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MAC Cosmetics for Rodarte Collection for Fall 2010

For the original discussion and debate (which is still on-going), as well as collection details, please visit our original post on MAC Rodarte.  We will continue to update you when we have more information. We also continue to ask our readers and visitors to maintain our community standards of respect towards each other in their comments.

This afternoon, MAC responded to our request for any updates, and we were able to receive the following:


We understand that product names in the M·A·C Rodarte collection have offended our consumers and fans. This was never our intent and we are very sorry. We continue to listen carefully to the comments we have received and have the following plans to address concerns:

  • We are committed to donating $100,000 to a non-profit organization that has a proven, successful track-record helping women in need and that can directly improve the lives of women in Juarez in a meaningful way.
  • We are changing the product names in the M·A·C Rodarte collection.

As we have done in the past, please be assured that we will communicate details regarding our progress in this matter.


We recognize that the violence against women taking place in Juarez needs to be met with proactive action. We never intended to make light of this serious issue and we are truly sorry.

Helping to improve the conditions for women in Juarez is a priority for us and we are thankful for all the comments calling attention to the urgency of addressing this situation.

Will you be purchasing from the MAC Rodarte collection?

  • Yes, I planned to before! (33%, 1,440 Votes)
  • No, I won't. (32%, 1,361 Votes)
  • No, but I didn't plan to before (e.g. not my colors). (20%, 869 Votes)
  • Yes, now I will! (13%, 580 Votes)
  • Other - I'll tell you in the comments! (2%, 69 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,319

For MAC and Rodarte’s original statements…

Temptalia has reached out to MAC for comment on the collaboration with Rodarte, and if and when we receive more information, we will be certain to share with you. We received official statements from MAC and Rodarte @ 11AM (pst) on July 16th, 2010, which we share below:


We understand that product names in the M·A·C Rodarte collection have offended some of our consumers and fans. This was never our intent and we are very sorry. We are listening carefully to the comments posted and are grateful to those of you who have brought your concerns to the forefront of our attention. M·A·C will give a portion of the proceeds from the M·A·C Rodarte collection to help those in need in Juarez. We are diligently investigating the best way to do this. Please be assured that we will keep you posted on the details regarding our efforts.


Our makeup collaboration with M·A·C developed from inspirations on a road trip that we took in Texas last year, from El Paso to Marfa. The ethereal nature of this landscape influenced the creative development and desert palette of the collection. We are truly saddened about injustice in Juarez and it is a very important issue to us. The M·A·C collaboration was intended as a celebration of the beauty of the landscape and people in the areas that we traveled.

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306 thoughts on “MAC Rodarte: Changing Product Names & $100K Donation

  1. Rosalinda

    I think MAC made a wise decision to make a donation. However, I feel it was forced on them. It was not their original intent. Many might not be offended or think it’s not a big deal, but the murders in Juarez are serious. very serious. and the names of the products clearly reference them. The model herself alludes to death. She’s pale and looks like a ghost. By supporting this collection, I feel like I’m helping a brand profit from the missing and murdered young girls and that is not okay with me. Even with the new decision to donate $100,00 I will not support the collection. MAC could have definitely approached this in a different manner from the start. That would have made a huge difference.

    • aida

      Actually I am divided here, not about the absolute horror of what is going on in Ciudad Juarez, but with the whole campaign.
      I didn´t like the names, I think the situation is really bad and should always be taken seriously as women are still victims of violence there. But, on the other hand, I am impressed with the reaction, with how women have spoken, saying no to using these names and voicing their opinions, and how all these voices have been heard. Ok, I agree that maybe MAC should have shown more respect from the beginning, and that money can´t do enough, as the problem is so serious and terrible, but at least, people are talking, they are explaining that not everything goes, that there are limits and people that had no idea what is going on in Juarez are learning about the terror women experience there, so, I see a ray of light here, maybe it is just me….

    • Michelle

      I agree. People are saying “oh, they really must care about their customers since they paid attention to us.” Umm HELLOOO?? They are a company, they did it to benefit themselves not the people. This is how business works. They are not sittin there thinking about the feelings of others, rather than the huge outrage and decline of sales. Its a business, and businesses will think with $$ for their company in mind. Plus MAC is a large enough company, I’m sure all that was said was “oh snap, ok well lets just add some donations so we can keep making sales, but we wont pull the collection because that would cost US too much money!”

  2. Cici

    It was a cool collection with a cool theme and people have to twist it and complain when something might be a little interesting. I doubt people would be so puffed up if a collection had names like Arabia or Kenya (which we all know isn’t the best female friendly places).

  3. Marcela

    Honestly I think many people took this collection way out of proportion. I can understand why people were upset, and I do know about the situation in Juarez, but come on, if you didn’t like the names MAC/Rodarte chose you have the choice of not buying the products. And I think it’s awful that so many are criticizing MAC for apologizing and for donating only $100,000 to helping women in Juarez. How can some of you say that this amount is nothing?? Why MAC has to be the only one doing something to help others?? You don’t need to be rich in order to help other people, you can help whenever way you can and if you want too. I have read comments of some that say that they are Mexican-American or that they live in or close to Juarez, but none of them express that they will do something to help, instead they only criticize MAC. I’m really indifferent with the name changing, I was going to buy from this collection anyways, and I don’t think anyone should feel guilty about it only because some people didn’t like the names of some of the products. If you’re disappointed in MAC because of this collection, you have lost respect for them or whatever just don’t buy from them, boycott their products, but if you really feel strong about the situation in Juarez really do something that can actually help them, instead of going after a cosmetics company.

  4. shuz4ever

    Christine, kudos to you for creating a forum that goes beyond just make-up and beauty products. I’m glad that all of us have Temptalia to express how we feel about a subject and in doing so have helped bring about a change. As for MAC’s response to this whole issue…i’m impressed and will be proud to continue buying from them.

  5. Tsaf

    To all those people who don’t think MAC will follow through with the donation: did you know that MAC donated money for support during the Haiti crisis? If my memory serves me correctly, MAC donated more than some countries did. And did you also know that the full price of a Viva Glam is donated to the MAC Aids Fund, not just a portion after expenses? How many other companies do that?

  6. Holly

    You know maybe MAC can do more collections based on an issue/crisis in the future and donate proceeds from the sales. Like if they expand the AIDS Viva MAC and include other things. And include brochures explaining the issue and problem. Maybe more women’s issues. Like one collection a year that has some kind of benefit and awareness program with it.

    I still think they can come out with a brochure or postcard for this collection and explain more about the women’s issue in Mexico and Juarez.

    Makeup can be a tool to spread awareness, but not by exploiting and glamorizing violence or using victims without explaining the background and consequences.

  7. Carly

    I’m kind of glad all this drama went down.. before it, I had no idea of what was happening in Juarez. I think this has all brought about wonderful attention to the issue, and hopefully the awareness will help to stem public assistance to the people in these terrible conditions. Serious Kudos to Christine for dealing with this tastefully and allowing the readers to have healthy debate about the issue!


  8. Karen

    I expected them to change the names, and I’m proud they did. I’m also proud they made the large donation. I may buy something form the collection, but I may not.

  9. baby in a corner

    have rodarte said anything about their involvement in the collection does anybody know? MAC are taking all the flak but surely rodarte have a part to play too?

  10. Kim L

    I am glad MAC made this “mistake”. They reached so many new people about the current situation, many of whom would not have read it if it was a press release.

  11. It’s great to hear about the donation, however (and I know I’m gonna be shot down now) I couldn’t care less what some eyeshadows and blushes are called tbh. I was always gonna buy what I wanted anyway. Still, it’s a good achievement and it certainly made me look into this issue, I’d never even heard of Juarez before. (Yes, yes, I’m ignorant.)

  12. Lea

    I will definitely take a closer look at the collection now. Before I was put off, but some of the products do interest me very much.

  13. JenniferZ

    The driving force behind the MAC and Rodarte collections is profit. If awareness of the violence in Juarez had been the objective, the donation would have been offered from the beginning.

  14. Roxanne

    I think it’s very classy of MAC to donate the money. It would’ve been classier to keep the names and have the intention to donate beforehand though, not afterwards. I don’t know a lot about the issue besides what I’ve read in the cmmts so I feel I wouldn’t be able to address it properly. I have to say this though: I think it’s quite sillly (of some of you) to tear at MAC one minute b.o. a name given to one of their product (for whatever reason it may be) and then be totally fine with it the next because they’ve promised to change it. It’s great that they did & even better that they did it b.o. the Temptalia community but that doesn’t really change the intention, does it? Well, at least they’ve brought some needed attention to the matter. I hope they can truly make a difference in those women’s lives.

  15. Ana M.

    I have to say I’m still a bit undecided about this situation.

    I am impressed that MAC decided to change the names and give a donation (although it would be better if they also added a largish proportion of the profits). I am impressed at the overall public opinion and how it made a large corporation change their policy. I am impressed that the corporation listened to the public opinion.

    As many people stated here, they never even heard of the situation of Juarez before this issue, so it’s a positive outcome that people are aware and making pressure to change something.

    But I am very disappointed that MAC let it go that far and made this mistake in the first place. To me, the only way I can believe that MAC really learned the lesson and will not make bad decisions like this in the future is if they commit to a foundation/ help a charity in the long run.

    Giving a one-off donation and then forgetting about this does not scream “We’ve made a mistake, we take these women’s plight seriously, we are committed to be part of a change”. MAC should make a “life-long” commitment to change this situation – either with constant donations and awareness or setting up their own foundation.

    Just my 2 cents.

  16. Mary Beth

    I am glad they are changing the names and donating the money. If they don’t change the promo picture too, they are idiots. Part of my strong feelings all along have been a protectiveness towards MAC as a brand ie they really shouldn’t put something like this out. As for buying from this collection, I’ve already developed a visceral disgust reaction towards this line that, well, may or may not change but probably won’t, but most people won’t have heard of this scandal and therefore will not have that reaction. You know, like how people don’t want to drink lemonade that’s been poured through a clean fly swatter, even though it’s not going to harm them, because it activates a disgust reaction. It is indeed like when Capitol had to pull the Beatles’ original Yesterday and Today cover; they still released the album, just with a different cover.

  17. Scientific Housewife

    I honestly don’t think $100,000 is enough. They will make so much more than that off of the collection, they should have donated more.

  18. Sev

    Hey Christine, I haven’t been through all the comments yet, but is there anywhere that the supportive readers here could make a donation of their own to help the situation?

  19. Doreen

    I’m glad that MAC is making the move to change the names and donate, but I’m mostly appalled that the names, and the collection concept itself was even approved. Instead of romanticizing, and maybe even celebrating the (apparently) ethereal, eery, and very truly dangerous aspects of Juarez, the Rodarte and MAC people perhaps could have made a collection encouraging the strength it takes to walk those dangerous roads at night just so you could earn for you and your family. They could have maybe celebrated the protest some women have started to raise awareness and to commemorate their family, and MAC could have perhaps named some of the pink products after the pink crosses erected for the victims. Though MAC has made a great effort to try to correct their mistakes, I think it’ll be difficult for most of us to completely forgive Rodarte and MAC.

  20. Pippa

    personally i’d like to see a larger donation and to a named charity. ideally, i think mac should have donated all proceeds from this collection, rather than a one-off donation that, in terms of their daily turnover is not a significant amount.

  21. ak

    Erm is MAC + Rodarte even going to come out internationally at this point? LOL I have been reading about Rodarte in magazines for a little while now and from the pics of all their fashion shows, they always like to make all their catwalk models look deathly, ghostly, Addams Family/Tim Burton-ish, and grunge-y- 90s -ish like the girl in the pic above.

    I just think these particular designers like that type of look when showcasing their clothes. They don’t use ‘healthier’, sun-tanned, womanly, or retro looks on their models. Sometimes other designers like Alexander McQueen would do the same thing with their models on the runway but the Rodarte ppeple use that above look a lot. When in Rome….

  22. Jennifer

    it is interesting how they named some of the pieces. if you go here: in the second paragraph it’s ironic how juarez and factory are both words that stand out and make that connection of death in Juarez against women FACTORY workers. funny that MAC would choose those two words! i wonder what their train of thought was when brainstorming names? on another note, i am glad in a way that they made this mistake because personally, i didn’t know about the tragedies of this city until now. yes i know i was living under a rock and i never watch the news. but now more awareness can be made, thus more effort to help the women and children that live there.

  23. Shal

    I’m really happy with MAC’s responsiveness to the issue that arose. It’s great to see large companies value the opinions of their consumers, and I believe that awareness was made due to the controversy that surrounded this collection.

    I would also like to thank you, Christine, for creating an open place of discussion on the topic. I believe many readers are now more aware than ever, and this is because of you. Thanks again!

  24. Hopefully they won’t change the names to shitty names, since they named the products after the inspiration…

  25. I didn’t plan on buying this before,it just didn’t spark an interest with me but what MAC is doing is great. It rare to see a company so in tuned with what their customers are saying.

  26. DJ

    I still didn’t get the memo… what were the offensive names?

  27. Tekoa

    Oh boy MAC sure stepped in a cow pie with this partnership. Its good to see some changes. Before the changes I wasn’t going to buy anything because it felt like I was taking advantage of the women of Juarez. I’m a bit on the goulish side and I’d think a collection based on zombies was cool. A launch based on women in poverty and at risk for violence is NOT cool.

  28. Lilly

    I am mexican and was not offended by the product names. i think some people are too touchy. I praise Mac that is helping in some way and drawing attention to the issue in Juarez I don’t see any other makeup brand doing the same.

  29. Megan

    I knew they were going to do this! They needed to because a lot of people were not going to buy the products with the names they had. I am very excited about this collection though. The colors sound very pretty!

  30. Alejandra

    So am I to understand that the donation will come from MAC not exactly from Rodarte?
    While I appreciate the gesture on MAC’s part I don’t see any effort on Rodarte’s part, so I will not support this particular collection.

  31. Alexis

    Sure the donation is appreciated and thoughtful but I still feel like it’s too little too late. Even with the name change I still choose to NOT support this collection.

  32. Elise

    Wow! 100K & an apology 😐 I am sorry but that is not enough. They really need to pull the line completely and retool it.

  33. i would be great if they could come up with some inspirational names for the products, even though the whole situation is tragic, one should be Hope and maybe Justice.

  34. I think it’s sad to see people say that $100k isn’t enough. I don’t think there is any dollar amount that can fix these types of social problems, but I haven’t come across any one else (yet) associated with these articles that have made the same donation.

    It may not be enough to turn the tide, but it’s one hundred thousand dollars more than before.. and the awareness brought to the situation is priceless. Every little bit helps for any cause that needs it.

  35. Ginna

    I hoped MAC would change those tacky names and am glad they will. Also pleased about the donation.

    A bit disgusted with Rodarte though. Notice no donation offer from them! Interesting…

  36. Wendy

    MAC/Rodarte DID do enough reasearch to make this look like a custom tailored exploitation, weather you are offended or not. Just imagine if they designed a 9/11 Collection with colors like Twisted Metal, Charred Remains, Crushed Concrete and Freighter Decay, we would loose our collective marbles. Would it be okay if they did not intend to donate any of those proceeds to a related charity and just made money off the situation?

    The fasion looks like death and the make-up names coinside, maybe the women of Juarez can sue them for some type of copywright infringement, it would come out to much more than a paltry $100,000 afterthought. MAC isn’t sorry they did this, they are sorry they got caught.

    • Susan

      Very well said!! They did do their research to come out with those names. The fact that they decide to use them in the collection is just unforgivable.

  37. Talenarie

    I am very disappointed. First because they act like idiots by creating this collection this way, it’s very insulting.
    Second, because they think, it’s not a problem which can be fix, just with good communication and a big donation.

    So easy to apologize when you realize that you are loosing your customers and you have nothing else to do !

  38. Lily

    This truly is disapointing, they should have atleast done some research about Mexico before putting those names. However, people can’t only blame MAC about just the names, people should get involved by donating money too and to stop buying from the companies owning the factories as well.

  39. Carrie

    You know, after thinking about this more, I’m not sure that I’m on board with changing the names. Giving the donation, I am totally on board with that–but changing the names, I dunno.

    It’s like taking a disturbing concept and trying to cover it up so that people can ignore or forget about how it’s disturbing. Even though the names are different, the basic inspiration is still there. I don’t see how changing the names *really* makes the line more “okay” if you were offended by the concept.

    If MAC was originally trying to make money off the suffering of these women, they’re still gonna be doing that…just under different names.

    I’m coming from my point of view where I *want* to be reminded of the factories in Juarez, I *want* to think of the women that are forced into making the products we keep buying (I mean, heck, let’s not just get mad at MAC, let’s get mad at the American companies that are running those sweatshops, and ask them to enforce better working conditions!). I don’t want to forget them and I don’t want them to be forgotten about.

    I thought this was a helpful comment:

    “I am an artist activist that has been organizing art projects related to the murders in Juarez since 2001. When I first got involved with the victim mothers and heard their testimonies, they specifically asked us Americans not to launch boycotts on the factories there. Mainly, because they need their jobs and money to eat. That is why we strategized to create public awareness through art. It has been an unusual way of activism, but it is working to bring pressure on the Mexican government and support the victim families in Juarez. Another way is to write to your political leaders. Let them know that we do not want to create new business deals with Mexico, until there are investigations on the murders and resolution/restitution to the families.”

  40. Laura

    For me this whole ‘statement-thing’ is becoming a bit ridiculous.
    Before this collection, 95% of the people who buy MAC didn’t knew anything about the situation in Juarez. It is a very sad story, the violence to women. But MAC has always been a bit controversial; so why changing the names?
    You really need to have respect for the situation there, and for the women. But I think it would be better if MAC just kept the names.
    Now there’s more attention to the situation there, so that’s good, no?

  41. happybadfish

    There is always controversy in art. I think the artists should have stood for what they created and left the names as is.

  42. ak

    Look I won’t argue with the way some people here feel about the incident with the MAC + Rodarte collection and I agree with some people here that MAC spoke up finally yet Rodarte seems to be be ‘all quiet on the western front’, but the Bordertown Mineralize eyeshadow in this collection looks almost exactly like the Petticoat MSF in the In The Groove collection with the signature ‘red veining’.

    And yet people are saying that MAC purposely made the Bordertown shadow ‘blood splattered’ in order to disrespect dead women in Juarez? Erm…..OK…… I don’t know about that one yet people here sound SO SO certain! LOL LOL

  43. Maria

    Thank you so much for hosting this whole discussion, Temptalia. :) I and a lot of other people have been educated about the situation in Juarez and been able to discuss our opinions in a dignified and intelligent environment, and I really appreciate your making this possible.

    I’m really glad MAC is doing something and it’s always touching when people’s protests get heard. I still don’t plan to touch this collection, or anything else associated with Rodarte, in the foreseeable future. I think any painful aspect of the human condition can be used as artistic inspiration in a respectful way, but to do that (or make jokes, or be lighthearted)without being a jerk, you have to understand and care about the gravity of the real situation. I don’t think that’s the case with Rodarte.

  44. It is actually Offensive i didn’t like the colors 2 start out with but it turned me away more

  45. Stephanie

    MAC just needs to go ahead and pull this collection and eat the cost.

    • Michelle

      I agree with you. No amount of money will repair this kind of damage, it would be best if they kept their collections a little more classy as well

  46. Maribel

    They may say that the names on the products will be changed but the damage has been done! MAC disappointed me with this collection and how misinformed they were about Juarez and it’s people!

  47. Joyce

    I personly think if they can change the names of these items, they sure in the heck can make enough LE items to go around. Maybe we should start whining more about certain products being sold out in less then 10 minutes! =(

  48. Joan

    $100k doesn’t seem like enough.

  49. inaya

    I honestly thought the names were more sleepy hollow esque than offensive. But, if it was MAC & Rodartes intention to bring the Juarez issue to light; they surely did. Now many people who didn’t know of the horrors in Juarez before (like me); are now informed and may be willing to help.

  50. Jenelle

    While I don’t agree with the names or the “theme” of this collection, if i see something I like, I’m going to buy it. I’m a mexican american woman, just being honest.

  51. vlc

    I live in the El Paso, am Mexican-American, was never for a moment offended by anything regarding this collection and I’m actually disappointed that MAC will be changing the product names. Sometimes shock is necessary to bring circumstances to light. MAC did that and now I feel like the impact is diminished because people did not take the time to understand what MAC was doing and why, I fear that with name changes to the products consumers will forget or willfully ignore the educational point of this collection.

  52. Angeles

    What’s $100,000 to a company like Mac? That’s profit easily made by a common person when selling ones house, needless to say for a company as large as MAC. It doesn’t make it better!!! I don’t know why some of you are getting all happy about it, it’s like a penny to them. Some mistakes are just simply not fixable and this was one of them, trully offensive and tasteless on their part. I am very disappointed and believe they probably thought we as Latinas were so ignorant we werent going to care, excuse my poor grammar but I was not born here and English is my second language and for that I take credit.
    Now I believe that Mac is not about all races, for I feel they don’t believe they have consumers like me that should matter what I might find offensive and careless, who told them those promo pictures are appeling? Now that I think about it, I have never seen a promo picture with a Latina in it..I am not a consumer that buys Mac products once a year, Im the type that follows upcoming collections and spends close to $400 or more, depending on collections and plus what I purchase between collections (a true Mac’s fan). As a final note: I am not Mexican but I am Latina and I still care about what has happened in Juarez. I am not leaving this comment to discuss my opinion with anyone , I will not be responding to anyones comments regarding my opinion.

  53. kristina

    i honestly think people are blowing this way out of proportion everyone makes mistakes and im sure the M.A.C employees the chose the names didn’t all sit around a table laughing and making fun of any of the violence that occurs in Juarez it was normal people just picking names for the new collection and like i said people make mistakes, it is a serious subject and im sure M.A.C didn’t want this all to happen…..and its not like they just didn’t address the problem there changing the names and donating 100k which wont fix everything but its better then them doing nothing.

  54. halo

    christine you are truly an amazing blogger i would of already had a heart attack im sorry you had to deal with so many horrible comments towards you and other readers and i think its great how respectful you are of everyones opinions on the mac/rodarte situation

  55. I did not see a problem with this prior to the uproar. I planned on purchasing items from this collection when the post was first up. I certainly am more aware of the situation in Juarez now that all this has happened. I don’t think MAC was condoning what is going on or promoting it by this line, if anything all this did was bring awareness to it. I don’t think MAC had to change any names, but I am glad that they have responded to “complaints” by their loyal fans. It shows that MAC really does stand behind their products, and cares about the opinions of their customers.

  56. Michelle

    I am SO dissapointed in MAC. I knew these collections were becoming ridiculous, but this just does it. I think any woman who has respect for herself as a woman would not dare to purchase from this collection.
    Until MAC cleans up their act and stops trying to manipulate money out of people, I will only be buying from makeup forever and other sephora brands. NARS and MUFE would never stoop this low, they keep it classy and stick to MAKEUP, not try so hard to produce names for a collection.
    I dont care if MAC donated all of it, they are screwed up enough to have done it in the first place, the only reason they are donating now is because they woke up and smelt the legal matters coming their way. I have loved MAC forever, but this has gone too far.

  57. Hillary

    It’s still sad that MAC and Rodarte would try to profit from the exploitation, murder and rape of these women in Juarez.

    I don’t think Rodarte ever even visited Juarez. Their collection is based on fear and fantasy and not reality or events or even sensitivity to the people living there. Instead of making real life ghosts and corpses, why don’t they stop using the factories and sweatshops in the fashion industry?

  58. Hnnahbelle

    I haven’t even heard of this, what were the products named after? I’m surprised it’s created such an uproar.

  59. Luc

    MAC grosses so many millions a year, that this kind of donation after what they did is an insult. Somebody involved in the creative process must have known about Juarez.

    I will give my money to amnesty (who have campaigned on this) instead. Very disappointed.

  60. apple

    OMG!! i think mac should give atleast 70% of their profits to the cause! Mac is wealthy!! we spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on its only fair to give some $$ to the cause!!

  61. Larissa

    $100,000 is an insult. I am from Juarez and even when I did not loose a loved one because of the matters in question I feel the pain of all those families affected. MAC shame on you.

  62. Niqui

    I think we should all focus on the positive. The names were changed, due largely in part to us bloggers/consumers. This shows the power of our voices. Much needed attention is being brought to the situation in Juarez. So many people didn’t even know about what has been going on, myself included. Because of this insensitive mistake, numerous people are now being educated on these crimes. And also, let’s be honest: MAC is donating $100K. That’s $100K more going towards saving lives that otherwise would not have. I see it as a blessing that has come out of something negative. Yes, they made a mistake. They’ve admitted that fact and have taken steps to try and rectify it. It should not have happened in the first place, but hey, look at what has come out this!! :)

  63. Lisa

    I just want to point out that it wasn’t MAC that brought awareness to the issue but the beauty bloggers and online community that did it. Let’s not give MAC credit unless they actually earn it.

  64. angela

    i dont think that they meant to offend anyone but as a mexican american i am very bothered and offended byt their ignorance and just by the simple fact that they do this all for a buck. I stopped purchasing from mac long ago becuz the constant new “limited edition” collections are just ridiculous! i love makeup and i can buy as much as i choose, but mac is just taking advantage of that love for makeup and making it a dangerous addiction! i know the words limited edition haunted me and made me think i HAD TO HAVE every prouduct as im sure many other have felt the same. i hate to say but i dont think my thoughts of this company will ever change

  65. Hi there,
    I wanted to let you know that an official petition has been started by those who believe MAC and Rodarte have not gone far enough in their efforts to help the women of Juarez.

    You’ll find the petition here:

    Any support would be much appreciated.

  66. Cam

    MAC needs to pull this collection. Just the idea of knowing basis of this collection is an extreme turn off. Pull the collection but still continue with donation. Period!

  67. Heather H

    This collection made CNN News this morning!

    • Really? Wow! What did they say?

      • Heather H

        That’s what I was thinking wow! Here is the transcript that aired this morning on CNN News.

        Aired July 22, 2010 – 10:00 ET


        KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: Juarez, Mexico, murderous drug cartels run wild, innocent people killed pretty much every day. Bodies found in the streets, buried alive in some cases, the mayor’s life threatened, cops murdered, cars bombed. It’s one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

        And for some reason make up companies thought it would be a great theme for a new line. Can you believe this? The makeup groups Mac and Rodarte teamed up for a new line labeled Ghost Town, Juarez, Badlands and Factory, and actually used models that many say look like they’re dead. Is murder beautiful? Are drug cartels attractive? As you can imagine, Hispanic activists are furious.


        CARLOS QUINTANILLA, HISPANIC ACTIVIST: It’s regretful that they would take the pain and suffering of a community and make profits off of it.

        (END VIDEO CLIP)

        PHILLIPS: So now, Mac has apologized and it is going to donate part of the collection’s proceeds to a charity in Juarez. That’s right, part of the proceeds. Critics say that the whole line should die.

        How have you been doing Christine? I know it’s been a long time since I posted anything but I still try to read the blog daily.

        • Thanks for sharing, Heather! I googled this AM and didn’t find anything, then when I googled later on, I saw the same transcript!

          I am good — feeling a bit behind at the moment, which is never a good feeling!

          I’m glad you’re still reading daily :)

          • Heather H

            Your fast at replying! No it doesn’t feel good to be behind. I hope you get all caught up tonight. If you don’t mind me asking, what are your thoughts about all this? Did you know when you posted this that it might offend some people?

            • Hey Heather,

              I’ve chosen to be neutral and keep my views to myself. I’d much rather this be a forum for everyone to discuss, rather than one where I make a to-do on my opinion and end up as more of a reactionary post. I want everyone to feel like they can express their opinion, no matter what it is, and not worry about being censored or having to defend themselves to me (or in turn, me having to defend myself to others). I feel like because I have been a moderator rather than a participant, it has really allowed for amazing discussion in both this post as well as the original post – because there is no one person’s opinion to focus on.

            • Heather H

              I totally understand.

            • Thanks, Heather :) I appreciate it!

  68. SUSIE


    • elise

      So if someone made a collection with a theme of woman being abused and named their products, black eye, broken bones, and maybe abuse, than that would be no big deal too? There is a right way of doing things and a wrong way. Caring more about making money and pupping out one collection after another, rather than on what is actually happening and what the product represends. Sometimes we must stand up and voice our opinions loud and clear when we feel that someone is doing something wrong. This is not drama it’s people actually giving a deam, noticing the ugly and voicing their discust.

  69. Angelina

    I personally don’t feel that 100K is enough. MAC has collections that come out every other month and get lots of money in sales. I’m sure the company can donate more money. I also feel if they keep the same pictures with the dead looking models, it is still glamourizing “dead women”. I’m just disappointed that MAC had to be “backed into a corner” to change the inappropriate names, issue an apology, and donate money. The only positive element to this situation is that it made people aware of what has been going on in Juarez who had no clue what was going on so close to home.

  70. elise

    Mac should donate all of the money that they make from this collection to that cause. For them 100,000 is like a dollar for an average consumer. That won’t even make any difference at all. Normally I would say that it’s the gesture and thought that counts, but not in this case. This is like making a hollocaust collection and having names like stripe pijamas, gas or some other horribly offencive names. The whole idea is that this happen in the first place. Names corresponding to streetwalkers, and all things that are wrong with this horrible place is amazing to me. Why would you make cosmetics for mostly woman and then take inspiration from a city that has so many of females tortured, raped and killed on daily bases? Make the main model look as if she was dead and put offensive names on products? They should have not done this in the first place. If they wanted to bring public attention to the situation than they should have done it much different. This is making money over any common sence.

    • Julia

      If $100,000 really won’t make any difference at all, then I don’t understand why none of the readers here making a fuss are speaking up about donating. Especially if $100,000 for MAC is like $1 for the average consumer… I haven’t heard anyone on here talking about donating even just $1. If people are claiming to be enlightened and angered by this collection, then why is no one doing anything?? Why is MAC the only one able to make a difference??? If you are angry enough to avoid this collection, you should care enough to donate the money you save to a good cause.

      • Michelle

        Becuase we, as consumers, have not done something to offend others about this matter. MAC is this company that claims to have been so good to other foundations, but now they went and offended many about this situation in juarez. That donation is pity of “oops we made a mistake, but we still want your money”. I think many would agree it would have been better if the entire collection would have been pulled. People are not offended that MAC was not going to doante in the first place, but because they created names and pictures that were offensive.

  71. Susan

    I think changing the names and donating money is more a damage control tatics in response to the negative feedback. It is good that they did repsond, but I agree it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. If they really wanted to celebrate the landscape and people in Juarez, they could use other names and photos which reflect that. If their intention was to help women in Juarez, they could have launch their marketing company as such in the first place, like their AIDS compaigns. Since they did not do neither, this is just damage control to save their reputations. The only positive outcome in this is that now there are more poeple award of the tragedy in Juarez.

  72. tout de suite

    I love reading blogs and have much admiration for many bloggers out there and think they get a rough deal as being taken as ‘serious’. I think bloggers should be taken as serious contributors.

    But I have to have my two cent worth in this debate about the new MAC Rodarte collection.

    I respect that we all have different views but I actually do believe that this debate has missed a bigger issue.

    From a marketing view I understand that MAC/Rodarte have had to act to appease the potential PR disaster by the negative reviews by realising statements and donations etc.

    I take the seriousness of what happens in places like Juarez and to the women and children as horrific. This goes without saying.

    But, I think that the idea that there was ‘negligence‘, ‘a company just trying to be edgy and missing the point’ is a little easy to be critical especially online these days. The constant ‘OMG how cold they be so reckless…’ implies that Rodarte and MAC did this on purpose.

    Regardless what you think of MAC products this company donate a load of money and awareness to AIDS charities and before it was cool to do so.

    I think beauty is the eye of the beholder, there are places in our world that are full of contrast including places that are full of beauty and where bad things happen too. I am sure that the Rodarte sisters saw many beautiful places on their road trip. I found the images of the models quite ‘ethereal’.

    I think that the Rodarte sisters and MAC are being unfairly treated here. I think the names have offended people but not intentional, the company are trying to fix the problem/blunder/insensitivity whatever you want to call it. I personally don’t feel offended by the names but I am upset that there is a horrible situation in a place like Juarez.

    I ask the beauty community out there to ask themselves besides demanding MAC donate all the profits to say ‘sorry’ what are we as individuals doing about the reason why this issue offends us all? Juarez is only one place in a world full of violence and don’t misinterpret my words. I am merely trying to say places in Juarez exist EVERYWHERE. Violence against women and children exist in other places that are beautiful as well as also confronting to our sensibilities.

    We all seem so intelligent these days because we can Google a situation and report verbatim on it online. We look a little smarter and get so angry doing so -but we don’t do anything about it except complain.

    If people are offended then they are its done. MAC are offering to do what they can to fix the situation. If they did nothing then I wouldn’t be writing this. They made a mistake they apologised. Sometimes we need accept that even a company like MAC with all its marketing and resources etc make mistakes. Are we all that pious we have never made mistakes too? I am always a fan of boycotting but I wonder at the end of the day how many of the people angry now will think about this collection next year when something new and ’convertible’ is released by MAC and is the ‘must have item’.

    Its good to feel like there is more to life then makeup.

    I am not defending that this collection has offended people I am just asking people to look at a bigger picture here.

  73. Claudia

    I’m from the state of Chihuahua where Juarez is located, my issue with this collection is not the names of the products but with tha attempt by M-A-C to use this horrible tragedy to profit, which is the reason why all of this is happening to begin with… the desire to profit by unscrupulous companies that stop at nothing to make an extra penny with out any regard for their fellow human beeing…

    To truly understand what is happening in Juarez this is a good site to visit

    If you want to donate to an organization that is truly doing something to help on this issue and is close to the victims families

    I’m not asociated with them but is a well known, respected organization that is corruption free (a hard thing to find in Juarez)

  74. Claudia

    I seem to left some links out :(

    if you go to this site and on the right click on grups we support link you can find more info about organizations that are also a good option for donations or to find out how else you can help

    and here you can find some of the corporations that have maquiladoras in Juarez

    • Alejandra

      These are great links.Thanks for putting them out there.
      What concerns me is that Casa Amiga is only in Spanish.I understand Spanish perfectly, but obviously not everyone does.Im going to contact them and ask if they need help translating their messages.
      Once again thanks for the links.

  75. Sammy

    this might sound naive, but whats the issue going on currenttly? i’m stil pretty young and not familar with what is going on with this controversey. can someone explain why this collection was “offensive”? I am not familiar with any of the terms. thank you

  76. I didn’t really care about the names to begin with. I think it’s admirable that MAC decided to change them because people got upset, but I think it’s just makeup. Don’t look into it. It’s completely superficial.

  77. BELLS

    In a way, this has done something positive, besides the donation.

    There are very many people who are NOT socially conscious and were unaware of the violence going on in the world around us. Had it not been for being curious about what the fuss was with MAC/Rodarte, they’d still be in the dark regarding this issue. Now they know, and the more people that know, the more people that can get involved and make a difference.

  78. Verdge

    Has anybody looked at this collection as a way to bring awareness? Not everything has to be looked at in a negative light.

  79. Fashion Chick

    The irony is, somewhere in the world there are MAC employees who managed to get their hands on the prototype products, and they will probably sell them for a ridiculous price on eBay…all MAC is really doing by acting upon the complaints is creating a frenzy for the products with the original names.

    This really makes me question MAC and their process in developing their collections. I’m pretty stunned with several of these names. Not only are they tacky and offensive, but I find them uninspiring for someone who loves makeup. I mean, sometimes people buy products just for the name. “Bordertown” doesn’t make me want to buy.

    If they wanted to shed a light on the violence in Juarez, having a special product named “Juarez” (with proceeds benefiting a related charity, like they do with Viva Glam) would have been a better idea.

  80. i feel like i should buy something, as after all mac is donating so much money to teh cause, but out of principle i really wouldnt normally, i can see boxes and boxes of these ending up in CCOs for time to come…

  81. KARYNA

    i will not buy anything from this colection and mac thinks that with 100k or 200k is gonna bring back those girls or make them feel better are u kidding me mac makes more money than that in a day. and people who thinks that money makes everything better well it doesnt. is like a big slap in your face. thinking that all mexicans will be happy with a little hand out?

  82. Gabriela

    Mac: Huge mistake!!!! But I hope they make sure that the money they are going to donate goes to the victims and not to the corruption!!! Things happen for a reason!!! We learn from mistakes and some people need help,the situation in Juarez has affected so many families and this will not resolve the problem but any help they can get I think is more than welcome!!!

  83. Taylor

    its all about the all mighty dollar for mac, giving money dosent make up for what they did.

  84. Kiele

    You know. A lot of you keep this going and going, but what is it really you are doing to help the cause in Juarez? Yapping about it on a make-up board and attacking one another isn’t the way it works. The problem isn’t giving money to this cause, but write to the government, law enforement, do something. When the Holicaust happened no one cared or gave money to those who suffered. People were burned alive, starves, tortured, children were used for medical purposes without any kind of anesthesia, they were taken from their parents, tortured, starved, burned alive as well. There is no comparison between the two. The Holicaust was done because of someone’s religious beliefs. Both are horrible. It is happening all over the world still not just in Juarez. Stop whining and start doing something. Start a public campaign on facebook. Get signatures. Just stop with all the nonsense on a cosmetic board already. It’s getting redundant. Plus a lot of you aren’t reading. MAC is a GREAT company. Just the fact that they are giving money towards this cause (which they don’t have to) and are changing the names says a lot.

  85. lili

    Maybe MAC should release a line of HOLOCAUST inspired makeup. Let’s see what kind of reaction they would get from the public.

    • elise

      That’s exactly right. They should do a line that brings awarness to the tragedy or go the Rodarte way and name their products “gas chaimber” ,”we love hitler”, and maybe”death”. There is a right way and a wrong way to go about things. Also, this post was created specifically for people to voice their views on it so why do some get offended that we all do just that? And also, just because we comment on this blog does not mean we did not donate ourselves, where did tyhis come from? When you are a big company that claims to be all into charity you are responsible for what your creative department puts out as products, themes and names. Why did this had to go this fare for someone at MAC to notice the mistake, I just can’t understand. Someone should have been paying attention to this in the breginning and sad” gee, this is not a good idea”.

  86. Sara

    Sorry but I am kinda lost. The reason for finding this collection offensive is a product being name Juarez? Please keep in mind I am not being critical about it is just a mere question!
    Thank you

  87. VJNS

    It’s like “a rose by any other name” doesn’t matter that they changed the names. The deed was done. I do however like that they responded by seeking to correct themselves, and I like that they will continue to provide funding. Lord knows the massacres are horrific and the negligence of the Mexican police is inexcusable. Just a thought, did this controversy actually bring about greater awareness about the murders in Juarez?

  88. annalea

    I am happy that MAC made an apology and fixed the collection but I refuse to spend a penny on any product from this collection. I wish that more people would take a stand and force MAC to take a closer look at what they deem appropriate. A collection doesn’t get released as soon as an idea pop’s into somebody’s head – it has to go through hundreds of hands before it reaches the public – this concern had to have been brought up before and they chose to ignore it. I will not spend my money on products that I do not believe in. There is nothing MAC can do to change my mind about the collection – they should have just taken it off the market.

  89. Angel

    i know that there’s been a lot of talk about this.. but honestly, i’m only looking at the product, not the meaning behind it. i’m not trying to say i don’t care or anything though. i’m glad that mac has decided to donate. i actually blame the rodarte sisters more than anything else for even being inspired by juarez.

  90. Amber E.

    Hi Christine!
    Can you tell me if this collection is still going to launch and what date they are launching in the US?

    Also, will this be in MAC stores only or online too?

    Thanks for all your hard work & information!

  91. livnzoe

    hey christine i have a queation: is it true that MAC doesn’t launch the rodarte collection???

  92. stephanie

    o…mi…..gosh. no comment