Thursday, March 4th, 2010

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Double Dare, Richer Lusher, Partial to Pink, Just Superb (x2),
Fashion Scoop, Deelight, Over Indulgence, Boy Bait

MAC Too Fabulous: Cremesheen Glass Reviews, Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

Cremesheen Glass is a creamy, milkier kind of gloss that’s creamy without being overly thick. Cremesheen glass is vanilla-scented and a non-sticky gloss that tends to be sheerer when applied to lips. I was pleasantly surprised to see a few more pigmented shades included in the launch (and now added to the permanent range, from what I have been told), like Double Dare. These are packaged in the lengthened tube like Dazzleglass, and they don’t contain nearly as much product as traditional lipglass and lustreglass do (0.08 oz. vs. 0.17 oz.) and are $4 more.

Update: Loud & Lovely review, photos, swatches, and so forth now included! :) 3/4/10

My favorites are Double Dare and Richer, Lusher! What are yours?

Cremesheen Glass ($18.00)

  • Partial to Pink is a yellow-pink with subtle gold shimmer. On my lips, it looks like a milky baby pink with decent coverage but still a bit sheer. This is a repromoted shade.
  • Double Dare is a slightly toned-down creamy red with no real shimmer. Once applied, it looks like an almost coral-red with a very glossy finish. Kind of makes me think “juicy.”
  • Just Superb is a neutral pink that might lean just a smidgen blue-pink, but it’s fairly neutral. It looks a lot like Partial to Pink, but more muted, on my lips.
  • Richer, Lusher is a creamy, peach coral. Despite looking so rich when swatched on skin, once on my lips, it gives them a very light, pinky-peach look, but definitely nothing like the tube!
  • Fashion Scoop is a sheer, shimmered icy blue-pink. When I applied this to my lips, it gave me a paler, milkier pink lip with noticeable shimmer (this is one of the more shimmery shades of Cremesheen Glass). This is a repromoted shade.
  • Over Indulgence is a creamy, kind of milky, slightly warmed-up brown. Though it looks rather brown in the swatch, on my lips it’s surprisingly wearable–it’s like a muted peachy-brown on my lips.
  • Boy Bait is a creamy peachy nude. I know this is a favorite amongst fans of Cremesheen Glass, but it doesn’t do much on my lips — kind of a creamy look, but seems to emphasize my lip lines. This is a repromote.
  • Deelight is a milky, muted plum. This looks very natural on my lips, because my lips are naturally a pinked plum with a little bit of corpse thrown in.
  • Loud & Lovely is a brightened medium-deep pink that goes on semi-sheer–it’s not an opaque gloss (I was kind of anticipating coverage like Double Dare), but it does give more color than the average Cremesheen Glass.

See more photos, swatches, & lip swatches!

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Double Dare, Richer Lusher, Partial to Pink, Just Superb (x2), Fashion Scoop

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Just Superb (x2), Fashion Scoop, Deelight, Over Indulgence, Boy Bait

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Loud & Lovely

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Partial to Pink, Double Dare, Just Superb

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Double Dare, Just Superb, Richer Lusher

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Fashion Scoop, Over Indulgence, Boy Bait

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Loud & Lovely

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass:

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Partial to Pink Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Partial to Pink Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Double Dare Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Double Dare Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Just Superb Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Just Superb Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Richer, Lusher Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Richer, Lusher Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Over Indulgence Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Over Indulgence Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Deelight Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Deelight Cremesheen Glass

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Loud & Lovely

MAC Too Fabulous Collection
MAC Cremesheen Glass: Loud & Lovely

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134 thoughts on “MAC Too Fabulous: Cremesheen Glass Reviews, Photos, Swatches, Lip Swatches

  1. i have richer lusher! my local mac ACCIDENTLY put these out for sale a week early. so i went in on the one day they were selling. the next day they took it all off the counters haha. luckily i got;
    Richer lushes LG
    Two Virtues Blush
    Rhapsody in two Blush
    the pale pink & nude lipliners.

    overall i think the pale pink lipliner stands out best to me.

    i think ill NEED over indulgence LG though, and even partial to pink.

  2. Sixx

    Would you say the creamier/milky lipglasses are similar to these?

  3. Sarah

    I’ve been looking for a substitute for my HG nude lipgloss, Poetic License from the holiday collection, and it looks like Richer, Lusher might work. I’m not sure if it would have the right opacity on me though, which is my favorite thing about Poetic License to begin with. I guess I’ll just have to check them out for myself to find out XD

    • Yeah, I think the coverage on these can vary from person to person – because a lot of these barely show up on me and a lot of the pinky shades tend to look very similar on me (to the point where I have to make sure I photograph the labels so I don’t get confused later on!).

    • Dorothy

      I had the same problem – poetic license is my absolute favourite and i was looking for something similar. And I actually found something – “Florabundance”, from the permanent mac collection! have you tried that? it’s slightly more pink, but still, almost a dupe, opacity the same.

  4. Cassandra

    These colors are gorgeous! BTW, thanks for the hard work you put in for us to see these products…

  5. Alex

    double dare and over indulgance are the only ones worth the money for me!!! love your swatches…thanks! i especially love that we have the same coloring so you have NEVER steared me wrong!!!! i usually just get whatever is on your must haves list and have yet to be disappointed. Thanks for all your hard work!

  6. toy

    I am going to get richer, lusher it looks more coral on your hand and more nude/pink on your lips for some reason, I’m still looking forward to it

  7. selena


    • Meghann

      I totally agree with you. I’ll be passing on this collection which is great because Forecast put a hole in my wallet.

  8. Aww they don’t have Petite Indulgence :( That was my first MAC glass and I loved it! But I would give Double Dare a try πŸ˜€

  9. K

    Oooh la la! I’m loving Double Dare!

  10. Roxanne

    I really like Double Dare on you, as well as Over Indulgence and Deelight!

  11. Anitacska

    These are just blah to me. However, I have just bought 3 longwear lipcolours (Lishious, Jazzy Razz and Durashell). They were completely sold out of Night Rose though. :( It’s not even on the website.

  12. vicky!

    i love how double dare looks on your lips! i’m not a lipgloss person, so can you recommend a lipstick colour equivalent to double dare? thanks!

    • Maybe Brave Red… though I think it might be redder.

    • Ellie

      Double Dare from the swatch looks like Benefit Silky Lipstick in Rocket Pop but then Benefit l/t lasts like 5 minutes for me and I have not tried Double Dare yet.

      Thanks always for the great swatches!

  13. I tried to love these, but they just wear off way too soon

  14. shontay

    I think I’ll just buy Double Dare. I hear a lot of women with darker complexions raving about Boy Bait, but I don’t see what the big deal is.

    • Meghann

      I agree with you. I would be NC44/45 but it doesn’t match up perfectly so I use Bobbi Brown. I put on Boy Bait, it’s a nice color but it doesn’t last long. It’s just ok for me.

    • Rosa Napoleon

      I like to wear boybait with a brown lip liner. It is great nude look. I will most likely get double dare. The color is so pretty.

  15. Mya

    Nothing really catching my eye here.. I guess that’s a good thing for my wallet πŸ˜›

  16. Trina

    Something doesn’t amek sense with your labels of the products. It seems like in all three of the pictures you have one more lipglass then you do labels.

    Am I reading it wrong?


  17. Ryan

    Hm can these be built up to be more pigmented? They seem very sheer and not at all what I was expecting. But im still going to get deelight (=

  18. ezzie

    i LOVEE double dare!!

  19. Double dare is actually the only one that I like. But I like it a lot which makes me want to buy it as soon as possible. Not good. πŸ˜€

  20. t_zwiggy

    These are perfect for me. I am very pale, so I’ve always had trouble finding lip glosses that are sheer and pale enough. A lot of shades that look pale and nude on most other people look dark on me. Getting the lightest ones for sure!

  21. amy

    Double Dare is gorgeous!

  22. Joanna

    Hi Christine:

    When you say non-sticky and sheer, how does these compare to Lipgelee?

    • They have the same non-sticky-ness as Lipgelees, but they’re way thinner, not so “gel-y”, haha.

      Sheerness is on par with most of the lipgelees (the ones from Lillyland being odd men out).

  23. Rosanna

    They are so sheer! They pretty much look all the same on your lips except for Double Dare and Over Indulgence. Not for me. =P

    • Be

      Most of them look the same to me too! I thought I was missing something…not sure they’re worth $18.

  24. This my favorite of MAC lipglass :)

  25. Casey

    Double Dare looks the best on you Christine!
    This would be a nice running out the door gloss…hehe.
    I may pass on these but if I change my mind it’ll be Double Dare.

  26. KateΒ M.

    Double Dare is sooooo pretty!! The rest are pretty but they seem so similar and pale…

    Thanks for the swatches!! =)

    • Shasa

      yea! double dare is gorgeous! i thought richer, lusher looked beautiful in the tube but it shows up so sheer :(

  27. Jordan

    Over Indulgence really made your lips look extra-healthy! I wonder if it would do the same for me?

  28. amelia

    yayy thankyou for thesse so much! i’m definitely getting a cremesheen…. fashion scooop or boy bait πŸ˜‰

  29. Lydia

    My favorite is deelight!

  30. Definitely want Boy Bait!

  31. Kalee

    i will have to get fashion scoop, i love colors like that. but im in no rush considering they are now perm.

    dont you wish they brought back the dazzleglass cremes?
    that would be nice.

  32. Fie

    I can’t wait for these to arrive in Malaysia. I’ve always loved Creamsheens and prefer them than Lipglasses and Dazzleglass.

  33. Melissa (divinem)

    I’m glad I bought Boy Bait right before they discont’d it for a repromote (just weeks ago!). That is ridiculous marketing. I’m [almost] so over MAC and their marketing, and I only discovered them 6 months ago.

  34. Melissa (divinem)

    BTW, the Boy Bait I purchased [in late January] smells like vanilla. I have a hard time believing it’s been reformulated. I’ll bet if I purchased a Boy Bait in the new packaging, the consistency/smell would be the same.

  35. i do love these, but i gotta say, i do love the glasses much better

  36. Ani_BEE

    I love the Cremesheen Glass formula but the shades this time are not appealing to me. I wish there was a more saturated pink like Double Dare in this lineup. Nice to see Boy Bait back but I wanted to see Petite Indulgence again. Richer Lusher I was hoping for it to be more coral/peach in pigmentation :(

  37. kim v.

    yum! i love milky creamy texture! especially because my lips dont do well with glitter!

  38. Andrea

    I’m getting fashion scoop its my everyday gloss over top of ysl # 7 lingerie pink or my lady gaga.. I really do hope these are permanent. I’m also planing to get boy bait & I might posably get a few more, I just have to see them in person.

  39. Tiffany

    holy crap! I can’t believe how sheer these are! :(

  40. I really hate hos MAC keep decreasing the amount of product in their packaging. I LOVE the cremesheen glasses, but I run out of product waaay too fast!
    I’m just waiting for the regular lipglasses to get new packaging as wel, ugh!

  41. Denise

    Seems like double dare is the only one worth bothering with. They all pretty much look the same.

  42. Hey Christine, will you be swatching the lip liners? :)

  43. ModeCrazyMakeUpOn

    Wow thanks! I was wondering which one to buy. I live in France so I have time to choose (we currently have all ages, … in store right now. Tuesday will be color forecast and the 2 new viva glam lipsticks only on 04/01! O_O Can’t wait. But thanks to you I now know that I’ll get double dare (was thinking richer lusher at first but hell no double dare it’ll be haha)

  44. Tiffany

    All the pale ones look so similar. ):
    I do love double dare though πŸ˜€

  45. Catherine

    I own one Cremesheen Glass in Petit Indulgence and I absolutely love it. I’d love to get more, but it feels like too much of a rip off to me for the amount of product you get. Blah.

  46. Alexis

    Pre-ordered Richer and Lusher – now I’m re-thinking the other one I ordered, Partial to Pink. Would you say it’s similiar to Ample Pink (plushglass)? I’m in a milky pink phase but I don’t need another one! And i do love the texture of these? Double Dare is very pretty too – hmmm…got some thinking to do!

    • Ample Pink may be a little cooler? Maybe. They’re similar, but I’m not sure how Ample Pink looks worn on lips (I don’t own it, and it’s been so long since I’ve tried it on!).

      • Alexis

        You helped plenty!! Thanks for saving me $18 unless I decide to go with another shade hahahaha – it never ends!

  47. Carrie

    Thanks for posting this. I was wondering about these new Chremesheens. I really like Boy Bait and I was interested in Richer, Lusher. Now I definitely want to get it. :)

  48. leanne

    Christine do you happen to know what lip products were worn on the Mac promo image for this collection, of the 2 women? I read somewhere that it was Angel and a cremesheen..

    • I asked MAC but no response yet!

    • Casey

      It looks like the models are wearing the “Fashion Scoop” Gloss from this collection as well as the “Two Virtues” Blush. I’m not sure what they’re wearing under the gloss…hmmm. Any ideas?

    • Elysia

      I asked them and they said that they applied fashion scoop creamsheen over the lightest lipliner color in the too fabulous collection (I can’t remember the name of it). They said they just colored the whole lip with the pencil, and went over it with the gloss.

      • Jess

        I got the same level of color and lightness with Naked pencil (that’s the lightest one) with Richer, Lusher over it, but coral instead of pink.

        It looked fabulous with Sun and Moon blush/ Rhapsody in Two highlighter.

        Photos don’t do this sparkly cheek, milky lip combo justice.

  49. Shannon

    I adore Double Dare!!!!! :)

  50. aradhana

    christine, i may have missed this post, but will you be reviewing the liners that are part of this collection as well?

  51. Chloe

    Would you say that Partial to Pink is similar to Perfectly Unordinary Dazzleglass Creme?
    Thanks :)

  52. I find it strange that you have Just Superb pictured so many times… but otherwise I’m really glad you posted this! Can’t wait to see them in person.

  53. Double Dare is MINE!!!

  54. Z

    Oh my poor wallet! I just bought all these colors and 3 of the lip liners! The lip liner that is nude can be applied almost like the lip erase to wash out your lip color! I’m in love with the lip liners!

  55. slick

    I love Cremesheens, I will be buying ALL of these! I have fairly small and thin lips that I don’t usually like to draw attention to, so light and sheer colors work well for me :) I love Cremesheens specifically because they are sheer and non-sticky. And even though there is less product in the tubes, they still last a long time for me. These along with the cream-formula Lipglasses are my HGs!

  56. Cathy

    is it just me or does the loud & lovely look almost identical to the petite indulgence from the cream team collection from last year that came out with lickable and lavender whip??

    I am undecided on if i want richer lusher of if i should skip…i was hoping it would come out brighter than what is shown…christine do you think this is a must have?? Also, these are all permanent now right? So even if i want it, i wont really need to run out and get them?

    • I’d say it’s a little deeper and more pigmented (at least on my lips), but they are similar! :)

      I personally don’t think these are amazinggg awesomeness worth $18 unless you really LOVE the formula. As far as I know, all the Cremesheen Glasses are supposed to be permanent (the blushes and all but Chestnut lip pencils are LE!).

      • Cathy

        Thanks for the information Christine! I will save my money for Liberty of London next week then!! I am in love with Ever Hip lipstick and will probably buy 3 of them…lol

        Also, with comparing loud & lovely to the recent true babe lipglass from Riveting collection, which one would you recommend as being a better buy? I decided that I will get either one or the other since they are both blue pinks.

  57. amy

    Double Dare and Loud and Lovely are both very pretty. I like that they are creamy and pigmented.

  58. stephanie

    Loud and Lovely is like True Babe’s cousin. I love it!

  59. allison

    I read on another forum that Double Dare looked a lot like VG Cyndi. I looked at them together in the store today and they are very similar in color. To tell the truth I like Double Dare better.

  60. gabriella

    deelight reminds me of ample pink plush glass, plus there’s plumper in plushglass … plus it’s got more product(over double)than cremesheen glasses… which are about as sticky as plushglass in MY opinion :P!!! yay

  61. Elysia

    Christine, Do you have any product recommendations on how to get similar lips to those in the picture MAC has on their website (of the two girls for “too fabulous”)?. I just love light lips!

  62. Michele

    Double Dare I kind of like but overall I’ll pass on them as I prefer a lipstick with a “gloss” over it and have a ton already.

  63. Andrea

    I just bought 2 fashion scoops.. because that is my holy grail lipgloss.. but the MA said that fashion scoop wasent going to be permanent… I hope she was not right lol

  64. Carol

    would u say that fashion scoop is similar to turkish delight? if not, which 1 is most similar?

  65. iliang25

    this looks too milky for my taste..good for my wallet!!

  66. Ellie

    I think I’ll get Fashion Scoop after I run out of my Babysparks.

  67. Jess

    I was pretty meh about these, but I went into the main MAC store in L.A. today to take a look, and lemme tell you, they make a gorgeous fresh look combined with the sparkly mineralized blushes.

    I tried out Richer Lusher over the nude lip pencil with Sun & Moon blush/Rhapsody in Two used as highligher and it really looked excellent on my pale cool skin/ dark hair/ green eyes. I wound up buying the blush and a few lip pencils, but held off on the lip gloss. I think I’ll wind up getting Richer, Lusher and Fashion Scoop when I go back next week for Liberty of London, if the LoL lipsticks don’t quite do it (or maybe even if they do!)

    ONE THING – they told me the Cremesheens are also LE, rather than permanent, as I assumed. I’m not sure what is up, but it’d be a shame if they were LE.

  68. Noelle

    Christine, I’m so confused! Are these permanent now or not? I have been so excited for these, because I thought I could quit stocking up on them! Please tell me they are here to stay…

  69. Loud & Lovely and Double Dare are the only ones that actually show up well on your lips. The others are visible, yes, but they all look quite the same?
    Anyway, I don’t like Cremesheen Glasses, to expensive and it’s not such a great product. :)

  70. I have the partial to pink, richer lusher, and loud and lovely, and by far the loud and lovely is my favorite although the richer lusher is pretty too it almost looks like that gloss on the Tarina Tarantino editorial on me but slightly on the yellow side instead of red side anyway I love them all its hard to pick.

  71. Jennifer S.

    Thank you for a great review. I have the two from the Holiday launch and was able to trim my list down by your swatches as usual. All of your hard work and time really means something to us, thanks again. I have been able to save time and money, myself, in product and less time wasted at the counter by your reviews and swatches alone! I mentioned your blog to the counter manager and she reads it as well which helps us find a starting point for my appointments.

  72. Krys

    hey christine…i see you got a hold of loud & lovely…yay… so what is the dif between it and petite indulgence? and thanx for the swatches!! it helps so much!!

  73. Just bought Loud and Lovely at MA. It feels like butter on my lips and I like that the colour can be distinct and can be darker if you layer it on. I think I might put this over my Viva Glam Gaga lipstick…

  74. Mzjoozy

    i love this formula..i have finished two partial to pink and i am absolutely crazy over it!!!i have gazillions of lip glosses but these stole my heart and im ecstatic that they will be permanent!!YAY

  75. Ashley

    Geez, look at all the neutral pinks. Way too similar to have together in one collection. WTF are they thinking? I have Boy Bait and Ever Rich Cremesheen Glasses and they are not pigmented enough for the price. I agree with previous comments. Just put clear gloss over a lipstick and don’t waste your money on these.

  76. Erin

    Are all the cremesheen glasses permanent?

  77. Boy Bait is so pretty over creme cup lipstick!

  78. Carolina S

    I have deelight and it looks very pretty on me.. do you know what lip liner will go good with this color

  79. angeljen149

    I LOVE Double Dare on you, hun! What a gorgeous, polished spring shade :)

  80. christina

    christine, how did you get double dare to look so sheer and juicy?
    i bought double dare and its literally like a liquid lipstick on me!

  81. Alison

    This one has a beautiful finish. Tempting!

  82. Fiona

    Hi, does anyone know a good dupe by MAC for Fashion Scoop? I LOVE it and am almost out but apparently it’s not going to be perm where I am :(

  83. DEE

    what would you guys say is the best lipglass cremesheen, or any other lipglass, to pair on top of most lipsticks?
    something universal and versatile to put on top of other mac lipsticks. Mostly nude ones.

  84. margo

    “richer,lusher” was the color the chat line from mac told me was a good substitute for the superglass “gift wrap” color. I explained I wanted a similar color sans glitter.

  85. Heidi

    When I browse the MAC website, I always pull up your site to look at swatches and I saw your description for Deelight, it was funny…your lips aren’t corpse-y at all!. :)

  86. Bell_A

    Hi, I just bought Loud & Lovely and wanted to know what lipliner i can combine it with?
    It’s just a great color!