Saturday, February 4th, 2012

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC: Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad ($38.00 for 0.19 oz.) includes these shades: Sugar Snack (light pink), Hypnotizing (frosted greyed mauve), Power Boosted (violet), and Shop & Drop (deep blue).

  • Sugar Snack is a light-medium pink with yellow undertones and a matte finish. It’s a really soft, almost buttery, matte so the color payoff is good without being powdery. It reminded me of MAC Pen ‘n’ Pink, which is a touch lighter. Inglot #356 is lighter. MAC Paradise Island is similar, perhaps darker, with inferior color payoff.
  • Hypnotizing is a dark mauve-brown with high shimmer. It has a frost finish. It’s soft, smooth, and has good pigmentation. It’s similar to a fair amount of shades, including Tarina Tarantino Fantastical, MAC Winterized, Bare Escentuals Romp, and MAC Tendersmoke.
  • Power Boosted is a fuchsia violet with a pearly sheen. It has a veluxe pearl finish. It has decent color payoff, though it is a little sheerer and drier compared to other shades in the palette. NYX Violetta is similar but less iridescent. Bare Escentuals Boudoir is pinker. Urban Decay Purple Haze is similar in color, but it has a matte finish.
  • Shop & Drop is a deep smoky blue with hints of purple with a pearled sheen. It has a satin finish. The color payoff is decent to good, but the texture is a touch dry. Inglot #321 is similar in color but matte. Bobbi Brown Blue Onyx is similar but a touch purpler. MAC Blue Storm is brighter.

This is a good palette–none of the shades are duds (which has been a more frequent concern with MAC’s eyeshadow quads).  Both Sugar Snack and Hypnotizing are really nice and easy to work with, while Power Boosted and Shop & Drop are decent to good but could be more pigmented or softer.  Shop & Drop looks less nuanced when worn, especially if you’re using a neutral base, because it does have a blackened-blue base.  Hypnotizing is a shade we’ve seen before, but the other three are new and exclusive to this palette.

The Glossover


Shop & Drop

This is a good palette--none of the shades are duds (which has been a more frequent concern with MAC's eyeshadow quads). If you've been looking for a purple eyeshadow palette, this might be one to check out.











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MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Sugar Snack Eyeshadow

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Sugar Snack Eyeshadow

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Hypnotizing Eyeshadow

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Hypnotizing Eyeshadow

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Power Boosted Eyeshadow

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Power Boosted Eyeshadow

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow

MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Online at MAC, $38.00. The release date is supposed to be February 9th for in-store.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

See individual shade reviews! :)

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69 thoughts on “MAC Shop & Drop Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Hypnotizing is the only color I’d want.

  2. Looks great! I might add it to my little shadow palette collection

  3. Michelle

    i really wanted this palette because i love purples but i couldn’t justify it since i have so many other purple quads that i hardly use at all (i.e. colour quad and palace pedigree quad). who knows, maybe when it officially launches i may end up getting it anyway.

  4. Nessa

    I love this 1. Thanks Christine,I can’t wait to see the other 1. Do you have a look done for this 1? Xoxo

    • No, sorry! I’ve barely had these products for 2 days – I could only test so many products. Wish I could have done more for you – so sorry!!

  5. Caitlin

    is the blue similar to “contrast” at all? and is the purple similar to “stars n rockets”? :)

  6. Tania

    I never thought I’d say this about a MAC quad given their usual hit-and-miss quality, but I really like this! If you ever do some looks with them, I’d love to see them :)

  7. I think this quad has some really pretty colors, but I have no idea how to pair these colors together!

  8. Hannah

    Hmmm. When I first saw the promo release I quite wanted this, but now…not too sure. I love Hypnotising, but this palette doesn’t scream out to me.
    Thinking I’ll save my pennies for the Stacked Pigments from the other collection.

    Thanks as always for all the amazing swatches.

  9. Line S

    This one looks really nice.
    Thank you for the great swatches and reviews Christine!

  10. Roxanne

    Power Boosted looks like it’s a dupe for this one $3 eyeshadow I adored but broke into pieces and they no longer sell it :( None of the other colours in the quad appeal to me that much though, so I’ll probably skip it.

  11. Elisabetta

    Is Sugar Snack similar to Yoghurt, except the fact Yoghurt is a lighter colour? Is Power Boosted similar to Stars & Rockets??

  12. Definitely not – Shop & Drop is definitely not black like the shade in the TT palette!

  13. Gabby

    Just ordered mine! Love the colors!

  14. I love this palette – all the colors are really strong! Too bad they don’t sell these invidividually….Or do they?

  15. Sam

    Christine, did you get rid of the Love It or Leave It buttons? I really enjoyed those!

  16. Melody

    I kinda want this, but the only color that really calls to me is Shop and Drop. I have hypnotizing from one of the holiday palettes. I think I’ll just hope it shows up at the CCO.

  17. Carrie Ann

    I’d be so into this palette, but I feel like I already have very similar shades in my collection. In fact, I’m pretty sure I already have Hypnotizing. It’s very pretty, though!

  18. Chelsea

    Hypnotizing seems similar to Shroom. How does Power Boosted compare to other Purple Eyeshadows of its kind. Do you have any that you recommend? I already have MAC Shock-a-holic and Dame’s Desire.

  19. Micaela

    I’ve a question! Before you apply the eyeshadows, do you use a primer, a paint pot, a cream eyeshadow or nothing at all? Because the colors don’t pay off that much in my skin :( Love your reviews, xoxo.

  20. I think I’ll be getting this! Love the Hypnotizing and Power Boosted shades the most.

  21. Camille

    how does shop and drop compare to mac contrast?

    i have contrast and i barely use it and i dont want two of them!

  22. Lisa

    I was wondering – would you consider including a photo w/all the quad shades pictured together so that we can see how they look next to each other?
    Love this site!

  23. Saffy

    Wow, this is actually gorgeous. I love Shop & Drop and Power Boosted. It’s the first MAC quad in a long time that I’d actually consider purchasing!

  24. k

    Both these quads were fairly good…perhaps MAC is gonna look up this year?

  25. I’m glad to see MAC upping its game in terms of LE quads! I’m not that convinced by Sugar Snack, but the rest look like fun! Will have to swatch it when it makes its way to Belgium. Thanks for all the hard work Christine!

  26. Laura

    I definitely want this. I love purples and Hypnotizing has been on my ISO list for ages!

  27. Samantha

    I wish I could just buy hypnotizing my itself!! It’s so pretty!

  28. Grace

    I am having the hardest time deciding between this quad and “Colour Added”. This may be a touch more practical, but Colour Added is calling me in…

  29. Dana

    Seeing these swatches, this palette reminds me of YSL’s Vinyl Candy Palette…

  30. Veronica

    I really love this color combination. I might actually break down and get it this weekend. :)

  31. Autumn

    Hey Christine, I’m new to MAC and I’m wondering if the quad compacts can be reused?

  32. Allie

    Looks like MAC’s breaking the 2011 Quad Curse! 😛

    I only want Hypnotizing, though, so this is definitely a no-go for me.

  33. mumtaza

    Hi Christine, You are a rock star with these swatches!! So I’ll just float this out there and I don’t know if you’ll have time to respond but I’m NW15, greenish/orange eyes (think “Afghanistan”). Which of these three quads do you think woulds look best on me. I will wear any colors. I just don’t really know. They always say green-eyed people should wear purple, so should we also wear yellow, or orange or copper, or coral (referring to the other quads in this collection specifically)? Thanks!!!

  34. Hey Chrsitine quick quetsion, when applying Shop & Drop, did you use water, or did you apply it dry?

    • MAC’s eyeshadows don’t work well wet (a lot of times they will leave a “wet” spot behind) – these are all swatched dry. I only use water with their loose pigments and Mineralize Eyeshadows, but I do those wet and dry.

  35. OMG! and do not know if I like more this or the other with pink and coral colors!! I love the 2 ^ ^

  36. Dennis

    I think Hypnotizing seems very similar to MAC Shale. What’s your opinion?

  37. Hmm, these are lovely, and I think far enough from anything else in my collection… hmm. :)

  38. Tommy

    LOVE this palette! BUT… I have a lot of similar colours already…. I just want Hypnotizing tbh.. =/ Do they ever just sell these single?! =P


    I just LOVE the blue in this palette. It reminds me of Imaginary paint pot <3

  40. Gillian

    This looks great! I’ve never owned a MAC quad. Is each eyeshadow the same size as one regular eyeshadow?

  41. Your swatches convinced me that I must own this quad :)

  42. Nicole

    do you think the sugar snack eye shadow will be a nice highlight under the brows? i have fair and medium in between kind of skin tone. thanks!

  43. Connie

    Hi Christine, i have Shop n Drop quad, Palace Pedigree and Speing forecast 3 quads, how similiar or different are all these quads? I have looked at the pictures via your website, still im not sure if i should keep my shop n drop quad. Please help!

  44. Ashey

    Christine, is hypnotized similar to Cloud by Stila?

  45. Ali

    Just bought it a couple nights ago with the free two day shipping code. So excited!

  46. babyfood

    hi christine thanks so much for the review! i really need help though because bare escentuals also released a similar palette which is the dream sequence ready eyeshadow quad. which one would you recommend? please help! thankyou very much :)

  47. Scarlie

    The palette is lovely! What would you say is a permanent MAC dupe for Hypnotizing? Thanks :)