Sunday, May 24th, 2009

MAC Summer Trend Bags for Summer 2009

Launch Date: North America July 9, 2009, MAC Store Exclusive

Style Warriors storm the gates of glamour with every brush, shade, kit and colour weapon stealthily contained and concealed in these wild-and-ready signature Rectangle MAC bags created in exotically printed nylon: choose Mini: Spot The Leopard, Medium: Run Tiger, and Small Go Zebra, all with solarized-silver metallic piping and high-gloss silver patent loop handles. The ultimate expression of the fashion-fierce, multi-culti, untamed urban Style Warrior.

Rectangle MAC/Mini/Spot the Leopard ($18.00USD / $21.50CAD)
A mini, leopard print Rectangle MAC with silver metallic piping and silver loop handle.

Rectangle MAC/Small/Go Zebra ($28.00USD / $33.50CAD)
A small, zebra print Rectangle MAC with silver metallic piping and silver loop handle.

Rectangle MAC/Medium/Run Tiger ($38.00USD / $45.50CAD)
A medium, tiger print Rectangle MAC with silver metallic piping and silver loop handle.

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33 thoughts on “MAC Summer Trend Bags for Summer 2009

  1. Kirstin

    I *must* own the zebra print!

    Thanks for the photos/info!

  2. Joan

    I can’t decide if they’re insanely tacky or if I need one

    • maria

      I would not buy these. You an get these from almost any manufacturer of plastic bags for less than $10. It is only animal print. I think MAC should have made them more stylish.

      • Brittany

        Thats exactly what u was thinking, they look like ones i saw at my $2 shop. MAC has GREAT stuff but they really let themselves down with the bags they put out (except the hellokitty of course).

  3. OMG! I love animal prints!! I would love to win one of these! I could totally use an on the makeup bag!

    Twitter: DreamyObsession
    Also an RSS subscriber!

  4. BVinson

    I work for a company named Zebra Technologies and (obviously) am always on the lookout for things of a Zebra nature.

  5. Boonchom

    Boring !

  6. Ms Trendy

    i will skip these…

  7. Miss_M

    I don’t know about these…they look like fun, but personally I’m more into black simple make-up bags…

  8. Heather

    The silver lining makes them look tacky.

  9. Skyler

    Love ’em, tacky or not. I plan to get the leopard and the tiger. :)

  10. Leah

    Anyone know the dimensions of these? I love the leopard one but don’t need a super tiny bag.

  11. Deanna

    I can’t wait for these! 😀

  12. Shanel

    yeahhhh, i definitely can’t wait for this! my local mac store is gonna be updating me with this just in case it comes out before july ninth!.

  13. Wilcoa

    I was about to pick up a trend bag from last years collection before they removed them (yeah, I know, late to the party but I wasn’t needing a bag then ;P)… but these really don’t appeal to me at all, think I’m past the animal print stage.

  14. catmeow

    very over priced !!!

  15. Mikki

    They look so cute :)

  16. I need one or two or three….just a shame that the mini is sooooo tiny! The only thing that fits in there is a lipstick ;-)….but I do love the Leopard print…dilemma’s dilemma’s…

    And now I’m getting curious for the Tiger Bag?? No pics yet?? 😀

  17. Taj

    I am not sure about the bags. Sometimes the finishing is so bad that the products look cheap ! Have to see and touch in person !

  18. Deirdre

    I can’t stand animal prints!! I will pass on these bags.

  19. Huai-Ann

    I want the tiger one!!!!

  20. addicted to MAC and FASHION

    I think I am going to pass on this since animal print is just about everywhere and I can probably find something cheaper and better looking. Sorry MAC, not this time =\

  21. I have been a closet animal print lover (but don’t believe I am stylish/trendy enough to pull it off) but can’t say that I am a fan of the silver piping paired with the leopard print. If it was black lining or something I’d definately want it.

  22. TSafari

    DID YOU KNOW that you’re meant to replace you regular make-up bag every year? Due to hygiene reasons and the like. Open up your make-up bag, take a look inside, if it feels damp or smells funky, it’s a great place for germies to grow! So I’ll be needing the zebra print I think – wonder what the lining is like?

  23. Brie

    the leopard one is pretty small, the zebra medium and the tiger is pretty big my MAC already has them out so ive already seen them. i wasnt to impressed

  24. bianka

    I got the tiger print large one yesterday and its going back. I found a much nicer one in Echo Park(Silverlake) at a dollar store. Love it! and they had 3 sizes.