Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

For August: MAC Pro Lip Palettes

The preferred way for Artists to stay on trend: M·A·C Lip Palettes. Indispensable colours and editorial essentials are organized into five compacts, each offering a shade-wave of six tones that streamlines your kit. Customize within the same shade family, or cross-pollinate between palettes. Available in Red, Orange, Pink, Plum and Brown. M·A·C PRO locations and Online only.

6 Preferred Pinks Pro Lip Palette ($40.00 U.S. / $47.50 CDN)

  • Violetta Bright clean violet purple (Amplified Creme)
  • Show Orchid Vivid hot pink (Amplified Creme)
  • Creme de la Femme Pink laced with gold (Frost)
  • Lovelorn Emotive blue pink (Lustre)
  • Please Me Muted rosy-tinted pink
  • Pretty Please Pale pink pearl (Lustre)

6 Editorial Reds Pro Lip Palette ($40.00 U.S. / $47.50 CDN)

  • Dare You Deep brown red (Cremesheen)
  • Ruby Woo Vivid bluish-red (Retro Matte)
  • MAC Red Vivid bright bluish-red (Satin)
  • Russian Red Intense bluish-red (Matte)
  • On Hold Mid-tone yellow raspberry (Cremesheen)
  • Lady Danger Vivid bright coral-red (Matte)

6 Editorial Oranges Pro Lip Palette ($40.00 U.S. / $47.50 CDN)

  • Bronze Shimmer Golden bronze with shimmer (Frost)
  • Look at Her Metallic copper (Sheen Supreme)
  • So Chaud Intense reddish-orange (Matte)
  • Morange Loudmouth orange (Amplified Creme)
  • Crosswires Clean pinky orange (Cremesheen)
  • Sandy B Light shell pink (Frost)

6 Select Plums Pro Lip Palette ($40.00 U.S. / $47.50 CDN)

  • Cyber Intense blackish-purple (Satin)
  • Hang Up Deep berry (Cremesheen)
  • Amorous Lovestruck cranberry (Satin)
  • Verve Muted brownish-plum (Satin)
  • Captive Pinkish-plum (Satin)
  • Twig Soft muted brownish-pink (Satin)

6 Modern Browns Pro Lip Palette ($40.00 U.S. / $47.50 CDN)

  • Paramount Reddish-brown (Satin)
  • Taupe Muted reddish-taupe brown
  • Fresh Brew Creamed coffee
  • Frenzy Pinky-peach beige with shimmer (Frost)
  • Half ‘n’ Half Creamy pink (Amplified Creme)
  • Peachstock Neutral peach (Satin)

Availability: August 16th, 2012 (MAC PRO Online), August 23rd, 2012 (North America PRO Locations), September 2012 (International PRO Locations)

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46 thoughts on “MAC Pro Lip Palettes Launch this August 2012

  1. These are pretty, but I don’t know that I like all the shades in each palette enough to pay $40 :/ I do like the Editorial Oranges though

  2. Liz

    Interesting. Physician’s Formula used to make lip palettes with 4 different lip colors. I loved mixing and matching them to make different shades (I’m probably dating myself by mentioning them). Maybe I’ll check these out.

  3. Jess

    I know it says these are Pro Lip Palettes but will they be released to regular MAC stores/online or just to PRO stores and the website?

    • Ava

      I read on another website that it will be available on August 23 at PRO stores and will be on the MAC website October 2012 :) I HOPE HOPE HOPE this is accurate bc I really like the plums and pink palette 😉

    • Ava

      Oh and I have to follow up with my comment. I spoke to a MAC rep online and asked and he said to check back in the fall bc there’s a possibility it will be online. :) I hope so!

  4. Kristina

    I am not a MAC customer for many reasons, one of the biggest one is that I live in Canada and MAC is made in Canada. Our Dollar has been stronger or at par than the US dollar for years. MAC keeps raising their pricing and the margins are getting wider and wider between both countries. The factory is just down the highway from me, I can smell this stench of vanilla as I type this. (not really but you know….)

    • Dana

      Pretty much every beauty brand has higher MSRP’s in Canada

      • Kristina

        Not anymore thankfully :) For example Dior is just a dollar more on items at the Bay. Sephora hikes the prices up. But Holt’s, Sears, the Bay, Shoppers Boutique and many Canadian online beauty retailers keep us at par. There are a few exceptions such as NARS and Amore Pacific. But Generally Speaking the prices are now being adjusted.

        • Zoe

          Really? If this is true then I am VERY happy! I don’t keep much of a look out for the price difference between US and Canada (cause if I do I get extremely upset) but I have always been annoyed at MAC ..I mean, they are a Canadian company, they are made in Canada.. and yet they let US have lower prices?! This is just a “bow down to the great USA” thing that makes me wanna throw out all of my MAC stuff into the trash

    • Elysia

      wow, that is so unfair that they do that!

    • I am also not buying MAC either for the very same reason you are…price increase…Yes, other brands does it, but they are worth the price increase.

    • Actually not all of MAC’s Products are made in Canada so their still subjected to Import fees coming in before sale. Considering that most product fall into the $20 value per items and our tax rate for import is anything over $20 CAN means that everything get double taxed.

      • Cortni

        But MAC “Originated” technically in Canada. So its frustrating to still have to pay more sometimes especially when you buy 2 items and the price difference for Canada and US means you could’ve gotten 3 items for the same price :/

  5. Lisa T

    Ok, so this is probably wishful thinking on my part…but what do they mean by “customize”? If the pans were removable such that you could sort of create your own custom palettes….man that would be exciting.

  6. Gina

    Eh, no thank you. Something about lip palettes always screams cheap and poor quality to me.

  7. Carla

    I can’t see the last picture! I think it would be good if the name of the palette appeared under each image.

  8. Interesting idea. I’ve seen people melt down their lipsticks into pans like this, so are these real lipsticks in pan form rather than gloss? Most lip palettes I see are really sheer glosses rather than actual lipsticks. I like this idea although I always bring my lipstick along with me for touchups so this isn’t really practical for me. I guess it’s better for makeup artists.

  9. Veronica

    I would wear the hell out of that purple/pink palette. Shame it’s only available to PRO members. :(

    • Mar

      If I’m not mistaken you can call any PRO store and they will ship it to you, no need to be a member. There’s a PRO store near me so I haven’t had to call them, or had issues when I purchase any items that are PRO only.

      • Carla

        Unfortunately the Pro Store doesn’t accept order from non Pro members anymore :( . I called last month to place an order and they told me that service was no longer available

  10. Elysia

    Ah, I totally want the Orange and Pink one!

  11. Ananda

    I was wondering how much product comes in each pan? So I can compare it to the amount that comes in a regular lipstick…

  12. CarlaQ

    Im thinking you might be able to order these via phone?

  13. blueraccoon

    These are pretty, but I just hate potted (panned?) lip products. It seems so messy and unhygienic to me. That being said, I do love some of the colors. If you could mix and match from palettes, I’d really be tempted.

    • 18thCenturyFox

      Agreed on the palette/pot format. Plus I am old skool and really enjoy using a tube of lipstick. Process AND results matter to me :)

  14. I could consider getting the red and the brown ones, they look really pretty in these pictures!
    But for $40, I’m gonna have to think twice…

  15. All look great. But I don’t need any more lipstick palettes, really, so I’d better pass on these.

  16. Basema

    OMG!!! the best idea ever. I want all the lip palletes plsss. this is great when travelling so i dont need to travel with 10 lipsticks.. im serious. i do carry a lot of make up with me. and the collection is getting relased on my birthday :) wish it arrives in Dubai at the same time <3

  17. Rebecca

    Not too upset about these being pro only since I only wear pinks and that onk one doesn’t really catch my eye :/

  18. MACaddict22

    I would love one of these lip palettes. I wanted the Fall one that came out in May/June. I am not a Pro member. I did, however, call the store and request one, they said unless I was a pro member I could not order the palette. I truly hope that MAC will consider adding these for us non-pro members so we can bask in the lip palettes. I am also hoping they will consider making Harvest and Fall for Plum into regular lipstick shades. I saw swatches and need those colors in my life.

  19. Peggy M

    Boy, I want one of each of those!! I’d wear all of them to death! Too bad I’m not a pro memeber!! :(

  20. I LOVE the pink one! ARGH! I’m going to have to get someone with a PRO card to CP it for me for my birthday or something!

  21. I didn’t see these palettes on the website today. :-(

  22. Laura

    I keep checking the website for these, they still aren’t there! (And I am a Pro Member). Wonder what’s going on?

  23. Deb

    I bought two of these and I LOVE them. You don’t have to be a Pro member to buy them; I have a Pro store near me and I never have any trouble buying the pro items. We don’t get a discount, that’s all.

    These are not gloss – they’re full strength lipstick. I’ve found at least four shades I would never have tried but love. I know I’ll be back for at least one more of the palettes.

    Some won’t like the fact that you only get 1/3 of the amount of a full-size lipstick; for me that’s perfect. I can have a lot of variety and not worry that I’m going to end up wasting product because it gets old and needs to be discarded.

  24. Amy F.

    I called Pro Online today to find out why these palettes haven’t hit yet. They couldn’t give me an absolute time frame but the rep I spoke to said they should be available on Pro by the end of the month.

  25. Yanna

    These palettes were made targeting the pro artists in mind. Instead of us having to depot our own lipsticks, they did it for us =) I think it was genius that they finally came up with this. You get so much product in one pan and the colors mix and blend together beautifully. For those who says palettes like these are messy and unhygienic, you’re suppose to use a spatula to scoop it out. Even for my personal use I would never stick a lip brush directly into it. I have dug into every single color so far of all the palettes and they are so smooth, creamy, and easy to work with. No more carrying around a case full of lipstick on jobs! These palettes are all I need for any look 😉

  26. Ilana

    Do anyone knows if it is really being sold in pro stores? I’m going to USA next week and I really want to buy it! Thanks

  27. Clementine Roy

    Hi! do you know how much amount of product you get for this price? thank you :)

  28. I want the red and the pink one!! They’re so gorgeous!!!!

  29. Renee

    Finally, A Red lip pallette that has true classic reds that look amazing and suit me, and not coral/pink reds!
    all the best and i hope this hits nz because im gonna get it, oh yes, it will be mine 😛 :) <3

  30. Shaikha

    I love all of them!!

    Unfortunately, I can’t order these palettes online because I’m not from US! And also we don’t have any pro MAC store in my country! </3

    I hope that they will have these palettes in all MAC store 😀

    And also I want to ask, are these palettes permanent? Or limited edition?!

  31. Lulu

    Are those palettes permanent?