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MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)
MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball) ($20.00 for 0.20 fl. oz.) is housed in a slim, glass tube with a gradient of yellowed chartreuse to greenish-teal. The fragrance is inspired by the sea with a “crisp and energizing” feel. The notes, as included in the press release, are: mineral water, anemone, lotus, orris, and Corsican blue cedar.

It’s a fresh scent with a musky floral vibe–it dries down on me and smells heavier than one expect for a “crisp” fragrance. The sillage is low, which means the scent kisses the skin but doesn’t waft, so it ends up being a subtler scent that you can smell but others will barely notice. There is a light, watery element that keeps it from becoming too heady, sexy, or otherwise categorized as more of a musky scent, but there’s still an inkling of something darker lying beneath the surface. For me, the lotus and blue cedar dominate, but they work well together. If you have Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, this might smell familiar.

Turquatic’s scent doesn’t turn on me as it wears, but it only lasts a few hours (three to four) before being nearly indetectable on the skin. For a scent that already wears as close to the skin as it does, having to reapply it two or three times a day is not particularly palatable. Rollerballs are all about convenience–and you’ll pay for it–but contain little product inside. MAC has priced Turquatic where many other brands have priced theirs.

It will launch on August 11th and become part of the permanent range. ┬áIt is also available in 20ml ($27.50) and 50ml ($49.50) bottles–I will have photos of the latter up soon.

See more photos!

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)
MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)
MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)
MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)
MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)

MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)
MAC Turquatic (Rollerball)

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18 thoughts on “MAC Turquatic Rollerball Review, Photos

  1. This is a beautiful package. Just like you! Saw you @cosmoprof but didn’t want to interrupt everyone was trying to converse with you. Love your blog! A daily read for me :)

  2. alex

    Scents that stick to you vs. wafting ahead (and behind) you aren’t a bad thing.

    Personally, I HATE it when I walk into a room and can smell someone’s perfume. If I’m not close enough to give you a hug, I shouldn’t be able to smell you.

    People need to realize that not everyone likes the same scents. What smells amazing to one person can turn another person’s stomach. It’s not fair to the people around you (co-workers, classmates, people stuck with you on public transportation, etc.) to have to breathe in your favorite scent without the option of moving away from you to get away from it.

    People also need to realize that we become desensitized to smells that we are wearing. So you might think that your perfume is gone and then go to reapply…. but what you are really doing is piling on more scent and making yourself more pungent.

    Perfumes/colognes should surprise the person who leans in for a hug (or something else). If the whole room/elevator/building can smell you, no matter how good you *think* you smell, you are being incredibly inconsiderate.

    I’m sorry, I think I’m still traumatized by having to work with a woman who loved Chanel’s Allure. It made my nose itch and my head hurt… AND I COULDN’T GET AWAY FROM IT.

    • I wasn’t saying it was a bad thing, only that it stays close to the skin :) Some like it that way, some don’t – so I wanted to make sure to point out that it’s stays on the skin but doesn’t waft around, which may be too subtle for some folks.

  3. K

    I like how they’ve redone the packaging, but admittedly it doesn’t feel very “MAC” to me.

  4. Breanna

    Wow, for $7.50 more I would much rather get the bottle! Thanks for the wonderful review as always Christine!

  5. Stephanie

    Light blue smells NOTHING like this, I hate when people compare the two.

  6. Alex

    do you know whether the rollerball will be available in the uk? i think there might have been a past collection which included a rollerball and it was never released in the uk x

  7. Amy

    August 11th? i remember smelling this at a pro store on the 5th

  8. Maria

    I saw this last night at my local MAC Store which was already selling it and which isn’t a pro store because I loved the packaging and the way it smelled and I was lucky I did because I got the last roller ball and bottle of it.

  9. Hatti

    Hey! Do you know if this is the same as the origional MAC Hue: Turquatic Perfume that came in the classic MAC pefume packaging with the turqouise lid? or has the scent been modified?

  10. C

    the packaging is so gorgeous, im tempted to go straight for a 20ml bottle – purely for better value in volume of product.