Saturday, May 7th, 2011

MAC Surf Baby: Dupes & Comparisons (Part 1)

Here are some possible dupes/comparisons for a few of the eye products from Surf Baby.

  • SAFFRON is closest to MAC Coppering (permanent), but it’s not quite as red and the finish makes them look different. Red Brick (PRO) is redder.
  • SHORT SHORTS is closest to Nylon (permanent), which is golder. Soft Force (limited edition) is a lot yellower, while Fresh Daisy (limited edition) is whiter. Femme-fi (limited edition) is beige in comparison.
  • SUN BLONDE is closest to NARS Mangrove (permanent), which is a little greener. MAC Jasmine (limited edition) is similar but lighter. Gorgeous Gold (permanent) is shown more for the family of color as it is far too light to be a dupe. Goldmine (permanent) is shown to contrast against what a yellower, truer gold looks like in comparison. Crest the Wave (limited edition) and Going Bananas (limited edition) are shown so you can see how much yellower they are compared to Sun Blonde.
  • SURF USA is closest to Gulf Stream (limited edition), which is just a hair lighter. Newly Minted (discontinued) and Melody (discontinued) are similar in color but not as dark.
  • SWELL BABY is probably closest to Print, which I don’t own (or couldn’t find if I do own it), and it’s not really similar to other grays that I own. Electra (permanent) is too light, while Silver Ring (permanent) is darker and cooler toned (almost looks blue in comparison). Copperplate (permanent) looks almost edged with plum. Smoke & Diamonds (limited edition) is too brown in comparison.
  • BLUE MOON is a lighter version of Urban Decay Covet (permanent). Float on By (limited edition) is a little darker and bluer.

See comparison swatches! 

MAC Coppering, Saffron, Red Brick

MAC Soft Force, Fresh Daisy, Short Shorts, Nylon, Femme-Fi

MAC Jasmine, NARS Mangrove, MAC Sun Blonde, MAC Gorgeous Gold

MAC Sun Blonde, Gorgeous Gold, Goldmine, Crest the Wave, Going Bananas

MAC Gulf Stream, Surf USA, Newly Minted, Melody

MAC Electra, Silver Ring, Swell Baby, Copperplate, Smoke & Diamonds

MAC Float on By, MAC Blue Moon, Urban Decay Covet


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42 thoughts on “MAC Surf Baby: Dupes & Comparisons (Part 1)

  1. shelly

    How do you think Scene would compare with Swell Baby, even though Scene is a satin finish?

  2. this is so helpful…Christine, how would you compare surf usa to “parrot” ?

  3. Cora

    Awesome swatches – thank you!

  4. Oh thanks so much Christine! But now I want Blue Moon AND Urban Decay’s Covet. Haha.

  5. Great comparisons. You’re AMAZING, Christine!

  6. Thanks for swatches! you have such great work ethic! I will wait for your recommendations but I think swell baby and sun blonde are mine!

  7. Neha

    Thank you Christine. This is just awesome work. You don’t know how much your hard work is appreciated by all of us. You are simply the BEST…

  8. KSlone

    Thanks for the swatches! How does Short Shorts compare to Dazzlelight?

  9. Shelby

    Surf USA & Sun Blonde are just so gorgeous (more so than the dupes), I really think I need them!

  10. Thanks so much for the dupes. I can actually pass on all of these thanks for saving my wallet!

  11. Rosie

    That’s weird, my Covet looks more green than your swatch. How does Blue Moon compare to Flipside? I am really liking Sun Blonde and Surf USA.

  12. Love these posts – this is so useful!

  13. Pawsha

    This was absolutely the BEST! I can go through and decide which color I really like and why. FANTASTIC JOB……WELL DONE!!!!

  14. I want just about allllll of these! Im super excited. Is the release date on the 26th?

  15. Also, I know the stack pigments in the spring colour forecast kind of got a bad review, so I’m scared to get these. How would you rate them and compare them to these ones? A lot of people said that the ones from the spring collection didn’t stick well and were really chunky if that makes sense

    • I had no problem with those or these, actually! These do seem a little finer or smoother when applied, but I don’t remember struggling with the ones from Spring Colour Forecast.

  16. Andrea

    How does surf usa compare to that one from liberty of London? Is it called birds and berries?

  17. salamander

    Agh, I’m going to freaking set up camp outside the MAC store the night before it gets this collection for Surf USA, it looks better and better in every pic!

    • With It

      You might also be able go to your local MAC or MAC in Nordstrom to pre-order the items you want. They should have samples for you to look at. They’ll take your order and have everything waiting for you when you arrive on the 26th. Call ahead or just ask at the counter to find out. Good luck! :)

  18. leesie

    Oooh, thanks, Christine!
    I think I spotted Gulf Stream at my local CCO yesterday, but man, I love my teals…I might (probably will) just be, well, me-like and get both it and Surf USA–I adore the color and can definitely see myself going through a pan in my lifetime.
    Actually, looking at it here, it looks like it could be close (at least, base-color-wise, to Sugarpill’s Darling loose shadow, which I love dearly but don’t use too often because I just prefer pressed shadows.

  19. Brenda

    Thank you!! I love the dupes/comparisons you do as it makes decision making much easier! These are all a pass for me, which is more savings for the wallet.

  20. Nina

    Thank you so much for the comparisons! I wondered how you thought Bough Grey from Liberty of London compared to Swell Baby?

  21. Julia

    I will definitely get Sun Blonde and Surf USA without any doubt! :)

  22. Nicola

    Thanks for the swatches, Christine! How would you compare the blue moon pencil to the “undercurrent”-eyeliner (a tartan tale le)?

  23. Mary

    Christine, would Aquadisiac be a good dupe for Surf USA? Or maybe even UD Haight from the Dangerous Palette?

    Thanks so much for doing this! 😀

  24. mary

    when will the surf baby collection be released on the US mac website?

  25. Hi Christine SHORT SHORTS is not like vanilla ? Thank you so much for your help this was great !!

  26. Zubia

    Hi Christine. Was just wondering how does short shorts compare to sweet joy (venomous villains collection). Also do you think the crushed metal pigments are worth it being chunky and all? I’m scared it might look overly shiny on the lid. Thanks for all the swatches and dupes. :)

  27. Gretchen

    Is Surf USA comparable to Aquadisiac?

  28. Lizzy Claiborne

    Fantastic color analysis! Thank you so much; Most I can pull from pallets and spend my money on Pigment stacks; I’m a sucker for them. The ones last year were great, the lumpy collapses once you touch them with a brush. Like Solar Bits.

  29. Aurore

    Hi Christine, how would you compare Sun Blonde to Goldenrod and Chrome Yellow ? Are they really differents or is it just a question of finish ?

    Thank you !

  30. How does Sun Blonde compare to Bright Future? I feel like it may be a touch darker.. but still comparable?

  31. Maria

    How similar is Bough Grey (from Liberty of London) to Swell Baby? Or not at all?

  32. I think mac’s shimmermoss is a close dupe to Surf USA. What do you think?