Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick
MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick

MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick ($16.50 for 0.10 oz.) is described as a “sheer brown plum” with a Lustre finish. Swatched, it’s a muted plum with gold shimmer. On my lips, it looked like a reddish-plum with gold shimmer. NARS Christina is much redder. Benefit Breakup Rumor is purpler. MAC Funbathing is less red and has a stronger golden sheen. MAC Capricious has more plum in it and less shimmer. This shade is a repromote–it originally launched with MAC Me Over.

One of the best things about Oh, Oh, Oh, is that it is oh, oh, oh so different applied than it is in the tube and even, to a small degree, swatched on the skin. It’s a very cool lipstick as a result–it is a total chameleon and very much dependent on your natural lip color, which is a consequence of the translucent nature of the Lustre finish. It has some creaminess, but it has a thinner consistency and didn’t glide completely smoothly across lips.  Oh, Oh, Oh wore for just under three hours on me.

If it wasn’t a Lustre finish, it’s definitely a shade I could see myself using a lot, but unfortunately, Lustres are drying on me–some terribly so, others only mildly–and I know some readers find this to be true, while others have experienced more hydrating wear!  If Lustres are a happy formula for your lips, then I recommend checking this shade out.

The Glossover


Oh, Oh, Oh

If Lustres are a happy formula for your lips, then I recommend checking this shade out for its color.











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MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick
MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick

MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick
MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick

MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick
MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick

MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick
MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick

MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick
MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick

MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick
MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

MAC, $16.50.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

NARS Christina is much redder. Benefit Breakup Rumor is purpler. MAC Funbathing is less red and has a stronger golden sheen. MAC Capricious has more plum in it and less shimmer. This shade is a repromote--it originally launched with MAC Me Over.

What makeup are you wearing?

On eyes: MAC Caramel Sundae Eyeshadow Palette, Burberry Trench Eyeshadow (highlighter), MAC Black Swan Pearlglide Eyeliner (left), MAC Lord It Up Pearlglide Eyeliner (right), MAC Optimum Black Mascara. On cheeks: MAC Flatter Me Pearlmatte (left), MAC Cream Soda Blush (right). On lips: MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick.

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57 thoughts on “MAC Oh, Oh, Oh Lipstick Review, Photos, Swatches (Archie’s Girls)

  1. Bea

    Hi Christine! Can you compare this with MAC Sophisto? :)

  2. virginiaisforluvrs

    I wish it looked like this on me! On my pigmented lips, it’s kind of brown/bronzy :(

  3. This is actually way prettier than I thought it’d be! Despite the fact that it’s a bit sheer the amazing shimmer makes up for it! Looks gorgeous.

  4. Liz

    Hi Christine, I also think that Oh, Oh, Oh is a shade that you can use very often, but it seems like its different now on the tube from its original release from MAC Me Over, don’t you think?

  5. Is it just the new lighting, or does this shade look a little different (less plum, more bronze) than its original incarnation?

  6. Thessley Nguyen

    Christina when will this be instores for Macys? I really want Betty Bright. Do you think it’ll sell out the same day? Oh and will the whole collection be on Nordstrom. B/c past collections were missing (some items) Thanks!

  7. Kristanna

    a unique stunner

  8. Iso

    I just ordered this from the Mac website. Couldn’t resist!

  9. Katherine

    I just ordered this because of your review. Thank you Christine. I remember seeing it last year and wanting to order it then but it sold out very quickly if I remember correctly. This is my first MAC purchase. :) I got free shipping too and all that I ordered was this lipstick. Good deal.

  10. Jade

    That is SERIOUSLY cool! I wonder how it would appear on me, as I really dislike shades with brown leanings. If it appeared on my lips like it does on yours Christine, I’d be ALL over it! I think I’m going to have to try it on when it launches here in Australia.

  11. Precious

    I didn’t buy this when MAC Me Over came out because I decided to go with Offshoot. I definitely won’t pass this up now. It’s oh, oh, oh so pretty and I have no doubt it will be a great everyday shade. :)

  12. Tuva

    Oh, I love the colour, but I am afraid that drying stuff isn’t for me. :)

    I love seeing your review pictures, you seem to be able to pull off any make-up and still look amazing! Everything looks flattering on you, and I am quite jealous. XD

  13. Anne

    It does look extremely good on you!

  14. Stacey

    You make every lipstick look good….this is not a lipstick I would get if I would just look at it from the tube…but on you it looks good.

  15. Lisa

    I agree with you about Lustres and this particular lipstick. I bought this when it was originally released and I would definitely wear it more often if it wasn’t so drying. I’ve since learned that neither Lustres nor Cremesheens work with my lips. It’s a shame too because there are plenty of MAC shades I would love to try.

  16. Teresa

    I recently bought the one from Mac me over and its soooo beautiful! I also found it to be longer than usual 😀

  17. Sher

    Yay im so happy I ordered this!! A shame lustres are drying for you, this color looks great on you!!!

  18. kelly

    Christine, great job as always! Your reviews are always so helpful to me.

    Is this version of Oh, Oh, Oh any different from the MAC Me Over version? I compared your swatches, and the MMO one looks a tiny bit more pink/berry-hued, almost. Is it just the lighting differences, or are the two versions different?

    I already have the original version and love it. Thanks!

  19. Meri

    very nice and sheer, I have this and love it for the sheer application

  20. Mariella

    I got this the last time it was released and only because of the swatches you provided, Christine, because in the tube, it honestly looks like a piece of dog poop. Applied it is lovely but it has so little staying power. I’m okay with lustres (in terms of them not drying my lips) but this one is more like the loathsome MAC Glaze finish in terms of disappearing quickly.

  21. Danielle

    Wow I actually really love this. There are now too many lipsticks I want from this collection.

  22. Wow! This one looks absolutely stunning on you! What a gorgeous colour. It’s a pity it’s sheer or else I would be sorely tempted.

  23. KEG

    This looks great on you-I bought this and ended up giving it away-it was just too sheer-but it doesn’t look sheer in the photos-I’m surprised!

  24. Jenny

    I got this the last time it came out and I love this color so much. Probably because I love sheer lipsticks. It’s one of my favorite colors. I’m glad to see it came out again because I’ve been very skimpy with using it, afraid I won’t ever get a chance to buy it again even though I know MAC has re-released other limited edition colors in the past.

  25. Oh my gosh I’m in love with this one!

  26. This is an interesting color that I did not expect to even remotely like

  27. Wow!! This is so pretty! This would look fantastic with some bronze and gold eyes. I’m so getting this. It looks great on you too, Christine!

  28. Cat

    I didn’t like this in the promo pictures, but seeing your swatches changed my mind. I love the sheerness of this, along with the shimmer.

  29. Dana

    Hi Christine! Would you happen to know if Benefit Breakup Rumor Lipstick is still available or discontinued? I’d love that one instead but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’ve been looking for something similar to MAC’s Barons Rose that I missed out on. Maybe I could just fill in my lips with a liner & top it off with Oh, oh, oh to try to get the same effect…

  30. 18thCenturyFox

    Jut thought I’d take note of an oddity- on Macy’s site instead of “Oh,Oh,Oh” the lipstick is listed as ” Sweet Something” Things that make you go Hmmmm.

  31. chris

    Would you say that Oh, Oh, Oh is a dupe for MAC Slimshine Assertive in terms of color?

  32. How similar is this one to MAC’s Baron’s Rose or Real Treasure?

  33. Katie

    So pretty, especially the golden shimmer through it

  34. VickyM

    I love this lipstick! Unique and pretty, can´t wait for it to arrive in my country, we have the Apres Chic collection here right now lol, will have to wait… 😀

  35. This is really nice, It reminds me of a Mojo lipstick I’ve had for a very long time, but it seems sheerer and more wearable.

    Very pretty!

  36. Jules

    How does this compare to the Viva Glam V lipstick?

  37. nawal

    surprisingly, this was my fav out of all the collection! It was the first luster I ever bought and the color looks fantastic layered under a peach gloss!

  38. Is it just me or does Oh Oh Oh look exactly the same as MAC “O” (A32)?

    • kellie

      it is almost exactly the same as “O”
      I was surprised that wasnt noted anywhere. it is slightly less brown, and less pigmented, but really the same in a glossier version.

  39. Leticia

    I loved this shade when it was first released with MAC Me Over because of its originality and how different it looks when applied. That time I got one for my sister, in an effort to replace her Funbathing LS that she loved so much but lost when her bag was stolen :(…She liked Oh, Oh, Oh as well so maybe this time around I will get one for me!

  40. ericca

    I had Mac funbathing and when i saw it reminded me of the color

  41. Dian

    Hi dear, I wonder if this lipstick is similar to Viva Glam VI? I want to buy this badly but I’m afraid the shade is too similar. Thanks!

  42. It looks almost exactly the same as Elizabeth Arden’s ceramide plump perfect lipstick in perfect cinnamon no.11! 😀 that would be a really good dupe!