Thursday, March 5th, 2009

MAC Style Warrior Pics and Photos
On A Mission, Gold Rebel, Purple Rite

Some sneak peek photos of Style Warrior :)

MAC Style Warrior Eyeshadow
Refined Golden, Night Maneuvers

MAC Style Warrior Nail Lacquer
Golden Bronze, Mercenary

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45 thoughts on “MAC Style Warrior Sneak Peek Photos!

  1. love the packaging on this one!! do you know if they’re going to cut the MAC Pro discount for this one like they did for HK?

  2. Teresa

    I hope you can use the discount otherwise what’s the point!

    • Sarah

      the point of a pro card? to make sure that makeup artists can stock their kits with the basics, not so some penny-pincher can get a discount on the latest collections. i swear, every time i see someone bitching about not getting their pro discounts, i want to yell at them. seriously, it’s a program for makeup artists and people in the beauty industry, not just people looking for a deal.

      • macartist

        wow pms much?!!

      • I agree. It’s so you can do your job without using up quite as much of your income to buy the things you need to work. It’s not really so much about stocking your own personal collection. If you’re not using it professionally (like you do the basics), then why should you get a discount for it as though you were?

      • hannah

        how come they gave out pro cards to everyone at IMATS then? that’s open to the public.

        • dee

          What’s IMATS? I’m not in love with the packaging or whatever, but I buy things because of what the product looks like. So far, it looks like this is going to be a very good collection for me.

          • jan

            Imats is the international makeup artist trade show held in pasadena.the next one is in june 20-21 2009.its open to the public and mac is there every year.there you can get a pro card all you do is fill out the application pay $ get your 40% off the the same day of the show,they give you a temporary card that you can also use at any pro store just that one day,until you get your permanent card that should arrive within 2 weeks.

        • Mona

          They dont ask you for credentials to accept your MAC PRO membership? Are you for real? You dont have to be in the makeup or beauty industry.. seriously?

      • Briana

        Excuse me, but what the hell do you care Sarah? You’re getting your discount right? So why can’t i get mine? The MacPro card isn’t that exclusive lady, and what do you care what i use it for? Mind your own business and worry about more important things

      • Teresa

        Hi Sarah,

        I didn’t mean to start a frenzy with my comment, and as much as I can understand your frustrations, show me a makeup artist that either does not have their private makeup collection or that doesn’t use thier work stuff for their own use. This year Mac has been putting out collections like crazy. I personally could care less about most packaging I just want the product and if I can’t use my pro card to buy it because they want to create special packaging instead of focusing on the quality of the product that upsets me. I don’t see a point in buying everything at full price because of the packaging and charging more for my services in this economy. Ultimately we can agree to disagree.

  3. Kirstin

    I’m a sucker for zebra print, so I’ll def pic up the items that have it on the packaging. And if they turn out to be good products, that’s just a bonus. 😉 LOL my priorities are a little skewed…

  4. alex

    Uugh. That packaging is super tacky. Fox Hills Mall tacky. Old Lady in Miami tacky.

    I would be embarrassed to whip that lipstick out in public.

  5. Court

    Night Maneuvers is so pretty! I hope it’s as pretty or prettier in person!

  6. sandra

    oh gosh I LOVE anything leopard print! I need that gloss!

  7. robyn

    Yikes! I’m overwhelmed by the tackiness. It’s difficult to see if the colors are even nice.

  8. Whitnee

    totally tacky. if it were more understated, like just the zebra print inside the lipstick and the leopard on the lipglass cap it would be nice but all those silver lines and mixed with the gold is quite tacky. i definitely won’t be buying anything that can’t be depotted from this collection lol.

  9. Kayc

    I don’t like the whole zebra print thing on the lipsticks BUT.. since I looove lippies I really don’t care how ugly the packaging is lol =)

  10. Maribeth

    i think its hillarious so many ppl r complaining about the packaging its freaking makeup its fun when it looks all tacky its not like ur wearing a tacky shirt or somehting it comes out of ur purse for a second in the bathroom to re apply if its a cute color grow up get it ayways :) GEEEZ!

  11. HijabiApprentice

    I’m with Maribeth! I think the packaging is fun!

  12. sprut

    I’m still wiped from hello kitty and I’m more excited for a rose romance so I will probably pass on this because the only thing that really interests me in this is the nail polish and that’s something I can pass on.

  13. Aw man, I want everything from this collection ):

  14. lexi

    do we think Night Manuevers is a VP? i’m thinking it will be all I was hoping Magnetic Fields would be, but isn’t

  15. Tamara

    I’m very excited about this collection! The colors will go good with my skintone and I wanna check out the Lustre Drops! They look cool. Between this collection and Sugarsweet I’m gonna to be broke. I only want 2 things from the A Rose Romance collection, but that can always change…

  16. Ashlee

    Woah the packaging is pretty cool. I like that eyeshadow and blush!

  17. AHHHHH!!! I am SO excited!!! I’m getting like…everything, LOL.

  18. i think only the animal prints wud had been much beter…i mean those silver lines n stuff..bit messy…
    the brown e/s looks pretty!! i m sure there are dupes….:)

  19. Jenny

    I am loving this collection so far. I haven’t been this excited since BBR, which was a let down.

  20. Sharquanda

    I had saw that lipglass at a CCO (cosmetics company store) and i’m like uhh when did this come out… I wonder why it was there???

    • erica

      it was probably from Raquel Welch, MAC came out with a tiger print collection a few yeas back

  21. charmy

    I actually like the packaging!

  22. I could get the eyeshadows just for the packaging, it

  23. Nice

    My FAV collection so far
    I’m gonna spend so much money
    Need to prepare for this

  24. G-Rod

    This is not an apppealing collection at all. I seem to like the shadow color and the nail lacquer. I will have to pay MAC a visit to really get into this launch. Enjoy!

  25. valerie

    this is awesome, im in love with the packaging! :)

  26. BoogiePimp78

    quote: “alex – Old Lady in Miami tacky”
    OMG, I love that!!!! LMAO!!!

  27. jasmine

    I just like the nail polish

  28. I’m quite excited for this collection! (‘Cept for the design on the lipglass) Bronze!

  29. Aishah

    Great collection. Looks better the previous ones to me.

  30. Mattie

    Don’t really like the packaging :(

  31. Mikki

    I absolutely love the packaging!

  32. This is a question for Jan or anyone else who can answer it. If you apply for a MAC Pro card at the international makeup artist trade show do you need to show proof that your a make up artist, model, or photographer? or can anyone interested just pay the 35 bucks and get it??

  33. izabela

    I am in love with this packaging!