Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: It’s Here

According to MAC LiveChat (which I did both at 9AM PST and noon PST), Venomous Villains will launch TODAY online at 6PM EST (that’s 3PM PST, 5PM CST) NOW UP :)  The consistency in which this is being said gives me hope that it is true, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with links as they go live.

  • Edited @ 3:17PM PST — Readers are reporting that they’re being told (via MAC reps, either phone or online): “tomorrow morning,” “tonight,” and “midnight.”   I did a LiveChat myself, and they’re now reporting “sometime tonight” and saying “it’s scheduled to launch online tonight.”
  • Edited @ 3:19PM PST — “The collection was actually scheduled to launch Tues (tomorrow), but we are doing an earlier launch tonight due to the demand. I wish I had a better time frame for you, but at this time we can’t make any promises. I just know it will be tonight.”
  • Edited @ 4:01PM PST — COLLECTION IS UP MY LOVES! <3  Direct links below or else search by product name.
  • Edited @ 12:41PM PST (9/28):  Macy’s has Venomous Villains up! :)  You can search or go to Beauty > MAC > Venomous Villains.
  • Edited @ 4:05AM PST (9/29): Nordstrom’s has Venomous Villains up!  (The link will take you straight to the collection page.)


The landing page hasn’t been created, but below are direct links to each character’s collection for purchase.  Otherwise, you can search by product name, too.

  • Cruella (Innocence, Beware! @ 8:00AM PST; Wicked Ways @ 10:00AM PST are sold out)
  • Evil Queen (Toxic Tale @ 10PM PST; Strange Potion @ 9PM PST; Bite of an Apple @ 9PM PST, Oh So Fair @ 3:00AM PST are all sold out)
  • Dr. Facilier
  • Maleficent (Bad Fairy @ 9PM PST, Briar Rose @ 10AM PST; Revenge is Sweet, Formidable! and both MES  are all sold out)

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure you have your log-in information/personal profile up-to-date.  Have your payment method handy or else already on-file.
  • Have your list ready in advance, that way you can add everything quickly.  Just because it’s in your cart doesn’t mean it’s yours.
  • Make two orders — order everything you must have or items you think are going to sell out quickest the first time, and then make your second order more leisurely or for items you want to think about for a bit.
  • IT IS JUST MAKEUP.  I know, I get it, part of the fun is the chase, but it is just makeup, so let the chase be fun, not heartbreaking.
  • If something sells out or you’re not able to get to the website right when it launches, the collection will also be available through retailers like Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.  I asked @nordstrom this morning, and they are reporting in-store and online launch for the 30th.

Free shipping codes:  Looks like the free shipping code VILLAINS is active and working, but you can also use CS106LIVECHAT (which any can get by doing a LiveChat).


Free free to chat with other Venomous Villains cyber-stalkers, share your hauls (when you make them), and shoot the breeze while we wait.

<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Cruella</strong></a></li>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Evil Queen</strong></a></li>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Dr. Facilier</strong></a></li>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Maleficent</strong></a></li>

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

698 thoughts on “MAC Venomous Villains: Discussion #2

  1. Kimmie

    Thank you Christine for being so awesome 😀
    Do you know if it is up on Nordstrom’s site yet? I just checked and couldn’t find it. I have a $50 gift card I have been saving for this specific event, so that I can justify purchasing more products, haha :)

  2. Valerie

    Does anyone know why my Pro card will only give me a discount on one of the items?

    • Amanda

      Because the items are licensed through Disney because of packaging the PRO discount doesn’t apply to the items. Only on nail polishes and pigments (from what I have heard).

  3. Lile

    I’ve read your blog for a year, but this is my 1st post. I just wanted to thank you for all of your time, work, and keeping us organized and informed. Tonight I made my online order, and it appears that everything went through ok.

  4. DIJ

    ok so wait it still launches in actual stores on Thursday right?? It’s the same date for Canada??

  5. Riley

    Ahhh! Ever since you first posted on this collection I have been waiting patiently!! Now that it’s finally here I just placed my order!
    I am a HUGE disney fan and collect all the movies as they come out on DVD. obsessed!
    Thank you Christine, your amazing!

  6. Wendy M.

    Christine, do you know any dupes for Innocence, Beware! from the perm MAC lipsticks?

  7. Tara

    Yay! I just placed my order and got everything I wanted! I got both Maleficent mineralized eye shadow duos, Revenge is sweet lipglass, Innocenc beware lipstick, all 3 evil queen eyeshadows, carbon and Briar rose beauty powder. So excited!!

  8. Lisa

    So geeked! Got Bad Fairy n/p and Wrong Spell and Hot House lip glasses. I was debating on the She Who Dares e/s but decided I didn’t need it right now; if it’s still around when I get paid again, I’ll get it. Thanks a MILLION Christine!

  9. traci

    So does anybody know about orders made last week on the pro site because I order last Thursday mine and hasn’t shipped yet.

  10. I’m surprised that nothing’s sold out yet -just looked. I originally pre-saled Briar Rose but switched last minute to Oh So Fair Beauty Powder (Evil Queen.) Does anyone think Briar Rose will be too cool and purple for warm tones?? I still want it! But I don’t want to buy it if it’s gonna look funky on me.

  11. Kirstie

    Bad Fairy Nail Polish and French Quarter Greasepaint stick for me!!!!

  12. BethM

    I placed my order at 10pm central, and i got everything I wanted. I hope I don’t get a sold out email later, but if I do, that’s more money in my bank account. The only thing I’m on the fence about is the Briar Rose powder. I’m NW15 and I already have Pink Swoon (looks good if I apply lightly) and Well Dressed (looks a little chalky on me), so I’m not sure I really need Briar Rose. Oh, also Resort Life. If I see it in stock at the store, I’ll probably grab it, otherwise no worries (I love lip glosses, but I already have so many).

  13. Karin

    SO exciting! I only ordered De Vil eyeshadow and Wrong Spell lipglass for now because I know I’m going to go to Nordstroms on Friday to try on other things (I’m hoping to only let myself buy AT MOST 3 things more, but I dunno…). My original checkout had 15 items which I ADORED. But that huge number for the total (something like $250, which is just too much for babysit-once-a-week high school girl) scared the crap out of me and I quickly removed items.

    Saturday night I had a DREAM about De Vil eyeshadow. Is that a little insane or what? I HAD to get it then, LOL!

    Christine, i LOVE you. Seriously. You have been MAJORLY helpful with my venomous villians hunt! I got home from school and checked Temptalia and saw this post! For me, MAC didn’t have the vv collection yet, but your links to the pages worked for me and I was able to order!

    What do you guys think will be the fast sell-outs?

  14. Melissa

    I was staring at MANY online swatches of Hot House Lipglass and knew it looked like something I have. I decided to dig through my lip gloss stash before submitting my order. There I found Lancôme La Laque Fever Lip Gloss in Electric Pink. If it’s not an exact match with regards to color, it’s pretty damn close. Close enough that I removed Hot House from the cart. That left me with my final order of Wicked Ways Lipglass, Heartless Lipstick, and (at the very last minute) Violetta Lipstick.

    I’m hoping I can figure out a way to use Violetta as an every day color by tweaking the hue with different lip liners and glosses (I’m NC15 with pink undertones, have brown eyes, and brown hair with reddish highlights).

  15. Jessica

    Just placed my order! Bad Fairy, Strange Potion, Toxic Tale, and Wicked Ways (been on a bit of a lip product kick lately :P) I hope MAC’s inventory is in sync with the site. I don’t wanna wake up tomorrow and find out half the stuff I wanted was sold out way before I placed my order!

  16. Penemuel

    I did some frenzied ordering via iPod while in the Starbucks parking lot, and for a bit it kept trying to sell me 3 Wrong Spells instead of just 1, but I got the few things I wanted. Much more stressful than I was expecting, but it’s over, and things aren’t out of stock yet — hope that everyone who wants something manages to get it without having to rely on the scalpers!

  17. Rachael

    its 9:08pm in LA and I just ordered wicked ways, hot hause, toxic tale and bite of an apple. All seemed in supply, so I’m happy. Not as much as a mad house as we anticipated I guess.

  18. Samantha P.

    WOW. Strange Potion is sold out already.

  19. Anna

    Strange Potion and BOAA are now sold out… at least that’s what it says on the website. So is Bad Fairy.

  20. Patricia

    im surprised that nothing has sold out yet… especially since there was so much anticipation :)

  21. DIJ

    is the collection coming out in actual stores tomorrow for Canada as well?

  22. Amanda

    I just checked the MAC website to see if anything had sold out yet. The following aren’t available anymore

    Bite of an Apple blush
    Bad Fairy nail polish
    Strange Potion lip glass

    I hope you ladies got what you wanted. :) I’ve heard that people have been getting back order notices on some of that stuff already.

  23. Kim

    I just checked and Bite of an Apple and Strange potion is now sold out!

  24. Lauren

    bad fairy is sold out!!! im too late :(

  25. Lauren

    oooh no strange potion lipglass tooooo. ARGH!

  26. Tiffany

    I wanted Bad Fairy and Strange Potion, but obviously I can live without them. I’ve seen watches of a new OPI polish that looks amazingly similar to Bad Fairy, and I can still try to call my local MAC for Strange Potion. If I don’t get them, I’m not sweating it. :)

  27. Tiffany

    Toxic Tale is no longer sold out 😉

  28. Jessi


    I have a quick question! I have really pale skin (NC15) and I wanted to know if you thought the liquid powder in Cajun would be too dark for my skin. I wouldn’t want it to look like big muddy brown smears on my face you know?

  29. Georgia

    If a MAC item is sold out, does that mean it’s sold out forever or will they restock it and sell it again?

  30. Stacie

    Made my first Mac purchase tonight and I am so excited! I am mainly a drugstore makeup girl due to being a student and not having a job but I got a lot of money for my birthday and saved it for this collection. I ordered at 8pm and got Bite of an Apple blush, Sinister lipstick, Violetta lipstick, Hot House Lipglass and Bad Fairy Nail Polish (I already bought the Orly dupes for the other two that Christina blogged about). I just placed a second order and got Wicked Ways Lipglass, Briar Rose Beauty Powder and Her Dark Magic Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo. I can’t wait to try out Mac and I hope it is worth it.

  31. Dawn

    You ladies are so adorable! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who freaked out about this lol! I had a dream last night that it was Thursday and I went down to the MAC store with my mom to buy the entire Maleficent collection hahaha!

    Then today, I get the email and FLEW over to the site and got the entire Maleficent collection 😛 I’m so glad!! She’s my favorite Disney Villain and I love the colors (I do a lot of darker looks)

    I’m thinking about going down to a MAC store on Thursday morning to get one or two of the items that sold out already from the Evil Queen collection, and maybe getting one of those grease paints.

    Can anyone suggest any lip liners for the Maleficent lip colors?

  32. Alexis J.

    Am I seriously the only person who hasn’t been able to place an order? I keep getting a server error…even when I tried calling it in!

  33. Mia

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for the swatches and all the information. Im NW20 in MAC and got red undertones. Do you think I can easily work Bite of an Apple blush and the Toxic Tale lipstick?

    Looking forward to see the collection in Denmark. Not that much hype here in Denmark about all the collections. Actually you can still by Stereo Rose here :-)

  34. laura

    When this collection will arrive in Europe?

  35. Trish

    Just did my order! Yay! Got all of the Maleficent line except Briar Rose (wasn’t really going to buy this due to how light it was) and Bad Fairy (which isn’t exactly right for my skin). About to order some Dr. Faclier stuff later on but I’m just glad I got all the eyes, lipstick and lipglasses for Maleficent!!!

  36. ashley

    briar rose is sold out!

  37. zb

    Wow their site is down. It’s Chanel Khakis all over again… I asked at Bloomies/White Plains, NY yesterday and they will have VV on Thursday. :-) Happy shopping and good luck everyone!

  38. Kristen

    Wow, just went to and the site is down!! :(

    • Kristen

      So further to my post, was able to log on to the site about 10 mins. later but the site kept going down on me so after getting items in my cart, crashing, going back, checking out, crashing, etc etc I finally was able to put my order through. Checked back a few hours later and a lot was already sold out! Took your advice Christine about making my first purchase “must have” and glad I did!

  39. VeroJo

    Briar Rose is listed as sold out skso

  40. Aw, strange potion and toxic tale are sold out. Hope I can get them at the store on Thursday!

  41. Natalie

    I will never do this again. I’m going to pre-order at Nordstroms like a lot of others did. I don’t like the chase! haha. I have never been too excited about any MAC Collection before but I am a huge disney fan so I just had to get something. Yesterday, definitely had me sweating bullets all day, I’m so glad its over! Thankfully, I got everything I wanted, and I already checked this morning and half the stuff I got is sold out already.

  42. I got “Innocence, Beware!”. Money is kind of tight this week, so I just treated myself to one thing until it officially launches. My boyfriend and I were suppose to go food shopping. I told him, “NOOOO! We CANNOT leave until after 6:00!!”. He had side work to do so we had to go then and to my surprise, when I got home just after 7:00, it just launched! There’s a few things I really want, but if the things I want sell out when it officially launches, I won’t be ‘going bananas’ (<— haha, my lame attempt of a MAC joke).

  43. Kenneth Alan

    I can’t order anything online right now so I have to go Thursday. I hope I can get everything I want. I have a list of like 20 things haha. The main things I want are Toxic Tale lipstick and those eyeshadow duos from Maleficent.

  44. Excited I was able to get my hand on Bite of an Apple blush, but if I didn’t I wouldn’t have been too disappointed. I wasn’t even really expecting it to be out. I just happened to look at the site. I hope everyone gets what they wanted.

  45. Anne

    i would have never grabbed bite of an apple if it were not for YOU!!! thank you so much for being so dedicated to your readers!!!

  46. Ani_BEE

    I was able spend $99 for 4 items in this collection with tax. ^_^ I feel like I’m being good, I got both MESD, Dark Deed and Toxic Tale was what I ordered.

    Here’s the Canadian site damage: (I figure the US one is has been demolished for stock)

    First things to sell out are both MESD and Bad Fairy for Maleficent

    Bite of an Apple (dose not surprise me, I was tempted to buy it myself), Strange Potion (called it, it’s a more wearable a shade), Toxic Tale for the Evil Queen.

    Innocence, Beware! for De Vil, did not foresee that one since there is already other nudes that are similar to it in the cremesheen formula. lol

    Magically Cool Liquid Powder Cajun has completely sold out and was removed from the site. ^_^ Truth & Light is still up.

    The one I’m surprised has not sold out is Briar Rose, although I didn’t get since I have Summer Rose from Rose Romance but it’s still a surprise.

  47. Rebecca

    Innocence Beware! and Briar Rose have now sold out too!

  48. tremorviolet

    Bleh, the only thing I really wanted was Bad Fairy. But I can live without it. All this hype just makes me not want to buy anything at all.

    • Ani_BEE

      Try OPI Nail Polish from the Burlesque Collection in The Show Must Go On as a substitute (not a complete dupe but has a soft pearl finish instead of glitter)

    • Brenda

      agreed. I didn’t bother ordering anything. I went into the PRO store today, checked it out and really the only thing I liked was a couple of the beauty powders. I picked up one but not interested in anything else and the hype really makes me think it’s a bit overrated.

      • Ani_BEE

        There not a lot of “wearable” shade in this collection for most people compared to Fabulous Felines. In fact your smart for not blowing you budget with the upcoming winter collections coming out. I would still like to get Bite of an Apple blush but I don’t “need” it.

  49. Tiffany C.

    Hi Christine,
    Innocence, Beware and Briar Rose are sold out as well.

  50. Hope

    I like the way you take care of your people :)

  51. AnGeLwInGz

    Toxic Tale, Strange Potion, and Bite of an Apple were on my “maybe” list. I’m kinda happy they sold out because (1) saves me $ and (2) something I wasn’t 100% sure of has probably been purchased by someone who really really wanted it.

  52. Thanks for doing this! It’s really great and interesting to see when different things sell out. luckily I get off work at like 1 am so i was up to place an order first off!

  53. Hannah

    The excitement over the new MAC Venomous Villains line is amazing. I am excited about it too.

    I placed my first order last night from the new lines. Although I have a Dillard’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom and MAC Pro stores near me, I couldn’t wait :) The four lines are so amazing and pretty.

    I spent about an hour trying to decide what I was going to get. I didn’t want to buy a shadow that has a dupe in the permanent MAC line. I love the packaging but couldn’t get myself to buy the shadow just for the packaging. I didn’t buy any lip glosses or lipsticks. I’m sure I’ll visit a counter and buy more when I swatch them.

    I ended up purchasing the two mineralized eye shadows from the Maleficent line, and the Vile Violet eye shadow and Bite of an Apple blush from the Evil Queen line. I wish I could have gotten more but I had to stick to a budget. Trust me, it was difficult. I knew I couldn’t pass up on the Bite of an apple blush, it looks so pretty.

    So, if you purchased your’s online, what did you get?

  54. Tiffany C.

    Oh so Fair and Wicked Ways are sold out now also. Slowly but surely things are going away!!

  55. Samantha P.

    My order is pending.. o;

  56. Lady Di.

    I just got back from the MAC pro store in Chicago (on Armitage st. for anyone who can make it there or wants to call them). They said they were able to put it all up on the counter yesterday because they are a pro store…and they still have the entire collection! Bite of an apple seems to be the big seller right now (almost all gone!) so I got 2 (1 for me, 1 for my daughter) and almost everything from the Cruella set, both of the magically cool powders, and a few other things! Im so happy! Hope everyone gets to a store and finds what they want!

  57. Fernanda Baldo


    as far as how it looks on skin, do you think that Briar Rose is similar to Coygirl?

  58. Bree

    I got violetta, bad fairy, & mean green of mac online & I pre-ordered briar rose & bite of an apple….I have to try them before I buy….especially Briar Rose!!!

  59. Autumn

    here are all the things i went nuts and bought :)

    Resort Life
    Revenge is Sweet
    Slick Black
    Oh So Fair
    Her Own Devices
    Strange Potion
    Her Alter Image
    Vile Violet
    Bite of an Apple
    Briar Rose

    this is my first real MAC haul so cut me some slack :)

  60. Yvette

    Thanks Christine for all your dedication. I only discovered your websited over the summer and have been hooked ever since. Thank you for all your hard work and giving us multiple posts and swatches for this collection. I must have reviewed them at least 10 times trying to what i “wanted” and “needed” :)

    do you think innocence beware or briar rose would look good on warm skin tone?

  61. Amber

    OMG Thank you soooo much for letting us know the collection is on Macys site Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was a makeup emergency this morning and i was soooo cranky when i found out that most of what i wanted was sold out! (I take a break from the internet on my weekends) That will teach me!

    So anywayss…….. I got 95% of what i wanted:

    Oh So Fair Beauty Powder
    Strange Potion lipglass
    Toxic Tale lipstick
    Her Own Devices Beauty Powder
    Wicked Ways lipglass

    Now i just have to hope i can get my paws on Bite Of An Apple blush!

  62. Dani

    Mac is annoying they never send me a shipping confirmation and online my order always says “pending” but they charge my card. This happens every time I order something lol I can never track my order which drives me crazy but oh well at least I know I’m getting what I ordered. I’m thinking about picking up French Quarter in store on Thursday because I have never tried the greasepaint sticks but I haven’t really made up my mind. I was thinking of getting another Strange Potion if they have it at my store but I don’t want to be greedy lol

    • Once they charge you, it’s gravy. You can always call, too, for a tracking #. I had two packages without tracking #s but when I called, they gave it to me.

  63. Jamie

    Hey, I just noticed that on the lip products are CHEAPER than on the MAC website! That is crazy! Just wanted to let those people who haven’t ordered yet know about it!!

  64. Maddie

    So glad i could just preorder mine at my belk!

  65. Jamie

    Christine I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your hard work. I check your site religiously (EVERY DAY) for all of my makeup needs. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!

  66. Nazih

    Everyone got an email right when it launched online, I’m signed up for their emails but never get them right when it launches, do I have to sign up on a certain mailing list?

  67. Salina

    Put in my pre-order at Dillard’s!

    Briar Rose
    My Dark Magic
    She Who Dares
    Dark Deed
    Wrong Spell
    Bad Fairy
    Wicked Ways
    French Quarter
    Toxic Tale
    Strange Potion
    Bite of an Apple
    Oh So Fair

    Can’t wait to get my stuff on Thursday!!!

  68. michelle

    hey christine! how does the bite of an apple blush compare to frankly scarlet blush? are they almost the same?

  69. danielle :)

    i got Formidable nail polish and Wicked ways lipglass. I’ve never had a red lipstick or gloss so i’m really excited about that! and the nail polish looks really pretty with all those diffrent shades in there!

  70. Ashley

    Hey Christine,

    I’m about an NW10(I think? I wear the lightest line of Meow Cosmetics. Never bothered with MAC because I assumed I was too pasty!) and I was wondering if you thought the blushes / beauty powders in this collection would be flattering for me? Or should I get a permanent color instead?

    I’m looking for a nice every day pink color since I normally wear peaches. I find that I have naturally red cheeks so even with foundation the pink tends to pull the red a bit. Thanks!

    • Hmm, I think you may like Well Dressed (permanent, not from VV). I think it’d be really pretty, and it is on the softer side, so it won’t be like WHOA! pink. Oh So Fair may show SOME color but very little – it is pretty light, even for NW10, IMO.

      • Brenda

        I actually did pick up Oh So Fair today and I tried it on my inner wrist, which is about NW20 and it was a nice light pink flush. I’m not one for a lot of blush so for me it was perfect for the winter/spring (it’ll be okay on my cheeks once my tan fades)

  71. Kensey

    The only thing I wanted (Bad Fairy) is sold out.

    So sad.

  72. ashlee

    Im so glad my counter could hold my stuff for me for Thursday ,

    I have innocence beware and my dark magic mineral eyeshadow waiting for me .

    Both already sold out online , phew

    • hanna

      Yay, thanks so much for posting this! i called my mac counter at macy’s. Theyre holding wicked ways and strange potion lipglass until thrusday. I love my unpopular mac counter :)

      • ashlee

        heh yah ,there was no way for me to get there and preorder so i figured i could just get them to hold it. thank god they did it! Im glad you have your goodies waiting for you too <3

  73. Mel

    Christine, I don’t know what I would you without your updates! You’re awesome! 😀

    I got:
    French Quarter
    Bad fairy
    Bite of an Apple
    Revenge is Sweet
    Strange Potion
    Vile Violet
    Briar Rose
    Oh So Fair
    aaand the Pro Longwear foundation and concealer… I couldn’t help it, I was so excited! lol

    The weird thing is, I just looked at my order online (6:45 EST) and everything except for Bad Fairy, Strange Potion and Bite of an Apple say ‘Pending’ and those three are blank. I ordered last night around 10 EST and I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get that dreaded backorder email like I got with Stereo Rose!

    • Mel

      Yup, just got the backorder notice. I wonder why MAC lets people place orders for items that aren’t available…

      • Elizabeth

        if my order still says pending, and i ordered literally 2 minutes after it launched, does that mean i dont get it for sure? have all of yalls orders shipped? please help, very concerned :(

        • I usually don’t get a shipping notice from MAC until after it ships, LOL. You can call and ask for a tracking # – often they have it, but it’s not listed online.

        • Hannah

          I would wait and check back in your order status in the My Account. I thought mine had all gone through until I received an email from MAC letting me know one of the items I ordered is on back order. And I also ordered the first night it came out :( My other items have shipped because MAC has already charged my credit card. They won’t do that until it ships. I’m going to a MAC counter tomorrow to see if I can find the item that is on back order. Good luck!!

      • Amanda

        I would imagine with so many orders coming in at once it would be difficult for them to keep track of what their stock is. Think of how many people rushed to the site to order and how slow the site got because of that. With thousands of people ordering at the same time making sure things were marked out sold out when it happened would be near impossible. I’m sorry you got a backorder notice. Maybe you could call your local MAC or counter and ask them to hold it for you and you could pick it up tomorrow and then cancel with MAC online. I hope everything works out for you.

  74. Jamie

    Christine or any temptalia readers, can someone please tell me what MAC brush I should buy to use with the venemous villain beauty powders I just ordered online? I don’t really have many face brushes nor do I know much about which ones would work best, so ANY comments/suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

  75. Chel

    I placed my order as soon as it started creeping onto the site and I still haven’t gotten any confirmation that my order went through. They sent me a receipt, but so far no more details. I’m so scared!

    • Rebecca

      I haven’t either, they are probably still processing because there were a lot of orders there will probably be an email tomorrow morning or afternoon.

    • Ivy

      I placed my order yesterday 30 minutes after they launched it on the website. Received a back order notice from MAC today on Bite of an Apple blush and Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer. :( The CS e-mail says that they expect to ship out the back ordered items within two weeks.

      • KimAnh

        I’m waiting too! I haven’t gotten an e-mail yet. Have any of you been officially billed to your accounts yet because I haven’t! This is torture!!!

        • Chel

          I got an email this morning after I asked if what I ordered was available and this is what they replied with:

          “Thank you for taking the time to email us at MAC Cosmetics Online.

          Please be assured that your credit card has been successfully authorized and all of the items selected in your order are currently being processed for shipment. You will receive an email confirmation when your order ships.”

          Does that mean they had everything I ordered? Lol so vague…

  76. Nazih

    Christine, do you think Her Own Devices would show on NC40-NC42?

  77. Mackenzie

    It’s been so fun watching all of this unfold! I got frustrated waiting for everything to show up online the other night so I called a Nordstroms in Indianapolis (my best friend said he’d pick it up for me since I don’t live there. Poor guy, this isn’t the first time I’ve sent him on a MAC run) and got my pre-order in.

    Here’s my haul:
    Revenge is Sweet
    She Who Dares
    Briar Rose
    Bad Fairy
    Mean & Green
    Strange Potion
    Her Alter Image
    Bite Of An Apple
    Oh So Fair
    Innocence, Beware
    Devilishly Stylish
    Wicked Ways
    Sweet Joy


    Thanks for everything Christine! It would have been impossible to make any decisions without your swatches!

  78. DeeDee

    I just checked the Macy’s website to be curious since i already ordered the things I wanted from the Mac site and most of the evil queen and maleficent products are sold out already.

    i bought – darkly my dear blush, violetta, & devilsishly stylish lipglass.
    I thought i was going to spend so much money but i realize im just buying it for the packaging not things i would actually wear so i ended up gettin the things i would def wear :) im so proud of myself!

  79. I got the email for it’s release just now! lol so glad I didn’t wait for that (thanks to this blog!) 2 of the 4 things I bought have already sold out.

    • Autumn

      I STILL haven’t gotten an email about the launch. Thank you Christine cuz I would have missed out if it weren’t for you!! This is my favorite blog btw!

  80. BethM

    Well, my account online hasn’t updated yet, but my credit card shows it was charged less than the amount my order should have been. :( I REALLY wish the MAC website worked correctly, so I could find out what I didn’t get before Thursday. I’d like to have a chance to get the “missing” items. >:( I’m guessing Bad Fairy/Strange Potion/Bite of an Apple, but those don’t add up to the price difference. Hrm.

    I’m so annoyed at the website limitations that I have decided to skip Briar Rose and Resort Life (and anything besides my original list) completely.

    • BethM

      Also, I’m annoyed that I was charged the tax rate of the free-standing store here, which is in a different city (and even different state) than I am in! The MAC at Nordstrom is a mile away, still different city but same state, with a sales tax rate of 2.5% lower than what I was charged.
      So annoyed by this experience, I may sit out all of the Holiday collections.

      • I believe online retailers are required to charge certain tax rates based on whatever the laws are. It is probably what they are *legally* required to do. I know there is ongoing legislation and a lot of pending lawsuits regarding online sales tax, though.

      • Ivy

        2.5% is actually not bad. I am paying like 9.75% sales tax. :)

        • BethM

          No, the *difference* between my local sales tax and the tax I was actually charged is 2.5%. They’ve charged me a tax rate that isn’t even for my state.
          I don’t mind paying sales tax for my own state/locality, when shopping online. I also don’t mind paying the higher tax when I drive over the state line to shop.

          But I am really upset that I’m being charged a sales tax that is actually HIGHER than the sales tax in my city/state. I was charged the same that I’d pay if I went to the free-standing store. (Which is in a different state, in a higher-end shopping center, and there is an extra tax on top of the regular sales tax. That’s the amount I’ve been charged, not the tax for my locality.)

          Therefore, they will be losing some sales from me, in the future. Plus, I might just hit the counter near me Thursday morning, and return all the online items. Less convenient, but at least I’ll know my sales tax dollars will be allocated correctly.

  81. I think it really is sort of ridiculous that these collections always sell out so fast. I get that they want to create excitement and have people rush to buy them, but I was hoping that with a Disney collection at least, they’d plan for a certain amount of demand and there would be enough product available a day after everything was released. :(

  82. Liz

    is anyone else seeing other stuff sold out that isn’t listed here as sold out? i wonder if i’m getting the wrong info?

    oh well, i ordered:
    innocence, beware!
    devilishly stylish
    sweet joy
    she who dares
    my dark magic
    my sweet revenge
    briar rose
    bad fairy
    mean and green
    vile violet
    oh so fair
    strange potion


    thanks for all the info you give us mac-heads christine :)

  83. Ivy

    Just received a back order notice from MAC on Bite of an Apple blush and Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer. :( The CS e-mail says that they expect to ship out the back ordered items within two weeks.

  84. in honor of the collection i went out and bought the dvds to all the characters n i have to say i enjoyed all of them espicially “the princess n the frog” since it was my 1st time lol also so i could remember what the movies are about now the names of all the makeup make sense to me and i now want to buy more wen it comes out on sunday also makes u appreciate each character of the movies for who they are

  85. NatalieK

    Christine, if I got a backorder email for Strange Potion, what does that entail?

    • It may or may not be filled – the last time MAC did backorders in mass was Stereo Rose, and I know that many reported getting theirs, including myself, but it’s not always the case.

  86. Elizabeth

    I just checked and my order will be here tomorrow. SOOO Excited. Looks like everything I ordered is coming too. Can’t wait to get home from work tomorrow. :)

  87. Samantha P.

    Is it just me, or is anyone else having their order as ‘pending’ still? – I wonder if I’ve still got a chance, as I ordered everything when it launched online.. :[

  88. Jess

    Hi, I bought some lipsticks yesterday at US web site.
    It is still pending.
    I’m worried it would not come :(

    • Mia

      I just called about my pending order and the woman on the phone told me my order has been fulfilled aka all of the items are in the box ready to ship and I will not be getting a backorder notice even though I didn’t receive a tracking number yet!

  89. Dawn

    A friend let me know that when she went to nordstroms today to do her pre-order, she was informed that most the stores in Orange County Cali (Nordys, Macys, MAC store) are already sold out because of pre-orders. So even though it goes on sale Thurs to the public, it’s already sold out..which sucks for people who didn’t pre-order.

  90. Dawn

    Dr. Facilier’s Slick Black Grease Stick has been taken down all day today. So is it sold out? It’s still on Macy’s website, but the MAC site no longer has it paired with the French Quarter stick.

  91. Amanda

    I checked my MAC account and both of the items I ordered shipped today. I can go ahead tomorrow and cancel the hold I had on them at Macy’s and instead ask them to put Strange Potion and Devilishly Stylish on hold. Haha. This collection is killing my wallet. Thankfully I’m buying stuff that I am going to wear and not going crazy for the packaging. :) I hope everyone got what they wanted. :)

  92. Christine L

    All is sold out in Korea. UGH.
    Do you think Dark Deed is similar to Hang-up?
    I just bought Hang-up a few days ago, not sure if I should return it because I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Dark Deed.

  93. Shannon

    VV on Nordstroms now – code Beauty gets $5 flat rate shipping if you spend $50 on beauty products.

  94. Trish

    Formidable! nail lacquer is now sold out. :(

  95. ellie

    Oh so Fair is sold out already. Is well dressed blush a dupe for this? Which is lighter?

  96. elise

    Collection is now available through but you have to search for the products!

  97. Ani_BEE

    Has any ones Canadian order been processed yet?

  98. Stacie

    Christine, Nordstrom’s has VV on their site!

  99. Mia

    My order is pending but the money was taken from my Debit card so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. So far no backorder emails but I feel like I’m going to get one…I think the only item I ordered that may be backordered based on the comments is Bad Fairy NP, I didn’t order Bite of an Apple. I hope I know before tomorrow when my local MAC launches the collection so I can go there and get anything I may not have gotten!