Thursday, July 8th, 2010

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

Ahh, finally! Operation Stereo Rose was a success. Not only did I get to meet several amazing Temptalia readers at my local MAC, but I was able to pick up the Stereo Rose I put on hold!

Stereo Rose is a lightly pinked coral with a golden-bronze sheen. I actually found it difficult to dupe, particularly because the texture is very smooth with a soft sheen rather than obvious shimmer. Ironically, the best dupe I was able to find was mixing Comfort and Petticoat together. NARS Luster also came close, but it lacks the pinkness of Stereo Rose. MAC New Vibe also comes close, but it’s significantly more pigmented/darker a well as redder than Stereo Rose–so perhaps if used lightly, you could come close.

It’s pretty, and it’s easily worn everyday by itself for a nice pop of color and sheen on the cheeks.  It doesn’t emphasize pores, and it doesn’t look orange, either.   It’s not the most amazing blush I ever used, but it is a nice one to have if you’re able to get one.  I don’t think I would drive ten hours to grab one, though 😉

Were you able to snag one yourself? Is it all that and more? Disappointed?

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish (Heavily/Blended)

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
Mix of MAC Comfort & Petticoat, Benefit CORALista, STEREO ROSE, Chanel In Love, Le Metier de Beaute Echo

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
STEREO ROSE, Chanel In Love, Le Metier de Beaute Echo, STEREO ROSE

MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish
MAC New Vibe, STEREO ROSE, Lancome Mandarin Sky, NARS Luster, Korres #45

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411 thoughts on “MAC Stereo Rose Mineralize Skinfinish Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Charlotte

    Actually I don’t like it, it’s too orange for my tastes. Glad it was sold out and I didn’t get to buy it!

  2. Laura

    I bought this the first time around and swapped it away. It was just too warm for me. I’m actually glad to see the color is the same in this release so I can save my cash :-) Thanks for the swatches!

  3. julie

    hehe the blush reminds me of mars.
    glad i reserved mine yesterday because my bloomies sold out by the time I got there to pick it up (about 1 o clock)
    I hope all of you who want it will be able to get it!

  4. elise

    I had my local free standing MAC put it on hold for me. I gave them a call at 9am to put it on hold for me, and they opened at 10. I didn’t get there untill 3pm and by then all the stereo rose MSF’s were sold out. I got mine and people waiting in line behind me were angry that I was getting it and they missed out. When I explained that I made a call early in the morning and put it on hold no one wanted to listen. I tought that I won’t make it out of there in one piece and with the stereo rose in hand. WOW, that was crazy. Trying to kill me because i put it on hold and you didn’t think of it is quite crazy to me. But i love it and i’m glad that I got one!!!

    • Meesh

      That is crazy! But props for being prepared.

    • Refinement

      Don’t feel bad. I did the same thing and I’ve been doing it since my MAC counter first opened. Congrats on your purchase and being smart enough to call ahead. Hope you enjoy :-)

  5. Colette

    I went this morning to get it. I went to a MAC Store, Macy’s and Nordstroms. They were all sold old by 10am today. :( I ended up getting the number to either a MAC warehouse or the Nordstroms warehouse, the MUA said to wait a couple of weeks & then call–they should have some there and it was worth a shot. I ended up getting Petticoat- which I love just as much! :)

  6. monique

    hmm i also have the 2005 stereo rose and that one is wayyyyy better then this one. was exited to get me a back up , but little dissapointed with the new one

  7. Anna

    I just got my from my mac counter. oh gosh it is amazing!!! looks amazing on my skin. i actually have another one on hold at a different mac store haha

  8. Yumi

    I bought 3 of Stereo Rose! And 1 of By Candlelight. My MAC store sold out of it in an hour, I guess I didn’t help! Either way I don’t regret it, limited is limited, just as the girls in the store said! I really loved how it looked on me too, hype or no hype!

  9. Bona

    I went to mac counter to see the collection. Stereo rose was not even there to test. I asked the lady and they say it’s sold out already! i am in Toronto. I couldnt believe it!

  10. nicci

    For some reason, it reminds me of Nars Orgasm without all the glitter/shimmer…but I cancelled my order though this morning.

  11. Olivia

    Nordstrom’s website has all the colors available including Stereo Rose if anyone is having trouble finding any of these skin finishes. FYI

  12. torontofreelancemua

    I don’t like it…i don’t like warm brown/clay or orange tones.

  13. I went to one of my local malls today with 4 MAC Stores in it (one PRO store, and stands at macy’s, nordstroms, and bloomingdales) and all of them were sold out of Stereo Rose. I had already pre-ordered mine, but I was shocked that all of them were sold out! I forgot to pre-order Jazzed lipstick but managed to snag one of the last 2 at Macy’s. The MA at bloomingdale’s also said that they were sold out of Jazzed as well. Despite being sold out of a lot of the popular items and such a big launch, all the MAs I talked to today were so sweet and nice! I thought they would be annoyed with all the Stereo Rose questions by that point.

  14. Dee

    I love this collection I picked up 3 MSF’s,2 eyeshadows,jazzed,fashion whim and of course Stereo Rose …:)))…love it…love it…


  15. Roberta

    I got the last one at the Macys near my job, the other 2 MAC stores near me had already sold out of them by 11am

  16. Laura

    I had to call 4 different places but I finally got one this morning! Last time I checked they still had stock on nordstrom’s website though.
    I agree it’s super pretty cuz of the coral touch to the pinkiness, but I guess with all the hype of it being sold out everywhere I expected it to be the savior of msf’s and it’s just not as spectacular as I expected but a great addition to my collection! 😉

  17. Connie

    My favorite manager at my MAC counter came through for me and I got Stereo Rose and By Candlelight. I love them both – very very nice but I adore all of MACs skinfinishes. I was bad and picked up two of the eyeshadows which I fell in love with as well – I am not a fan of the previous mineral eyeshadows at all. Two lipstics – Jazzed and Go For It and the Chillin’ Cremesheen. I am hopeless.

  18. lauren

    went to my local counter this morning exactly at 10 when it opened..MAC was KIND enough to ship only TWO stereo roses which both were placed on hold by one woman…so lame

    • Erin

      That SUX! Do they pre-pay these types of things? it should be a first come first serve basis…just sayin’ ;P

      • lauren

        nope i put a marine life highlighter on hold but i waited till the day of to call and came in an hour later..all i had to give was my name and they said if i wasn’t there by the end of the day it would go to someone else..but they at least MAC had sent a pretty decent amount..I couldn’t believe that they only send TWO stereo roses…in the time that I was at the counter (15 min) there were 4 other ppl who came looking and about 6 phone calls asking for it

  19. Tammy

    I was able to pick up Stereo Rose and Petticoat today. I went to the MAC counter at Macy’s in the afternoon and they still had plenty in stock! Stereo Rose is such a gorgeous shade, and I see what the hype is all about.

    For those of you in the NYC area, Macy’s in Herald Square still has Stereo Rose in stock!

  20. Erin

    They are still sold out on the website :( There is no Mac near me so I am keeping a sharp eyeball on that site!

  21. Cherokee

    I read a review from someone who is an NC44/45 and she stated it did not show up at all. When she used too much it looked like a sheeney mess. Since I am about a NC 45 and have a tan from the NYC sun, I am going to pass on this. Looks good on Christine but I don’t think it will show up on me.

  22. alisson

    it looks lovely on you, christine!

    i tried several counters today and called ones as far as 50 miles but everything was sold out by noon it seems. when i tried to put any on hold i was always told no! such a bummer

  23. I’m so glad i was able to snag Stereo Rose! When the closest MAC counter opened, which was 10? I didn’t want to feel crazp so i called at 10:10. I kept my MSF on hold. got to the store at like 1?? and it turns out mine was the last one. Went to another mall, they had two mac counters so i went, and they also happened to be out of stock as well! sad i didn’t grab another but i love it and glad i was even able to grab one.

  24. becky

    hmmm…don’t get the hype and I’ve gotten a trillion tweets on it today about which store still has it, and then I saw one for NYC. haha guess the hype is coming to NY too

  25. Annette

    I went to my local MAC last week, and did a presale of the Stereo Rose, so I just had to go pick it up today!! It’s a great thing when they do that, so you don’t have to fear something selling out before you can get there. Christine, so glad to hear you got your hands on one!!!!

  26. tani

    order it but i havent tried it yet. i’m starting to think i’d rather have ripe peach ombre

  27. Sheena F

    so i got 2 stereo rose MSF’s 2 days ago via since i was stalking your twitter feeds that morning. i used it today on top of MAC lilicent cream blush. it is beautiful! i love love love love it! it kind of reminds me of marine life which i so disappointedly missed out on :( but stereo rose holds its own! did i say it is beautiful? how bout that i love it? and i love how it complements my NC40 skin!

    stereo rose anecdote: today i went to my fave MAC counter at bloomingdale’s in SF to pick up comfort MSF. the lady picked up the baggy with my name on it but she said instead of comfort, the other lady i spoke to put stereo rose on hold for me instead…i said i had 2 already and i had asked them to hold comfort MSF. right when she took stereo rose out of the bag, another customer was getting her makeup done and heard there was a stereo rose up for grabs and she was just like “I’LL TAKE IT!!!” hahah wow…definitely worth every penny!

  28. May

    I went to Nordstrom yesterday to put one on hold with my CC. The saleslady was trying to get her manager to let me take it home. The manger saw me and said loudly, “oh we don’t have it in yet”. Yeah right you’re releasing it tomorrow and you don’t have any in store. Anyway the saleslady was nice so I purchase some luster drops from her so she can get a sale. I’m going to pick it up tomorrow.

  29. Sixx

    Just wondering why this MSF is so popular (times a thousand)??

  30. Mandy

    I went into my local store and of course they were sold out of stereo rose, one of the mua’s told me someone came in and bought 8 of them. I think it sucks that people buy them all just to turn around and sell them to make a quick buck instead of only buying what they need and letting everyone enjoy the product!!!

    • Wow! I know that MAC actually has a limit – it’s supposed to be 4 I believe – of how much of each product you can buy. I think LE may be even 3!

      • Mandy

        Hmm I wonder why they didn’t limit that person? I’m just glad it’s not a product that I HAD to have haha!

  31. Kelly

    My MAC counter only got 3 of these!

  32. GG

    Christine did you have it the first time? Is it what you remember?

  33. Tammy

    When I swatched it at the store, it looks so sheer on my hand so I decided to buy it. When applied to my face- WHOA PIGMENTED! I thought this would be a highlight for me, but now I have an amazing blush!

  34. Tram

    I was wondering if MacPro will have all these Mineralize Skinfinishes in stock soon?

  35. i was right next to you this morning but was too chicken/timid to say hi. i felt bad for storming in ahead of everyone else too. haha i couldn’t help myself though, i had to get my stereo roses!

  36. Aramis

    luckily i work near a mac counter and was able to pick mine up… sorry its off subject but how does swapping work? i bought a backup of marine life and would like to swap it for someting else because i’ll never be able to finish a complete one.

  37. Diana

    Kristine, you are the bomb, lady! I was going to order this from Nordstrom (back ordered of course), but not after seeing the swatches from you. It looks good on you, but I much prefer “By Candlelight” after seeing the swatches. I don’t think it’s worth all the hype either. “By Candlelight” is much more hype-worthy…but that’s my opinion :-)

  38. Dianna

    Not the most amazing blush I’ve seen but it looks lovely on you! What are you wearing on your lips, Christine?

  39. looks gorgeous! is this similar to Chanel Reflex in any way? x

  40. Shaye

    I’m lucky enough to have a MAC counter that is brand new, in a mall with a not very high end clientele, so most people who care don’t know it exists, and most that do shop there aren’t the type to shell out 28 bucks on a blush. There wasn’t a line, like I expected, but apparently two minutes after I purchased mine, a lady came in asking for every one they had so…. Getting up at 7 am was worth it.

  41. Nikki

    i just got two on backorder from nordstrom coming on the 30th!
    so excited
    i’m keeping one and hoping to sell the other one or maybe give it to a friend:]

  42. Diana

    Is it normal for MSFs to be different prices? I bought stereo rose for 28 but bought by candlelight for 27..

  43. Refinement

    I’m so happy that I called my MAC counter the second they opened this morning and reserved this (damn MAC and their limited edition products that drive us all up the wall)!!! This is so different from anything that I own (I’m an NW45 for reference). It’s shows up more pink than coral and I actually enjoy the shimmer. It looks amazing with the purple creamsheen lipstick from this collection and a nude eye!

  44. Dana

    I was very lucky to get one today at my local Macys, I got the dreaded backorder email from the MAC website. It’s a gorgeous product and IMO lives up to the hype. However, it is just a shimmery coral blush when it comes down to it and I wouldn’t go to extreme measures or pay a crazy amount on ebay to get it.

    • Jenny

      I can’t speak for anyone else but I wasn’t so much following the hype as I was just making sure I got one. So yes, I was at the store less than 30 mins after it opened this morning, but realistically, if this wasn’t LE, I probably wouldn’t have dragged myself down to my nearest MAC store for at least a couple of days to look at it.

  45. Jessie

    I don’t get the appeal of Stereo Rose :( it looks so similar to other blushes- but that Lancome blush is just gorgeous! now that is one unique color :)

  46. diana

    yeah i was skeptical about this msf. i went to the mac store just to pick up a band of roses. i noticed that stereo rose was still there and…. yeah. actually looked good on my nc35 skin. pretty happy with it. it’s what i wanted shell pearl beauty powder to be. so now i use stereo rose as a blush and shell pearl to compliment it as a highlight. so…. yay!!

  47. elise

    I called my local MAC store and asked them to put it on hold for me. I called around 9am and when they opened at 10qm I was told that there were lot’s of people already standing around and waiting. I got there by 3pm and when I was paying for my stuff, Stereo Rose included, people behind me got very angry. they all wanted to know why I” get one and when they asked it was sold out. when I explained that I made sure to call this morning and put it on hold no one wanted to even hear that. I was actually afraid there for a minute that I wonb’t make it out on this store with my stereo rose in hand. LOL I love this MSF and it is beautiful in my opinion, however this is not that serious! Being afraid to leave the store with the MSF in hand because other buyers there wanted it way too much is just crazy.

  48. mileena

    I ordered it from the Mac website and I got an email today saying it shipped with an estimated delivery of next thursday. They’re sending it fed-ex so I don’t understand why it’s going to take so long to get here.

  49. Ashley

    What’s so special about it?

    • I think a lot of things have contributed to the demand, but mostly that it’s one of the first few MSFs — it was released in 2005 and never again. It’s also really the only coral MSF.

  50. Sandra

    I actually got a hold of Stereo Rose and I must say I love it! I was even planning on going to the mall, but some how ended up going and purchasing the last one there! I was surprised it looks this good on me (NC 43), and thats why I originally wasnt interested in it. But Im so glad I did pick it up.

    Its my first MSF too!

  51. wendy

    I was so worried while at work because I had to wait until 12pm to go to the mall . I was so sure that stereo rose would be sold out but luckily
    I got there in time :) I also got comfort , which is such a pretty warm bronzey color. I got jazzed, which is very beautiful , I think I might need to get a back up !

  52. I was able to get a Stereo Rose, AND a Petticoat. And honestly, I have you to thank. I was just starting to get into my day and saw your tweet that the In The Groove items were on MAC’s site, but without the collection splash and managed to quickly add both MSF’s to my cart and buy them. So, thank you.

  53. Doesn’t look like such a big deal, to be honest :/

  54. jamie

    Just wanted to share my horrendous In the Groove launch experience in Canada today…

    I had asked 2 separate locations prior to launch whether they would take holds, and both said no, so I arrived at my local MAC when they open and was first in the store, only to find out all Stereo Rose and Jazzed had been put on hold! So we get to calling some stores, and finally find one that still had both – but they refused to take holds! We called some more stores, and found one with Jazzed and let me put it on hold, which I did. I went over to pick it up later in the day, and they had lost it! And by then, everyone else had sold out of Jazzed as well (we called). So in the end, no Jazzed, no Stereo Rose, and very disappointed with MAC’s customer service, as none of the SR’s could do anything for me in terms of the hold/no-holds and the lost hold.

    Anyhow, thanks for reading, love your blog!

    • becca

      I had a similar experience. Called a MAC counter at the Bay and asked for them to put Stereo Rose on hold – the lady told me that they weren’t putting anything on hold from the collection because they were receiving a lot of each product – interesting, because I went to an actual MAC store 15 minutes after it opened this morning and there were only 2 Stereo Rose MSFs left!

  55. Kimberly

    Yay! Finally.. I was wondering if anyone knows if Stereo Rose is simialr to NARS Torrid?

  56. I reserved it in my Mac corner I grabbed it today with Petticoat. They are gorgeous!

  57. ellie

    Christine, what lipstick are you wearing in this picture? It’s lovely!

  58. Sabrina

    So I stopped at the MAC counter today to take at look at the (in)famous Stereo Rose. I thought it was…pretty, but now I don’t understand the hype. Oh well, my wallet is breathing a sigh of relief. LOL
    And they had them in stock, so if anyone wants to try to order one, call 757-306-0666 (Virginia Beach, Va store). :)

  59. charlieee

    thanks for the comparison to new vibe! i’m just getting stereo rose then 😀

  60. Cynthia M.

    i snuck out from work to my local Macy’s in the afternoon and was nervous it would be sold out by then. the MA was still inventory-ing In The Groove and said how they just got it! i was so happy to get it…however, so far, i have been somewhat disappointed. mind you, i had the MA test it on me after i used a wet wipe to wipe off my makeup. she said the moisture packs more MSF on…so the big test will be tomorrow AFTER i put on my tinted moisturizer! we’ll see. it seems very shimmery in the light and more on the orange side with my NC35 skin. also, it is soft and powdery like By Candlelight but more pigmented than i thought. i’m still more in love w/ my Petticoat which i managed to get @ a CCO! :)

  61. it’s very pretty. it’s just blush… but it’s still pretty (but it’s still JUST blush). i bought three 😛 lol

  62. Ann

    I got one at a Macy’s. The local Nordstroms around me sold out before it was even put on display. The SA said that someone had bought all of it online! WOW! It’s definitely pretty though. :)

  63. Tricia

    Stereo Rose is to MAC what the iPhone 4 was to Apple. LOL. Ridiculous! It does look gorgeous in your photos, but I would never try to fight a crowd for it. But I have to ask, how does it compare to my beloved Springsheen?

  64. rashmi

    oohhh its making me crazy …..
    oh god why does mac comes with LE stuff….
    i wish i was there to meet u christine….
    u dont know how much i misssss USA …
    love u n temptalia

  65. Florence

    I’m so glad i put 3 on hold at my local MAC. so i’ll never run out :)

  66. Shelby

    this stuff is more popular than the pope! i didn’t have any problems getting mine, i ordered it from nordstroms! it shipped in a day!

  67. Sydney

    The veining in the particular one you got resembles planet Jupiter.
    The color really flatters you. I picked up petticoat today and I am in love with it.

  68. Meesh

    What brush do you use to apply your MSF?

  69. sonia

    called two days ago and put it on hold at my Dillards MAC counter, called today as soon as they opened to make sure they did put it on hold, the manager said that “Yes, I have a box of them” I told her I would be by at lunch time and I was holding her responsible if it was given to someone else…got there and they still seemed to have plenty and were not even busy. I only got one tough..

  70. hello

    Stereo Rose is a mix of Nuance and Warm Soul MSF blushes by Mac. I’m sure that Mac will release it again. no worries.

  71. Drewbee

    Just bought Petticoat & the famous Stereo Rose today! In all honesty, I have to say I prefer Petticoat over Stereo Rose. I’m an NC35 and the coral of Stereo Rose doesn’t do much for my skin tone, whereas Petticoat is much more flattering. I”m glad that I got Stereo Rose though, just to be able to add it to my collection. As of now I’m going to put it away for the summer & only wear it in the winter months when my skin tone is lighter.

  72. Lil

    This has nothing to do with Stereo Rose, but I was able to snag up two. I’m not sure if I should sell one or not? But does anybody know if the Dazzle lipsticks are coming to all MAC counters next week or just Nordstrom’s? I heard that they are being released everywhere next week, and also that they don’t launch until August. Anybody? They are phenomenal!

  73. Isheeta

    I got mine! I got one hold in my MAC store.. I picked it up in the evening, it is so pretty so pretty!

  74. becca

    I got mine today! Went to a MAC store 15 minutes after it opened and apparently I got my hands on the 2nd last one available! Love it

  75. Lisa

    I went at the opening time at my local mac store and got my hands on this baby. I wore it today and love it. I didn’t intend on getting this at first, but i am so happy I did because it is just so pretty.

  76. Rosie

    Um, Lancome Mandarin Sky looks the prettiest to me. Haha.

  77. Aisha

    hey Christine,
    your lipstick in this pic is simply gorgeous, may I ask what color it is?
    Thanks for the review

  78. JK

    I was able to snag two! One for me and one for my friend!! Nordstrom always sell out so fast but I can always count on Macy’s!

  79. Sam

    I think it’s a really pretty blush but I honestly don’t see what all the hype is about…

  80. Becky

    Boy, oh boy, was getting THIS a fiasco*! But, I finally managed to find one and the wait was so, so, so worth it! The color is amazing, and the texture and sheen are beautiful!

    * – I, too, had a prepaid order form filled out with Nordie’s, and called to make sure it was all ready this morning, and the sales associate informed me that they only received three, and that they were ALL going to one customer! LAME!

  81. Pamela

    The veining makes the difference. I bought one today (next to the last one available at my MAC) and was somewhat disappointed. Mine has more pink and a little bit of gold veining at the bottom. I didn’t think to ask and see the other one before I left the store. I want more gold veining like yours Christine!

  82. Helena

    I don’t care about Stereo Rose, really. Particularly after seeing Mandarin Sky next to it, lol.

  83. amy

    Stereo is oh so pretty. I was able to get my grubby little hands on it last week because my MAC store released it early.

  84. Jessica

    A dupe that I found for it in my collection is Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Nectar.

  85. I heard that if you mix margin and prism Mac blushes together you essentially get stereo rose. Is that correct? I don’t have either of these, but I have a feeling they are both lurking in your fabulous makeup collection :)

  86. Hi Christine! Do you think that MAC Brunette MSF could be a goog dupe for Stereo Rose?

  87. Petra

    Luckily people aren’t aware of the hype status of Stereod Rose here, but instead the counters/stores only receive like 4-5 pieces of certain items… I managed to get Stereo Rose, passed on Petticoat (which I liked, but couldn’t justify both as my skin doesn’t tolerate MSF’s so well to wear them on a daily base).
    I just wanted to tell people that if You didn’t manage to snatch it, don’t be overly dissapointed. It’s really pretty, I’m happy I bought it, but there are so many beautiful products out there, with even better texture (and ingredients :)), even if a bit different in colour.
    Happy Together blush sold out here very quickly, I think that one and the eyeshadow trios are still worth checking out, they’re probably even a better find. :) Good Luck!

  88. Enna

    Christine, you forgot a comparison, Stereo Rose is exactly the same color as the darker part of the redhead MSF, it is such a ripoff, now I have two identical MSF´s. arrrrggghhhhh!

    • Thanks for sharing, Enna! I don’t know about you, but it’s very, very difficult to use just one strip of color in the MSF – I always have to swirl.

  89. jaibee

    I actually ordered two from Nordstrom Tues, but they were only able to send one. I received it yesterday and love, love, love it! I also ordered a second one from mac store in Jacksonville, Fl! Excited! The color is beautiful on my caramel skin tone!

  90. Zong

    Oh man.. the whole bay area where i live is SOLD OUT on Stereo Rose so good thing i have family in the valley and i called the Macy in Stockton and they had the LAST SR, I asked the MA to have it hold for me so i called my sister instantly to go get it. woohooo, soo relieve.. I love coral blushes and this is a must have for me. Sorry for those who couldn’t grab one, totally know how that feels. Hopefully mac repromotes it.

  91. Hilana

    Strange how sometimes one product would just have so much hype around it. I am glad you reviewed this because of it, but I am really not that impressed. Pretty, but I would pass.

  92. Maren

    Luckily I refreshed the mac website the moment the collection went on, so I finally got Stereo Rose. I missed out on it at the first release and wanted it ever since. IMHO it´s one of the nicest MSF (with Refined and Light Flush), but not worth the 170€ for which it was offered on ebay.
    But as a sucker for corals in general I have to get Lancome´s Mandarin Sky!! It´s the prettiest of all the swatched blushes above! The gold shimmer looks amazing!!
    Thanks so much for the swatches, Christine!

  93. Diane

    I wish Mac wouldn’t do this to us. It is so not fair to tease and tempt, and then put so few out there that it sells out so fast that barely anyone can get one? Wouldn’t you think if there is this much hype on a product they would want to sell alot of them and make money????

  94. Christina

    Not a fan of stereo rose – I prefer pinker corals, but I think it appears more orange-y coral on your cheeks, Christine. I prefer peachy shades (like sugarbomb). It’s very pigmented though, without being overly shimmery. Might have to check out Petticoat! ;D

  95. Michele

    Stereo Rose is available again on the Canadian MAC Website

  96. Dallas

    Thats so funny how it looks almost the same when you mix comfort and petticoat!

  97. Kara

    madarin sky reminds me of sprngsheen blush.