Wednesday, February 17th, 2010

MAC Too Fabulous Collection:  Mineralize Blushes

Just a little sneak peek at things to come… :)  (And yes, there is one missing — Two Virtues.)

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98 thoughts on “MAC Too Fabulous: Sneak Peek

  1. Jessica

    OOOOH..i LOVE the top blush the one that is light pink with gold swirl, so.pretty.

  2. Dana

    WOw! these all look so wearable! It will be hard to choose just one

  3. ohhh gosh! MAC your killing me :)

    My visa is sooo sore from being swiped.

  4. oh my, they are gorgeous! Can’t wait to see swatches and reviews.

  5. Melly

    i want alllll of the ones on the right side of the picture!!! I hope they’re not as sheer as they claim to be!

  6. daphne

    I really dislike the look of these, am I nuts? I was expecting them to be like the Grand Duos. This pattern is just weird to me! But some of the colors looking promising (top center one especially) so I’m excited to see what you share :)

    • Jae

      -laughing- no you’re not. I’m with you on this, I don’t particularly like the look of these but I might find myself scrambling to MAC after I see the swatches =X

    • Sasha B

      i agree. it will be a hassle to try and get just one color on my brush if i get any of them :/

  7. Meghann

    I can see that this collection will be fun. I definitely want to get one of those blushes, the orange/brown. Should be good for a little contouring and lightening up the cheeks with a natural color.

  8. AA

    WOW! Must have all of them! Thank you Mac for making me broke again.

  9. Lorna

    the pink and champagne one up top looks like it has potential

  10. Sooo pretty!Exciting…:-)

  11. These are pretty! Can’t wait for swatches! :)

  12. Laiqah

    Oh my gosh, this looks lovely!!!

  13. Can’t wait to see the swatches! :)

  14. Alexis

    Oh it is on like Donkey Kong!

  15. Ooh, these look gorgeous, I like the pale pink and peach one best.

  16. j e n

    I love the colors they all seem so wearable.

  17. LiLi

    Ahh! Can’t see the image… :( Boo. Is it my comp?

  18. Nice, but Are you going to do swatches?

  19. egon

    OMG OMG these look GORGEOUS !!!!! Christine SWATCH plz =)

  20. Anitacska

    Oh you are so lucky! They are all so lovely!!! :) (Someone’s been selling a Two Virtues on eBay (UK) for £35 but I haven’t given it, since it’s over twice the normal price, just need to be patient for a few more weeks. Still have UD’s Alice in Wonderland and Mac’s Spring Colour Forecast to look forward to before then.)

  21. They look gorgeous.. I’ll buy all of them, like I did with Grand Duos. I’m already drooling 😛

  22. kia

    Wow! these are beautiful. Maybe the two pink ones on top.

  23. Sarah M

    Really pretty colours. I like the one at the very top of the picture, I think.

  24. Cannot wait for you to review these! Ever since I started building my MAC collection this year, I’ve been focusing on collecting blushes. They’re so pretty!

  25. namie

    so excited!! cant wait for swatches! weee :))

  26. OMG MAC is just torturing me with these amazing collections !
    My fav is the pink and peach one !!!

  27. lauraaaaa

    two virtues is the one im interested in! lol! ty for the pic tho! look so nice

  28. Ashley

    Love all these! When does this collection come out?

  29. Michelle

    I want the golden pink one at the top!! Can’t wait for these!

  30. Nicole

    when do these come out?

  31. Brooke

    I just died. I need them all. Damn

  32. ahhhh!! They’re getting my attention, alright
    thanks for sharing the lovely pic

  33. Get the AED. I’m going down.

  34. Cherokee

    These are absolutely gorgeous. I have one mineralize blush Warm Soul and I love it. I am not big on blushes. However I bought four (2 cream and 2 mineral) drug store brands(on sale)that I really like. I passed on the Ombre blushes from the Spring Forecast Collection but I think I will be getting one of these babies.

  35. You are not making my saving money any more easier!

  36. Jill

    Hello! Do you have to use these blushes wet? & are you going to do swatches?! 😀

  37. ak

    I like the two brownish ones to the left.

  38. do they not come domed or have you been using these often? 😛 if you have, will you be giving a short mini-review of whether or not you like the product? :) i’ve been excited about this launch – but i have been wondering if the blushes are too shimmery or glittery (like, for example, honour blush – which i love for a highlight, but it’s really just a bunch of shimmery glitter).

  39. marlene

    oh my they look lovely

  40. LNU

    OMG. That pink up there has my name written all over it! I loveee pink blushes they suit my skin so well!

  41. Megan

    These look so pretty…can’t wait for swatches!

  42. carla

    ohhhhhhhhhhh beautiful.

  43. Mariana

    OMG the top one!!! hope these arent too frosty

  44. Nicole

    Oh my, these are soooo pretty! But I should not be allowed to buy anymore blushes. At least until I hit pan on SOMETHING!! LOL.

  45. These are very pretty, I will have to check these out! Will you be reviewing them?

  46. awww, and the only one i wanted to see was two virtues, lol

  47. ..but i do like the top pink/peachy one and the reddish/mauvy one to the right of it

  48. Ryan

    Im not to big into mineralized products but the top one looks really pretty. Maybe I could use the pink as a blush and the peachy color as a highlight.

  49. Angela

    Those are so pretty. They remind me of the Grand Duos collection, which I purchased several, but rarely use. I’ll be sensible with this collection and only pick up one blush. I’m loving the one on the top to the left.

  50. Luisafer

    how do the mineralize blushes work??? are they good or they fall off???

  51. stephanie

    wow thy are really cute

  52. Emily

    i really want the one at the very top, and the one on the right hand bottom. i cant wait until you post the pictures of the cremesheen glasses! do you know what the ones i listed are called??

  53. regina

    Nice pictures! cant wait to see more pics of this collection!

  54. Ashley

    OMG!! Gorgeous!! And this post is such a tease =)

  55. DonnaN

    you know….I had it in my head that I was not going for these. But your pic might just change my mind….especially since I decided to skip RIVETING

  56. Cherie

    Can’t wait to see swatches!

  57. Alex

    Ohhh…..these look lovely, why must you tempt us so? Thanks Christine!

  58. ahhhh cant wait to see swatches! they look beautiful. the one on the bottom left (purple-y pink with bronzey gold)is calling me :) i just hope its as pigmented as it looks

  59. Melissa

    aaaah, I am ALL over these!

  60. Jen

    Oh WOW! I must have ALL of these!

  61. Tina


  62. ilona


  63. Sparkleandsmile16

    Wow these look gorgeous! I am definitely picking up the one on the very top, the lightest pink one. Can’t wait!

  64. These are so pretty. I can’t wait to pick these up!

  65. amy

    Very pretty, I know I will pick up two of these: the pink one and the plum colour one.

  66. Mia

    this looks amazing :)

  67. i have been DYING for this collection. mineralize blushes are my FAVOURITE ever.

    cant wait to see swatches and the lipliners

    oh Christine youve made my day already ^_^

  68. too pink and glittery for me– I feel like I’d end up looking like a disco queen! hehe

  69. ileana

    i was trying to choose and now i want them all =/

  70. Melissa

    Love them all! When does this collection come out?

  71. NFRIBEIRO720


  72. Zinnia

    must have them all

  73. Samantha

    Interesting. Looking forward to your swatches and your review on these, especially your opinion on similarities with previous mineralize blushes.

  74. Amal

    *gasp* these..are..pretty..must..have’em..all

  75. babicsek

    OMG can’t wait for the swatches,the center top one looks so good:D

  76. Heather

    Odd question, but have this already been released in Asia? Because I was looking at the Japanese MAC site, and this are already listed in the “What’s New” section, along with “All Ages…” and “In the Studio”.

    • How funny! A reader right after you commented that they did in Japan!

      • Heather

        lol Awesome.
        I’m going to the MAC in Umeda on Saturday to check them out. The promo pic and glosses look so pretty… I have so many mineralized blushes, I shouldn’t buy anymore, but I think I will check them out anyway. (^_^)

  77. april

    these babies came out here today in Japan, they are all very pretty!!!

  78. kfm

    hm… i’ll have to judge from swatches or seeing them live, but none of them blow me away. the pink/ peach one at the top and maybe the one just to the right of it. is it possible i have too many blushes already?

  79. omo

    Two virtues is actually the one am waiting for. Didnt see it yet but thats the only one am getting. Thanks Christine for all you do for us

  80. bhie

    will you be swatching two virtues too? love them already :)

  81. Tantawan

    The one on the top looks gorgeous!

  82. Marcela

    Maybe its just me, but I honestly did not like the design on the blush, don’t know why, just didn’t like it. From all the blushes, I really liked the top one with the pink and light yellow. I hope these blushes have better color payoff than the Mineralize duo blush, I got Moon River from that collection and I totally regret it was awful.

  83. i got mine today! its out in australia already!!!

    came out today

    soooo was not expecting it! got the baby pink liner, the nude liner

    light pink blush, purple blush

    and richer lushes cremesheen LG.

    i am SO SO SO SO happy with these buys!!

  84. mileena

    Why is this not out in Canada yet? Not fair!

  85. just FYI to anyone wanting the top one in this picture, its extremely light. i am NW15, and it only adds a shimmer to my skin, but no colour. in saying that it is an awesome highlighter though :)

  86. glitter princess