Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

MAC To the Beach Collection is Online!

Dust off those credit cards, To the Beach has now launched online @ MACCosmetics.comBut you have to be SNEAKY.  The full, splashy page is now up on the website!   The collection may officially go live tonight or tomorrow morning… Live!  It’s up on both the U.S. and Canadian websites.

Marine Life sold out at approximately 5pm PST on the MAC website; it looks like it sold out within two to three hours.  It sold out on Tuesday afternoon on the Canadian MAC website; Tuesday morning on Nordstrom.

You can grab Marine Life @ Nordstrom! Looks like you can do a search for the full collection & they’ll all show up here.  Use code BEAUTY for $5 shipping on beauty orders of $50+.

Macy’s has now launched the To the Beach Collection! But I didn’t see Marine Life…

Free shipping code for maccosmetics.com is BEACH!

You can find all of Temptalia’s reviews, photos, swatches, must-haves, etc. etc. HERE! :)

Does anyone have as much as fun as I do guessing what will sell out? I didn’t see it coming, but Easy Lounger is sold out (on the U.S. site).  Sand & Sun is sold out, which isn’t too surprising, but I will am eager to hear the reviews on it since I had to dig into it to get any color to show up… even on a base.  Hipness is gone now as well–definitely expected–can’t believe it took so long!

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348 thoughts on “MAC To the Beach Collection is Online!

  1. chelsea

    when will it come on mac pro?

    • No idea, sorry. I imagine tomorrow or by Wednesday.

      • Laura

        It’s online on MAC PRO now — you just have to search for products one by one (by name). Only problem is, most of the products are not showing up that you get a PRO discount with them (at least while they are in my cart) except for the nail lacquers. Weird! I am hoping that will change sometime during the day today….
        Also, Marine Life shows as being sold out here as well — so I guess they share the same stock as regular MAC Cosmetics website.

        • Interesting that the stock is the same!

        • Maureen

          The website indicated(somewhere;first item or at checkout-can’t remember)no discount on the LE items, aka the entire collection, except polishes and brushes- I did receive my discount on the brushes and polishes.

  2. amy

    Last Tuesday my MAC PRO store had a preview party and I picked up a Marine Life highlight powder. I am so glad I did, now I don’t need to worry about getting one; however, I am tempting to get a second one. One to use and one just to keep and admire its prettiness.

  3. TG

    I bought Marine Life, but I’m not sure why. My skin is way too light for it really.

    Maybe I’ll buy a glass case and display it on a bookshelf…

  4. sf

    so mad, I got a backorder notice from mac…the last time I got this was with Violetta in Feb and I received that in April!I want my marine life to actually use not look at

  5. Valene

    Hey Canadians….go get it! It’s up on our site now!

  6. Peaches

    I just ordered Marine life through nordstrom online ladies! You have to type it in because it’s not showing on the main page. Nordstrom has the whole collection.

  7. Hilary

    It’s up on the Canadian site if you’re sneaky! Ordered :)

  8. kenneth alan

    MAC counters at Macy’s will have the collection on Thursday right? or do counters get collections later than MAC stores? I’m not sure how it works, I’ve never boughten anything from MAC on a release day.

  9. Kristen

    It’s on Mac Canada. RRRRRUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!

  10. ITS NOW UP IN CANADA!! Happy Shopping =)

    • I forgot to mention that I just ended up with the 131 brush. Even tho I’m probably the first to see Marine Life online because of the time difference (I’m in China right now on vacation) and because I’d been refreshing the MAC page for the past 3 hours, I didn’t end up getting it because I already have Ripe Peach.

      I also ended up with (randomly) a Prim & Proper blush from Liberty =)

  11. Mary

    Hey Christine!
    Would you happen to know of any free shipping codes for Canada? :)

  12. Gabrielle

    So happy my boyfriend got me a $130 gift card to MAC for my birthday! It was just so I could buy pretty much buy everything from the collection that I wanted :) I got Scorcher, Beachbound, Get-Away Bronze, Splashing, Firecracker, Sweet & Punchy, Lazy Day, and Sun Rush! I am seriously so excited to receive this order! I’m also excited to probably go to my local MAC store on thursday to see if they have Marine Life and contemplate buying Sand & Sun. Ha!

  13. Cloé

    Yeahhh I bought it this morning!! The link is weird sometimes but anyway I ordered Marine Life of course, beach cream bronzer, Pink rebel luster drop and Flurry of fun lipglass. From the regular I pickep up Teddy eye khol and the false lashes glue.

  14. stephanie b

    omg its on back order i ordered it yesterday and i wont get it for 2 weeks if i can get it at the store during my lunch i will then cancel my order uhhh… that is crazy!!!

  15. Lisa

    Does this mean that the collection is released at all mac stores?
    i think i’m going to try to find one, the shipping on nordstrom is crazy expensive.

  16. Court

    It is up on the Canadian site now.
    You just have to type each product in and it appears.

    • When I went, I saw the To the Beach image in the slide show… no clue, though – I had to manually change the site to the Canadian one!

  17. Kara

    The collection is completly on MACPRO.com now, Marine Life & Easy Lounger are sold out already. I waited on macpro.com to use my discount..pro discount isnt available with this collection! ):

  18. Sass

    Crazy…I just woke up and Marine Life is sold out. Ha! I’ll just got to the store on Thursday to get my stuff. I can’t do this online stuff no matter how early I get up. I need to swatch those lipsticks on me. I may just get one which is not on my shopping list.

  19. Oh Christine, I LOVE YOU!!!

    I ordered everything else on MAC last night and was really disappointed to learn I couldn’t have my Marine Life— until now :) Love Nordstrom!

  20. Verojo

    Thanks for the updates. Just placed my order from Marine Life at Nordstrom. Can’t wait!

  21. Ana

    In Spain was launched 17 may :) for one time, before than USA

  22. Chibu74

    wow, thanks for posting this, i thought it was going to be out on 27th…i’ll grab some stuff before its all sold out

    any recommendations for NC44 skin?

  23. Sabrina

    Crap. It’s not in my previously purchased either, but I haven’t received a back-order email. I’m confused and crossing my fingers that I got it.

    • Sabrina, this happened to me too. I emailed MAC and the person who answered said it’s definitely in my order. I’m thinking it’s not in previously purchased because it’s sold out. For example, I ordered Ripe Peach online and got it… but now that it’s sold out/off the site, it’s not on my list anymore. Very annoying, but it’d make sense as to why ML isn’t on yours. I hope you got it! 😀

  24. Jody

    How would you say Get Away Bronze compares to Cheeky Bronze, or even the colors in Warm Blend? I have those 2, and am looking for a color with less orange in it.
    Thank you again for all your TTB info!

  25. Gina

    Thanks so much Christine for the Nordstrom update! I tried looking under the MAC Collections on the site earlier & couldn’t find the To the Beach Collection! But thanks to you I just ordered my own Marine Life!!! I can’t wait to get it!!! You are awesome!!! :)

  26. Aisha

    hello Christine,
    you ROCK, seriously thank you so much, I really wanted to purchase Marine life, and yesterday when I was reading your blog, first I was excited then all shocked to see that it was already sold out, so this morning I woke up early (it is 8:05AM now) I thought that Mac online would have it restocked but it is still sold out, then I just visited your page and read your notice about Nordstrom, so now I ordered one ( hard to not to be greedy as I felt like I needed to order two) and Thrills, and Lie’s a beach,and Lazy Day (my weakness). :)and yes the coupon code worked too so THANK YOU so much.

  27. Does anyone know what the Canadian offer code is? I never get the emails in time and the lash610 does not work for me!

    • Maybe BEACH or TOTHEBEACH? I don’t know what kind of codes the Canadian site typically offers since I only use the U.S. site, sorry!

    • Chi

      All you need to do is to chat with an online specialist on the website, and nicely ask for a promo code, they will be happy to give you one!

    • Maria

      i guessed “beach” and it worked for the US site for free shipping…

  28. Susan

    I want to use this brush for my MUFE HD cream blush. I normally use my 109 so I want to see how this new brush works compared to it!

  29. Alex

    got Marine life on nordstroms! I couldn’t sleep last night because I was thinking about it!

  30. Cecilia

    Holy Cow! People are reselling Marine Life on eBay starting at $28USD. The highest I saw was $70USD plus shipping!! O_o

  31. Vanessa

    I can’t believe Marine Life is gone already! (Well, after reading your reviews and everyone’s comments, I can haha) Good thing I took your advice and asked for ML and Hipness to be placed on hold for me at my nearest MAC.

  32. Jennifer

    So upset I didn’t know about the sneaky MAC Beach link till it was too late and Marine Life was sold out.

    *Hoping all goes well* I ordered Marine Life from Nordstroms. They don’t have the main splash on the site but all the products up for grabs right now.

    I can’t afford two…So I’ll have to take pics of it before it is used, and admire it unused that way haha

    I did buy from mac last night the bronze oil and hipness blush.

    I want “Splashing” because of the packaging, but not a color I am into. Maybe if it doesn’t sell out and I can swing it I’ll grab that too. Not thrilled with the lipsticks :( And I am a lipstick girl!

    • Samantha

      I ordered it from Nordstrom a few hours ago, and it has already shipped! Yours will probably ship soon!! Excited for you!

  33. Kayla Caroccio

    I just reserved a Marine Life at my MAC counter. I also am getting my makeup done with the new collection.

  34. You american girls are so lucky!I’m from Brazil and when it come here,its kind of 30% more expansive urrgh so i have to buy in brigettes boutique,all cosmetics wholesale,all of those stores,and it still difficult because if we buy more than $50 we probably will get a tax urrgh but the collection is sooo pretty

  35. Sarah

    Yesss i got the highlighting powder and hipness blush from Nordstrom online thanks so much!

    • Sarah

      Nordstroms was a joke, the total was $58 with shipping and everything. and in the end they ended up not having enough marine life so they cancelled it from my Ordered. That brought the total to $28 for just Hipness blush which is $10 extra for no reason. So i cancelled that and ordered hipness from Mac with free shipping. And then i was given a number by a nordstrom represantative which would help me find the marine life in store so they did that and one store had it and it will be shipped to me tomorrow. It was a big mess

  36. I snagged Hipness blush (which I deeply regret passing on in the Fafi collection) and Marine Life highlight powder! OMG, I can hardly wait for them to get here!!

  37. Chi


  38. Nicole

    Christine ,
    This morning I got an email from MAC saying that the marine life that I ordered is on backorder and they will ship it to me with in 2 weeks. I also ordered everything I wanted online as soon as I saw your post on facebook. Have you or anyone else also received the email saying its on backorder?

    • There are other readers who have, but I have not, but I placed my order at 3:30 PM PST.

      TBH, I would call them and get them to 100% assure you that they will ship. Otherwise, I would grab it elsewhere.

  39. Gladys

    I ordered marine life from nordstrom.com this morning and just got an email that it has shipped already! That was fast!

    • lulee

      hmmph i ordered my marine life on nordstrom wayyyyyyyyy early in the morning and i still havent gotten a shipment notice. *pout*

    • Maureen

      Me too- I was in tears because I stayed up until midnight- nothing- then 5:30am- nothing- then mac site- all gone- then Pro site- all gone- Jeeze don’t they know people work for a living to buy their stuff (lol)- Lucklily my good ole iphone paid off when I got my break at work and Nordie’s had it. I was like a kid at the candy counter.Next biggie I need to takw avacation. smirk!!!!! oh btw- I did get one. thank you, thank you!

  40. Angie

    Im so upset, I give up on Marine Life lol. I ordered it yesterday while it was still available on the mac website. Then I got the backorder message which was fine with me as long as i got it. Now today when I wake up I have a message saying that they can not fulfill my order. SO IDK why they let me order it considering they werent able to let me buy it. Im pretty sad!

  41. t_zwiggy

    Looks like Marine Life is sold out on Nordstrom as well now.

    I ordered 2 Marine LIfe from Nordstrom earlier today, one to use and one to look at. 😛 I also ordered Hipness, Get-Away Bronze, Sun Rush and Pink Rebel from MAC yesterday. So excited!

  42. Proenza

    Nuts…ordered Marine Life x 3 off Nordstrom’s at 10am pst. Just received an email saying my order has been Cancelled – Unable to Fulfill. Will have to scour local shops. Congrats to everyone who got one, this is the only MAC product I have been craving for this year.

  43. Noelle

    I can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a MAC collection! In fact, I’ve never been this excited!
    I bought:
    ~Hipness blush from the website
    Then at Macy’s this morning, I preordered:
    ~Marine Life High Light powder (yayyy!)
    ~Lipglosses in Easy Lounger and Splashing
    I might get one of the lustre drops when I pick everything up on Thursday:)

  44. pakasa87


  45. Emily

    Sand and Sun is sold out now too. Huh. That’s definitely a surprise. I’m trying to hold out for Thursday (I’m skipping my college classes for a hair appointment anyway) so I can hit Macy’s where I have an account. I’m gonna make a whole day of beauty I guess. Haha! Still, a part of me wants to unpack one of those little black boxes. Maybe I should split the haul? Hmmmm….

  46. mary

    marine life just sold out on the cdn website about an hour ago.

  47. Wendy M.

    Sand & Sun has sold out!
    I guess I kind of underestimated that color lol.

  48. grace

    grrr… marine life is sold out at nordstrom D:
    i really hope they restock! or it comes out on macys.com

  49. Chi


  50. Dini

    Oh, the sadness. I just finished work and went to order Marine Life, only to find that it is sold out on the Canadian side already. :( Bummer for the summer.

  51. Marine life now gone from Nordstrom’s website– and not yet up on Dillards, Macys, or Bloomingdales

  52. Kat

    Sand and Sun is now sold out as well

  53. Kristen

    Marine Life is sold out on the Canadian MAC site and Nordstrom.com. I hope everyone got it.

  54. mileena

    It looks like marine life is sold out on nordstroms already now to. It’s sold out on the Canadian site. I ordered mine this morning and I’m glad I didn’t wait till I got home from work!

  55. Kristen

    marine life is now sold out on the canadian website!
    I may go to my local store to pick it up on thursday, but I got the stuff I wanted online anyways! Pink rebel and Hipness blush! :)

  56. Sabrina

    I ordered Marine Life from Mac yesterday when it said it was in stock. Today I get an e-mail that it’s backordered, then another one saying they are actually sold out. I’m so mad. Do you know when it will come to Macys or Bloomingdales? I missed Nordstrom because I thought that I had ordered it

  57. mac me happy

    Mac pro and the canadian site are both sold out! But not to fear. I have my pre-order goodies on hold waiting for me on Thursday. Not telling where in case someone tries to kidnap my marine life! LOL

    Anyone in the GTA attending the Pro Expo tomorrow evening???

  58. SoSwanky

    I called into Belk today and had them hold a Marine Life for me. I am going to get a lippie when i make my pickup on Thursday and that’s propably all I’ll be getting unless they have a Easy Lounger left! i’m waiting on In the Groove to splurge big time!

  59. Christy

    The eyeshadow sand and sun is sold out too.

  60. FlyingBuffalo

    Thanks for posting about the Nordstrom’s launch, Christine! I was so worried I would miss it, I could barely sleep! But then I checked this morning and saw your update, so I managed to snag one. I think they’re sold out now though… Thanks again!

  61. Maria

    just bought thrills lipstick and flurry of fun lipglass online!! can’t wait to get them in the mail! oh and u can use “beach” for the code for free shipping! i just guessed the code…haha, wasn’t too hard to guess.

  62. Yudi

    I am so bumbed, I am originally from the U.S.,but just moved to Canada…. so there is no Macy’s or Nordstrom here…. how can I pre-order Marine Life? Do MAC stores pre-order, or can they hold it for you? but how do you ask them?

  63. Wow, can’t believe a load of things are sold out already, nothing’s sold out in the UK other than Marine Life and we’ve had this collection for over 2 weeks now.

  64. Nadia

    Is Marine Life really *that* special (appearance aside?). I can’t believe the hype! lol I am going to go to the MAC store tomorrow to actually try it out on my skin and see how it looks before I decide on buying, I think. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype and I’m trying hard not to ha ha! So yeah, I’ll go test it out first. As well as Hipness. I might get one or both or none!

    By the way, Marine Life seems to be back in stock on the Canadian MAC website!

    • Michelle

      I did not like it at all. I tried it on so many times so many ways and it just makes me look like a clown. Love instant chic so much more

  65. Julieta

    I almost bought the whole collection!

    BTW Dillards.com should have the collection very soon :)

  66. Marine Life is back in stock on the Canadian site!

  67. Gabrielle


  68. rachel

    I’m so upset, I ordered first thing yesterday from Nordstroms and they sent me an email today saying that they canceled my order because they are unable to fill :( I’m so upset, customer service did nothing to help either!

  69. dee

    To the Beach launched early at my local MAC store. They open at 10, I was there before 10:30 and Marine Life was already sold out.

  70. Alex

    Offer code for free shipping on the Canadian site?

  71. Hay Mich

    Marine Life is available again on the Canadian site. I’ll be heading over to Mac tomorrow but I’m wondering if I should phone ahead and reserve what I want in case I get there and it’s gone.

  72. lilac cupcake

    I am psycho and was stalking Macy’s website since last night. I woke up early this morning to continue stalking, and found the collection popped onto the site a little before 7am. I placed my Marine Life order immediately, so I am hoping that it ships! Crazy? Yes. But the MA at MAC tried this on me yesterday and I fell in love with it, so I HAD to have it!

  73. Gabrielle

    Shipping to Canada code is beach as well

  74. Nikki Love

    I can’t wait to try Sweet & Punchy and Flurry of Fun, i just love orange lip tints this summer.

  75. Jen

    For people in Canada who didn’t manage to snag what they wanted before it was sold out online, I was successful in getting the lovely folks at the MAC couner in The Bay to set aside everything I wanted to purchase tomorrow.

  76. Mary

    OMG!! is it just me or was marine life removed off the Canadian site? I swear it was just there like 2 hours ago!

    • Mary

      nvm, okay wow that was weird. Earlier when I typed it in the search box it didnt appear in the results but now it does and now its sold out…:S

  77. Wendy M.

    Thrills has sold out too! 😮

    But looks like Sand & Sun along with Easy Lounger has been re-stocked?

    • Interesting.

      I still can’t believe Sand & Sun sold out. I am hoping others have trouble with it, or else I will feel stupid, LOL! Though I even tried to use it again yesterday… FAIL!

      • Wendy M.

        The MUA at MAC applied a bit of Sand & Sun on my crease and I was just like ‘ehh’ lol.
        Didn’t impress me much as Shania would say. 😛
        Buuuut I’m strangely impressed by Rosemary and Thyme, she applied it along my lower lashline and I liked the color.
        Ditto with Flurry of Fun! :O
        I’m definitely going back and buying it. 😀

        • Haha! 😉

          Rosemary & Thyme is GORGEOUS! I like it in the TTB packaging, too, even though it’s perm.

          • Wendy M.

            It is!
            I’ll probably buy it next month, along with Humid when no new MAC products come out. 😛
            Definitely looking forward to In the Groove and Alice + Olivia. 😀

            Alsooo…. Float on By has sold out along with Sweet & Punchy.
            I think it’s one of my new favorite shades. <3
            It looks so gorg with Humid.

      • Samantha

        I swatched it this morning at my MAC counter and got absolutely NO color payoff whatsoever. It even felt as if it had a different texture. I can’t even believe that it was one of the first eyeshadows to sell out.

        • THANK YOU! Validation, LOL! I mean, I want it to work for anyone who did buy it, but I always get nervous if I really LOVE or hate a product… because I’m like, “OMG, what if it was just me?!?”

          • Samantha

            LOL…No problem at all. I was actually confused when I swatched it, and nothing came off on my finger. So, SO glad I did not get that!! So no, it’s not just you…I had problems with it too. Oh well! The rest of the collection is gorgeous!!

  78. mileena

    I ordered my marine life from the Canadian site only a couple hours after it had been out but I got a call from MAC last night that they don’t have any to ship me! They’re still sending me my lustre drops but no marine life for me. :(

  79. Emily

    Just to let you know, on the US website, Thrills lipstick and Hipness blush are sold out but Easy Lounger is back in stock.

  80. montygrl4131

    Went to the Florida Mall in Orlando today. Both the Mac store and Macy’s had it in stock. Norstrom didn’t even sell them in the store because they had to pull the inventory for on-line orders (boo). So for those in the greater Orlando area, there were still quite a few at Macy’s this afternoon.

  81. Michelle

    I bought Sand & Sun and LOVE IT! Its one of the perfect matte peaches for blneding out other colors. For example: if you purchase Firecracker, which is gorgeous, and its a little too intense of a red, use Sand and Sun to blend it out and it will fade some of it into a smooth peachy coral!

  82. jessica

    I ordered marine life on my order, but I never recieved it in my shipment even though it still shows up that I ordered it. I didn’t get an email cancellation or anything. I’m very disapointed because when I went to the bay (I am in Canada), they still had one left that I could have bought, but I thought I was getting it already so I didn’t bother. I emailed MAC a few days ago and still have not received a reply back. Why I didn’t get it could be due to the fact that my order wasn’t even processed until over a week after I ordered it. I’m just wondering if any one else had troubles with their orders from MAC lately because I have had nothing but problems this time around.