Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection

MAC To the Beach Collection — Sneak Peek, Part II

I have a dental appointment in literally forty-five minutes, so I’m going to try and get as MUCH as I can manage out, but please excuse any mistakes in labeling, shoddy photography, and the like. I wanted to give you guys the inside scoop before I went off to the dentist, but these just arrived a half hour ago. Will be posting a few things individually, some things together… just kind of based on what I can get done! Ready, set, go!

See group shots…

MAC To the Beach Collection

MAC To the Beach Collection

MAC To the Beach Collection

MAC To the Beach Collection

MAC To the Beach Collection

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62 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Collection — Sneak Peek, Part II

  1. Jasmine

    WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!? Please have swatches and reviews up very very soon!

  2. Wendy

    Nice! Can’t wait to see swatches. 😀

  3. GretalovesMAC

    LOVE IT!!!!

  4. GretalovesMAC

    please tell your dentist to HURRY!!! LOL

  5. Shannon

    Thanks for the preview Christine:)I’ve been really excited for this collection..can’t wait until the swatches and review!!

  6. I don’t care much for the packaging, but Marine Life – thou shall be mine! 😀

  7. Rawrzellers

    Okay I’m hooked now, the packaging looks much better in real life, soooo shiny I love the orange compact bronzer. I MUST HAVE!

  8. Cherie

    Ha! I went to the dentist today too :)

    Thanks for posting the sneak peek! I can’t wait to see the reviews :)

  9. Kaylynrenee

    (in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice)

  10. jind

    can u pls do the lip swatch for lipstick and lipgloss…

  11. HC


  12. JEN

    man i really can’t wait until this comes out. i already have an appt that day with one of my fave makeup artists at MAC to pick up some things. i’m definitely going in the morning to pick up some stuff. the bronze oil is a must for me! hey christine, have you ever tried the face and body foundation in a glittery bronzey color. i think it came out with a special collection in the same bottle as the lustre drops. it is gorgeous! hopefully the bronze oil does the same effect.

  13. Phoebe

    Hi Christine! I love you for doing this!.. keep us updated all the time. Many thanks!

  14. moniquer

    its weird the color they chose for the nail polish! i thought this was a summer collection haha- but seems interesting- like a true olive green.

  15. Sandra

    Christine you are amazing!!!

  16. Kim

    Don’t worry about the dentist….we can wait!! :)

  17. Claudia

    i pre ordered mine on monday. ahhh im excited. i think i need to add the high light powder too lol thanks christine ;]

  18. OMG! There are freaking gorgeous…I can’t wait to see the swatches. Pls post it very very soon. Hehe.

  19. I’ve already ordered (and received) Marine Life highlight powder, Hipness blush, Thrills lipstick and Splashing lipglass, and I’m going to my local counter tomorrow morning to check out the other lipsticks and lipglasses and the eyeshadows, plus Get Away Bronze blush. :)

  20. caleigh

    I really want to start my mac collection off with this a lot from this collection

  21. starr

    omgsh!! you are amazing i cant wait to hear your opinion on the products!! :)

  22. Vaness


  23. I absolutely love the seahorse poweder!! What a great idea again! God save M.A.C :)

  24. Natalia

    Wow, thank you, Christine! You’re a marvel!

  25. Sass


  26. Hannah

    Is that a greeeen nail varnish?!! :)

  27. Christine,
    I love ya girl, we can wait while you tend to your real life needs 😛 But OOOH the sound of waves is all I can hear now. Thanks for going the extra mile!

  28. Yes, I’ve been waiting for these. (:

  29. Krystin

    Do u knw if any stores are doin presales?? I dont want to miss out on that highlighter!!!!

  30. SusyLovesMac

    LOVE IT! No rush Christine! You always do a wonderful job with your reviews! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the seahorse highlighting powder!

  31. Carrie

    Thanks for posting this. I wasn’t sure about that Lipglass, but the color looks so interesting in your photos. I’m DYING to get my hands on this collection. =)

  32. Jessica

    how do you get most stuff so early before its released to the public? and do you still have to buy most of this stuff? just wondering because im jealous! lol

    • Hi Jessica — these are samples from MAC PR.

      But yes, I do buy a lot of it – I have a $700 order pending at Bloomingdale’s in an attempt to get the products as early as possible to review on the blog.

      • Raffaele

        Hey Christine,

        I am not sure if this question was asked before, but the PRO discount does not apply to the “To The Beach Collection” either since it has a special packaging, right?

        Is there any way for us PRO members to find out on or anywhere else if it is or not. Meaning does it say this somewhere specifically?

        Just making sure how much money I need to get lol.

  33. Fernanda Harmony

    I am really, really depressive now.
    If it doesn’t arrive in Brazil very soon, i’ll kill myself! =PPP

  34. Fernanda Harmony

    correcting the my last comment:


  35. Tiffany

    hope ur visit to the dentist goes well!

  36. Hi Christine,

    I was wondering what the color looked like on the “beach Bound” lipstick. I actually haven’t bought any coral lipstick from the last collection, because I wanted the packaging of this collection. Let me know it’s worth it!!

    Thanks so much for the hard work you put yourself through in order to give us all this valuable information, I totally appreciate it!!

    • never mind christine, I’ve just seen the swatches….I have to rush to Macys tomorrow to see if I can grab a coral lipstick from the Pret-a-Papier collection still….:)

  37. Shay

    Why is mac so mean? i will have No money after this haul of goodies!

  38. Christine

    Awww… i want free makeup sent to me too =(

  39. ilona

    Hey Christine,
    any idea if we can back to mac for the lipglosses/lipsticks?

      • MsKia

        No you can’t. I recently did a Back2MAC like a month ago and I couldn’t get the lipsticks from one of the collection because of the special packaging. I could only get the ones that didn’t have the special packaging so only the ones in the black packaging from MAC and it could be from other collections or the permanent line.

        • I know that you can’t B2M for licensed packaging – e.g. Liberty of London, where MAC doesn’t own or 100% own the print used on it.

  40. fernanda

    i dont have money!!

  41. Don’t worry. Weren’t taking long at all. Very grateful that you actually DO this for us. Thanks for squeezing in whatever you can. I’ve been looking for some good swatches ALL day but have only mainly found videos and I rather get pictures! Thanks again. =)

  42. Wowies! Ur making me excited for this collection :)