Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Lollipop Loving Lipstick

Here are lip swatches of Sugarsweet’s lip products! :)


  • Bubbles is a bit frosty, and it isn’t a creamy finish, so it can skip or leave blotches behind. It gives decent color, and ideally this is worn with other lipsticks and glosses.
  • Lollipop Loving is frosty and feels like a lustre or glaze. It’s mostly opaque, though a couple of coats will be required on more pigmented lips.
  • Saint Germain is very creamy, and the color itself is quite opaque. You can do one light swipe of the lipstick to get a more toned down version of the color, or you can use two or three coats for an application as pictured.
  • Sweet Thing is a shimmery glaze texture. It has decent color pay off, and it does brighten up lips.
  • Touch is creamy with a subtle sheen in its finish. The color is rich, and it darkens lips to a neutral tone.

Tricolour Lipglasses?

  • Consume Me is thin, non-sticky to just slightly tacky. It’s virtually colorless.
  • Just Dessert is tinged a milky pink, but it still comes out quite colorless on my lips.
  • Simply Delicious is one notch above Just Dessert–a little pinker.
  • Tasty is the pinkest, though still not rich in color.
  • Triple-Yum has the most noticeable color difference, as the gold/bronze shimmer stands out.

And thus…

Most pigmented: Lollipop Loving, Saint Germain, Sweet Thing, Touch

So-so: Bubbles, Tasty, Triple-Yum

Colorless: Consume Me, Just Dessert, Simply Delicious

See the rest of the swatches!

Bubbles Lipstick

Saint Germain Lipstick

Sweet Thing Lipstick

Touch Lipstick

Consume Me Tricolour Lipglass

Just Dessert Tricolour Lipglass

Simply Delicious Tricolour Lipglass

Tasty Tricolour Lipglass

Triple-Yum Tricolour Lipglass

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312 thoughts on “MAC Sugarsweet Lipsticks & Lipglasses Swatches

  1. MIchelle

    Does it get any PRETTIER than Lollipop lovin’, it is so nice on you! I must get that, I will skip the glosses, as they are so dull when on the lips, I have plenty of l/g to work with esp. if I want sheer. I would just use a tendertone.

  2. charlieee

    thanks for the swatches! too bad the lipglosses don’t look any different from each other.

  3. joyce

    kashdkjsad, WHY. i was planning on just getting lollipop loving but now i know i’m going to need two LL’s and 1 sweet thing :( my wallet is crying!

    i wish mac came out with a sugarsweet palette, right?! i don’t want to buy all 5 single shadows :(

    • kat

      I second this! It seems like the collections with eyeshadows I like don’t have palettes, and the ones which have one colour or more which I dislike have palettes! Oh well! Easier on my wallet cause I can convince myself to skip them at 17$/pop!

    • LOL! Uh oh, Joyce.

      I was surprised a bit, just because I remember when they did Sweetie Things (kind of a sweets theme), they had one.

  4. Arika BH

    Christine, thanks again for all of these swatches! I will be skipping all the lippies this time around. How many times have we seen colors like these and I hate sheer lipglosses. I want a few shadesticks and thats it for this collection. Oh and the mint nail polish if it’s not sold out at my MAC counter.

  5. kat

    Oohh they look lovely! I’m so glad I already have lollipop lovin cause I’d have to snag it! I’m also glad that the tricolour lipglasses are so sheer so I can not be tempted! I know people said they looked sorta kiddish, but I thought they looked fun!

  6. Sheena

    i’m really liking lollipop lovin’ and sweet thing! :)

  7. Christy

    I love the way Sweet Thing looks on you. Not so fond of Saint Germain, its very cool and looks odd on me, much like Fashion Mews.

  8. Mary-Anne

    Do you feel like the Lollipop Lovin’ from this collection goes on more smoothly compared to the Heatherette one?

  9. ashley

    I ordered lollipop loving, but now I think I may need to order sweet thing as well, very pretty!

  10. Pamela

    Do you think lollipop loving, touch and sweet thing would look good on nc42 skin. From the swatches i like all three of them but im not sure if they would suit my skin…i have to make a trip to see them in person but wanted to know your input!! please help!

  11. Holly

    Lollipop Loving is really nice on you! I expected it to be more coral, but I think I’m going to like it (I’ve got one coming to me on Monday).

  12. Andrea

    I love Lollipop Loving when I saw it in the packaging but when I tried it on, it looked horrid on me :( That was one thing I really wanted to pick up too.

  13. Bellissima

    I’m going to return the Tasty tri color gloss, I could hardly get it out 1st of all, and the colors mixed somewhat from me stabbing the wand back and forth.,and considering its 21 CAD , rip off. im not impressed

  14. Kate

    I think Bubbles looks gorgeous on you. But I have yet to see on that doesn’t! Sweet Thing is very pretty, too. It’s funny, all the l/g’s are so sheer they look almost identical.

  15. Angie

    Lollipop loving looks great! I might consider this on top on the MSFs i’m getting!

  16. Jennifer

    saint germain is such a lovely color :) but the l/g do not stand out with much differences….

  17. aeys1

    The colors are almost the same/similar to each other. I think I’ll pass.

  18. feda

    I’m looking at getting all the lipsticks in this collection but bubbles and the lipglosses ill pass on I’m disappointed in mac for creating such visually tempting lip glosses but leaving us in such diappointment with no color payoff boo =/ its ok more money saved for the next collections =)

  19. JANE_m

    lollipop loving n’ sweet thing!! ^___^ thanks for this, im headin to the nearest mac tomorrow lol

  20. I enjoed this collection :} Saint German is my love!

  21. nancy

    aww i’ve been looking forward to trying lollipop loving! i think sweet thing looks so pretty on you.

  22. Meh, the tricolour lipglosses are a letdown.

  23. Sha

    Sweet Thing looks nice. Is it similar to Big Bow?

  24. turkishdelight573

    hi christine
    thanks for the swatches
    i have a question,
    do you think that touch is any similar to 4N lipstick from the N collection?
    i love that lippy its my HG but i didnt get a back up n im running out!!!!!! AHHH!!
    kicking myself

  25. msciaociao

    I just got bubbles today! it is so pretty and thanks for the swatches! I knew what I wanted already. so helpful:)

  26. thank you so much for these swatches, i have a question can lollipop loving be compared by quiet please (red she said)?

  27. Laura

    The glosses are such a disappointment, looks like I’ll just be getting lollipop loving! I wish MAC would stop with the re promotes now though, I want new things!

  28. pia

    Lollipop loving doesn’t show much on my lips. Plink showed much better on me. Disappointing as pigmentation goes :( *sighs*

  29. iliang

    I totally pass on the l/g..the MA were like are you sure you are not getting any of those!!!

  30. Lexi

    Hey Christine,

    I bought St. Germain yesterday. It’s quite chalky on my pigmented lips. I love the tone/color of the pink, but would love for it to look at bit creamier/less chalky– do you have any recs for a lipgoss? I tried morning glory and it seemed to highlight the frostiness….


  31. michi(michelle)

    i just got lollipop loving, which is now sold out at the macstore i go go, and i love it. also got peppermint patti nail polish. :)

  32. Nic15

    Love Sweet Thing & Lollipop Lovin lipsticks. Gotta have those. Just not a fan of the lipglasses. Not enough color for me.

  33. Emily

    I bought Saint Germain and its a little too purple for my liking. Do you know of any other colors similar but just pinker than Saint Germain? You’re the makeup expert :) Thanks for the lip swatches, they’re always very accurate.

  34. kiki

    i just purchased lollipop loving and it looks really pretty paired with the splendid lipglass form the Dame Edna collection.
    just thought i would share that little discovery 😛

  35. Diana

    must have lollipop loving and sweet thing it looks gorgeous!!!

  36. Alexa

    whats the diff between strayin and sweet thing? is it similar?

  37. kuromi

    What do you think about the Saint Germain Lipstick on asians? I’m an NC30…should I get it?

  38. jess

    god these colors are terrible! lol so underwhelmed! blah! all the glosses are clear–your paying for pretty packaging. This was not the collection to follow hello kitty! damn shame!

  39. cloudburst

    Wow thumbs down on the glosses – I love Touch, I used to wear it all the time & I used to have Bubbles too (but it went bad) – I might just pick it up for old time’s sake. But for sure I’ll be getting Sweet Thing.

  40. hanhie

    lollipop loving is sooooooo pretty on u!!! makes ur lips fun and flirty…. gorgouse

  41. Marcela

    Christine do you think that Sweet thing lipstick is kind of similar to the Big Bow from the HK collection???? The l/g looked so pretty on the package, but on the lips they are all the same, so dissapointed. =-(

  42. Shame about the glosses, i was hoping for more pigment with those! Sweet Thing lipstick looks gorgeous though :)

  43. Dawn

    thx for the the swatches. Sweet thing looks like the only color i would really want. the glosses look too sheer for my taste.

  44. Wendy

    i picked up saint germain through my friend. hope its not too bright for me. im have an asian skin tone. :) lollipop loving looks tempting! its not launched in malaysia yet so i have to wait.

  45. Nanett

    What lipgloss would you match with Touch? I think that is my fave from this collection.

  46. Bubbles looks exactly like Sunsonic, your thoughts?

  47. adryna

    omg this is the collection i need to check out now since im looking for a milky pink lipstick! the saint germain,sweet thing is a gorgeous colour! im from malaysia and i hope this collection is still available in my mac store right now. can i know how long usually each collection stays in the store? like 1week or 1month? can u tell me?