Friday, August 17th, 2012

MAC Supercontinental Blush
MAC Supercontinental Blush

A Coral Worth Waiting For

MAC Supercontinental Blush ($20.00 for 0.21 oz.) is described as a “bright cute coral” with a satin finish. It’s a soft coral-pink–it’s just a smidgen pink, but it doesn’t have strong orange undertones. It looks a little peach-coral in the pan but reads pinker on the skin. There is a subtle sheen to the finish, nothing overwhelming. Guerlain Peach Boy is more orange. MAC Fleet Fast has gold shimmer, is a smidgen darker, and has a stronger red tone to it. Tarina Tarantino Feather is lighter, slightly pinker. Make Up For Ever #6 is similar but has a cream formula.

From the launch, this is probably one of my favorite products, and it is one of the better performing ones, too.  It’s a softer coral, and the color you can get, at most, is true-to-pan–but it is a lighter color from the get-go, so it may look chalky or disappear on deeper skin tones.  On light to medium-dark skin tones, I think it’s a particularly flattering coral because it doesn’t have a lot of orange, but it’s not too pink.  The satin finish gives it a really lovely, natural sheen on the skin–it won’t emphasize pores at all.  When I wore this for wear, it lasted a full eight hours and was just barely starting to fade around nine hours.  The texture could be a smidgen softer, which was really the only complaint I had.

The Glossover



It's a softer coral, and the color you can get, at most, is true-to-pan--but it is a lighter color from the get-go, so it may look chalky or disappear on deeper skin tones. On light to medium-dark skin tones, I think it's a particularly flattering coral because it doesn't have a lot of orange, but it's not too pink.











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MAC Supercontinental Blush
MAC Supercontinental Blush

MAC Supercontinental Blush
MAC Supercontinental Blush

MAC Supercontinental Blush
MAC Supercontinental Blush

MAC Supercontinental Blush
MAC Supercontinental Blush

MAC Supercontinental Blush
MAC Supercontinental Blush

MAC Supercontinental Blush
MAC Supercontinental Blush

MAC Supercontinental Blush
MAC Supercontinental Blush (Heavily/Lightly)

MAC Supercontinental Blush
MAC Supercontinental Blush (Heavily/Lightly)

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC, $20.00.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

Guerlain Peach Boy is more orange. MAC Fleet Fast has gold shimmer, is a smidgen darker, and has a stronger red tone to it. Tarina Tarantino Feather is lighter, slightly pinker. Make Up For Ever #6 is similar but has a cream formula.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: MAC Brule, MAC Indie Spirit, MAC Shadowy Lady Eyeshadows, MAC Local Wares Fluidline, Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Lengthening Mascara. On face: Make Up For Ever HD Foundation, MAC Supercontinental Blush. On lips: MAC Eclectic Edge Lipglass.

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121 thoughts on “MAC Supercontinental Blush Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. moena

    This is very very tempting indeed!

  2. Rai

    How does this compare to MAC Ripe Peach?

  3. t_zwiggy

    Do you know if it’s similar to MAC Dainty Mineralize Blush or MAC Instant Chic?

  4. Nina

    Its such a pretty blush! Im just wondering though, exactly what is a “cute” coral… 😀

  5. kasiaj85

    This is ultra gorgeous! I need this blush! So much!

  6. Cat G

    WANT. I have TT’s Feather but this seems less shimmery so…. WANT.

  7. Vikki

    How does this compare to Laura merciers lush nectarine?

  8. Anna

    Would this work well on cool-toned skin? :)

  9. Mel

    Christine, how can it be compared to the “Bite of An Apple” blush (Venomous Villains)?

  10. Ellen

    Ohh this one looks nice! Very tempted to buy it :)

  11. This one(which I keep calling ‘Super Constellation’ in my head, thanks Lockheed LOL) and Worldly Wealth just arrived at the door a short time ago. I can absolutely see this one selling out fast, it’s a really wearable, pretty colour.

  12. It’s beyootiful! but yep, pass.

  13. Kimberly

    I love this and Im so glad I ordered it! Thanks for reviewing it in detail :)

  14. my skin isn’t deep, but its not medium either…I wonder if this would show on me. Its beautiful!!!

  15. sunny

    Pretty color, but I feel that every collection from MAC has this color blush.

    Can’t believe I’m writing this, but I’m sick of coral.

  16. Caroline

    Omg, I must have this blush!

    Do you know if this will be available at MAC counters in department stores?

  17. Beth

    I couldn’t resist but to order this before you reviewed it. I had this overwhelming urge to purchase it when the Styleseeker collection came out. I decided that Melba sufficed for my coral blush and that I didn’t need it, but the color looked so beautiful! I decided that I’d wait and see how you rated it before I bought it, but then MAC sent an email offering free 2-day shipping with a Styleseeker purchase, and I realized it was meant to be! so I ordered it and it turns out it’s an awesome blush. Can’t wait to try it out on my Asian, NC-20 skin!

  18. Íris

    Christine, how does it compare to Instant Chic (Pret-a-Papier Collection)? Thank yoU!

  19. Laurie

    Sooo pretty! Can’t wait for mine to arrive on Tuesday!!!

  20. Kerry

    Help! I am so tempted to buy a backup of this blush. Can someone please talk me out of doing so? = ( I cannot resist hoarding coral blushes.

    • Have you ever finished a blush? Like… ever?

      Do you foresee yourself using this everyday for 6+ months?

      And do you typically fall in love with a new coral regularly?

      Those answers might help you! :)

      • AbigailOD

        Loved that! Thanks for those questions Christine! And thanks for asking Kerry!

        Though…. I’m not sure how much longer I can resist this blush! Ayyy! I already gave in to 2 lipsticks!

  21. Very pretty and wearable, this would be perfect for every day.

  22. Love this one–but then, I am always fond of the peachy-coral ones…

  23. Jasmin

    I love this color! Christine, how would you compare this to Mac Alpha Girl? Is Alpha Girl a hint pinker?

  24. BooBooNinja

    Hmm.. I wonder if this will be better on me (NC20/25, yellow undertones) than NARS Gilda…

    • BooBooNinja

      Christine, how does this compare to NARS Gilda (colour, pigmentation, & estimated wear), apart from the different finishes? Gilda pulls slightly reddish on my yellowish NC20/25 skin, which I don’t like; do you think Supercontinental will be better for me?

      • The wear is about the same. This is pink but it doesn’t have any red undertones like Gilda has, and it’s a lot lighter. So, I think this would be better than Gilda if you find Gilda goes a little red on you. This is a lighter color, so while it’s true-to-pan, it’s not as dark as Gilda is. Since you’re NC20/25, I think the lightness of the color is still OK!

        • BooBooNinja

          Thanks, Christine! I think I’ll give up my NARS Gilda and pick up MAC Supercontinental.
          *Squee* A new blush! XD

          • Fingers crossed this one works out for you!

            • BooBooNinja

              Thanks, girlie! I hope so too.

              I also want to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I often end up commenting more than once as I post impulsively and later think of something I’d like to add or rephrase. I feel guilty for adding to the queue of comments you have to approve. Have you considered adding an edit function to the comments that are still pending approval?

            • No worries :) It’s not even a big deal, since usually it takes me at least as long to reply to your question as it does for you to add to it! I’m not sure what the capabilities of editing for user comments is right now, but we’ll definitely think about it in the future!

    • I would say this is pinker!

  25. Looks great, I’m all for corals and this looks like a very pretty shade.

  26. I must have this one. It’s so beautiful!!

  27. eurocentrix

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for the gorgeous look and swatch! Just wondering if you’d know how this blush compares to MAC Goddess?
    Thanks darls:)

  28. Dominique

    It reminds me of Nars Sex Appeal, very pretty indeed but some kind of a dupe in fact.

  29. Claire

    I already have fleet fast blush and i was wondering if there was enough of a difference to where i would want to get this one too.

  30. jennifer

    how do u think this compares to mac immortal flower?

  31. AJP

    How do you think this compares to Chanel’s Fleur de Lotus? Seems like this is a little pinker.

  32. how does this compare to chanel fleur de lotus?

  33. an

    would you say this is similar/dupe to immortal flower from their collection a few months back ?

  34. sarah

    how does this compare to my highland honey?

  35. Wooooooow amazing! Not sure if I will be able to stick to my 100 day spending ban after seeing this! Thanks for the review and swatches :) x

  36. elenian

    Hi Christine. Congratulations for this review. I own ”Peaches” and ”Lovecloud” . do you think its reasonable to own it? (Nc25-30, green eyes). So beautiful colour!

  37. Andy

    i NEED this blush. omg its the prettiest most perfect color ever. the only light blushes i have are cool toned which look kind of “off” on my warm skin tone, and i have some corals but i ALWAYS overdo it on accident. this is the blush ive been waiting for. IF I DONT GET IT IM GONNA SLAP MYSELF

  38. Ella

    Is Supercontinental similar to Hipness? If not, do you know of any dupes to Hipness?

  39. Irene

    If I already own Fleet Fast is this worth buying as well?

  40. Gabriella

    Hello Christine,
    How does this compare to Launch Away? They look extremely similar. I’ve read that Supercontinental is less powdery and shows up better but I’d love your thoughts :)

  41. Lyka

    do you think this shade will work for me? im NC30. im fond of orange lipsticks like morange and im looking for a blush that suits them.

  42. Wanainchi

    How does this compare to:
    Mac style (minus shimmer), pinch o peach, fleur power,
    Nars Orgasm,
    Tarte Tipsy and Blissful please? Apologies in advance for too many comparisons. Thanks doll! :) xxoxx

  43. Joan

    This shade looks so pretty. Love how you describe shades and compare to other brands. Have it on order from Mac’s website. Can’t wait to get it tomorrow. Also, really looking forward to the Pro Longwear blushes from the Office Hours collection for fall 2012 coming out on 9/13. There’s about four shades out of eight from that collection that I already know I want. Christine, will you be having swatches from this collection anytime soon? Can’t wait to see swatches.

  44. Tracy

    Hi Christine ! I own so many coral/pink blushes, I try to avoid dupes when I can ! How does it compare to Benefit’s Coralista ?

  45. BooBooNinja

    I asked a MAC SA to pull this from the back so I could swatch it.
    There was a surprising amount of powder kick-up when I put brush to pan. Is this powderiness typical of MAC blushes? I’ve never tested a MAC blush before.

  46. Brjsmom

    Got the last one yesterday and put it on today…!!!!! I’ve been searching for lighter blush and this seems to be it, for now. I have fleet fast and it is a bit red on me. I’m an nw30. I’ve been wearing dainty forever but needed some coral in my blush life. I bought the nars pallatte from the anniversary sale and have been playing with those but none seem to be the holy grail for me. So for now, I’m glad I got supercontinental!!!

  47. Sandra JT

    Ooooohhhh that’s gorgeous! I’ve got Fleet Fast but it’s obviously quite different as you mentioned. I’ve got some MAC products I don’t like that I was going to return for a refund, but I think I very well might exchange for this and a couple of other products. My local MAC doesn’t run out of limited edition products very quickly, so I’m pretty sure I’ve still got a chance to grab this one. Gonna give them a call as soon as they open & ask them to hold one for me!

    Is this by any chance similar to MAC Dainty?

  48. Sandra JT

    WOOT! Just called them & got one on hold! Lucky lucky lucky! :-)

  49. Soffie

    So I thought that i was inlove with my Something Special Cream Blush from MAC. Until I purchased this Supercontinental blush yesterday. OMG. I love this blush. Thanks so much for all your reviews and your hard work :):):):)

  50. Shelley

    how does this compare to mac style blush?

  51. Bea

    These just came out in the Philippines! Would you know if NARS Deep Throat is similar? I read in another blog that they’re dupes.

  52. Dominique

    I love the way this blush looks on you! I have nars orgasm and deep throat are they dupes for supercontinental? I would love to purchase it but scared they might be dupes.

    • Dominique

      Sorry and also if its too late to purchase what dupe can I get? (Any brands)??? Makeup forever, MAC or???

  53. laura

    Hello, supercontinental is similar to Nars torrid ?

  54. Jade

    I bought this at the time and found it too orange on my winter skintone (NC15), but now I’ve warmed up to about NC20 it looks awesome! Really glad I bought it!