Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics’ STARFLASH and LUSTRE TWINS collections are now available online! What are you getting?

Here’s what I plan on getting on Thursday: all the Starflash shadows, half of the Lustre Twins (so much for budgeting/control!) — luckily I have 6 sets of B2M! (Hopefully my store will take the depots…)

And you know, I’ve always wondered how many of you go in-store to purchase versus go online. So… here’s a poll!

Do you buy your MAC online or in-store?

  • Always In-store (41%, 324 Votes)
  • Mostly In-store (26%, 205 Votes)
  • Equally Online/In-Store (14%, 108 Votes)
  • Mostly Online (13%, 100 Votes)
  • Always Online (7%, 58 Votes)

Total Voters: 795

Share your wish lists, potential hauls, or your actual hauls in the comments!

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77 thoughts on “MAC Starflash & Lustre Twins Online Now!

  1. Elle

    I bought Talent Pool, Glamour Check!, and I wanna say Dreammaker, but I can’t remember for sure. I got them from my favorite MA at Nordstrom’s last night–she’s awesome and never pushy. (Not like she needs to be pushy, I’m a total easy target as it is!) They feel gorgeous and I can’t wait to try them. I also picked up the Mystery liner, but have to go back online to get more of them. I missed them the first time around and have to get another Mystery and 2 Felines.

    What do you think of the ProLongwears, Christine? They look gorgeous but I’m not used to using a lot of long-lasting lip products, so I’m still debating on those…

    Also, I don’t know if this happens with anyone else, but is the tax on the MAC site lower than your usual city’s tax? I like to go to the stores first and if I see something I love right away I’ll get it, but I prefer to wait and get stuff online since it’s a bit cheaper with the lower tax.

    • Hi Elle,

      Nice Starflash haul!

      I LOVE PLWs!! I know a lot of people aren’t fans, but once you get them to work for you… they are amazing. It has a lot to do with prepping and priming your lips (exfoliating regularly, moisturizing, etc.). I usually apply vaseline 5 minutes before I put on a PLW. Right before I put on the PLW, I wipe off the vaseline (it’ll interfere with the lasting power if you left it on).

      It’s not lower for me – I think it might be for some, though. Could be a county to county variation.

      • Elle

        Awesome–thanks for the tip!! Guess I’ll have to pick up some PLWs online 😉 So many of them look gorgeous.

  2. I’m thinking of getting Smoke & Diamonds and Top Hat for the eyeshadows, and Feline (just for you! haha!) and Mystery for the Kohl Powers. I’m not quite sure of the Pro Long Wears yet, but if I do pick one up, it’ll be Ripe & Ready/Soft & Lush.

    And the online shopping vs. in-store. I guess it just depends on what mood I am in. If I need to pick out a foundation color or try something out I’ll do it in-store. Or if I need a palette or a refill eyeshadow pan, I’ll do it in-store. If not, it’ll probably be online. My MAC store is always so busy, I really don’t feel like waiting around for someone to help me, so I like to get in and get out of there, because the more time I spend in there, the more money I will spend too.

    So I will probably buy the Starflash eyeshadows online.

  3. DJ

    I ordered 5 of the eyeshadows (go, dreamcatcher, lotusland, mink&sable, smoke&diamonds). The lip stuff I always have to do in-store, because I have trouble with lip products in general.

    so much for me getting rid of everything, eh?


  4. Going into to the store gabbing with the MA’s is the fun part! Even though alot of of colors are dupeable in the starflash collection, I have to get them all because of the veluxe texture and can’t forget the fabulous power kohl’s. I want to give the prowears another chance – what color you think I should try (NC30-35)?

  5. Ariana

    I think I’ll have to check out the shadows in person, but I’m sure I’ll walk away with at least a couple… perhaps Mink & Sable, Lotusland, and Bold & Brazen, since they look different than colors I already have.
    As far as the Kohl Powers go, I’m definitely gonna pick up another Feline (in case the one I have right now ever runs out, since it’s the BEST black liner EVER!), and probably Orpheus & Mystery since they look so awesome!

  6. Heather

    I got all of the shadows, all of the liners (and 4 backups of Feline), plus 4 of the PLW’s (two pink ones, brown one, and red one). I’m going back to get 4 more of the Mystery liner too…I think that’s my new favorite! Can you tell I loved this collection?!

  7. trojanchick99

    I am going to try to skip this collection since I want alot from Cult of Cherry and the Manish pallette.

  8. Danielle

    I got smoke and diamonds, mink and sable, grand entrance and bold and brazen. I got mine on friday. I do love the finish but the colors I chose are not really inspiring me, I feel like I would rather have silver ring for example over smoke and diamonds…. kind of sad that I am not running to use the ones I chose.

    Can’t wait to see some looks from you for inspiration!

    • Hi Danielle,

      Awesome! I’m glad you were able to get ’em early 😀 I think you just got to keep playing with them – you got some gorgeous colors!

    • melissa

      Thank you for this!! I was wandering if silver ring was similar, I didn’t like it at all…
      How is brazen? I have to order online only so I depend on you girls…LOL

      • Danielle

        Bold and Brazen is pretty, I think it is my fave of the ones I got. Nothing really compares to it that I have. :)

        Smoke and diamonds is a more gray silver, silver ring is a true silver color. You should check out youtube, a couple people have put up dupes for the whole collection!

      • Hi Melissa,

        They are similar, but I find that Smoke & Diamonds has a bit of gold sheen/flecks in it – though not sure if they’d actually be visible when you used the shadow itself. Brazen is gorg!

  9. :(! I wish I wasn’t saving!
    Those are so beautiful! But I guess I should wait until I see them in person, no?
    I’ve got six on my mind(shadows), so maybe that’ll change.
    God, my boyfriend is going to kill me if buy anything.
    He hates that MAC is constantly releasing new collections, and my parents say they have me ‘hook line and sinker’.
    What meanies!:(

  10. Lexi

    Noooooooo…. Not yet… I still need to buy more of the Electro Flash eyeshadows… nooo…

  11. Rubi

    I am getting all the e/s and e/l and not sure if any of the longwear lipsticks. I read what you said about the prepping, I do that anyhow but the longwearing stuff just dries my lips soo bad and the texture is usually just bad.

    • Hi Rubi,

      Awesome! Have you tried these before? You might want to at least give ’em a shot. I found the vaseline trick is excellent for these.

  12. ana bermejo

    Yesterday I got smoke & diamonds, feline and orpheus. I plan to get mink & sable and top hat.
    Do you know what MAC store in southern California take the depots? Mac in Fashion Valley said nop.

  13. Katherine

    I purchase at the store unless it’s an online or pro store exclusive, then I purchase online.

    From Starflash, I purchased at Nordies Dreammaker, Go, Mink & Sable and Feline! Thinking about going back for Smoke & Diamonds. I have Parrot, so I’ll probably pass on Top Hat.

  14. SnickerDoodle

    i live in a really small town and the closest MAC counter is an hour in either direction, one is crappy and the other one I have to deal with DC traffic (GRRR), so i buy whatever i feel confident about online. from Starflash, I plan to buy Lotusland e/s (sooo gorgeous!) and the Ripe&Ready PLW, as well as Feline and Orpheus Kohl Powers. So that’s what i KNOW i want, and will order online. I’ll have to look at everything else when i make it into the city :)

    • Danielle

      Youtube has a lot of people doing swatches and comparing other e/s to the starflash ones, you should check it out to help you decide!

    • Hi SnickerDoodle,

      Ouch! I’m with you on passing on driving out when you can! This is pretty much the same reason why I rarely make it to the PRO store!

  15. Tekoa

    The potential haul is an Orpheous pencil (I already have Feline :), Alta Moda/Hip Love and Talent Pool. My dream haul includes a backup of Feline and all the eyeshadows.

    • Hi Tekoa,

      I might get the Alta Moda/Hip Love plw, even though I have Alta Moda. I think I’ll get the others, then see if the formula is really different…

  16. Ashley H

    I plan on getting Feline, Orpheus and maybe a 3rd kohl power, and 4 of the shadows ( not sure on the last 2, i need to see them in person!) I was just wondering, are these eyeshadows going to become permnanent since they’re in an new finish ?

  17. HeavenLeiBlu

    About equally. I usually do perm stuff online, and LE stuff in-store, so I can play with it.

  18. Lil

    Let’s see…I got 5 shadows so far, Mink & Sable, Smoke & Diamonds, Dreammaker (which is one of my faves because it’s like the smoothest gold), Lotusland and Grand Entrance. I want to go back for Top Hat because they didn’t have it at the time. I was a little disappointed with the Go and the other bronze colors because they looked so red/brown on me and I’m not that brave to pull off certain colors. I’m working on getting a REAL job at the moment so I’m trying to stay more neutral/professional. I also got Custom Rose/Pink Virtue PLW because I love that mauvey color, which reminds me of Holly from the Girls Next Door’s lip color. I also got Pink Air/White Top because I thought it was so gorgeous…it’s like a light pink frosty color. Gorgeous!!! I’m leaning towards going back for Gypsy Rose/Shimmer It. Ripe & Ready/Soft & Lush is pretty, but it’s a little bright for me!

    • Hi Lil,

      Ohh, good to hear that about Dreammaker. I can’t wait to get it :) How are you liking the plws? Do they feel good on your lips?

  19. Nell

    I got all the khol powers (Feline too since you told us so ;)), although I don´t even use liner!!!!! Gotta start now I think. From the shadows I ordered Go and Smoke&Diamonds. Still thinking about Dreammaker, since I already have so many similar colors (is Rose Blanc a close dupe?) I should probably skip it.
    The PLWs I have to see in person, very intrigued though…

    • Hi Nell,

      Yay! I’m glad you got some kohl powers :) They are so smooth, you’ll love them.

      Rose Blanc is similar in color, though not as great in texture.

  20. Ariele

    I placed an order online this morning. This time I ordered online because if I go into the store I have a feeling I will end up walking away with ALL of the shadows – which I really can’t afford, lol. So I figured ordering online this time was the way to go :) I got: Top Hat, Dreammaker, Lotusland, Smoke & Diamonds and Sunset B… plus Ripe & Ready/Soft & Lush plwl.

    • Hi Ariele,

      LOL! That is one good way to resist! I somehow always end up at the mall or MAC store regardless. Let us know how you like everything :)

  21. melissa

    The neares MAC is 3 hours from me so I have to order everything online, really stinks cause I want to go in and play with it see it…

    I depend on these reviews!!

    Is brazen worth getting? What about smoke and diamonds??

    So far I am thinking of Grand Entrance and Sunset B

    • Danielle


      you should check out youtube for swatches, they are really helpful for me… a lot of users tell us what they think, swatch them for you and compare for dupes.

      I got smoke and diamonds and I am not that pleased it is kind of dull and boring in my opinion. I prefer silver ring. S & D is very gray- silver not a true silver.

      Bold and Brazen I feel is pretty unique.

      Grand entrance is really pretty, however if you already have things like Shore leave, naked lunch and jest you are set for this color it is pretty frosty. Not a lot of color, more shimmer than anything.

    • Hi Melissa,

      Oh, that sucks! I would definitely order online, too, if I lived that far away from a MAC!

      Brazen is pretty, so I’d probably get that. Smoke & Diamonds didn’t wow me in-store, but we’ll see!

  22. JillyB

    I only bought Bold & Brazen (my Nordstrom had them out today) but I’ll be going back for me- I was short on money today! I want to get Dreammaker and probably Grand Entrance and Smoke and Diamonds. They’re lovely.

  23. DevilishDoll

    So in my shopping bag is:
    Star By Night
    Talent Pool
    Smoke and Diamonds
    Top Hat
    Sunset B
    Glamour Check



    Plus a few other perm things. I didn’t like the LustreTwins. BTW…the Naughty Nauticals pigments are permanent?

  24. Jennifer

    Since I’m saving up for Cult of Cherry, I only got Mink & Sable shadow, one Feline (to try – if I really love it, I’ll get more, I think), and Boss Brown/Slave to Pink. I was very tempted by Dreammaker and Grand Entrance, and the Orpheus pencil, but I resisted… if only by looking at pictures of the Cult of Cherry quads!!!

  25. Danielle

    I did buy 4 shadows from Starflash, but now I only own 1.

    I found Mink and Sable too similar to Sumpt. Olive, so I couldn’t justify keeping it around. I do admit they are slightly different, but I don’t run for Sumpt. Olive as I tend to do more neutral looks.

    I had been wanting Silver Ring, so I decided I would pick that up in pan form for 11.00 instead of paying the pot price of 14.50 for Smoke and Diamonds. I find Silver Ring to be gorgeous, and I wasn’t 100% sure of Smoke and Diamonds. Silver Ring won me over.

    Another shadow I had planned on getting was Twinks, and after swatching Twinks next to Glamour Check, I thought I could live without it. I know the texture of these are amazing, but I am trying to save a few dollars. Yay for eyeshadows you don’t have to depot and cost 3 dollars less!

    I bought Grand Entrance and I loved it until I saw on my lids. I found it too frosty and I own a lot of shadows that I don’t use that are frosty.

    That left me with Bold and Brazen, very pretty. Go seems very pretty but I have a lot of browns and I am sure that tempting is a dupe for it. When I say dupe I mean same color category, hence a question of whether or not I need it.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Wow, I can’t believe you were so unsatisfied :(

      Grand Entrance is pretty frosty, so I think people will have a tougher time working with it for that very reason.

  26. Miss QQ

    Hi. MAC launches here are slower so it will be another month before I get Starflash, but I’m very excited, thanks to you guys. I am looking forward to reading everyone’s comments and your posts on them so that I will get my purchases right. Meanwhile, I have decided on Smoke & Diamonds, Talent Pool and Sunset B. If I like them, later on I will get Mink & Sable, Grand Entrance, Top Hat and Dreammaker. So exciting…

  27. I am not really into Lip products so most likely I will give Lustre Twins a miss. I think these 2 launches will only come to Singapore in Sept. They have yet to come out with New View and Sonic Chic. (and I am intending to get one Sonic Chic blush)

    But I think the Electroflash colors are lovely. I am lemming Smoke and Diamonds, Mink and Sable, Grand Entrance and maybe Talent Pool/ Star by Night.

  28. I’m waiting for Starflash collection, but in Italy we are always in late so i don’t know exactly when those are available in stores. An example, Colours Forms collection is actually no yet available, maybe we’ll find in stores august 21.
    So i’ll buy online if possible, unfortunately shipping is available just for Usa and Canada, no way for us!

  29. viv

    always in-store! there’s that thrill of actually being there! 😀
    and it’s easier to decide whether a product is worth the money as the product is right there for you to swatch and try.

  30. I’ll definitely get lotusland, and one more shadow – but any of the lustreglasses.

  31. Pquanda

    Depending on how much work I get done, I will (hopefully!) go to the store. We’ll have to see. If not, here’s what I’m getting:

    Top Hat
    Smoke and Diamonds

    The PLWs and I don’t get along :)

  32. Before reading the reviews I decided to buy a kohl powder.Christine, I am really not sure which starflash shadow to buy – I have a medium to light skin but I am kinda bronze now, what do you recommend?

    • What kind of colors are you looking to get? I mean, do you want brights or neutrals?

      I think Talent Pool is pretty, if you want a teal. I love Dreammaker, Go, and Mink & Sable!

  33. Chequa

    I’ve had already purchased Smoke&Diamonds before I knew it would look so similar with Silver Ring (well I also own Silver Ring).
    Now I dont’ what to do with it, to make it look different with Silver Ring. Any ideas…? :(