Monday, March 23rd, 2009

MAC’s Sugarsweet Collection brought us two fun nail lacquers: Peppermint Patti and Seasonal Peach.

Peppermint Patti is a minty green cream. It’s not overly bright, but it isn’t super pale either–it’s kind of a medium in the color range. The swatch above is with two regular coats (not too thin, not too thick). I’d probably suggest going for a third medium to thick coat to really get an opaque, creamy finish.

Seasonal Peach is a creamy, pale peach with a lil’ bit of pink. This is actually a repromoted color, but it’s still one of my favorites. It’s a really wearable shade that’s perfect for spring and summer. I found two regular coats worked well with this one, but a third one wouldn’t hurt if you find it’s not truly opaque with two for you. It layers quite well, so it doesn’t look too thick with three.

See a swatch of Seasonal Peach

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88 thoughts on “MAC Sugarsweet Peppermint Patti & Seasonal Peach Swatches

  1. Katie

    Peppermint Patti is such an unusual color but I still can’t wait to get mine and try it! Thanks for the swatches!

  2. I really like the seasonal peach color more than Peppermint patti. Thanks for the swatches.

  3. kat

    I am considering giving mac polishes another chance… I seem to be the only one who hates them. I ADORE that colour of green, that’s soooooo me! It will match my tattoo perfect :D!

  4. vicki

    I just grabbed these two! I can’t wait to get my nails redone!

  5. they’re so pretty! I would love to use both somehow hmmm…like make flowers with the peach and the green for the leaves! that would look soo pretty!

  6. I cannot wait to get seasonal peach! I don’t know if your familiar with Twink Pink. It’s like a frost sheer version on it!

  7. elle

    I love these colours!! I can’t wait for April 13th :)

  8. Sun

    Peppermint Patti is not a conventional color but it still looks wearable to the office. Cannot wait to try! (Sugarsweet release in Hong Kong is April 20…)

  9. I’m defo getting Peppermint patti! I’m not sure about seasonal peach, I have a colour simular to that.

  10. catherine

    I find the Seasonal Peach to come out very streaky.

  11. i loveeeeeee peppermint patti.
    Its is a lovely color even on my nc40 skin… usually only dark colors look good on my nails.

  12. Mikki

    I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo loving Peppermint Patti… I have to get it somewhere because I’m like 3 hours away from a MAC store :( !!!

    And the ones on eBay aren’t really cheap.

  13. nico

    I want both of them :)

  14. Wilcoa

    Seasonal peach is such a sweet color, love it! May have to add it t the list.

  15. robyn

    i really wish i liked mac polish. these are both fabulous colors, but the formula is one of the worst i’ve ever used, and i can’t get over the price for such a small bottle!!

  16. Kirstin

    I love both of those colours! Guess I need to save my pennies….

  17. vicky!

    love them!
    how similar is peppermint patti to China Glaze’s for audrey?

  18. Nicole N.

    I love the color of Peppermint Patti, but find myself really disliking MAC nail laquers.

    I already have China Glaze’s “For Audrey” and OPI’s “Hey! Get In Lime” both of which are VERY similar (the OPI more so than China Glaze), so I’ll probably stick with them.

    • I love For Audrey :) I wouldn’t say it’s close enough to this, though. It’s way too blue-aqua. I don’t have the OPI one though, so hopefully that’s a good dupe.

      Why don’t you like MAC’s nail lacquers? I’ve never had any issue with them, but I know others have!

      • Nicole N.

        I haven’t tried them side by side (I’ll have to do it when I get home from work and compare it to your swatches lol), but the OPI one does remind me a lot of Peppermint Patti. For Audrey isn’t an exact dupe, as you’re right, it is more blue.

        A MA at MAC when I went right before the Sugarsweet collection came out was wearing a color that looked IDENTICAL to Peppermint Patti so I had asked her if it was that, she said no it was an OPI permanent color but couldn’t remember the name. So if Hey! Get In Lime isn’t it, I know there’s one out there lol

        I just don’t like the MAC lacquers because they get really streaky when putting them on. I feel like I have to put a lot of coats on to get my desired look and when that happens it chips and peels really easily. I love MAC, but for the price of their nail lacquers it just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

        • Ohh, very nice tip from the MA! :)

          I’m sorry you’ve had such a poor experience with MAC’s lacquers!

          • Nicole N.

            I make up for the lack of lacquer purchases with many other purchases haha.

            Oh, and for the ladies with darker and more olive-y skin tones, these colors look AMAZING on them. I love both colors simply because they seem to be pretty universal.

  19. I like the colour. I never tried the polishes though..

  20. Nicole15

    Seasonal Peach is beautiful. The perfect spring/summer color. I love Peppermint Patti too as it is different from what I normally wear but I nice unique change from the norm. I would love both of them!

  21. melody elliott

    Have to say I love the mint green. What a cool and different color and perfect for spring. The peach isn’t that different then any of the pinky colors that are out there.

    • I’d definitely agree on the originality of Seasonal Peach — but I do love the shade, and since I don’t have too many polishes, I don’t have dupes 😀

  22. Ahh, Seasonal Peach from Cremesheen is BACK! And I’m loving both of these polishes…if I were rich, I could add these to my minuscule MAC collection, along with the $$$$$ Yes my friend gave me for Christmas.

  23. lisa

    Nice colors!

  24. Giselle G

    Peppermint Patti is sooo pretty. I just love it! haha….Definitely a throw back to Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  25. I like both Seasonal Peach and Peppermint Patti, haven’t yet tried on my Peppermint Patti, but had unfortunate application troubles with Seasonal Peach ;;

  26. kitanablade3

    I like these colors a lot but China Glaze’s “For Audrey” looks exactly like “Peppermint Patti” (maybe a tad darker). I have an OPI (I think) polish that resembles “Seasonal Peach” as well for a lot less. I do adore these spring colors though.

    • For Audrey is totally different from Peppermint Patti for me. It’s very blue, whereas Peppermint Patti is minty green. Have you swatched them side by side? They’re just so different for me!

  27. sprut

    Peppermint patti is all ready sold out on the website. On a side note so is Club. :) I always like to watch the items as they sell out.

  28. Congee

    hi christine. i just got seasonal peach. and i’m trying to apply it as we speak. its soo streaky! maybe i’ve been spoiled by OPI and essie, but I’ve never had that much trouble applying polish in my life!

    how in the world did u make it work for you? any tips? or else seasonal peach is just gonna make its way back to mac.


    • I just did one thin layer, which was streaky, and then I did a thicker layer on top. If that doesn’t work, try thin, medium, and a third coat that’s pretty thick.

  29. Rio

    WOW! I don’t like green for nails, but that is gorgeous!

  30. Christy

    Nice colors, but I doubt I’d wear Peppermint Patti out. I like pinks, peaches and purples more so. I’m hoping my store has the peach!

  31. Amanda

    Peppermint Patti is so pretty!

  32. Natalia

    Its not fair, I cant get Peppermint Patti anywhere and it was the only thing from the collection I was actually excited for and it looks so good on you, boo. And forget about gettin it on ebay, its way too much sigh Maybe, hopefully itll come out in another collection *crosses fingers*

  33. Leigh

    For the ladies having issues applying the MAC lacquers, a top coat usually does the trick for me. While applying Peppermint Patti, it was definitely turning out streaky and after applying the top coat, it evened everything out and made it all look smooth. I’ve had quite a few people ask if I was even wearing acrylics!

  34. cici

    These are HOT!

  35. Danielle

    Hey Christine, I’ve got a question for you!

    Which one would you recommend more? Seasonal Peach or Peppermint Patti? They’re both wonderful colors, but I’d really much rather get one.. Your opinion?

  36. Sasha

    Seasonal Peach looks so pretty, but I don’t want to buy it because of how streaky it applies (or so I’ve heard)! I’m wearing Peppermint Patti though and I love it.. even if it did take 3 coats to perfect =)

  37. Andrienne

    i just got seasonal peach from my MAC store. it’s not releasing yet. but my SA said i could purchase it. tried it on and it’s very streaky for me. it took me 3 coats to achieve what i want(which i’ve already expected before purchasing it). i’m now deciding whether to get peppermint patti or not coz it’s even harder to apply that on my nails when i tried at the store today. but i’m loving it the colour from the swatch provided! urgh!

  38. vicky!

    what base coat do you use?