Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure

MAC & Ruffian: Manicures

MAC and Ruffian also features three sets of press-on nails. Demilune is described as a “matte black with chrome gold half moon.” Demoiselle is described as “Ruffian red with white half moon and black French tip.” Spectator is described as a “cream with black half moon, black French tip and black Ruffian ensignia.” Each set is $25.00.

  • Demilune is a matte black with a metallic gold French tip. Both the bottom and the top are squared, while the top is just slightly curved along the very outer edges.
  • Spectator is a pale cream with a subtle glossy sheen and a half-moon of shiny black along the base and then a French tip of shiny black. It has a curved top and more rounded botton edge compared to the other two sets.
  • Demoiselle is a glossy red cream with a half-moon of glossy white on the bottom and a glossy black French tip on the top. It comes to a barely rounded point on the top but has a mostly squared edge on the bottom.

I can’t function with press-on nails. I’m completely inept and utterly lost.  They are just so terribly uncomfortable to me; there’s a definite ick factor that really has nothing to do with the brand, actual feel, or the like–it’s kind of like how I feel about chalk: I can’t even think about holding a stick of chalk without shivering. It’s just one of those things for me.

I tried a few of these on, just to see how they worked and how the glue adhered. They definitely stick on, but they aren’t conducive to extensive typing or general day-to-day life. I could see putting these on before a night out; more a novelty than a functional manicure. They seem to be painted well overall, with only some very, very minor scratches on the metallic tips of Demilune (and I couldn’t really see them with my own eyes, only in the up-close photos) and smudges on Spectator (you can see how there’s some smudged black outside of the French tip in the photos).

The shape of these isn’t going to fit everyone, which is expected given they’re one-size-fits-most. They have fairly squared off edges, though Spectator seems more curved than the other two (along the edges), while Demoiselle has the sharpest point.  Each set contains two sets of twelve nails, which is good, because these aren’t exactly the cheapest press-on nails on the market! I didn’t not wear any of these extensively, but for the half hour or so I played around with them, the glue seemed to adhere well to the nail, and I was able to remove them without a fuss. I didn’t have any glue residue leftover, but I don’t think they were applied long enough to make a call either way.

See more photos!

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Spectator Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Spectator Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Spectator Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demoiselle Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demoiselle Ruffian Manicure

MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure
MAC Demoiselle Ruffian Manicure

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44 thoughts on “MAC & Ruffian Nails: Manicure Sets in Demilune, Demoiselle, and Spectator

  1. itskarmababy

    The black and gold is cool, but the scratch marks show.  Sorry MAC but these are no better than Kiss in my eyes. 

  2. EstherKudron

    these are pretty, but press-on nails aren’t my thing at all, and at that price point, the little smudges are inexcusable.

  3. I really like that MAC Demilune Ruffian Manicure the best–it’s edgy and cool yet still wearable. I don’t know that I’d actually purchase them though–I’d rather *try* to do it myself

  4. Love the Demilune Ruffian Manicure but I hate pop-on nails. Never work well for me. I’ll have to recreate. sexy and edgy!

  5. the scratch marks..  so freaking tacky..  I’m quite relieved to see they are not on your already lovely nails, Christine.

  6. Lindsay Z

    Not impressed at *all*. Granted, I enjoy doing nail art and have a decent amount of practice in, but I could do all of these designs myself really easily. The only potential tricky part would be the reflective gold chrome, but I could approximate it with sticker-backed gold foil.

    And if I paid MAC prices for freaking Lee Press Ons, they sure as heck *better* not have any scratches or smudges straight from the box. Sheesh. What the heck has happened to MAC lately?

  7. cloudburst

    I would never wear these as I hate the way long fingernails feel and would interfere enormously with my everyday activities, but they are pretty cool looking.

  8. xamyx

    I am at a loss for words…

  9. BethaneyMars

    what is up with mac lately!! every collection is full on crap! the only one im excited for this year is the heavenly creature one!

    •  @BethaneyMars  I seem to only enjoy new product lunches from MAC now like Mega Metal eyeshadows and the Extra Dimension line. Heavenly Creatures if you love the bake shadows will be good but I’m just not a fan of those anymore either. I’m sad to say MAC’s got to prove that a product in the LE collections if worth a look at instead but take a gamble on it.

  10. puttyrocks12345

     temptalia Would you please please do a giveaway on these a couple of them I want these soooo bad but they are a tad over my price limit , thanks for this bye hugs and kisses from New York we love you , <3

  11. Cat G

    I love the concept of Demilune but the quality seems to be lacking. This is definitely a case where I feel Mac could have done better!

  12. Kimberly Nguyen

    Totally feel the same way about press ons! I mean they look cute and they’re less work because the nail art’s already on it…but I can’t stand the feeling. I put one on my nail for size once and I really didn’t like it.
    They’re pretty, but I’ll stick to my natural nails, they’re long enough as it is and grow like crazy

  13. Kafka

    Mere words cannot convey the depth of my reaction to these things…..

    • simone lymbery

      @Kafka Is it a good reaction or like me do you find them distasteful & utterly not worth the money considering the lack of quality control mac did on these

      • Kafka

         @simone lymbery  @Kafka  It’s definitely not the former! 😉  Even apart from the terrible quality and ridiculous, high price, I think the whole thing looks incredibly ugly and, speaking solely for myself, bordering on vulgar. I admire people who can do funky, creative, cool nail art, even if it’s not my own personal style. But this…..  is not it.

  14. Miss J

    The gold and black would be awesome for a nail look, but I don’t do press on nails. These just look tacky and cheap, IMO, and MAC is at overcharging again. Slow your role, MAC, slow your role…

  15. blueraccoon

    I have relatively long nails and I love them, but I couldn’t wear these. Just…frankly, I think they’re all kind of ugly, plus the quality control is wobbly. Scratches and smudges? MAC, come on.

  16. verybecca

    This is ridiculous, MAC.

  17. simone lymbery

    Mac really??? I wouldn’t touch these with a ten foot barge pole

  18. Brittany Jean

    I cant believe Mac launch this or even thought of this “collection” If I want some press on nails I’ll just go to the store and buy them, no way i would pay the price their asking for these. Plus copying the design is totally easy, a matte black polish on the entire nails then a strip of gold nail foil at the tip. The rest  can be done by hand too..just extremely disappointing!

  19. Hend

    the designs are chic, but the quality is hmm 
    I mean the cheapest nails you get in your local grocery store has a better quality 

  20. Pamela

    How much are these?  Not that I’m going to buy them but I’m curious just the same.

  21. The only system of press on nails i like was KISS which they brought out years ago and now their ImPRESS line that got for $8 to $13 in Canada. They are not as perfect as get acrylics done but they do last for a few days for something special.

  22. Alison Cole

    I’m like that about chalk, too! And chalk pastels! 

    •  @Alison Cole I’ve never known anyone else who’s like that!!

      • Kafka

         @Christine (Temptalia)  I’m like that about chalk, too. And people walking on snow. (That crunching…. <shudder>) Even certain kinds of cotton wool balls with that crunching, scratchy sound.

        • ToxicAngel

           Cotton wool balls are gross! Its that horrible noise/feel when you tear then. Bleurgh! It makes me feel physically sick!!

        • Kafka

           @ToxicAngel  YES! Exactly. Just reading your comment made me shiver and every hair on my arms stand straight up. I’m so glad I’m not alone on that one. Most people look at me like I’m a weirdo when I tell them I can’t touch cotton wool balls!

  23. paneradfisk

    My nails are very thin/small, I mean the nail itself isn’t thin and fragile but the width of my nails. These wouldn’t fit. Then I would never wear these kind of nails anyway since my own grow incredibly long. And if I did wear press on nails I sure wouldn’t waste my money on these turds, excuse the language. Especially since MAC is very expensive in my country, I would never expect scratches and smudges on them – I don’t even expect that of cheap brands. Come on MAC, you shouldn’t even make nail products.

  24. I have no idea what possessed MAC to do press-ons. It seems they are trying to stay on top of the nail strips trend, so they should have done strips. I love the Sally Hansen ones and if MAC had done these patterns in a strip, I would have bought them up. They’d also have to lower the price; even if I liked press-ons I wouldn’t pay that.

  25. moena

    I feel the same way about chalk. *shudder*

  26. Nope. Nope, nope, nope. Sorry MAC, but stick to what you’re good at…

  27. I like the idea of the black and gold nail, but they look kinda cheap :(

  28. bastibony

    they look so cheap….

  29. bulletwitch93

    I like the idea but I would just go to the salon and get my nails painted that way. It last longer and won’t pop off randomly.

  30. ChristaSelf

    These are incredibly cheap looking, would rather order custom ones off ebay.

  31. FaerieEvenstar

    Oh my. They look so cheap and tacky! Hell no! I can do better than that myself… o_0

  32. maebeee

    I will never wear press on nails! Especially not these fugly things.

  33. thysz