Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains: Discussion

I know many of you are getting ready to head out to Venomous Villains’ unveiling parties across the U.S., and I thought it might be fun to create a place for everyone to discuss the collection.  Last minute decisions, hauls, wish lists… ask for recommendations or insight from other readers.  Even if you’re not going to an unveiling, feel free to join in with your thoughts, to-buy lists, or what have you.

Chatter away! :)

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306 thoughts on “MAC Venomous Villains: Discussion

  1. StellarStace

    I am stuck working tonight, so I’m excited to see what those who are lucky enough to go to an unveiling think of the products! I have a long wish list and have been saving for a few months, happily anticipating the 30th!

  2. rebeca

    How exciting for those of you going to the parties! Have fun!

  3. Emily

    I think I’m going to get something, if not just for the packaging! I think the little dogs for Cruella are just soo cute!

  4. Michelle

    I know I am getting for sure: Her Own Devices BP, Vile Violet, Strange Potion… everything else I am going to have to wait and see. I would really like Heartless lipstick, but do I really need another red besides my love Russian Red??

  5. After some recent swatches I have added Wicked Ways Lipglass (red) from Cruellat to my already insane list! I can’t wait to get the scoop on all the parties! I’m so excited for everyone!!

  6. Sixx

    You know what’s funny…tons of hype around a collection is good therapy for me ‘cos by the time the actual launch comes…it’s not as exciting anymore (‘cos they just don’t feel that “new” anymore) so I usually end up getting less than originally planned. And sometimes, nothing at all. So keep the OVER-EXPOSURE coming!! lol

    • Erica

      Haha I actually feel the same way! It happened for some previous big collections (e.g. To The Beach), and I didn’t even remember getting anything from it.

    • Imogen

      Me too! I was soooo excited for this, the list of things that I wanted was changing every day. At one point I thought I actually wanted to buy the entire collection! The hype got to fever pitch for me about a week ago and there was only one way to go from there… down! Now I am over it. I have remembered that I really don’t like the packaging and I don’t think I am going to get anything!! The hype is exciting but at the end of the day it’s makeup and it’s all dupeable. Most of these products we’ve seen before (well, very similar anyway) and will see again in one form or another.

    • Favor

      I concur! I started out with a list of over $300 worth of stuff. Now I am down to the Mineral e/s’s and the Brash & Bold pigment. I’m just VV’d out. lol

  7. Jess

    Can’t make up my mind whether to splash out on this collection or keep on saving for even more from the Tartan Collection which looks amazing.

  8. Laura

    My haul contains lipglass,lipsticks,blush,beauty powders and one nail lacquer and liqui powde. I can’t for the call at 6pm to pay for my goodies. Hopefully they tell me I am getting toxic tale. They said the shipment didn’t come in :(

  9. Hilary♥

    I wish I could go to an unveiling party =( I hope thos who have the chance go will have a lot of fun!! I bet it’ll be very exciting!!
    I can’t wait for this collection to come out here!!
    Do you think you could post dupes for this collection? I was thinking about getting Innocent (which should be part of the Cruella collection if I’m not wrong) but it may be dupable =)

  10. Carrie Ann

    I was told that I could do a pre-sale at my MAC counter. I don’t know if they have the products in yet, but I may stop by tomorrow to check. I think I know exactly what I want and they’re mostly products from the Maleficent collection. I’m not interested in anything from the Dr. Facilier collection, since I already have Resort Life Lipgelee. I only want 1 or 2 things from the Cruella & Evil Queen collections. IMO, the Maleficent & Evil Queen collections are the most appealing. Can’t wait to get my hands on them. :)

    • K

      Our MAC store is not allowing pre-sale because too many people were ordering and there was nothing left for the launch.

  11. Stephanie

    OMG i am so excited for the 30th!I’m saving for this collection for so long!!I think i have the biggest wish list loll :)And i am so happy to be able to get some stuff for my mom for his birthday!!
    This my HUGE list!!

    Lipstick: Innocence, Beware! (Cremesheen)18,50$
    Lipstick:Heartless (Amplified) 18,50$
    Lipglass:Devilishly Stylish 18,50$
    Lipglass:Wicked Ways 18,50$
    Eyeshadow Sweet joy (Frost) 18,50$
    Eyeshadow Carbon (Mat) 18,50$
    Beauty powder: Her own devices 30$

    Lipglass: Strange Potion 18,50$
    Her Alter Image (Veluxe Pearl) 18,50$
    Vile Violet (Mat) 18,50$
    Beauty Powder Oh so fair 30$
    Blush Bite of an Apple (Matte) 23,50$

    Lipglass:Revenge is Sweet 18,50$
    Mineralize eye shadow: My Dark Magic 25$
    Mineralize eye shadow: She who Dares 25$
    Beauty Powder: Briar Rose 30$
    Nail Lacquer: Formidable! 15,50$

    Lipgelee: Resort Life 18,50$
    Magically Cool Liquid Powder: Truth & Light 35,50$

    The total in Canadian money is 471,90

    Is really the first collection that i am getting that much stuff!!

    • Wow! You are getting a lot of stuff. I just didn’t think this collection was that exciting (though I’ll probably change my mind once I get into the store and see the products in person). I was considering Formidable Nail Lacquer too but I have found that MAC has the WORST nail lacquers I’ve ever used. I’ve worn them a day and they’ll chip. I’ll have to work to see how these nail lacquers work for people.

      • Melissa (divinem)

        I feel the same, but I just can’t resist Bad Fairy nail lacquer. LOVE that color!

        • There’s one from the OPI Burlesque collection that looks exactly the same as Bad Fairy but has a nice, lovely OPI formula! I forget the name but you can probably google for it.

          • You are right, Sara. I saw it. It’s called The Show Must Go On. I may have to get that instead just to have a nail lacquer that has the lovely duochrome and will not chip in one day.

            • Kate

              I think the OPI is fairly different from bad fairy. The duochrome is much weaker on the nail than Bad Fairy for sure.

      • L1onQueen

        I really wanted to love Bad Fairy but it was so sheer to me in person. That was the biggest disappointment of the collection to me. :(

    • Fiaspice

      That’s a whole lot of stuff, it’s a shame us Canadian have to pay hell of a lot (for product made in Canada). Last time I went to the USA I bough like 2 Mac product in the USA and saved like 8$.

      • Ani_BEE

        I concur, the last time I bought this much from one collection is came so close to on months rent. O_o Damn you Sanrio for never making nice looking black and hot pink swag!!!!

        Definitely –
        Maleficent: She Who Dares (Shadow) $25.00
        Maleficent: Bad Fairy (Nail Polish) $15.50
        Maleficent: Mean & Green (Nail Polish) $15.50 or ORLY version
        Maleficent: Formidable! (Nail Polish) $15.50 or ORLY version
        Maleficent: Dark Deed (Lipstick) $18.50 <— I just want a vamp colour!
        EVIL QUEEN: Toxic Tail (Lipstick) $19.50

        Maybe –
        EVIL QUEEN: Bite of an Apple (Blush) $23.50 <—- remind be of ablush I had called Apple but I hardly ever used it T_T
        EVIL QUEEN: Oh So Fair (Beauty Powder) $30 __<

        • Ani_BEE

          So if any in Canada is looking for the dupes on the nail polish you can get The Show Must Go On, Space Cadet and Galaxy Girl you can get them at mbeautylounge.com.

          This is my first time buying from them (aka I probably won’t get them till much later) but the shipping to Canada is decent thankfully.

          So my list is:
          Definitely –
          Maleficent: She Who Dares (Shadow) $25.00
          Maleficent: Dark Deed (Lipstick) $18.50
          EVIL QUEEN: Toxic Tail (Lipstick) $18.50

          Maybe –
          EVIL QUEEN: Bite of an Apple (Blush) $23.50
          EVIL QUEEN: Oh So Fair (Beauty Powder) $30

          I might splurge on one of these now. ^_^

      • livnzoe

        in switzerland we also have to pay a lot more like the people in america!!
        for an eyeshadow i have to pay 25 USD, blush: 32 USD, Lipstick: 29 USD.. that’s just not fair!

      • Jess H

        Try buying in Australia. Just double all the prices. Lipstick here is $35.

        • Lynn

          I know! It’s so expensive. My family lives in Australia and I’m totally stunned when I asked a salesperson at the MAC counter at David Jones how much their eyeshadows are. It was $28 (at the time, don’t know if its the same still). But, wow that’s a lot of money!

      • AnaG.

        You should live in Portugal then..we pay A LOT more – for a 14,50$ lipstick we pay 22$ here, because of the amount of taxes the importers pay here. It’s just not fair :-(

    • jennylevi

      That is awesome enjoy it =)

  12. Elizabeth

    Strange Potion lipglass is at the top of my list!

  13. Lilly

    See you at Valley Fair, Christine!

  14. ali

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand the hype. It’s just like any other MAC collection.

    • Hiromi

      and don’t all collections like this usually have a lot of hype?

      they really could have made the packaging for this SO much more creative though, imho

      • I also agree about the packaging. I think it just looks like they put a sticker on it (although I know it isn’t a sticker). With such a big colaboration I was hoping for more effort into the packaging like with Hello Kitty or Heatherette.

    • I agree… the excitment of the collections are starting to ware off for me. There are only 2 things that I am considering getting & if they sell out…. oh well. I used to be really bumbed about missing out on stuff but not anymore. I know MAC will probably put out something very similar not long after.

  15. Ahhhhhhhh! I must buy Strange Potion lip glass! <3

  16. I’m planning to order online as soon as I see the collection posted. I just want a few things. The collection is soo massive (and comes out right before rent is due lol) that I can’t possibly get everything. I think that I will just get Darkly My Dear Blush, Wrong Spell, and Vainglorious e/s, Vile Violet e/s (though I am not sure how if I need it if I have Shockaholic), and maybe A Bite of Apple Blush. I can do without the rest of the collection.

    Christine…I was wondering, how would you compare Wrong Spell lipglass to A Different Groove lipglass from the Give Me Liberty of London collection?

  17. Kristen

    Yesterday I was at the MAC counter and I saw the blue/green Meleficent e/s open on the counter so I picked it up. I was trying to show my mom so I tilt it down just a wee little bit and the whole eyeshadow went bam! on the floor. It was still pretty though…

  18. Eliza

    Wish I went! Have fun at the parties!

    What I’m really looking forward too is Bite of an Apple Blush, Devilishly Stylish lipglass, and I’m MAYBE thinking of some beauty powders. Don’t think I will get those though- 30 dollars? Rather buy an MSF.

    I realllly reaaaaalllly RREEEAAALLLLYY hope that the drawing on the packaging won’t come off- such a disappointment when it does.

  19. margo

    with just the people loving disney alone, i think mac will not make enough products and it will see out fast. i asked mac that and they said they are aware there are just disney lovers who want the packaging and the rest of us who want the packaging and product. what 8 year old would not love the empty snow white queen even if you dug the product out. hope there will be enough for all of us world wide.

  20. Ameera

    I was shocked to learn that Oregon was one of only few states that did not have unveiling of the collection. This sucks pretty bad.

    • Shannon

      Fellow Oregonian here! I’m down in Eugene and they let me play with everything and presale but I still have to wait til the 30. I was shocked the Mac on 23 isn’t doing an event. I always get invites!

      • Maggie

        I know! I’m an Oregonian as well, and I was really annoyed when I found that out. None nearby in Washington, either!

      • Jazz

        Illinois didnt have an event either…. How can you NOT Have an event in chicago ? I could see a podunk town in mississippi but Chi-town didnt get one . Epic Fail

  21. who ever is going to MAC @ valley fair see ou there !!!!!!

    • Joanna

      I was there! It was crazy! Had lots of fun tho.. Hope u got everything on your list b/c I didnt they sold out of Toxic Tale super fast

      • Lynn

        I was there too! My god was the line long or what? And it was so hot inside! I got everything on my list except I went home with the wrong nail polish- they put Mean & Green in my bag instead of Formidable! It’s okay I had a great time and I might keep Mean & Green!

  22. Shockingblue

    While I plan to buy some items from this collection, I just find the whole phenomenon around collecting fascinating. I always have to continuously evaluate why I’m buying the items…because I really like it or because it’s limited edition and has different packaging.

    • Melissa (divinem)

      Limited edition items and unique packaging are illogical down falls for me.

      • Melissa (divinem)

        Have to add that I am not sucked in by this collection, though. There are a few items I want, but nothing I can’t live without. Baroque Boudoir was a completely different story, however. LOL

        • ShockingBlue

          I forced myself to look at each color and decide what would look best on me rather than what looked pretty…I bought almost everything from collections before and never used them cos they looked like crap on. I just find it amazing how we get our panties in a bunch everytime a new line comes out lol

  23. Kara

    I’ve been saving for this collection for awhile. But have been feeling like I don’t need or want anything. Anyone else feel this way?? Or am I crazy?? Lol

    • Kalex

      I was really excited at first and had a ton of things on my list, but now I’m sort of feeling “meh” about it. I think I might still get a couple of things though. They released info on this collection too soon. The anticipation has waned.

  24. Rebecca

    For what I can tell so far on pictures and swatches I’d like to get:
    toxic tale lipstick
    vile violet shadow
    bite of an apple blush
    she who dares mineralize shadow
    formidable nail polish (not sure)
    melon pigment
    french quarter stick
    maybe heartless and innocence beware

  25. Emma

    I can’t thank you enough for all your time swatching and writing for this blog, Christine. While I consider myself a makeup enthusiast I could never keep up with all the trends like you do.
    I’ve viewed the VV reviews countless times, and I’ve decided that I’m most excited about the Magically Cool Liquid Powder. I know I’m totally jumping on the product bandwagon, but I’m dying to feel the liquidy-chill!

  26. I am soooo excited for this collection. Its my first real Mac collection where Im buying stuff from it. Ive been saving forever!

  27. Honestly I dont understand the hype over this. The collection at best mediocre. With the disney collaboration it has lost its class and style. There are hardly new products, some old colors re-packaged and renamed.

    I would save money and go buy some new creative products by other brands.

  28. Wendy R.

    I was able to play around with the magically cool powder in cajun and it looks EXACTLY the same as comfort msf when swatched next to each other :/ . I was dissapointed but truth and light does give a pretty sheen on my skin…

  29. mandy

    I have a question. I get the invites to launches in the mail for only some launches. The last one I got was for the Spring Forecast collection and I did go to that one. So why don’t I get more invites to the events?

    • Ask your local store. I’ve received one invite in 6+ years. But I’ve never needed one to attend an event. I just ask my local store instead :)

    • Michelle

      I’m not sure either but I signed up on the website to be notified if my local MAC is having an unveiling event. Yeah, the first one I’ve been to was the Spring Forecast Collection. So I think it really depends on your local MAC if they plan to have an unveiling or not.

      • not all stores have unveilings in the party/alcohol sense. And even if they’ve had them in the past, doesn’t mean they’ll have them for what you think is the big collection. The last one my store(DC Georgetown) had was for Liberty of London. Since then, they’ve done mini makeovers, but no big parties.

  30. Sara Taylor

    I’m getting sweet joy, Strange Potion, Bite of an Apple, Her Alter Image, Resort Life and a nail polish. Totalling 111 dollars Canadian.

  31. Sam

    I like the products but the packaging seems so juvenile. Maybe it’s just because I’m coming from the Graphic Design pov but I’m just not a fan. Sticking some cartoon faces in the middle of a blush or on a tube of lipstick doesn’t scream “sexy” to me. I think I’ll just save up for the Holiday Collection instead.

    But I do appreciate all of the info and swatches :)

  32. Sara Taylor

    My cousin works at mac so i’m waiting to see what she says tonight.

  33. Fiaspice

    As far as I know, my local Mac doesn’t do unveiling… well at least it’s not written on the website. I really hope I’ll be able to get Bad Fairy and that it won’t sell out in 5 second!

  34. Shameca

    When is the release date?

  35. Paulina

    i have changed my list a thousand times and now i cannot believe it but i am down to just:
    heartless l/s

    amplified finish is my favorite! :-)

  36. Mocha

    I had an invite, and rsvp’d to the preview event, but canceled my appointment this evening. The store screwed up my rsvp, and i wasn’t about to drive up there, drop a ridiculous amount of money and accept their attitude on top of that? Nope.

    I won’t use most of the things I wanted, so I whittled down my list considerably and will just take my chances when the collection is online or in all the stores near me.

    I’m disappointed, but it’s ok. Their loss is my wallet’s sigh of relief, lol!

  37. Frances

    Wish I was going to a Mac Event rather than cubscouts tonight. Have fun girls.

  38. Michelle

    Someone may have asked this already but I just wanted to know how much of a difference there is between Goes and Goes and Violetta? I am interested in getting Violette but am wondering if I should just get Goes and Goes instead since it’s a long wear lipcreme. I don’t know. I have a long list of things to get but I will see how it goes tonight. I don’t get to go in until 8:30 anyways since I have to work late.

  39. Svetlana

    When is this collection coming to Europe?

  40. Kristen

    I’m super excited for this collection! I’m definitely getting a nail polish, but I can’t decide which one. I was leaning towards Formidable… but I have Mad as a Hatter by OPI which I think is really similar… so I’ll probably end up with Bad Fairy. I’m definitely getting the Innocence, Beware lipstick. It’s probably my favourite item from the whole collection. I’m also going to get My Dark Magic in the Mineralized Eyeshadow. My skin tone is NW15, anyone have any suggestions of products I should get from this collection?

    • StellarStace

      I’m a NW15 girl too, and bite of apple blush looks gorgeous on my skin (if I may say so myself)! It’s a bit brighter than I usually go, but it really brightens up my face. At the least, swatch it!

  41. Nancy

    I’m on a break from Mac. Not getting anything. I am just tired of the brand at the moment.

    • Erica

      I wish I could do the same, really, but reading Temptalia.com everyday is just refraining me from doing that, LOL!

    • monica

      that’s how i’ve been for most of this year with mac. none of the collections excited me because they were so easily duped, or were nothing special to begin with.

  42. Definitely –
    Maleficent: My Dark Magic (Shadow) $21.00
    Maleficent: She Who Dares (Shadow) $21.00
    Maleficent: Formidable! (Nail Polish) $13.00

    Close Seconds –
    CRUELLA DE VIL: Her Own Devices (Powder) $25.00
    EVIL QUEEN: Oh So Fair (Beauty Powder) $25.00
    Maleficent: Briar Rose (Beauty Powder) $25.00

    Maybe –
    Maleficent: Bad Fairy (Nail Polish) $13.00
    CRUELLA DE VIL: Darkly My Dear (Blush) $19.50
    EVIL QUEEN: Bite of an Apple (Blush) $19.50
    Maleficent: Mean & Green (Nail Polish) $13.00

  43. Melody

    I originally thought this collection was going to result in a huge haul, but I’m actually only going to buy Strange Potion, Revenge is Sweet, and possibly Darkly My Dear (but I have a hunch it will probably be too dark for my liking, and I’ll probably end up getting a similar but lighter blush from the permanent line like Blushbaby)…and the packaging for dr.facilier doesn’t really do much for me, so I’ll pass on the lipgelee. In any case, it’s definitely worth buying at least one product to “commemorate” it, haha.

  44. JoLynn

    @ Michelle, RussianRed is my long term fave too but I’m wearing the CRUELLA version now post-party (with the gloss) and can’t stop staring at myself in the rear view. Good thing hubby is driving! Slightly softer shade of red.

  45. Laura

    No chance to see the collection early near me, but I do have quite a wish list! I even have a list of colors and products I’d like to try!

    Will definitely buy:
    Devilishly Stylish lipglass (Cruella) $15.50
    Strange Potion lipglass (Evil Queen) $15.50
    Revenge is Sweet lipglass (Maleficent) $15.50
    Oh So Fair Beauty Powder $25 (Evil Queen)
    Her Alter Image eyeshadow $15.50 (Evil Queen)
    Vile Violet Eyeshadow $15.50 (Evil Queen)
    Bad Fairy nail polish $13

    Might get:
    My Dark Magic Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo $21 (Maleficent)

    Will try:

    Dark Deed lipstick (just try) (Maleficent) $15.50
    Briar Rose Beauty Powder (just try) (Maleficent) $25
    Truth and Light Magically Cool Liquid Powder (Dr. Facilier)

  46. This will be my first big collection. I’m ready for it to launch already!

    My haul:
    Vile Violet
    Mineralize ee shadows in My Dark Magic & She Who Dares
    Lip gelee: Resort life
    All 3 pigments
    All 3 nail lacquers
    French Quarter greasepaint

    This is all tentative and subject to change,lol

    Hot House is on my list as well, but I’ll have to swatch it next to my Magnetique first. If there isn’t much difference, I’ll pass.

  47. Tiffany C.

    I live to far to go to an unveiling event, but i preordered and i’m getting:

    Revenge is Sweet l/g
    Strange Potion l/g
    Hot House l/g
    Bite of an Apple Blush
    Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer

    that’s really all i’ll actually use alot from this collection. I’m excitedly waiting to hear more on the WONDER WOMAN collection for next spring!! I have to have ALL of it!!! I’ve always loved Wonder Woman ever since i was a kid. Lynda Carter was great!!!

  48. sheri

    i picked up devilishly stylish & innocence, beware! :)

  49. oops! Forgot Violetta!!!

  50. Katarina

    Christine, I have a question. How on Earth do you receive an invite to a pre-release party?

  51. Erika

    just came back from the unveiling at perimeter mall in atlanta, ga…was super crowded and it was almost impossible to look at anything!!!…but i bought my dark magic and vainglorious….fyi..you cant use your pro card for the collection..:(…i was sad..they had costumes were you could dress up and take photos!!! for the 21 and up they had a mojito cocktails!!!!!…( it was raspberry or something..lol)….other than that it was pretty fun!!…

    • Kristin

      You are not alone with the not being able to use your pro card T_T Us employees cant even use our discount for the collection either. They changed a lot of things within the company recently and one is that employees can’t use their discount on limited edition packaging/collab collections nor can pro members use their card

  52. Kathy

    I pre-ordered everything at Macy’s, and I’m so excited to pick it all up next week! I originally wanted only two things, but I ended up pre-ordering five items: Bad Fairy nail polish, Strange Potion lipglass, Wicked Ways lipglass, Bite of an Apple blush, and Resort Life lip gelee. I might pick up even more stuff, but I only ordered stuff I told myself I “HAD to have.” :)

    By the way, I missed out on Resort Life for the Lilyland collection earlier this year, and I was ready to write it off for this collection too … But I was in awe when I swatched it in person today! It’s lovely!

    • Anna

      How do you pre-order something? At Macy’s, or at the MAC counter? Or reserve items, for instance. i went on the website but I couldn’t figure out if there were special links or something.

  53. Leenie

    I had a chance to check this collection out last week on the down low and I put my order in with my MAC girl, I can’t wait to pick it up. I’m most excited about are the mineralize shadows My Dark Magic and She Who Dares and the liquid powder.

    • jEN

      At my event they were pairing the Purple side of the mineral eye shadow over the French Quarter Greasepaint and it looked AMAZING!!!

  54. Ana

    Christine, not sure if you mentioned this somewhere else, but as someone with a ton of experience with this kind of stuff, what do you think will sell out (short term, not really after it’s been out for a month)? And what do you think the chances of this being released online earlier than Tuesday will be?

  55. Sam

    I wish I was going to the parties! But I did get invited to another event they’re having, idk exactly what it is… but it’s on October 9th, it’s for the Venemous Villians collection. She said something about makeup application. I don’t know! haha but I’m excited.

  56. kk

    what do you guys think of the amm toxic tale lippie and the hot house lipglass? will it look good on my NC30 skin?thanks in advance:)

  57. Lauren

    To get Briar Rose or Oh So Fair beauty powder is hard decision..what do you think?

    I have pale skin btw (:

    • Lauren I am pale and I went with Oh So Fair. I am about NC20 or so, and Briar Rose was too blue for me. Hope that helps!

    • Roo

      I’m a bit lighter than NC/NW15 and I had to seriously pack on Oh So Fair with a 109 to even get it to show up on my arm which is even lighter than my face. Even swatched heavily with a cotton swab I couldn’t see it. It’s a lovely warm pink though. I bought Briar Rose which should show up on anybody but is very cool toned.

  58. Elly

    Just got back from my store’s event. It was fun although there were a lot of people so it was hard to get to the products. I had a pretty tame haul:
    French Quarter greasepaint stick
    Violetta l/s
    Bite of an Apple blush
    Nightmoth lipliner (which isn’t from the collection but looks gorgeous with Violetta)

    I am pretty happy with what I got. I really wanted Briar Rose but just couldn’t justify it.
    Hope everyone else is having fun!

    • Shawnie

      I wore Nightmoth with Fab Frenzy Superglass tonight to the unveiling and all of the SA’s were asking me what I wearing!!! I love when they are impressed :-)

  59. How do you get invited? I called the MAC headquarters once and they said they send random invites to customers. But then I asked them how come I always see the same YouTube gurus making videos at these events. MAC insists that it’s random invitation and they shouldn’t be the same people getting invited. Hmmm….I also have a MAC Pro membership and that doesn’t help me any.

    • Hi Corinne,

      I just ask my store’s artists if they have an upcoming event. I’ve only received one…. maybe two physical invites in all of the years I’ve been buying MAC. If you want to go, I suggest just phoning or stopping by your local store and asking. As a frequent customer, my store often calls me and puts me on the RSVP list as soon as they hear about an upcoming event. Many makeup fanatics do the same – develop relationships with their artists and in turn find out about upcoming events from them as an ongoing customer.

  60. I went to the event at the Queens Center Mall in Queens, NY! I got:
    Devilishly Stylish Lipglass (Cruela)
    Strange Potion Lipglass (Evil Queen)
    Vile Violet Eyeshadow (Evil Queen)
    Briar Rose Beauty Powder (Evil Queen)

    Notice a trend here? Haha, apparently I love the Evil Queen! I wanted Wicked Ways lipglass as well but they ran out!

    I posted pics on my twitter, @fantsypants!

  61. I was so excited for this collection when I first heard about it.. But now, I’m really not :-/
    I have 3 things on my wish list..
    Sinister & Innocence beware lipsticks
    Brair Rose beauty powder

    And that’s it! I really thought this collection was going to make me go broke and I’m actually kind of disappointed that it isn’t.

  62. Erica

    See, my rationale is to get a little touch on every collection; I’ve never splurged on one single collection but would get a few from each. I think I’ll do the same for this collection… so far I like the eyeshadows most.

  63. Kat

    Ugh. I haven’t bought a Mac product ever since the Burlingame Ave store closed. Not having a Mac within walking distance has apparently killed it for me.

  64. I’m so excited for this collection!
    I’m thinking of Innocence, Beware (but after reading your post on it I’ll be sure to swatch it on me first), De-Vil because I was looking at coppering anyways, Bite of an Apple Blush (again with I’ll have to swatch it because I’m super pale and I’m worried it’ll be too light), then Vainglorious for my mother!

  65. Melissa

    How do you find an event? I tried on the MAC site so either none in my area or I fail at finding them

  66. I have really been trying to keep my makeup buying to only what I need & have nothing similar to. I haven’t purchased anything from the past 3 or 4 collections & I am proud of myself. I am really liking bite of an apple blush, and briar rose, but if they sell out before I can order it I won’t be heart broken.

  67. I bought
    she who dare mineralized eyeshadow
    my dark magic mineralized eyeshdow
    devilishly stylish lipgloss
    Innocence beware lipstick
    strange potion lipgloss
    Oh so fair beauty powder
    magically cool liquid powder in truth and light

    WHen it comes out online i hope to get bite of an apple blush and briar rose beauty powder and some of the single eyeshadows. I couldnt get those tonight because i didn’t want to spend ALL MY MONEY lol on the collection at once and besides i got all of the things that were of the most importance to me :)

  68. All the product hype and wishlist talk is actually making me pretty happy with the one thing I want — looks like I’ll be able to get as many tubes of Sinister as I can carry! 😀

  69. Valerie Brower

    Wish I was attending the unveiling party too!! I was able to pre-purchase everything I wanted from this collection at Macys tho. Now I just gotta wait to pick it up on the 30th :) this make up splurge should last me awhile since I also bought the Urban Decay Book of Shadows III this month too :)

  70. LU

    The launch party was fun! There were little appetizers, I did however feel a little put off that they only served drinks containing alcohol, and seeing as I’m not 21 I think it would’ve been nice to have an alternative. There were these two stations where you could dress up like Cruella Devil Or the Evil Queen and have a Polaroid taken, super cute! I ended up buying bad fairy, mean & green, and she who dares. Bad fairy does not look as pretty in person, but I do love mean & green and I just bought she who dares because it was so pretty, I didn’t intend to buy it. I was actually the first one there, I arrived over an hour early and boy am I glad I did because after that it was hectic!!! It was also sort of exclusive, they only let in people who rsvped. I bet everybody took awesome pictures!

    • Amanda

      That is a bummer! Our store had both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Those who were under 19 had to get a lovely ‘X’ written on the back of their hand.

  71. Tiffany

    I just got back from the unveiling. Suuuuuper busy! They had beef skewers, chocolate mousse tarts, and drinks. They also had costumes for you to put on and you get to stand in front of either the huge cruella or the huge evil queen and get your polaroid taken. If you’ve never been to one of these before, what they do is give you a sheet with a list of all the products and you list off all the ones you want and the SA’s will get the products for you.

    Do not, for the love of hygiene, swatch anything other than on your hand. Way too many people trying the lipsticks and lip glosses ON THEIR LIPS!

  72. Shawnie

    I just left the unveiling of the Venomous Villains Collection here in Miami, Fl! I loved it! I didn’t really have a haul, more like a haulette or a haulita (tiny haul)! I bought De-Vil e/s and Formidable nail lacquer. Surprisingly enough, I also purchased Jealous and Best of Breed Lipglass from Fabulous Felines!

  73. Kristen

    How does Innocence Beware l/s compare to Overtime l/s? And how does Bite of an Apple blush compare to Hipness blush? I don’t want to get the same colors. :)

    • Not quite as pink, Overtime has stronger yellow undertones. Overtime looks/applies better, though.

      Bite of an Apple is sooo red in comparison to Hipness.

      • Kristen

        Thanks, Christine! That helped…I’ve been looking for a nice yellow-toned pink lipstick…I guess Overtime is the winner! I don’t think I’d like a blush thats redder than Hipness though…It’s already to bold!

  74. just got back from a party! i got oh so fair beauty powder and my dark magic mineralize eyeshadow duo! :)

  75. Rosamaria

    My local MAC store didn’t have an unveiling party, but I was able to preview the collection. Christine, thanks for the cheat sheets. I used them to check off what I wanted from the collection, and they saved me so much time!

  76. Oh Christine I cannot thank u enough for your listing of events & also your swatches!
    I browsed temptalia before I went to the unveiling just so I can have an idea of what I liked!
    That said, I got Darkly My dear Blush, Dark Magic eyeshadow (beautiful!), Dark Deed lipstick & was supposed to have gotten Sinister lipstick (a dark purple 1, not sure of the name right now) but the girl packed me Toxic Tale instead& I didn’t realise until now when I got home so I’ll be returning it. I tried the Cajun liquid powder but was neither here or there for me so I left that . Other than that, the collection is great& there’s something for everyone. I took my younger sister along & she had a good time getting her photo taken cuz u can dress up like Cruella Devil or the Evil Queen :). Refreshments were ok… With a side of heavy cocktails.. LOL

    Thanks so much again for all u do to inform us on your blog! This was my 1st eer unveiling event&i thoroughly enjoyed it!

  77. Jae

    I’m really curious if anyone thought Evil Queen’s Sinister lippie is similar to Clinique’s Black Honey.

  78. nastassia

    i’m so exicted about this collection, i’ve been talking about it for months now. my co-workers are even exicted for me.. i got some new people to fall in love with MAC as well. i’ve talked about it so MUCH my boyfriend is kinda annoyed and can’t wait till next week when i can finally get my list and shut up! :) — i just wanna talk YOU Christine you have been great in the coming weeks of the collection.. the reviews the swatches EVERYTHING has been amazing.. and SUPER helpful in helping me make my list!! THANK YOU!

    the infamous list:

    Cruella De Ville:
    Wicked Ways
    Devilishly Stylish
    Darkly My Dear

    Evil Queen:
    Strange Potion
    Hot House
    Bite Of An Apple ( I’m and NW45 so i figure this would look gr8 on me) yeah?

    Revenge Is Sweet
    My Dark Magic
    She Who Dares
    Bad Fairy
    Mean & Green Purple
    Biarre Rose

    Dr Facilier:
    Resort Life (x2- one for me and my niece who is obessed with princess and the frog)

    I wanted Cajun the powder thing but idk .. i’m gonna have to try it in store to see if i love it! :)


  79. Kimmie

    I’ve been looking at Coppering for a while now, and since fall is coming up, I was going to get it in my next order. But now with De-Vil coming out, I don’t know which to get. Which would you recommend, and what exactly is the difference? Thank you so much for everything. Your blog is so helpful! :)

    PS- With all this talk about Strange Potion Lipglass, I’m sort of afraid it will sell out online before I get my hands on it! I need that gloss! haha

  80. Diana

    I tried everything on 3 days ago at my job, everything was nice but the only thing I really liked was Maleficents “Revenge is sweet” Lipglass, its really pretty and unqiue, love the packaging too. I didn’t like Cruellas “Wicked Ways”, it seemed tooo blue of a red, I prefer Russian Red Lip Glass.

  81. hi everyone!!! So i just got back and i had a FABULOUS time. One thing I can say is that violetta lipstick plus the corresponding lipgloss on top of it was a hit! It’s defintiely a must….also she who dares was also really popular!!!! The makeup artist also did my eye makeup…i’ll post pics on my blog

  82. Jeannine

    I needed a fall-ish blush and a red lipcolor, so I bought Cruella’s Darkly, My Dear and Wicked Ways lipglass. My only impulse buy was Dr. Facilier’s Resort Life, because I’m a sucker for shiny, glitterly lip gloss.

  83. monica

    my first unveiling event…was super excited but with the packed crowd i was a bit more annoyed than anything else. but i got all the nailpolishes, the cooling powder in cajun, my dark magic, and wrong spell. i really wanted wrong spell and my dark magic cause they reminded me of young punk and blackfire from the style black collection. super happy with my little haul..i might try to get a backup of wrong spell though…it’s so gorgeous!

  84. Jennifer

    My list has been refined since the news, photos, and swatches:
    Hot House LG
    Toxic Tale LS
    Violetta LS (Never had it, and want it lol)
    Heartless LS
    Formidable! Nail Polish
    And maybe Wicked Ways LG

    Basically just some of the lip products. I think the mineralized eyeshadows are pretty, but I know I’d never wear them much, so it isn’t worth it to me.

  85. Crystal

    I went to the launch in Washington DC and it went really well. It was a madhouse but they had it well organized and great many cupcakes to snack on while we were in line! I got color matched for the new longwear foundation and concealer while another employee got the stuff from my list together. The eyeshadows She Who Dares and My Dark Magic eyeshadows are amazing looking and standouts of the collection. I spent $289 and was happy about it:) Yay!

  86. tg

    I don’t like 99% of Disney anything, although I do have a fondness for Maleficent and the Evil Queen. Still, I’m not buying this based on packaging or hype. I genuinely like the colors from the Maleficent collection and would buy them if they were a plain release.

    Plus I’m pretty sure this is my last MAC haul for a long while. I have no interest in the Christmas collection.

  87. HautePJ

    I went to the party at Pentagon City (Arlington, VA) and it was cra cra! Very crowded, but I wanted to see everything in person before buying. I got My Dark Magic, Briar Rose, Bite of an Apple blush, Hot House and Devilishly L/G, Resort Life gelee and French Quarter stick. Some of the MUAs had on Heartless and I was surprised how universally flattering it is. Violetta was very very pretty swatched on my hand, but I know I won’t realistically wear it so I didn’t buy it.

    Thank you so much for your cheat sheet Christine!! It saved me time and I saw another girl there with her printout.

  88. Ariell3

    The event was
    I got Strange potion, toxic tale, ALL 3 nail polishes, n Darkly my dear blush

  89. Evelyn

    At first I thought I’d want everything but really, all I want are those beauty powders! lol Two little things, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I can get them.

  90. splattergirl

    I am not getting anything, its too expensive to buy in canada and then tax. I will get the prolongwear foundation and one lippy instead and wait for a two or three VV items to appear second hand on specktra or LJ.

  91. Nat

    I went to the unveiling party, and it was pretty crowded. LOL. The products were really pretty, but I didn’t end up purchasing anything. I liked some of the products, but not enough to want to get them right away. Bite of an Apple blush is a really pretty color, but if you have a lot of redness to your skin, I suggest not to get it because it will make you look more red. It somehow made my NC43/NC45 skin tone look red in areas it usually isn’t red =( Revenge is Sweet lipglass is a beautiful color, but as Temptalia has said in her review, it does settle into lines. The one thing i didn’t get to try was the finishing powders, the one with the Dr, Facilier collection. I was looking forward to that one, but EVERYONE was looking at that.

    The collection has some pretty colors, but I think you’re able to find a possible dupe for some of the products, in products you already have from MAC. But I do suggest for everyone to try Bite of an Apple blush. It’s a BEAUTIFUL color!

  92. Tiffany

    So far here’s what’s on my list: Revenge is sweet, Hothouse, and wicked ways lipglass, violetta and dark deed lipsticks, and bad fairy and formidable nail polish! I’m happy that I already have eyeshadows that are too similar to all the ones in this collection otherwise I’d be spending alot more!

  93. I was worried when I went that they wouldn’t have much left, so I booked it straight to the counter when I got there to get my stuff (which they had all of thankfully!) and THEN I had a drink and swatched the other stuff I didn’t get. Luckily I was right in my choices and wanted nothing more than what I planned on getting! I got BoaA, FQ GP, both MES, and Bad Fairy np. Such a good night!

  94. Marcela

    I just got back from the preview party and it was awesome! Spent $90! the collection is beautiful, the packaging is soooo cute, and the vodka cocktails and food were daaaamn good! I bought:

    – Cruella: Darkly My Dear blush
    – Evil Queen: Sinister lipstick
    – Cruella: Devilishly Stylish lipglass (looks amazing over Sinister lipstick!)
    – Maleficent: Violetta
    – Maleficent: Revenge is Sweet lipglass (looks amazing over Violetta lipstick)

    I was most hesitant about the Violetta lipstick… but then my friend had it put on her, layered with Revenge is Sweet on top and it was an amazing, daring OUT-THERE look for a clubbing night. What a gorgeous combination! I felt brave and bought them. Now I need an occassion to wear!

  95. How exciting for those who are going. I already pre ordered, but wish we had an event. Good luck to everyone, I hope you all get what you want :)

  96. Amanda

    I was at the Toronto, Ontario event tonight and like everyone else I had an awesome time. It was busy but not too bad. They could only let so many people in the store at the time due to fire codes and such. I was also third in line so I got in there like a dirty shirt.

    I also saw two separate girls with the Temptalia cheat sheet. It was pretty awesome!

  97. inaya

    a surprisingly good and cheap dupe for toxic tale is wet and wild 12M. really opaque and moisturizing.

  98. DIJ

    Im debating getting Toxic Tale.. does anyone know if its anything like vegas volt??

  99. LOL my boyfriend texted me and said, “Kal, why are there like 100 girls in front of the MAC Counter?! And why are they wearing COSTUMES???” This was around 8PM.

    I was sad I missed it. I had class but I got out out 7:30 so I was kicking myself for not RSVPing. I pre-saled over the weekend but realized that she hadn’t called me back to “finalize” it (for my payment info) so I was freaking out that my items were going to be sold!! Luckily, I called in time and she put my items aside. I would’ve been devastated if the items I wanted were sold or pre-saled to other people and I was placed under them on the list.

    So far, I got Innocence Beware! Lipstick, Toxic Tale Lipstick, and Briar Rose Lipstick. I hope everything goes right this time with my pre-sales (horrible experience at Nordstrom) -I’m counting on you little Macy’s MAC counter!

  100. CaribbeanQueen

    I think MAC has become that affordable guilty pleasure that much of makeup lovers can indulge in. It is something about the way MAC can hype these collections that make us drool over their colors every time. Certainly there are plenty of other brands that I can gawk at but will only be able to afford one shadow where MAC we can save to buy evertyhing or afford to get 2 products…I am ridiculously excited for the launch. I have went over my lost several times and went through my makeup stock to double check for dupes. I broke up my list into the Must Haves, The MAybes, and the I’ll come back if you’re still in stock..did I mention how excited I am LOL..UBER!