Friday, May 7th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection

MAC to the Beach Sneak Peek!  I mean… Faux Peek!

I might not be able to give you a true-and-blue sneak peek, but here’s a faux peek instead. MAC’s To the Beach Collection includes several repromoted/permanent shades, and since I do own a few of those, here are photos and swatches of those products. Just to be clear, none of the products shown are in the limited edition packaging of the actual collection. I don’t own Golden Bronzer or Rosemary & Thyme Eyeliner, but both of these are also permanent shades.

Please know that if I haven’t posted swatches or photos, it’s because I don’t have the products–sometimes I get press samples early, but many times I purchase the products myself when they’re available for sale.   Trust me, I wouldn’t hold back from you! :)

  • Hipness Blush is a soft pink with a hint of coral with a smooth finish–very satiny, not shimmery. It was originally released with the Fafi and MAC collaboration.
  • Refined Golden Bronzer is a dirty brown with a very fine golden shimmer strewn through the powder that’s barely noticeable when used. I don’t find it turns orange-y at all, so I like it for a bronzing option. It’s dark enough to work on light to medium dark complexions, but it’s not so dark that it will look drastic on lighter skin tones. This is a permanent product, but I have it because it was released with Style Warriors. (Which also released Solar Riche as the second bronzer in that collection, whereas To the Beach features Golden, also a permanent bronzing shade.)
  • Shimmermoss Eyeshadow is a darkened aqua-teal with a frosty sheen. It’s part of MAC’s permanent line, and it’s definitely one of my favorite eyeshadows, too. It’s a shade I think everyone who loves colors and MAC should own. If you depot your products or don’t care about the special packaging, you can snag it in pan form and save a few bucks.
  • Humid Eyeshadow is a darkened green with a yellow undertone and slight golden sheen. Like Shimmermoss, it’s a permanent shade, but it’s a classic shade, too. It’s soft, smooth, and has great color pay off. Humid is a must for green fiend like myself!
  • Thrills Lipstick is a stunning combination of red-rose and amber-bronze shimmer/frost. It’s a shade you just don’t see often. The only shade that comes close is nearly three times the price–La Prairie’s Rose Bronze (but that’s much pinker, rosier; same effect, but the base color is stronger). This originally launched with Rushmetal, way back in 2007. I don’t even have to see anything else from To the Beach to tell you this is a must-have from it, though. It’s AMAZING!
  • Pink Rebel Lustre Drops is a slightly pink-toned peach highlighter. Lustre Drops are, essentially, liquid highlighters. You can use them on your cheeks, brows, decolletage… whatever. You can mix it in with your foundation or moisturizer for an all-over sheen. Naturally, this one suits those with pinker undertones, but it can easily work with warmer complexions as well.  Lustre Drops debuted in Style Warriors last year.
  • Sun Rush Lustre Drops is a golden peach highlighter. This one is definitely more suitable for those with warmer undertones, but if used sheerly (which is really the best way to use these anyway), it’s not so warm that it would turn orange on cooler undertones.

Availability: May 27th, 2010 in-store, May 24th or 25th for online; Unveiling parties on May 18th at select locations

Let’s get a list going of unveilings happening around the country on May 18th…  Comment if you know of any stores that are :)

  • MAC @ El Segundo, El Segundo, CA
  • MAC @ Hillsdale Mall, San Mateo, CA
  • MAC @ Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA
  • MAC @ Bridgeport Village, Portland, OR
  • MAC @ Uptown, Albuquerque, NM
  • MAC @ The Parks, Arlington, TX
  • MAC @ The Domain, Austin, TX
  • MAC @ Nordstrom Stone Briar Mall, Dallas, TX (5/22)
  • MAC @ Hennepin, Minneapolis, MN
  • MAC @ King of Prussia, PA
  • MAC @ Natick, Natick, MA
  • MAC @ Smithaven Mall, Lake Grove, NY
  • MAC @ Montague, Brooklyn, NY
  • MAC @ 125th Street, Harlem, NY
  • MAC @ Columbus, NYC, NY
  • MAC @ Gardens, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  • MAC @ Kingsway, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • MAC @ Robson, Vancouver, Canada
  • MAC @ Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

See more photos & swatches!

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Hipness Blush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Refined Golden Bronzer

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Shimmermoss Eyeshadow

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Humid Eyeshadow

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lustre Drops: Pink Rebel, Sun Rush

MAC To the Beach Collection
Hipness Blush / Refined Golden Bronzer

MAC To the Beach Collection
Shimmermoss, Humid Eyeshadows

MAC To the Beach Collection
Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
Thrills Lipstick

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lustre Drops: Sun Rush

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Pink Rebel, Sun Rush Lustre Drops

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Pink Rebel Lustre Drops

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270 thoughts on “MAC to the Beach Sneak Peek…

  1. MAC @ Gardens Palm Beach Gardens, FL

  2. Mary Ann

    Hipness looks AMAZING! I am def. getting this!

  3. anja

    This is very helpful. Thank you! I’m planning on trying to resist temptation, but hipness and thrills both look beautiful.

  4. Leidy

    I’m so sad. I posted comments earlier and they didn’t make it up. I was wondering what can be expected at these sneak parties. I was invited and am very excited!

  5. Leidy

    Sneak Peek part at MAC in NYC, NY Harlem USA store location on 125th street!

  6. Rosie

    Is Hipness blush at all similar to Instant Chic blush?

  7. MAC @ The Parks Mall in Arlington TX

  8. liz

    I don’t like the lipstick. It would look nicer if it had a lighter gold tone to it. I feel like it overpowers the pretty coral shade.

  9. PJ

    Christine thank you so much for these swatches. You rock and I always come to your site before buying ANYTHING. Thanks also for answering the question about High Beam vs. Pink Rebel. I use High Beam all the time, so might just go with Sun Rush. I don’t wear MAC foundation but I’m closest to a NW40. I hope Hipness, Sun Rush, and the Highlight Powder work out for me! Lastly, anyone know of a viewing around the DC/Northern VA area??

  10. WOOT! Yay, an unveiling at Robson in Vancouver, Canada!

  11. Jenn

    Wow! I thought this collection would be a pass for me, but apparently not after seeing your swatches. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you put into this, Christine! It’s definitely much appreciated! :)

  12. JenniferZ

    I like your “faux peek” idea! With collections coming out almost every week, anything that helps me edit my purchases/sober up my lemmings before the products hit stores is really appreciated. Thanks!

  13. Joyce

    Humid, Shimmermoss and mac 131 brush is a must for me. The mac 131 brush came out last summer and passed on it. I have regretted it ever since.

  14. Ali

    thrills lipstick is absolutely GORGEOUS on you

  15. the hipness blush and marine life highlighter are the only thing that catches my eye. I’m excited for it to come out though :) x

  16. & how do you think the hipness blush compares to MAC Style? x

  17. Christine! You are so awesome! Don’t feel like your a failure! You even provide swatches for us to decide what we want in collections and see if our lists grown bigger or smaller. Even though as much as I want to go to the unveiling party for this collection, I decided to save up big for this collection as well as a trip to LA next month.

  18. Jywoi

    It’s weird that Europe gets it first, most of the time, half of the collections are not even sold in France! Well, almost all the products are out of stock, including Thrills, I really want it!!

    Thank you for the sneak peek!

  19. Veronica

    This collection already looks amazing…I can’t wait to see it in person. I’m definitely picking up the blush and the bronzer and probably the Lustre Drops (in both shades).

    Thank you so much for the “faux peek”, Christine!

  20. Wilcoa

    I wasn’t planning on buying any lippies, but Thrills looks so nice! Can’t believe I missed it before!

  21. Angela


  22. Freya

    How come this collection has already been released in the uk? Usually we get all the collections later…

  23. Tiffany

    just wondering do i need an invite to go the unveiling? or can anyone go?

  24. Jaimee

    There is an unveiling May 18 at MAC Montague Street, Brooklyn, NY

  25. Val

    Hi Christine! Do you think Refined Golden and Hipness are ideal matches for my NW20 skintone? How does Hipness compare to Benefit’s Sugarbomb?

    • I think Hipness for sure, Refined Golden you may want to try in person. Sugarbomb is lighter, has more shimmer, and is a little more peach.

  26. Kelly

    i need that pink rebel lustre drop! thanks for the swatches!

  27. Quennie

    I was invited to a launch event at MAC Harlem in NY.

  28. Jessie

    yaayyy i recently received an invitation from kingway mall MAC and i guess i have to go go go lol
    thank you darling u r great :)

  29. Tricia

    Thank you for this “sneak” peek! I might pass on this collection though…although Hipness looks amazing. I was wondering, how does it compare to Benefit Coralista? They look very similar & I’m looking for something a bit more peachy than Coralista.

    • It’s not really peachier than Coralista, IMO! Instant Chic (from Pret-a-Papier) is peachier, but it’s so sheer :/ Maybe you’d like Gilda or Gina by NARS?

  30. i love how you show your face for your lipstick swatches now! it is very helpful :)

  31. Kara

    Christine, i called king of prussia to invite myself & the girl told me they arent doing a party anymore of the 18th! Last week they told they were & received an email.

  32. Rhianna

    Can you go to an event without an invite?

  33. Ayesha

    Oh wow… I love Thrills! I’m NC37, do you think it would suit me? xx

  34. Kristen

    love the pink rebel lustre drops! is it a really small bottle, or do they last long?!

  35. Eda

    Oooo… I REALLY want thrills lipstick now!

  36. Joy

    MAC @ Metrotown, Burnaby, BC, Canada has sneak peak on the 18th