Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: It’s Here

According to MAC LiveChat (which I did both at 9AM PST and noon PST), Venomous Villains will launch TODAY online at 6PM EST (that’s 3PM PST, 5PM CST) NOW UP :)  The consistency in which this is being said gives me hope that it is true, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated with links as they go live.

  • Edited @ 3:17PM PST — Readers are reporting that they’re being told (via MAC reps, either phone or online): “tomorrow morning,” “tonight,” and “midnight.”   I did a LiveChat myself, and they’re now reporting “sometime tonight” and saying “it’s scheduled to launch online tonight.”
  • Edited @ 3:19PM PST — “The collection was actually scheduled to launch Tues (tomorrow), but we are doing an earlier launch tonight due to the demand. I wish I had a better time frame for you, but at this time we can’t make any promises. I just know it will be tonight.”
  • Edited @ 4:01PM PST — COLLECTION IS UP MY LOVES! <3  Direct links below or else search by product name.
  • Edited @ 12:41PM PST (9/28):  Macy’s has Venomous Villains up! :)  You can search or go to Beauty > MAC > Venomous Villains.
  • Edited @ 4:05AM PST (9/29): Nordstrom’s has Venomous Villains up!  (The link will take you straight to the collection page.)


The landing page hasn’t been created, but below are direct links to each character’s collection for purchase.  Otherwise, you can search by product name, too.

  • Cruella (Innocence, Beware! @ 8:00AM PST; Wicked Ways @ 10:00AM PST are sold out)
  • Evil Queen (Toxic Tale @ 10PM PST; Strange Potion @ 9PM PST; Bite of an Apple @ 9PM PST, Oh So Fair @ 3:00AM PST are all sold out)
  • Dr. Facilier
  • Maleficent (Bad Fairy @ 9PM PST, Briar Rose @ 10AM PST; Revenge is Sweet, Formidable! and both MES  are all sold out)

Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure you have your log-in information/personal profile up-to-date.  Have your payment method handy or else already on-file.
  • Have your list ready in advance, that way you can add everything quickly.  Just because it’s in your cart doesn’t mean it’s yours.
  • Make two orders — order everything you must have or items you think are going to sell out quickest the first time, and then make your second order more leisurely or for items you want to think about for a bit.
  • IT IS JUST MAKEUP.  I know, I get it, part of the fun is the chase, but it is just makeup, so let the chase be fun, not heartbreaking.
  • If something sells out or you’re not able to get to the website right when it launches, the collection will also be available through retailers like Dillard’s, Macy’s, and Nordstrom.  I asked @nordstrom this morning, and they are reporting in-store and online launch for the 30th.

Free shipping codes:  Looks like the free shipping code VILLAINS is active and working, but you can also use CS106LIVECHAT (which any can get by doing a LiveChat).


Free free to chat with other Venomous Villains cyber-stalkers, share your hauls (when you make them), and shoot the breeze while we wait.

<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Cruella</strong></a></li>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Evil Queen</strong></a></li>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Dr. Facilier</strong></a></li>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”><strong>Maleficent</strong></a></li>

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

698 thoughts on “MAC Venomous Villains: Discussion #2

  1. So glad I could pre-order at Nordstroms… I know my items are waiting for me safely at concierge.

  2. 6pm?? are they serious!! i’ll be stuck in traffic during that time. UGH!!! *storms off*

  3. Sally

    You are the BEST, Christine! Every time I think you could not get any more awesome, I’m proved wrong! Thank you so much for all this hard work you do – it’s much appreciated :]

  4. Wow, this is very exciting! :) I’m in the UK, so it doesn’t concern me personally, but I do hope every one of the lovely US ladies get what they want. xxx

  5. SO happy i got all of my things at the unveiling. but hey il be here at 6 and maybe i’ll order the bite of an apple blush and sinister lipstick

  6. dee

    Violetta is being sold online already as part of some Pro collection. I know it’s a repromote, but it’s one of those colors I never buy but keep looking at.

  7. Gail

    Picked up my stash on Sat at Nordstrom – They are almost completely sold out due to triple pts

    • Annette

      You are lucky! My Nordstrom told me I get triple points, and then said that they can’t charge it until the 30th, which means NO triple points. That was not very nice of them! My MAC MA at Nordstrom that I love moved over to Nars, and it’s never quite been the same at MAC, lol.

  8. Are those times just for the US site? Or does the same go for the Canadian one?

    • I talked to LiveChat via the U.S. site. Not sure about any other sites!

      • Ani_BEE

        The US and Canadian store updated at about the same time but I do believe the Canadian on goes just after the updates for the US. It’s a coding thing and Fabulous Felines I was able to order at the same time as our US counterparts via product name search. ^_^

    • Ani_BEE

      It’s starting to populate, all most of the items are up but the blush and nail polish.

  9. Am glad I got my haul done early. (yea for launch parties :) I just hope everyone gets what they want :)

  10. Ani_BEE

    “Make two orders — order everything you must have or items you think are going to sell out quickest the first time, and then make your second order more leisurely or for items you want to think about for a bit.”

    I place 3 order for the Hello Kitty collection this way … spent crazy money on that collection. >__<

    I'm not close to ANY MAC stores or counters to make a pre-order viable. I use to do that all the time when I was working in the GTA. Web order is my life line out in the "sticks" lol

      • Ani_BEE

        I love this city but it’s not consider worthy retail market for MAC.
        I’m less crazy during lunch when I know I go in store to check things out. lol

        • That sucks :( I’m spoiled by the area, and whenever I think about future house purchasing and what I can afford, I think, “NOOO, I won’t be near Sephora, MAC, Nordstrom!”

          • Ani_BEE

            I wish I felt that way about The Bay, I would swap a Nordstrom or Macy’s for a Bay any day. :)

            Just an FYI The Bay is he only place to find a Mac store/counter Bay but I’m no close enough to one either. 😛

    • Tiffany C.

      You can call any Nordstrom Store, not the customer sercive number that’s online, but an actual STORE and place an order over the phone and they’ll ship it to you FREE (no shipping charge). I’m the same as you in that i live no where near a MAC store or counter and i did this to place my preorder and the SA said she’ll ship them out on the 30th.

  11. Kalex

    Know I’m grabbing Strange Potion and Bad Fairy. I’m still debating the Truth and Light Powder and Sinister. The Muse said she had a problem with Truth and Light pilling. Did you have a problem with that? How did you apply? Then Sinister I’m not sure it will look good on my NC15 coloring… Maybe I’ll wait and test in person.

  12. nunuiviet

    he packaging looks too childish to me, i pass

  13. I have all of my stuff pre-ordered at my counter, but it will still be fun to look through everything on the MAC site. I so can’t wait for Thursday to hurry up and come!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  14. Jocey

    OMG I am freaking out! I’m running home right after class

  15. Natasha

    I’m really debating on if I really need something from this collection or not. I would really like Revenge is Sweet, Vioeltta, Briar Rose. I don’t really like ordering from the internet because I can’t return it to the counter. What should I do? What do you think will be the hot sellers.

    • If you have a counter nearby, and you’re not sure about it, you can always go to the counter when it launches on Thursday. :)

      Everything from Maleficent’s section, the Magic Cooling Powders.

      • Natasha

        You’re right I’m just going to wait until thursday. With everyone getting excited about the collection. Like everyone else I’m just so nervous about it all being sold out. LOL I’ve never been so anxious about a collection before.

      • MG

        How about the bite of an apple blush?

        • Yeah, it seems pretty popular. There are a lot of potential sellouts, IMO. It just matters how much stock MAC has, you know?

          • MG

            Yeah for sure!!

            I keep debating on the magically cool liquid powder. I don’t really know if I would use it enough but it just seems so awesome haah! Does it have a LOT of glitter in it?? I have very oily skin and I dont like toooo much glitter on my face. I guess that is my big deciding factor!

          • Jordan

            When I was at the launch party I was talking to some of the ladies at the store and after 2 hours they were already near selling out of the stock they had for that night. Apparently one of the nail polish colors was completely sold out, and the Magic powder-to-liquids were hot sellers.
            My favorites right now are the Toxic Tale lipstick, the Facilier greasepaint stick and the Maleficent Mineralized duos. The greasepaint stick and duos make for amazing smokey eyes!

          • Ani_BEE

            The more pigment lipstick in the 3 sets as well. The paler/sheerer ones won’t fly off the shelves but out of the 3 Dark Deed would sell last due to being a bit bold for street wear. lol Violetta is really just for those ladies that can pull of purples. Strange Potion I could see selling out for the Evil Queen as well.

            French Quarter I could see being the first to sell out for Dr. Facilier collection. Every company that makes Grease paints has a black but the tone of French Quarter is fairly unique to MAC.

  16. Stephanie

    I went to a launch party got a huge haul, then pre-ordered the items I had to think about!! I am still think I might order online… haha pathetic I know! So if you order products online you can return them to a MAC store right?? You just cant return to a counter?

  17. Mia


    im so excited – literally counting down the minutes until 6pm! Do you think it’s worth it to get the 2 polishes that are ORLY dupes?? Are they like IDENTICAL? I’m thinking I can skip those 2 if so and get some other products instead!

    thanks so much for all you do for us makeup addicts!

  18. Deepa

    Hi,I am nt able to decd between oh so fair n briar rose,I am nc20 what wld u recommend.
    Do I think bite of an apple wld be too bright as I prefer a natural look.

  19. Keen Janine

    I’m glad that I got off early today and am home now. There was one or two things that I wanted that I did not pre-order at Nordstrom. I am thinking of getting My Dark Magic Mineralize e/s and Push the Edge pigment. It’ll be or the other. Any suggestions?

    • I like My Dark Magic a bit more.

    • Amanda

      I actually found Bold N Brash AND Push the Edge pigments at my CCO the other day. If you’re close to a CCO and can visit before Thursday, I’d look into that. It’d be cheaper and you wouldn’t have to “fight the crowd” to get it.

  20. Vanessa

    Hehehehe!!! Miami Pro Stores started selling a week early so my friend bought my stuff and shipped it to me. (Altana Pro stores are way behind schedule)

    Now if i could only stay OFF the MAC site long enough not to be broke that would be nice :)

  21. Eileen

    Thanks so much for the scoop Christine! Last week Live Chat Canada told me they were launching on the 28th but thanks to your warning, that they sometimes launch before the pre-launch date, I’ve been sniffing around all day! ;D

  22. Sarah

    Thank goodness my order is made and waiting for me to pick it up on Thursday. I can’t wait to use my Maleficent eyeshadows! Although I’m still debating about some of the lipglasses. :/

  23. Franqui

    I almost had a heart attack. My sister took my laptop that had my list so I had no idea off the top what is in my MUST HAVE NOW list…luckily for me she accepts my addiction and is dropping of my laptop….Can’t wait for 6pm!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Penemuel

    On ANY other day, that release time would be fantastic. Today it is TERRIBLE for me. :( I don’t want to have to get Bad Fairy from eBay…

  25. omg! i can’t wait / i’m glad im sick today and wont be getting outta bed :)

  26. Ramona

    Since I live in Russia I wont be able to get my hands on this for quite some time, but I do wish all you guys in the US and Canada good luck! I hope ya’ll manage to get everything you want

  27. Samantha P.

    OMG! ONE HOUR MY TIME!! List is in hand – everything READY TO GO.

  28. Danielle LaCourse

    See, I called twice today and got two very different answers. When I called at 7AM (on my way to work) I was told it would launch online around 8AM. Then, when I called again at 10:30AM and asked to place an order, she told me it wouldn’t launch until the 30th. When I told her that couldn’t be right, she put me on hold, asked someone, then returned and said it would launch tomorrow morning (9/28). I love MAC, but they’re customer service information is seriously lacking.

  29. Meagan

    One more hour, I’m about to explode!

    I think I chose a lot of “unpopular” items, so I’m crossing my fingers that I get a perfect storm of MAC well stocking, and my items being available :)

  30. Jen

    waiting to pick up my (rather large) hold on thursday from my MAC counter. this collection is absolutely beautiful (especially in person) and definitely worth all the hype and whatnot, but i seriously cannot wait for this stressful period of waiting to be over! it’s just too much!

  31. Camille

    They are already pre-selling the line at Macy’s. Bought 2 items yesterday and will be picking it up on Thursday.

  32. Miranda

    I saw the stuff in person, for pre-sale and I was just so underwhelmed by this collection. I’m disappointed in the colors that were picked.

  33. Laura

    What items do you think will sell out first?
    The Beauty Powders? The Eye Shadows???

  34. Hannah

    How fast do you predict items will sell out? Within a couple of hours? Or minutes? I’m gettin’ nervous for this one!

  35. Hannah

    I’m in the uk so we have to wait another few weeks, still going to stalk the American mac website though :) I’m considering the Bite of an Apple blush but think it may be too bright for my skin tone (I’m very pale with pink undertones.) Do you think it will work for me? Thanks :)

  36. Samantha P.

    I really liked your swatches of several of the lipsticks and some lipglasses.. My boyfriend went crazy over the reds, and those seem like some of the ones that every one wants. Good thing I wont be going anywhere tonight! Hopefully I can get my order in immediately, before anything sells out.. I don’t think things could sell out in minutes? Or perhaps I’m too hopeful. xD

  37. campbell

    I really hope that all us deserving mac fans get what we want from this collection before the price gouging ebay sellers get their hands on it and some poor girls are forced to bid upwards of $100 for a $20 item (ie the hello kitty collection). Now I know how the poor parents felt this past xmas when bidding $80 for a stupid zhu zhu pet, its so wrong!

    • Laura

      Its Crazy! There are items from the collection already on ebay, beauty powders for $50! Good Luck to everyone with their orders!! hopefully it does not sell out too fast!

  38. Kathleen

    This is really such BAD timing MAC! I’m moving cross country on the 30th, so online is my best bet. This is my first mac collection I’ve reall gotten excited about, and I’m not even getting that many things, but here I am, stalking the MAC website, taking a break from packing, hoping I’ll get my three items (of course, the three that will sell out the fastest, Bite of an Apple blush, Briar Rose Beauty Powder and Oh So Fair Beauty Powder.) Ugh. Well, I guess if I don’t get them, it’s more money in my pocket and less in my vanity.

  39. Svetlana

    If someone interested VV collection coming to Denmark October 8th !!;-)

  40. Dani

    I didn’t get to go to the unveiling party but my favorite mac girl did show me a few things the other night when I went in and I’m so happy because I don’t think I would have ordered anything tonight sight unseen. I must have Strange Potion and Bite of an Apple. The rest of the things I want I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t get.

  41. Kaarani

    I have a pre-order with Nordstroms but now I kind of want a couple more lip products.

    Looks like my brother wont be getting a b-day present this weekend lol

  42. Rosa

    super!! excited 😀

  43. Elisa

    I decided not to leave it to chance and pre-ordered Strange potion and Bite of an Apple at the Saks downtown. The SA mentioned that they tend to sell out of things quickly since they’re located in a mall with a ton of makeup fanatics but I figure that my wallet will be happy if something else that I wanted sold out before I get there after work on Thursday. =)

  44. Xtina

    Wow. I like makeup as much as the next person… but really? I can’t imagine being this worked up over a new release of make up. Unless this stuff is going to get rid of my cellulite, stretch marks, and make me look 10 lbs thinner, I can totally take it or leave it!

    • Pamela

      I agree it doesn’t remove cellulite or stretch marks but it does draw the eye away from them! Think of it that way!

  45. Franqui

    I just did live chat and they stated that they no longer have an exact time and it has in fact been pushed back…I really hope thats just a misinformed customer service agent

  46. mo

    I was on live chat too and they told me tomorrow morning but i hope it comes today!

  47. Stephanie

    Gah! Decisions to make! What are some thoughts on Dark Deed?

  48. Lynn

    At the MAC Counter Nordstrom where I live, the Bite of an Apple blush was already marked sold out.

  49. Jesse

    I already have 2 orders that I pre-ordered. This collection is intense. Would you be surprised if everything sold out within the first day?

  50. alyssa

    omg! though i’ve loved makeup for years, i’m just recently really getting into it/committed. I’m really excited about the collection, and all this talk of selling out is making me nervous. i’m reluctant to pre-order, i’ve always taken a long time to make a decision, but all this chatter makes me think i should.

  51. Amanda

    I have the two items that I didn’t get at the unveiling on hold at the MAC counter I ususally go to at Macy’s, but I’m seriously contemplating just getting them when they go on sale tonight. This way I know I 100% have them coming my way.

  52. omg i’m freakin out . theres something im not sure about so i might wait and go in store to play around wtih those

  53. Crystal S.

    Am I the only one excited about the Wrong Spell lipglass? I don’t see it pop up on peoples want lists and I pretty much am dying for that alone.

    • Keen Janine

      I was excited about it….until I tried it on. It did not look good at all. The MAC MUA said that she hasn’t seen it look good on anyone. After trying it myself, I saw what she meant.

      • Crystal S.

        Nooo, I didn”t get a chance to go on but it looks so awesome on Christine….hmmmm

        • Keen Janine

          Yes it does! That’s why I wanted it. Then I tried it on and it did not look good at all. But I’m a much darker skin tone than Christine. Maybe that’s why….However, I thought a color like that would look good on darker skin tones.

      • Crystal S.

        We broke MAC…..awesome!

  54. Franqui

    If it doesnt come out today, I will clearly not be doing any work tomorrow, as I will be sitting at my desk waiting patiently, staring @ the MAc Site ever few minutes lol

  55. Abigail

    I was told six around three this afternoon, and then about ten minutes ago I was informed tomorrow morning but not given a specific time, just told to look for an email. Does anyone know what time MAC normally does morning releases? Is that “morning” as in “after midnight” or like…eight am morning? So frustrating.

    • Usually, MAC will load up all of the products sometime on Monday afternoon, but you won’t see a landing page or an email for it – but you can buy everything (you usually have to search for everything by name or product type). Then it “launches” on Tuesday AM. Sometimes they don’t get it up until Tuesday AM, and then you’ll get an email in the afternoon.

      This time, however, MAC PRO members have access to the entire collection, through the ( merged with the consumer site), so it seems like it’s a matter of flipping a switch (or changing permissions). I don’t know.

      Barbie launched around midnight PST, I believe, but this was many moons ago. I think the majority of collections have launched on east coast time. If they say tomorrow morning, it may be as early as 8AM EST.

  56. Daria

    its 6;02 and I cant find anything ! :(

  57. Colleen

    gah its not up!

  58. AnGeLwInGz

    nope, not launched :( as of 6

  59. Amy

    Which of the mineralised eyeshadows would be best for NC40 skin? thanks :)

  60. Laurie

    I am at 5:05 CST and have been searching for products by name and have found nothing from the collection up–I’ve only tried those I am interested in. :(

  61. just talked to a lady they don’t have a time it will be released but it “launches” tomorrow

  62. alisson

    livechat just told me it will be tonight she just isnt sure what time! argh!

  63. Kelly

    Bummer! I was hoping it would show up since I was right by the computer. I (also) asked and they said tomorrow morning. The suspense is killing me! Thanks for all the info…I would be lost without you!! :)

    • Yep, they were saying 6PM EST to lots and lots of people earlier today… like you, several readers have said they’re now saying tomorrow… One reader said tonight.

  64. i just got off the phone w/ a rep, she said “just wait a few minutes”. so either nobody at MAC knows what time this thing launches tonite (or IF it launches tonite), or they get a kick out of watching us wait LOL!!

  65. sandy

    umm still waiting i dont see the villian collecting being avaialable

  66. Vanessa

    Jen D: Venomous Villians will launch tomorrow morning online and this Thursday at retail locations.

    Vanessa: When I talked to someone this morning through live chat, they told me today at 6PM

    Vanessa: EST

    Jen D: The official launch date is tomorrow for online so in order to not cause confusion, we stick with that. You are welcome to keep checking back to see if it is showing on the site. If it is, you will be able to shop.

    Vanessa: Ok, can you give me a time tomorrow morning?

    Jen D: We are not given times, I apologize. I would just check first thing in the morning or late tonight.

    Vanessa: ok, thank you

    • sandy

      Yea i called them at Mac just like a couple minutes ago she told me the same thing that they dont have a certain time but its tomorrow.. Im really going crazy over some of this makeup collection…geeezzzzz

  67. Erika

    ah i looked on the website and can’t find it

  68. Jamie

    I just went online and inquired about when the launch is happening… they told me that they cannot give a time now (it is currently 5:12pm central time) and that I should check back later. I asked if it would be tonight and she told me that it most likely wouldn’t be.

  69. angelica

    dang you mac! how the heck am i supposed to concentrate on my research paper with this launch hanging over my head? aarrrrrrrgggg.

  70. They told me to wait for tomorrow too. I’m so sad and kind of pissed at their inconsistency in information. And making all of us wait. I dunno if they’re actually being serious or they like watching us all anxious like this.

    • I just orderd!! I got Strange Potion, Bite of an Apple and Oh So Fair… all from the Evil Queen XD

      The code CS106LIVECHATCA is for Canada but for some reason doesn’t work… maybe someone else try it?!

  71. Kate

    The collection is not up on the Canadian website despite being told it launches at 6pm, just an hour ago. The Canadian Live Chat has now been closed ( or crashed) and says it will not open again until 10am tomorrow morning.

  72. so now livechat said they are CLOSED LOL! tey don’t close till 10 pm EST …must have been swamped with people asking them about VV

  73. Elizabeth

    This is really unprofessional of MAC.

    If they announce a specific time, they should either adhere to it or make an official announcement through Facebook or and tell the customers that.

    Having to “hear through the grapevine” that it most likely won’t be out tonight is disgraceful. They better love the fact I’ve been a rabid Disney fan since I was born (24 years and counting).. otherwise I’d have dumped the collection.

    • Samantha P.

      It is.. What’s even worse is that, they’ve made the collection available for PRO members while leaving the rest of us out in the cold with said information… And then when the day arrives when it will become available to us – they’re playing around, it seems.

      • Elizabeth

        Seriously. Like it’s my fault I can’t afford to be a guru and have millions to spend on this stuff.

        • Samantha P.

          I love MAC, but this really makes me irritated with them… They should see how much hype there already is, and just release it. We’ve been waiting forever anyway.

  74. Dani

    Christine is Strange Potion at all similar to Pink Lemonade lipglass?

  75. Sarah

    Live chat isnt even available anymore.. convenient haha

  76. Sasha

    i love mac, but i also love money. and if money is required to be spent on something i really don’t need and frankly do not care for much anymore, i won’t do it. that’s my two cents (? correct phrase??) I love makeup, a lot, but I can’t buy anymore for a while- i have so much already. the only thing i would give in for is the bad fairy nail varnish. that’s all, though…

  77. Maeve

    Just placed my order over the phone with Nordstrom. I’m in France, and I stayed up late to get on the website only to have them change it. Grr…. And I have to wait til next month when my mom will bring it to me!! buying it in France is crazy expensive! You think the Canada and US prices are steep. WHEW!

  78. Laura

    I tried live chat, too, and was told tomorrow morning with no specific time. On the upside, it’s a bit fun to search the site while I wait with words like vile, potion, revenge, and wicked!

    • becca

      i was told tonight with no specific time…this is ridiculous!!

    • Melissa (divinem)

      I’m having the same kind of fun. :) My heart will flip-flop when it finally appears. I only want a few items. Not going nuts on this collection like I did in the spring.

  79. ok after reading the chat line was closed I went on and tryed it and it was working.. this is what i got…
    Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. Your personal Makeup Artist will be with you shortly.

    Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Lauren. How may I assist you?

    Yuridia : Just curious to know when the Venomous Villans Collection will be launched on the site

    Lauren: Hi Yuridia!

    Lauren: We do not have an exact time, the official launch date is tomorrow morning.

    Yuridia : Ok, well thank you very much!

    Lauren: Thank you for visiting MAC Live Chat!

    Thank you for chatting with us. If we can be of further assistance, please contact us again.

  80. Autumn

    Im glad I pre-ordered mine two days ago… although they were already sold out of Her Own Devices beauty powder, Oh So Fair beauty powder aaand Resort Life lipgelee :(

  81. I wish I could have ore-ordered these at Macy’s, Nordstroms, Dillard’s, anywhere really where I knew they would be waiting for me.

    We have a Dillards but they don’t carry MAC. I don’t know why…of course they probably do carry MAC but I just don’t know because I’ve never been in Dillards haha

  82. Colleen

    My MAC live chat:
    Welcome to MAC Cosmetics Online. Your personal Makeup Artist will be with you shortly.

    Hello. Thank you for your interest in MAC Cosmetics. My name is Sara. How may I assist you?

    Colleen: I was just wondering when the Venomous Villans Collection will be launched on the site.

    Sara: Hi Colleen!

    Sara: I’m sorry, however I don’t have a set time for the collection yet. It’s scheduled to launch Online tonight, so please keep checking back. It will be available Online by tomorrow for sure.

    Sara: , I would like to offer complimentary Standard shipping with your next MAC Cosmetics Online purchase. Please enter the one-time use offer code CS106LIVECHAT during the checkout process.

    Colleen: okay thank you so much!

  83. Danielle

    Tired of waiting so I just called up my MAC store in my local Dillards for a pre-order of Bad Fairy, going to pick it up on Thursday, I can’t wait!

  84. mandy

    I just now finally pre-ordered with my local store. I only ordered 5 items. There are so many more I want, but alas being a stay at home mom isn’t a high paying job lol. I skipped on all of the lipglosses, some of them I’d like to have but it’s just lipgloss and easily duped in my mind. When I go pick up my order on thursday and some other items catch my eye I might have to splurge a little and get them!

  85. just go off chat with a mac rep. they said it’s scheduled to launch tonight and to keep checking back but if not it will definitely be up tomorrow morning

  86. Jessika

    I’m stalking the MAC site as well. I called a couple of MAC stores and counters in my area(Garden City, NY) and most of them don’t let you pre-order :( I’m gonna wake up early Thu morning and just run to the store. Last time, I ordered Stereo Rose online and got a confirmation and two days later they said they were out of stock. I hope for all of ours sanity, that doesn’t happen in this collection….

  87. angelica

    well this must suck for people who stayed put at work/school instead of going home. i’ve lost all concentration on work i had to do. grrr mac you wicked, wicked temptress you.

  88. I’ve been waiting on my computer since 5 CST, if it’s not online in 10 minutes (6:00 CST) I’m leaving my computer. F-this!

  89. Jessika

    Oh, also the SA at macstore told me that they are holding events for the Holiday collection so you can get make-overs and prepurchase some of the sets and brush sets. Hooray! It’s the 28-30…but idk if its this month or next month.

    • sandy

      If you ladies have a Macys nearby. You can call them to see if it is available to make a phone order that way thursday you can go and pick your order up.

  90. Elizabeth

    I was just told by a lovely woman named Brandy on MAC’s site that they were having site issues, and that they were trying as hard as they could to get it up for us. However, she also said no time has been given at all as to when it’ll be up, so to try back early morning at the earliest.

  91. I just pre-ordered at Dillards, I’ll have my fix on Thursday! YAY

  92. brittany

    how fast do you think the mineralized eyeshadow duos and nail polishes will sell out? i will not be by a computer from 7:15 -9:30 and am worried i will miss out.

  93. Alex

    its up its up! just ordered all three beauty powders and strange potion! :)

  94. Elle

    “IT IS JUST MAKEUP. I know, I get it, part of the fun is the chase, but it is just makeup, so let the chase be fun, not heartbreaking.”

    Thanks for the perspective Christine :)

  95. Danielle LaCourse

    Just ordered BOAA by typing it in on the regular site. It works! :)

  96. Melissa (divinem)

    It’s LIVE as of 7:01pm ET GO!!

  97. Analy

    Just placed my order!
    Bite of an Apple and Briar Rose