Thursday, July 8th, 2010

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

Ahh, finally! Operation Stereo Rose was a success. Not only did I get to meet several amazing Temptalia readers at my local MAC, but I was able to pick up the Stereo Rose I put on hold!

Stereo Rose is a lightly pinked coral with a golden-bronze sheen. I actually found it difficult to dupe, particularly because the texture is very smooth with a soft sheen rather than obvious shimmer. Ironically, the best dupe I was able to find was mixing Comfort and Petticoat together. NARS Luster also came close, but it lacks the pinkness of Stereo Rose. MAC New Vibe also comes close, but it’s significantly more pigmented/darker a well as redder than Stereo Rose–so perhaps if used lightly, you could come close.

It’s pretty, and it’s easily worn everyday by itself for a nice pop of color and sheen on the cheeks.  It doesn’t emphasize pores, and it doesn’t look orange, either.   It’s not the most amazing blush I ever used, but it is a nice one to have if you’re able to get one.  I don’t think I would drive ten hours to grab one, though 😉

Were you able to snag one yourself? Is it all that and more? Disappointed?

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish (Heavily/Blended)

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
Mix of MAC Comfort & Petticoat, Benefit CORALista, STEREO ROSE, Chanel In Love, Le Metier de Beaute Echo

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
STEREO ROSE, Chanel In Love, Le Metier de Beaute Echo, STEREO ROSE

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC New Vibe, STEREO ROSE, Lancome Mandarin Sky, NARS Luster, Korres #45

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411 thoughts on “MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kim

    Mac Stereo Rose is back up on the Canadian website- For everyone who missed out, they do ship to the US as they did when the US Website ran out of items…people could call and place order to be shipped to the US. Hurry before they’re sold out again!

    • I

      thank you for sharing that info! I didn’t know they could ship to the US! Called and will have it by the end of next week yay!!

  2. Maddy

    they NEED to make stereo rose permament

  3. Trina

    Jazzed and Stereo Rose is back on the Canadian MAC website!!!


  4. Crissy

    Pretty, but I like your swatches of Chanel In Love and Le Metier de Beaute Echo way better!

  5. Lauryn

    I actually ordered mine early on Tuesday from the MACPro Site. only to be VERY disappointed to get a “this item is backordered” email a few HOURS later.. HOURS!! UGH! So I called my friend who works at MAC in Willowbrook Mall and begged her to hold one for me. She told me they were sold out too. However, later that day, someone came in to pick up their held order, a Stereo Rose was in the bag and shouldn’t have been! The customer didn’t want it, so my friend pulled it for my bag! YAY!

  6. Elizabeth

    Christine I love your blog. Thanks for all that you do for us makeup addicts!

    When I went to my Mac counter yesterday I still wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy it or not. When the MUA told me that they only had one left I figured it was meant to be. Since I was in a hurry I didn’t even try it on. Sadly I was a little disappointed when I got home and tried it on. It’s nice but it defenitely is overrated. Not the best blush I’ve used by far. The only reason I justify making the purchase is that this is my first MSF. Those of you who can’t get ahold of one, don’t feel like you are missing out.

  7. Ling

    Hello Christine, i always enjoyed myself alot whenever i visit your blog, its interesting and informative. I managed to snag one of the very last few Stereo rose as well as petitcoat and by candlelight today. Guilty but happy : ) Thanks a bundle for the lovely swatches.

  8. Amy

    I think it is pretty in the pan, quite nice in real life. I got it anyway, will be using it during my vacation starting tomorrow! :)

  9. I love that swatch of the Lancome Mandarin Sky… can you still get that?

  10. Missy

    yay! i snagged one online and am waiting for it in the mail

  11. Brandi

    Eh…I mean it is pretty but why the huge hype for it!! I must say the mixture of Petticoat and Comfort is dead on!!

  12. kat

    can u also do a comparison with bobby brown shimmer brick in nectar???

  13. Aryn Matiwosky

    I went and ordered Tuesday around noon. I already saw that stereo rose was sold out, so I decided free shipping why not get petticoat, and confort and save me the trouble of putting it on hold.

    I called my mac store on the day of the collection coming out, and they said they could put SR on hold for me. Now Im hoping now reading all the comments my hold doesnt get misplaced or anything. Next time I’m preordering just in case, although holding has never let me down before.

    My mom wanted to pick it up, because she was already out. So around 1:00 pm I should have my msf if all goes well!!

    I dont think my mac is very popular, we still have marine lifes waiting for owners O.o

  14. Karen K

    I wanted Stereo Rose when it was originally released but let a MA talk me into something else. Kept thinking about it and when I decided to get it they were gone…and I called all over creation. Tuesday morning before I left for work I checked both the Pro and regular sites and it wasn’t up yet. A few hours later I checked at work and it was sold out on both. Grrr! So Thursday I called one of the stores in Orlando and she pulled one and a By Candlelight and held it for me. I’ll be in Orlando Sunday and will pick it up then. Hopefully it will be there. If not, I won’t die but I will be a wee bit irritated.

  15. Heather

    I walked in Nordies to just get a few things in the collection, i assumed it would be sold out so i wasnt even expecting to see it. At the counter they had one left, it was divine intervention and i bought it immeadiately! I love it

  16. Ester

    Looks beautiful on you!!

  17. Kristen

    My MAC counter sold out of stereo rose in FIVE minutes

  18. Eyeris

    Hi..went to my Macys counter at 10:30 AM yesterday and thery were sold out!!! THE MS told me they sold out like in the firts ten minutes. then she realized the display one had never even been put out so she sold me the las stereo rose…..but i was a bit disspointed…not all that…peticoat is prettier…i bought it las year and if broke so i bought it again…along with by candelight…..the MA could not believe they were out aso fast…

  19. I managed to snag one up and I LOVE it! Also, I appreciate that you’re now doing a face shot that shows it on your cheeks as well as the possible close dupes for the ladies who can’t get it!

  20. Kate M.

    So weird…!!  I’ve been looking forward to Stereo Rose FOREVER but now seeing all the
    swatches for these other blushes…I like the other ones more lol.  

    Thanks Christine!

  21. Jennjenn

    Stereo rose is no longer listed as “sold out” on the Canadian MAC website. Intriguing?!

  22. Lillie

    This is my first time posting here! Just checked the MAC Canada website, and Stereo Rose and Jazzed which were previously listed as sold out are back in stock again. By the Candlelight is now sold out.

    Anyway, I ordered Stereo Rose along with Originality nail polish from MAC online on the 6th and received it today. I’m really new to make-up and don’t even have the proper brush for the MSF yet but bought into the hype! I can’t wait to try it out once I have a face brush.

  23. Yay!! I just got mine! It was interesting because the ladies at the MAC store were not promoting Stereo Rose. They were mostly recommending Comfort MSF but since I am pretty tanned at the moment it wasn’t really showing up on me that much. I ended up getting Stereo Rose because it looks very summery and I was in need of a product I could use as a Blush. Thanks a lot Christine for putting the swatches =)

  24. Ada

    went to mac store today ^^ MA told me they sold out stereo rose within minutes..0.0 that’s even faster than the site! Anyways we were playing around with the MSF’s and found the Petticoat and By Candlelight combo. I think its a good dupe for Stereo Rose for all the cool-toned ladies…or gents ^^. The Comfort and Petticoat combo is better for warmer skintones.

  25. Catherine

    Back in stocks on canadian website but for how long? 😛

  26. Amy

    After hearing all the horror stories about people trying to get their hands on Marine Life and Stereo Rose I feel so thankful for my wonderful MAC counter and MA-I just simply asked her to put it on hold and there it was for me to pick up- I think she deserves a thank you card and a fruit basket or something for helping me to look fabulous! P.S I love both my Marine Life and Stereo Rose!!

  27. Lindsay

    I went to Macy’s when it opened at 10 on thursday morning and the sa told me they were gone and they only got in 2 and someone called from the parking lot and reserved both!! so i informed the sa i called a few days before and was told they would only take holds at 10am on thursday when they open so i assumed just to go in and get it myself. so she called her manager and they sold me the brand new tester of it that hadn’t been used or anything. i’ve wanted this color for a long time and i’m really glad it’s FINALLY mine!!

  28. Ana

    Ey pretty!! I think it would be great to see swatches like those with other “coral” blushes, like Nars Portofino or Torrid.
    Oh, doesn´t Portofino looks like Mandarine Sky Lancome??? I have the first one

  29. Fiaspice

    I went to my local MAC (in The Bay) store to pick up my digi-pop order and I tought there would at lest be a Stereo Love on display, I didn’t tought that in my “small” city with 2 MAC counter un the mall that it would be sold out. I didn’t even get to see the sampler, so I guess it was already sold out. That’s crazy!

  30. all4u

    I was on a mission yesterday, in 102+ heat looking to get this, crazy right lol. In any event, after making numerous calls to three different states and calling the local Macy Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and finally found 1 and it was the last one because the MAC counter at Macy’s only received five! I got it at 3PM! Was it this crazy when Metal Rock came out back in the day? They need to bring that one back!!!Its my favorite.

  31. Liana

    I thought I would have trouble finding this msf like many people but I went into my MAC counter at Macy’s (McBean Pkwy, Arcadia, CA) just excited that they weren’t sold out of Jazzed lipstick yet, and to my pleasant surprise they still had NINE (yes girls, NINE) stereo rose compacts left! The MUA predicted it would probably sell out by tomorrow but it couldn’t hurt to try and call in first if you are dying to get it.

    • Liana

      ^ oops I meant the Macy’s on Mcbean Pkway in VALENCIA, CA not Arcadia! go get it girls!

  32. Samantha

    Hi Christine,
    I placed an order for stereo rose on the mac website and it now says it’s backordered. Are backordered items eventually become available and shipped? I’m thinking about picking it up at my mac when we get the collection next week but I’m scared that the one i ordered online will eventually become available. What should I do?

  33. Maria

    I pre ordered a stereo rose at my mac store about two weeks ago and went and picked it up yesterday along with by candle light jazzed lipstick and go for it lipstick and I love all 4 of the things I bought. I wore stereo rose as a blush today and I loved it I was kind of affraid to get it because i’m very fair but it looked. Sorry if this is typed bad I’m commenting on my iPhone

  34. inaya

    with a LIGHT hand is this similar to MAC bi-tone from the color forecast edition?

  35. Ru

    Wow, great review. Thanks for the side by side swatches of the different brands, that really helps!

  36. Lil

    I don’t get why this color sold out?! It’s a pretty color but a Mua told me that it was in a magazine and that started some of the hype. Has anybody else heard this? I wonder which magazine if this is true.

  37. Karla

    Too orange for my olive/tan skin. It doesn’t show up that well… BUT Petticoat on the other hand was super pretty. I’m glad I skipped this one for once, NOW I just have to find petticoat instead :(

  38. Liz

    I would wear this with neutral eyes and coral lips

    twitter: Miss_gwen

  39. Rosalie

    Yours looks like Jupiter, it even has the Great Red Spot! It’s cool, and so pretty on you, but I’m totally fine not being able to get one.

  40. Ellen

    Thanks christine for the almost dupe. the swatch looks really good! since all my stores/counters are out of stereo rose, my cousin is getting me petticoat msf with her discount so i save some $$ and then can mix it with my comfort msf. it might not be the real thing but it’s good enough for me :) so thanks alot!

  41. These look really nice – may have to consider getting one (or two!)Thanks for the very detailed review!

  42. Chloe

    I amso glad that i managed to get this and i lookk forward to using it. i have tried it on and i love it !

  43. Inessa

    Can you please swatch Stereo Rose next to Shell Pearl (from Give Me Liberty Of London collection), they seem to be kind a similar to me, but I can be very wrong also :)

  44. Ros

    I finally got it!!! Stereo rose is inb my make-up box! so worth it….it looks very natural on my skin tone….went to first Dillard’s in McAllen Texas and they had 2 left… the last cremd nude .Went to Dillard’s in Brownsville, Texas..were sold out of Sterero Roese and its a matter of looking…..Very happy I get Stereo Rose… it!

  45. Jamila

    absolutely loved this, but I had to return it =( it BARELY showed up on my skin tone. Owell

  46. aksaiyo

    Can you swatch Stereo Rose next to Superdupernatural from the Magic, Mirth, and Mischief Collection please?

    • Hi Aksaiyo,

      Unfortunately, I can’t fulfill individual swatch requests, just because if I did, I would have about 100 per day to fill – and I just don’t have the time to do so :( These are the best dupes I could find!

  47. Brianna

    I ordered mine from Nordstrom’s and it finally showed up. I’m not pleased with the veining.. I prefer the one you pictured with more of the gold veining as opposed to the one I received. Bummer. thanks for the review though!

  48. puffnstuff

    steroe rose looks much more coral on u, on me it just looked pink. now im lemming the NARS and Lancome though! lol :)

  49. Alisha in WI

    blush with coral lipstick

  50. Diane

    I really like New Vibe now!!! I didn’t think Stereo Rose was very pigmented when I swatched it (I’m NC44), New Vibe is much more like it!

  51. Oooh I want! Which Mac Store did you get it at? (In the Bay Area)

  52. nazih

    Did anyone receive their backorder SR yet…

  53. amelie

    hey temptalia! i appreciate so much that u compared other corally blushes and shimmers that could pass for dupes. well i could not get MAC’s Stereo Rose MSF, but i do have my only coral shimmer/ blush, its the Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar. I was wondering if the Nectar shimmer brick is the closest dupe, maybe you can check that out, i dunno:/


  54. Chocolate

    For anyone who is still trying to get their hands on this, DON’T GIVE UP just yet. I went to a Macy’s MAC & got Stereo Rose TODAY from a location that I called & was told they had sold out of it. I went there to check out the other colors but when I mentioned still wanting to try Stereo Rose even though it was sold out, the MUA told me they had just re-stocked one that was on hold. The color is a pretty light coral pink on my NW 43/45 skin. This is my first MSF so I didn’t know what to expect & I’ll admit I don’t get the hype, but I will say I am statisfied w/my purchase.

  55. i think this looks like the nectar shimmer brick from bobbi brown?

  56. Megan

    AHHHH! Literally as I was reading these comments nordstrom just emailed me and informed me my stereo rose which was already on backorder is unavailable and will not be shipped. Almost a week after they charge me for it??? Forget Nordstrom’s I was so excited about Stereo Rose now there is no chance. UGH!

    • deedee

      I just got an email saying that my order for stereo rose will not be fulfilled. I ordered it on July 6th and it was already on backorder. I was soo hopeful but I guess I will never get my hands on Stereo rose :/ So upset with Nordstroms, if they dont have a merchandise they should atleast say “sold out” and not keep customers hopeful!

    • Megan F.

      I am not sure whether this will come or not as it may turn out to be a cruel joke, but Stereo Rose is not currently showing as Sold Out on the MAC website. I just order it on the site and hope it comes.

  57. Mariana

    I picked up two of these babies and one of Petticoat…I love them!

  58. Amy

    Do you know how similar SR is to Northern Light MSF? I have NL and I never use it, but I took it out the other day for swatching purposes, and the color – a pinky coral (once you tap off the chunky glitter of course) seemed to bear a resemblance to the swatch pictures I’ve seen online of SR. Do you own North Light or have any thoughts on this? Thanks!

  59. Samantha

    I’m am always da last person to find out abt anything!! I’m always so busy with work I didn’t even know what Stereo Rose was or when it was coming out!! Friends were telling me how beautiful it is and that’s when I got to know about it…weeks later when it’s all sold out throughout the universe!! :( only if wishes came true…. :(

  60. I see something a lot like Cargo Rome blush…. maybe combine a little Hard Candy Pinup blush with it or some Warmed MSF and it could be right on. I don’t feel bad that I missed out. My local counter only got six in and they sold out that morning. I don’t think most LE products live up to the hype.

  61. Vex

    Well, I had to pay 270:- SEK, which is the equivalent of $36, but even so, for once, being a MAC fan in Sweden was so worth it this time. No pre-ordering, no driving any mad number of hours, no crowds, no need, even, arrive at the release date. I just sauntered into the store a couple of hours ago and had absolutely no problem picking it up (though the clerk noted that they seemed “quite popular.” Paging Dr. Understatement!)

    I’m not shy about admitting I bought it almost solely due to its hype. Indeed, Petticoat would probably have been better-suited to my pallor. Which doesn’t mean I won’t rock the hell out of this bish. I’ll pair it with scarlet lips and fake lashes: just go ahead and call me Dr. Frank’N’Furter. Woot for vibrancy! Wooooot!

  62. Hi Christine,

    This is a brilliant post, so helpful. I’ve just started posts YT vids and a blog, would you mind if I put a link to this blog post on a YT vid and on my blog? Would it be OK to copy one of your photos above to put on my blog and state that it is property of Temptalia and put your link next to it?

    Not sure how this all works (newbie) and the appropriate wording.


  63. I was so sad that the Stereo Rose I ordered from MAC at 6:15 AM was backordered. But, today I received it in the mail from MAC! They must have been able to fulfill those backorders. Yeah!!

  64. Kelli

    yayayayayayay! the minute I saw your tweet that Stereo Rose was back online I went to the website ASAP and ordered it and just got the email saying it was shipped :) (although when I click on the tracking #, it says it was delivered 10/19/2009 to somewhere in MI, not where I live) I had come to terms that I was not going to get Stereo Rose so total impulse buy, ugh! Hope it’s worth it

  65. Judy

    For those of you who missed Stereo Rose, DuWop’s blush booster in Pomegranate is almost identical in my opinion.

  66. Lisa

    hey christine
    i just got the too faced papa don’t peach blush and thought it is super similar to stereo rose. I swatch both and they have the same sheen finish. just thought i should share.

  67. Melanie

    I was wondering, if the Nectar Shimmerbrick by Bobbi Brown would maybe be a close dupe? Someone tried yet?

  68. i was VERY lucky to buy one of these i am in completely IN LOVE wit it! it is a definite must-have for me. i usually use it as a bronzer (cheek bones) if not then i apply it on the apples of my cheeks. tis is a definiteee must have and i now understand the hype for this one product. love ittt and i luckily i bought a back-up of it :). definite need to have mineralized skinfinish.

  69. Corliss

    Yes I got it, I got it I got 2 Stereo Rose.