Thursday, May 13th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Lustre Drops: Pink Rebel, Sun Rush

MAC To the Beach Collection – Lustre Drops Review, Photos, & Swatches

Lustre Drops are like puff paints (the kind you’d use in crafts).  They’re tiny, but a little goes a long way.  I like these mixed with moisturizer and used on shoulders and legs.  They can be used on the face, though, and I like using it as a shimmered base for a blush or along the cheek bones.

  • Pink Rebel Lustre Drops is a slightly pink-toned peach highlighter. Lustre Drops are, essentially, liquid highlighters. You can use them on your cheeks, brows, decolletage… whatever. You can mix it in with your foundation or moisturizer for an all-over sheen. Naturally, this one suits those with pinker undertones, but it can easily work with warmer complexions as well.
  • Sun Rush Lustre Drops is a golden peach highlighter. This one is definitely more suitable for those with warmer undertones, but if used sheerly (which is really the best way to use these anyway), it’s not so warm that it would turn orange on cooler undertones.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Pink Rebel Lustre Drops

MAC To the Beach Collection
MAC Sun Rush Lustre Drops

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58 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Collection – Lustre Drops Review, Photos, & Swatches

  1. Christina


    I originally wanted Pink Rebel and I saw you use it in one of your looks and it looked lovely.
    Seeing how we are both NC25, which do you prefer, Pink Rebel or Sun Rush?

  2. Christina

    Okay thanks, I still have a bit of time to make my decision, maybe I’ll get both? Lol.

  3. Milessa

    What about someone thats an NC 42…which would you recommend? I don’t really think pink rebel would show up on my skin????

  4. Mia

    Did the collection come out at counters/stores today?

  5. Jenni

    From the swatches, it looks like Sun Rush is more of a sheen, whereas Bronze Body Oil is more of a glittery-shimmer..? Hmm.. If you could only pick one between the two, which would you pick for use on legs/shoulders in the summer??

    • Yes, the Bronze Body Oil has bigger shimmer (I don’t know if I’d say glitter so much). Sun Rush is better mixed *with* a moisturizer, not so much by itself, for larger areas like legs and arms. The Body Oil is great by itself. Personally, I think I’d prefer more of a sheen, so I might go with Sun Rush!

  6. Karen

    hi christine. quick question, whats the difference between a hightlighter and an illuminator ?

    • Illuminator is more subtle, more appropriate for all-over, I’d say. I don’t know if they’re “technically” different, but from my experience, Illuminators tend to be more easily used all-over the face, whereas highlighters are better to highlight certain areas.

  7. Honestly, I rush through my makeup already and feel like I definitely think I would hardly use these beauties..skip & save some money. 😛

  8. Yvonne

    oooh, gotta get sun rush!

  9. I got Pink Rebel when it came out with Style Warriors, but I never reach for it. I just don’t use liquid highlighters much (I do own a few though, God knows why?!). Did try it the other day mixed with my foundation, can’t say it did anything for me, so I would personally advise people to skip it if they’re not sure they want it.

  10. marina

    how do they comper to mac’s ccb as highlighters?

  11. Lovely! I skipped on these last year but I think I’ll get Sun Rush to mix with foundation.

  12. SB_sweetie

    These look so much more similar in your photos than I expected. Hmmm…not sure which I prefer!

  13. Angel


    Are the lustre drops okay for oily-skinned girls?

  14. Ellen

    I’m still debating on this Christine. I’m an NC35, asian skin.. which would suit me better, just for highlighting my cheekbones?

  15. Katie

    Ooh, pretty! 😀 Just wondering, what do you think of its use as a highlighter? Does it work well or is it just fun to have but not a must have? I love the swatches but I’ve also been eying NARS Albatross and I don’t want to spend too much on highlighters…

    • I like it as a highlighter, but I (personally) prefer powder based products, overall, so I only see myself using this when I have more time and going for a powder-based highlighter most of the other time.

  16. Jocelyn

    sun rush would give an AMAZING sheen on my legs. Thanks for the review =]

  17. Tiffany

    how much are these?

  18. Haylie

    I’m like NC30 in the summer so naturally I was leaning towards Sun Rush. What do you think Christine?
    I’m asian btw so yellow undertones if that helps at all. Thanks in advance!

  19. I already have pink rebel from the style warrior collection last year. I really like it as a highlighter and mixed with foundation for when I want to have a glowy skin. But I definitely don’t use it everyday, it’s probably not a must have product.

  20. Jenny

    I’m sorry if you’ve already answered this, but is Pink Rebel very similar in color, consistency and/or texture to high beam? I use that a lot, but lustre drops are a much better value.

  21. Amy

    Hmm I really wanted Pink Rebel but now I’m not too sure. I have Benefit’s High Beam. Which do you think would be better as a cheek highlighter?

  22. Angela

    How do you think Pink Rebel compares to Benefit’s High Beam?

  23. Sabrina

    How does Pink Rebel compare to Smashbox’s Illuminating Lotion “Flash” (I think that’s the name, the pink one). If I have the Smashbox one, should I skip Pink Rebel or are they different enough that it’s worth having both?

  24. can't resist!

    wow, I almost never use highlighters but I love both of these! *drool*

  25. Jessica

    This post has just solidified my thoughts about getting this!! I am a fairly pale asian girl- which do you think would look better on me? although i’m more inclined to want to get the pink rebel- i’m afraid that because that one is for more pinky undertones, i should get the sun rush!

  26. Shay

    Hi christine i really want to get one of these which would be best foe NC15-NC20?

  27. Joanne

    Is the pink rebel similar to benefits high beam? Is it worth getting if i already have high beam?

  28. Leah

    I kind of want one, but I’m wondering how fast they will sell out, because I need to make up my mind

  29. Lauren

    Love your site! I’m super jealous of your makeup collection. Cant find Marine Life anywhere in New Jersey :(