglass is also uniqe for all those nude lovers, its such a gorgeous pink champaigne color on the lips
    INNOCENCE BEWARE! is the most perfect nude color ive seen in a long time since creme de nude and hue….its a warm, yellow tone pink rather then those cool tone blue-pinks that have come out lately, theyre just so unwearable, this ones a nice one and nude lovers should stock up! im gonna get more
    the mineralized eyeshadows are also a must have, especially SHE WHO DARES…its new and unique and a wearable blue and green! i love it.

    • Kristen

      It’s like you read my mind! Those are all the things I want! I recently started wearing lipsticks, and I love the look of a nude lip. I’m definitely getting Innocence, Beware. And I really want the Maleficent mineralized eyeshadows! The bite of an apple blush… do you happen to know if it would look good on NW15 skin tone?
      I swear, when I read your post it freaked me out, because I was thinking the exact same things, lol.

  53. Leah

    i have antiqued and amber lights. is de-vil smililar to eigther? im just starting out with my mac collection so im on the fence about de- vil . i think its really pretty but i was woundering if it close enough that i should just spend my money on a different part of the collection??? lol im torn . please help

  54. Alannah

    I just called both my MAC store and the local Nordstrom’s counter and was told by both that they are not taking pre-orders. The Nordstrom’s counter said they “weren’t allowed to as per Disney” and that I wasn’t going to find anyone who was allowing pre-orders because of that. What the heck? I’ve never heard of anything like that… did anyone else hear this at their store or counter?

    • Leah

      really ? im sorry to hear that =[ thats weird because mine offered to let me pre-order without me even asking to do so.

      • Alannah

        I know, so many people on here seem to have pre-ordered… that’s why I’m thinking that makes no sense! Those are the only two places around here I can get MAC though, so I’m out of luck unless I can get them online! I only want the polishes.

        • Amanda

          I went to the unveiling but when I got home realized I wanted a few other things from the collection in addition to what I already got. I called my MAC counter that I go to quite often and they told me I couldn’t pre-order but they offered to put it on hold for me. I’d just have to show up on Thursday to pick it up or they’d put it back. If they’re not allowing pre-orders, ask if they could put it on hold for you and you’ll pick it up that day. It never hurts to ask and a lot of times they’ll be nice enough to do it. Make sure they take down your name and phone number and you remember the name of the girl you spoke to.

          • Alannah

            Unfortunately, they each said that it’s going to be first-come-first-served the day it goes on sale, but maybe I’ll call again this week and see if I can talk to someone different! Or I’ll just stay up really late the night before it goes on sale online and try my luck that way. Ugh, so stressful!

  55. Kate

    Hey, just a heads-up, today my MAC in MD was taking reservations for Thursday pick-up. Very quiet but they had everything ready and just put everything I wanted in a bag for me. It was pretty awesome actually. :)

  56. Pan

    I previously pre-ordered from the SF Nordstrom at Stonestown, but when I called to add more items, they told me they were sold out! So I just came back from another MAC counter I had near me (at Macy’s). They already had the VV displays in their glass cases. The MUA took it out to let me swatch. (She was painting her nails with Bad Fairy too!) I was able to pre-pay for my items. I can’t wait to pick them up on Thursday!

    My list: Violetta L/S, Revenge is Sweet L/G, She Who Dares MES, Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer, Briar Rose B/P, and Strange Potion L/G

    At my particular location, the MUA told me the hot sellers were: liquid powders (the lighter one was already sold out), Violetta, Bad Fairy, Formidable!, and the E/S Duos. I’m hoping to head back after a few days to see what’s not sold and pick out anything else that has grown on me.

  57. Alison

    Strange Potion looked so pretty and “off” on you that I’d love to try it on myself. I’m not sure if I’ll end up getting it because its not the type of colour I would assume is flattering on me, but we’ll see…

    I’d probably like to get Wicked Ways: It looked right up my alley. The nail lacquers look nice but aren’t quite “my” shades, so maybe I’ll try getting some as presents for people I know will wear them.

    I wish I could go to some sort of special event: I love makeup, and Disney and fantasy so it would be a wonderful experience for me!

  58. Meagan

    I’m currently on VV watch. I hope it comes out today or tomorrow MORNING.

  59. Lioness


    Do you guys know when it’s being released? Online that is. Would they be releasing it at midnight on the 30th? I’m so excited I cant wait! I have class early but I’ll miss sleep for this!

  60. Michelle

    Does anyone know if this venomous villain line will be available in duty free?

  61. Crowstoes

    I am so stoked i actually got all of the ones i wanted from this collection…(FOR ONCE..lol) i got all three malificent nail laquers, a i’m such a sucker for flip-flop polishes…my hg one is maybelline lilac lights from a couple years back. Its a beautiful pale pearl with a blue/violet pink flip. Year round color that looks great on any skin tone and most of the sally hansen – also discontinued. But i also got both maleficent es also!!!!! Love love love!!!! Hope u guys have been as lucky to have gotten all the ones you wanted 2 :)

  62. what lipliner would you pair with heartless that would be tad bit darker