Monday, April 18th, 2011

MAC Surf Baby Collection Sneak Peek

While I was in Toronto last week, MAC had a glass display of recent/upcoming collections, including Surf Baby. Obviously, since everything was behind class, I couldn’t quite get all up in Surf Baby’s business for the very best of shots nor have a swatch session. I do not know when I will have products to review or swatch, but I will, of course, review the collection as I do each MAC collection.

Trust me — if I have something new I can share, I do so immediately, and that goes for any brand. If you wonder why you see something elsewhere but not here, it means that Temptalia will likely be subject to legal action if we did, despite other websites posting the same information. It’s one of those unfortunate growing pains but our motto is that it’s better to spend time on swatches/reviews than in legal battles to post mere photos a couple of weeks early!

See some sneak peek product shots!

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106 thoughts on “MAC Surf Baby Collection Sneak Peek

  1. Carrie Ann

    Neat! Thanks, Christine.

  2. Ashley

    aaaahh!!! i’m so excited!!!! i’m going to be soooo broke!

  3. Pam

    Thanks Christine! Did you have fun in Toronto? it is still cold here LOL.
    Thanks for sharing some pics with us :)

    • It was a blast! I’m still tired from all of the excitement, LOL!

      • Ani_BEE

        I hope you missed our small snow storm on Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I love how much or a crap shoot our spring weather is. I feel like I haven’t seen a proper spring in years, we go from Winter to Summer weather and it get’s lost.

        • I did miss it, thankfully!! I got in at 4pm local time on Wednesday and was on my way to the airport at 5pm on Thursday!

          • Tara B

            I live in the T-Dot. What brought you to our lovely city? I’ve never seen any of the MAC stores displaying upcoming collections and I shop at many of the MAC stores… you have to tell me which location this was so I can stop by and take a peek.

  4. Dinitchka

    Thankies Christine. You are amazing and so is this very cute collection. I know MANY of us (including myself) thank and appreciate all that you do :)

  5. Maya

    Oh Christine you are simply amazing! This made my day! I am so excited. MAC is finally starting to step it up it seems… Semi-Precious is going to be amazing! Thank you! Your blog is amazing!
    Lots of love from Canada

  6. Dayna

    Ahhh!!! :))) I’m SO excited! :)))

    • Zee

      Oh My God…. no offense but what happened to the packaging? For me is so unappealing. I really like some of the blushes. I will check them out at the store to see but I am not so excited.

      • I agree with you. Of course it’s what’s inside that counts *wink*, but my goodness, the packaging doesn’t entice me at all.

        • Sinead

          However my 13 yr old skater/surfer chick is going crazy for the packaging. I don’t own any mac, but wanted some for a while. Based on this sweet collections I’ve just ordered some 8 or so items (not just from this collection), so its just personal preference really…
          I digress, great post, thank for the pics :)

  7. Edelmc

    Thanks Christine. Based on promo pics I like the look of the stacked pigments. Did they have the semi precious collection on display? If so, what did you think of it?

    • Sorry, I only saw this! They had WW above it, and then some other collection below, but it was mostly black boxes (maybe it was Flighty? but I have no idea – it was a lot of boxes and paint pot-esque things).

  8. Nalia

    I have a question… is the blush the same size as normal powder blushes or either the size of a beautie powder?

    THX for everything :)

  9. leesie

    That teal (actually, I think it’s more aqua, right?) shadow, unless it’s a total pigmentation fail, will be mine. Mmmmm.

  10. Thanks for the sneak peak! Christine, you represent the pinnacle and epitome of beauty blogging, so I’m glad you have standards. You represent all the rest of us very well! If people have to see leaked photos that badly they can find them on the internet easily! It isn’t worth you getting in trouble or damaging your reputation with brands over.

    • Thanks for understanding, Jessi! I just figure that swatches/reviews is the real reason people come here, so I make those the priority over trying to argue over leaked info/photos!

  11. I love Temptalia so much because you’re always consistent. From your rating syatem, photos, swatches, video reviews and so on. I trust you and if that means waiting a bit for you to review things due to legal reasons — I’m all for it. It just shows how seriously you take your blog.

    Looking forward to seeing your reviews for Surf Baby! The collection looks fun!

  12. halo

    from the preliminary info i thought it looked boring but i love these pics! And Toronto…… hope you had an awesome time!

  13. darcel

    i wonder if strange potion l/g is the same as the one b4 and that nude color l/s looks real nice!

  14. Amrita

    All this looks awesome! But, is it just me, or does Strange Potion seem more red this time?

  15. Wilcoa

    OMGeee I want that lipgoss, third in. Looks really purty! ๐Ÿ˜€

  16. I don’t like the design of this collection at all, it looks kinda cheap or like play-make up for little girls imo

  17. Hilary

    That blush with the hibiscus is too cute! But the packaging is a real turn-off. I’ll wait for your reviews to consider purchasing this collection.

  18. Holly

    Thanks Christine! As a reader of your site for many years, I don’t doubt that you provide information/swatches/reviews as soon as possible without sacrificing the quality of the review/swatch etc. And frankly, if people are complaining it’s ridiculous because you provide excellent, honest, quality posts and serve as a great resource.

  19. C.Rodr

    AWWW I cant wait I love when MAC has collections with beautiful colors, cute packaging, and seasonal themes..Hella Excited!!!

  20. C.Rodr

    I love the colors, which is the most important aspect of makeup itself. But to be honest I am not to crazy about the packaging. The colors of the packaging don’t mesh well. But maybe it will grow on me. I love MAC still!

  21. Maybe I’m missing something but why did the prices get jacked up?

  22. Nazih

    You’re awesome Christine! Thank you for sharing this :)

  23. Nikita

    OMG I want it all!!

  24. I can’t wait for the swatches!

  25. Diana B

    You’re the best Christine I really appreciate your high standards.

  26. Im super excited for the lipstick packaging. ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. Angie

    Are those new lipgelles I see?? OMG I’m so excited! ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Mari

    Yayyy!! Thanks Christine!! Im so excited for this collection =)

  29. MissMaggie

    ahhh the reason I started a savings account soooo excited for this !!!!! I want it all !!!! <3

  30. Emma

    where in toronto did you see this

  31. Moni

    *shaking and crying*

    Okay not really, LOL! But YEAH, new product!

  32. Moni

    BTW how did you like Toronto?? When were you here? The weather sucked last week!

  33. Jai

    I love to have all of those… Aaaahhhh!!!

  34. Becca

    OMG OMG OMG SOOOOO EXCITED~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. AHHHHHHHH I hate you Christine! lol jk. I’m loving this collection so far!

  36. Lori

    That looks amazing! I cannot wait to get my greedy little hands on it.

  37. Amy

    You where in Toronto?! Wait did you come to the plant in Agincourt or Bentley? I work for the plant on Alden!! I heard some of the guys talking about showing some bloggers some of the products and how excited the bloggers where!! Bahh if that was you, I am saddened by the fact that I couldn’t meet you because I was busy on the production floor :(

  38. aradhana

    thanks christine!

    hope you were able to enjoy a bit of toronto as well on your trip!

  39. Lauren

    Are they still going to have the blushsticks? I don’t see them in the offical info…*tear*

  40. You’re the best, Christine! Thanks so much. I find this packaging incredibly ugly :P. The colours in the collection don’t really relate much to the colours they used on the outside.

  41. Allison

    Oh, I really dont like the packaging.

  42. So fun – what a great opportunity!!!

  43. Liz

    there’s an online store in germany that already has a few items for sale – I was tempted to get them for the sneak peak factor, but none of the ones they had listed really peaked my interest. (plus I’m really not feeling this LE packaging..)

    • LOL! “I couldnโ€™t quite get all up in Surf Babyโ€™s business” Nice! I’m not a big fan of the packaging, but some of the colors look intriguing. Thanks for sharing, Christine! You are da bomb!

  44. Laura

    I’m actually interested in a few things this time- their previous collections have left me a bit eh.. but this has a few things I really like. Can’t wait to go & try it out :-) Thanks for the pics!

  45. MJ

    Uh oh, I’m going to go broke.

  46. Deb

    I didn’t think I was going to, but I am loving this collection so far! And I thought I would love Quite Cute, but I only bought the In Synch lipliner! Odd!

  47. Alex

    This realllly reminds me of Benefit. Am I the only one who glanced at the photo and thought “Benefit packaging”? And not any of their especially cute packaging either =/ I’m not into this collection. And that’s probably for the best.

  48. ellie

    Just wondering how come the blush with flower is not in a white packaging?

  49. Lizzi

    eh, only the blush looks like a must have for me…

  50. Amanda Blyskal

    i NEED THAT BLUSH with the gold poinsettia on it…. now!

  51. the packaging makes me want to run far, far away!

  52. romina


  53. Bettina

    Not that I don’t appreciate high standards but honestly I really just want the product and hopefully the quality and colors will be able to make up for lack of packaging appearance.

  54. Jaime

    any idea of what month this will come out?

  55. Emily

    Hmm, I wonder why the cute blusher with the flower on top isn’t in special packaging like it shows in the promo pics…
    But thanks so much for these pictures anyways Christine! I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into each and every post! =)

  56. These are so pretty! I can’t wait!

  57. aksaiyo

    yesss My Paradise blush is so up my alley! It’s like Marine Life and Bite of an Apple had a baby that got invited to a beach party! ๐Ÿ˜€ it’s LOVE

  58. Melissa

    I missed out on Candy Yum-Yum(had to get Pink Nouveau as an alternative), so I will not miss out on the couple items that have caught my eye. The coral lipgloss and the turquoise eyeshadow will become a part of my vast make-up collection. Thanks for the sneak peak, Christine.

  59. Christina M.

    I’m appreciating these photos more then the press release ones, I was going to pass on these, but now seeing what the lipsticks & lipglasses look like, I’m intrigued. I will now patiently wait for your swatches.

  60. OMFG!! I’m already in love with the blush with the flower and all the glosses! <3 Thank you Christine!

  61. I understand. I just wonder why MAC collections used to be featured with reviews and swatches on Temptalia way earlier than in Europe and now bloggers from my country (Spain) have access to the products many days before you. We had complete reviews and swatches from Surf Baby since last week. Anyway what I personally appreciate is the way you review the products, i dont care if its a week or two later. Hugs

  62. Arabella

    i love it!

  63. So excited for this collection! The packaging is so cute and the colors look perfect for summer!

  64. Siri

    I love MACยดs summer collections, and this looks awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  65. cait

    I can’t say I like the packaging, it comes across rather tacky I think. The coral lipstick looks promising as does that beige :3
    I am curious over the SPF liptints~

  66. lexi g.

    OMFG! I;m soo excited to buy this set!

  67. Leslie

    I’m glad the packaging is tacky as I’m much less likely to want anything because of it. The colors reminds me of the ugly $60 Billabong sweatshirts I used to beg my mother to buy me from Pacific Sunwear when I was 14. T-t-t-tacky.

    I’m going to need that purple lipstick though. Maybe I can scrape off the design…

  68. I REALLY HATE the packaging ofnthis line but some of the products look ok……

  69. Hannah

    Oh man, I’m getting excited for this collection! Summer collections are by far my favorites :)

  70. karen

    the coral blush with the gold part looks so so pretty and perfect for warm weather

  71. Carrie

    AHHHH!!! I’M SO EXCITED!! And the packaging looks cute too!

  72. Serena

    Is the girl on board lipglass like the alexander McQueen Nothingless? If so, I am too excited!!!

  73. Katie

    Oh God do I need that blush! I already have the suntints and they’re meh for me…I don’t see what’s so special about them, though I do like Pink Tinge.

  74. Em

    you haven’t had/swatched this yet have you? I didn’t just totally miss that post? cos its up on the UK site! I don’t what I want, I’m lost without your swatches, haha!