Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Online Now!

Looks like MAC Surf Baby has popped up online: Colour & Face.   It’s not officially up, so you can also go through the product types (e.g. eyeshadow) to see the products.   Keep in mind that if something you had your eye on sold out, just watch out for when it launches on other retailers’ websites, such as Dillard’s.  Not sure what the free shipping code is at the moment, but you could try something like SURF.  There is the code SANDRA, but it may have expired already.  Macy’s has free shipping for orders over $50.

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78 thoughts on “MAC Surf Baby Online Now!

  1. Tina

    dis looks amazing christien……have u swatched any of dis products…im new to ur blog…..

  2. Jennifer

    I must be missing something because I can’t find it! :(

  3. lena

    Surf the ocean sold out already! SAD :(
    But I bought all the eyeshadows, lol!

  4. Karen

    Thank you so much! I can’t believe the ocean crushed pigment stack is already sold out! I got my hands on Strange Potion and Gold Go Lightly. Also, the code Sandra worked for me!

  5. Nicole

    I cant seem to find it either ….. I did click on your links in the post… weird..

  6. Resa

    Payday for me is on Tuesday, but I HAD to get My Paradise. I missed out on Marine Life last year, and I did not want this to be one of those moments! Thanks, Christine!

  7. Dang, it’s saying Surf the Ocean is already sold out!! Wow, that was fast. I guess I’ll wait for Nordstrom to get it then…

  8. hmm I got the surf USA, sun blonde eyeshadows. and decided on studipblend pressed powder over bronzing sticks.

  9. I don’t see it at all! Is it just in the US?

    • U.S. and Canada both soft launched tonight, I believe. UK launched earlier this month, I think.

      • PATRYCJA

        it did it, it came out 2weeks ago i got most things i wanted but the ‘my paridise’ cheek powder was sold out…
        but because of your reviews i was able to know what i wanted and i saved money in time! Thanks Christine!

    • Dini

      It is up on the Canada site right now, but you can’t use the usual “search by product name” trick (which I was trying). You really do have to go into the Face section, Eyes section, etc to find each product.

  10. Gloria

    Thank you so much for posting! I have been stalking the site waiting for it to be up! Got all the LE lipsticks, a couple eyeshadows and the beauty powder… probably my biggest mac collection purchase ever made, thanks to you and your wonderful swatches & reviews! 😉

  11. Sarah

    any idea why it wont load, christine?

  12. Dayna

    I was able to get the things i wanted, my paradise, strange potion, gold go lightly and solar riche. I was intrested in any eye products tis time :) thank u christine for the reviews and announcements, u rock! Im soooo excited to get my shipment in :)

  13. Sari

    Howcome you didn ‘t review / swatch the bronzing powders ?

  14. Kaitlin

    Code SANDRA still worked when I used it (past the supposed expiration at midnight EST)
    Thanks for the tip!

  15. liann

    do you know how long mac will leave/hold it in the cart cause i dont get paid till friday

  16. Natsume

    Got everything I wanted <3 – Surf USA, Sun Blonde, Short Shorts eyeshadow and the two pencils. <3 I decided to pass on lip products this time.

  17. Julia

    Thanks Christine! Hibiscus here I come!

  18. Sandra

    Hey Christine!
    First off I want to let you know that I love love love your blog 😉
    Anyway, I’ve been looking through the site see if you reviewed the Surf Baby bronzing powders? I’m thinking you didn’t but I may have just not browsed correctly! Haha

    • They’re repromotes of repromotes, so I have reviewed them in the past, so I didn’t see any reason to spend $60 to review them yet again :( Sorry!

  19. Ashley

    I got bust out!, hibiscus, good lovin and my paradise. Going on a makeup no buy til semi precious comes out!

  20. Erin

    It’s almost 3am so I had to slide my way thru the house so I didnt wake the bf an 2 dogs up lol so now I will wait patiently and dream of my paradise tonight hehe

    • Erin

      I called Mac to place my order and she said the computers were slow and that it’s not under what’s new on the website like normal

  21. Valene

    I picked up the things I wanted. I wanted to let everyone in Canada know that the code “maccan” for free EXPRESS shipping for this weekend is still in affect, I just used it successfully. I hope this helps someone!

  22. Amanda

    I got a couple of the things I wanted. I was really looking for the Summer Stash pigment set but it kept saying “Coming Soon” when I would click on it to order. :-/ Hope it wasn’t sold out already. If not I’ll just place a 2nd order with it.

  23. Lilly

    Hehehehe. I live in Spain, and here it launched on May 16th. I was at the shop at 9.30 in the morning to grab my lovely stuff ^^

    I was able to buy Hibiscus, My Paradise, Surf USA, Sun Blonde and Pink Tinge suntint. I love all the products, they’re amazing!!. Hibiscus makes such an incredibly beautiful match with My Paradise… I’ve been wearing them almost every single day, and my mom steals Hibiscus from me!, hahahaha!. Gotta be careful ^^. I hope everyone gets what they want from this awesome collection. I just miss that the blushettes weren’t available here, ’cause I wanted Barbara-Ann, but hey, I got what I wanted for nearly 100€… Gosh…

  24. Jenny

    Thanks so much for posting this. I ordered My Paradise and Strange Potion. Can’t wait to get it!

  25. this collection has been out in the uk for nearly a month now and the only thing thats sold out is the my paradise blusher. i got 6 things and im pleased with them all, i never buy more than 1 product from each collection normally but i really did like this packaging.

  26. Autumn

    Everything I wanted sold out while I was in the process of shopping. I’m so sad I didn’t get my paradise or hibiscus :(

  27. Catherine

    Do you know when it will launch on Macy’s and the other sites?

  28. Emily

    Guys should I get the surf the ocean pigment stack…. I got the summer stash but now I’m thinking I should of ordered both???

  29. Valerie

    PS for Canadian address MACCAN work till today for free shipping!

  30. Stephanie

    My MAC makeup artist told me that they had only received 3 of each crushed metallic pigment !! I hope she will save one of each for me !

  31. Lauren

    I can’t believe Hibiscus & My Paradise Cheek are sold out already. Luckily mine should be arriving today!

  32. Amber

    FYI I got to use my discount on this collection

  33. Tiffany

    Hibiscus lipstick is sold out already :-(

  34. Alyssa

    Free shipping code is “BALM” :)

  35. Julia

    Woo Hoo! Just made my haul!!

    I got all 4 eyeshadows, Strange Potion and Krazy Kahuna L/G, and Mocha L/S. Hibiscus is already sold out, so I am trying to talk myself into thinking it is too close to VG Cyndi so I won’t feel so bad that I missed out. :( But I am so excited to get my haul!!

    Also, I used SANDRA and it worked for me too.

  36. Shelly

    Thank you so much Christine! And Sandra worked for me :)

  37. alicia

    Ugh I want Summer Stash but it’s not available yet. Boo!

  38. Jenn

    Thanks for posting this last night…I debated whether to buy it then and decided to go for it…glad I did seeing that things are already sold out! I was able to get Hibiscus, Strange Potion and My Paradise.

    • Jenn

      *sigh* So apparently even if you ordered it might not happen…I just received an email saying the blush and hibiscus are backordered. I don’t know if this means I will get them or not now?

  39. I love that Surf the Ocean pigment stack! I’m skeptical I’ll ever get my hands on it though!

  40. Rosie

    Both the eyeshadows I want are sold out. Oh well.

  41. LOVE! I managed to get everything I wanted too! I got: My paradise, Gold go lightly, all the eyeshadows, hibiscus, strange potion, both nail polishes and the small travel bag!

    My favorite combo is definitely the bronzer+my paradise+strange potion.

  42. Jill

    Boo, all I wanted was the Surf USA eyeshadow and it’s already sold out! And no MAC store near where I live. I’ll have to wait until it’s back in stock, I guess. :(

    • Jill

      I ended up finding them in stock on Nordstrom.com! Just ordered Surf USA and Sun Blonde. YAY!

  43. Jennifer

    My local MAC is amazing! I called and they put the two crushed metallic pigment stacks on hold for me till Thurs! The woman told me they only received FOUR! If you want something I would call your local MAC to see if they would hold it b/c I was devastated this morning and now I am estatic!

  44. nola_student

    Definitely call your store or your friendly MAC MAs. My friendly local MA told me to text her my “must haves” on Wednesday night, and she will hold them for me until I come to the store on Thursday. It is good to be a regular. The MAs will take care of you. If you are fortunate enough to have multiple stores in your area, the MAs will even call other stores for you and ask for “favors”. Don’t be discouraged because website is sold out :-)

  45. nola_student

    Oh… and I<3 your blog, Christine!!! Thanks for all your time and energy that you devote to making your site a resource for make up addicts everywhere 😉 xoxoxoxo

  46. Val

    It’s up for sale on the Nordstrom website!!!! I just placed an order!!!!

  47. Lesley

    It’s up now on Macys! Just ordered My Paradise and Gold-go-Lightly!

  48. I don’t really like the design:(

  49. Annie

    thanks for the notification! i just placed my order at nordstrom. the mac website currently says coming soon for things i’m assuming were sold out. does that mean they’ll definitely restock?

    • Possibly but not definitely. MAC has been better about getting more product in to meet demand when things sell out, but it doesn’t always happen. In the past, I’ve received something 2-3 weeks after I ordered out of the blue.

  50. heather

    I ordered surf usa Monday which is now out of stock.. ill be sad when I see tons of them on ebay for four times the price! I’ll keep an eye out at my macys.. :-)

  51. Katie

    Both pigment stacks are online at Nordstrom!! :)

  52. Daisy

    the cheek powder sold out fast!!

  53. Nicole

    I clicked on My Paradise and it said “Coming Soon.” What’s that about?

  54. Tiffani

    Managed to grab Hibiscus (and a backup!) from Bloomingdale’s. Hopefully I’ll be more on the ball when Semi-Precious launches and can get it directly from MAC to avoid the silly shipping times!

    • Cynthia

      I got the surf Baby cheek Powder from Bloomingdale’s website. They still had some in stock. I looked everywhere and got lucky @ Bloomingdale’

  55. shuz4ever

    Christine are some products yet to be reviewed? I was looking at the Surf Baby face charts up on the mac website and i noticed mention of ‘barbara ann blushette’ several times…they were suppose to be 2 blush sticks with this collection according to early sneak peeks. However i see nothing on the website or in your review…so did MAC pull them out from the collection?

  56. Kris

    Mall of America Mac launched a day early and said they only got 15 cheek colors to sell.

  57. Kathleen

    I AM SO CONFUSED!!! I went on all three websites and they didn’t have the Surf the Ocean set! On MAC it just said “Coming Soon” HELP CHRISTINE!!!!!!!

    • I know Nordstrom was selling it initially, no idea if it sold out or not. If it’s down on the other websites, it’s probably sold out!

  58. Erin

    The stacks r back online at mac so u might want to hurry and order.. My paradise and hibiscus is sold out