Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC & Nicki Minaj Pink Friday 4 Lipstick

It’s a monster collaboration:  Pink 4 Friday by MAC Cosmetics and Nicki Minaj.  The Trinidadian hip-hop diva has personally designed a limited edition MAC Lipstick, Pink Friday, to celebrate the release of her highly anticipated debut album of the same name.  Putting her trademark Barbz glamour twist on a bright, creamy pink satin formula, Nicki Says, “MAC’s Pink Nouveau was my favorite lipstick for years, but now it’s all about Pink Friday!”  Check it out:  Nicki’s exclusive shade will only be available for purchase for four Fridays beginning Friday, November 26th, 2010, while supplies last, on maccosmetics.com.

Lipstick ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN)

  • Pink Friday Bright creamy pink lipstick (Satin) (Limited Edition)

Availability: November 26, December 3, December 10, and December 17, 2010 at www.maccosmetics.com only.

See more photos!

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

MAC Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick

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262 thoughts on “MAC & Nicki Minaj Pink 4 Friday Lipstick & Photos

  1. Banan

    I don’t like it on her lips! I want to see swatches and if its similar to viva glam gaga! but I’ll probably buy it! hope it looks better than the photo!

  2. Weird, didn’t Lady Gaga say Pink Nouveau was the inspiration for her Viva Glam lipstick…..I would love to see a comparision of the two when it comes out. I love the concept of Pink Friday but I think the color is a bit redundant to the viva glam Lady Gaga.

  3. i always want to try something out before i buy it so it kinda pisses me off that they will only sell it online but i think this pink will look great on me i love Pink Nouveau lipstick and pinks in general look great on me so this is something i will be ordering

  4. ak

    It just looks like Pink Nouveau to me, and I already have that.

  5. Meaning it’s not going to be available internationally???

  6. Erika

    how similar is this to the viva glam gaga lipstick or st. germain?

  7. Alicia

    Im SO getting this one…. but her boobs look like they’ve been photoshopped in. Thats Nicki for ya!

  8. Hend

    Nice shade , Looooove it <3
    but hate the promo photo, the ugliest one I have ever seen

  9. Argeleen


  10. Cant wait to get this its abit like gaga but yeh i love nicki x

  11. Deb

    Cute color! But the promotional image? Still creepy.

  12. tehteh

    this looks to me like yet another version of Viva Glam Gaga

  13. Rebecca

    I understand that she wanted to look like Barbie, but since when doesn’t Barbie have arms?

  14. Courtney

    Sorry, but the promo image is just so damn creepy…

  15. Samantha

    I don’t think this is gonna be too much like viva glam gaga. this looks a lot darker and brighter. this looks a lot like saint germain to me.

  16. Lucie

    I was excited about this, but the actual lipstick doesn’t look very interesting. In fact, it looks almost exactly like Viva Glam GaGa which must be THE most unwearable colour on the planet. I thought I could rock any lipstick before VGG, hahaha. I don’t know why MAC would make such a similiar colour while VGG is still available. Pastel-y cool toned pinks are bleh on most people.

  17. Missa

    Wish they would have done some type of special packaging. Maybe even the tube be pink ?

  18. Jenny

    she looks dead. very creepy. is this supposed to make me WANT this lipstick? I think the only girls that want this are NM fans.

  19. Looks too much like GaGa. Not my style, but pretty.

  20. Nini

    I don’t know who she is but I don`t like the lipstick at all. And I think MAC is being excesive with the everyweek-new-collection style..

  21. konconsc

    Christine, from looking at the picture, do you think its gonna be something like the lady gaga lipstick?

  22. Cat

    Sorry if this question as already been asked but does anyone know how close this is to the Viva Glam Gaga? I love Nicki but if it’s a dupe or super close i’m not gonna waste money on it.

  23. Alison

    I know you said you read ontd sporadically, so I didn’t know if you caught photos of her lipstick launch if you were curious. The lipstick looks nice in person.

  24. Amy


    It’s showing as coming soon on the UK MAC site, I wonder if that means we’ll be getting it Friday 26th too!

  25. Shu

    It looks the same as the lady gaga lipstick

  26. killerteeth

    Wasn’t Viva Glam Gaga kind of based off of Pink Nouveau too? What’s the difference between the two besides that they have 2 different outlandishly-dressed celebrity faces behind them, and that the Viva Glam Gaga’s proceeds go to the MAC Aids fund?

  27. Jenn

    Hmm, it looks pretty drying without a gloss. Wish they could bring it out instore for us to test out!

  28. Anna

    LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Nicki Minaj!! She is so gorgeous!

  29. Joyce

    The color reminds me to much of melrose mood. I think it would be alot better if they did the packaging with alittle sparkle.

  30. The pale pink lipcolour doesn’t suit her at all. Like the multicolour hair though. 😀

  31. Laura

    Meh – I’ve never heard of her and the lipstick looks like a million other shades (and not really my cup of tea anyway) so I will definitely pass.

  32. Amy

    But what if you live outside of the US, can’t we get the lipstick?

  33. Vanessa

    I like Nicki but what were they thinking dressing her like that? Nothing matches! and that hair…. oh no…. Stylists HELP!

    Im getting this lipstick though no doubt about it. I love Pink :)

  34. mo

    wow i can not believe 252 hates it

  35. ann

    it looks like all styled up or close to st germain on her skintone, pink noveau has more red hate that color on me it doesnt work but i love other cool toned pinks

  36. leah

    I wonder how close this is to pink noveau or st germain? Do you know what time on those fridays it will go on sale? I bet this one will sell out fast!

  37. Kat

    Nice colour but not flattering on my skin tone, will pass =)


  38. Yumi

    Passing on this…not a fan of her style…

  39. V

    i think its looks A LOT like Gaga l/s (which didnt look good on me) BUT im still getting it!

  40. Claudia

    It doesn’t look like Pink Nouveau to me :/ I feel it’s more close to St. Germain or Melrose Mood.

  41. Jocelyn

    I will most likely cop :) Will this come in plain packaging though? It’d be sweet if they had something like the Lady Gaga and Cyndi, with their signatures on the tube and packaging.

    • It’s just regular packaging – the promo photo from this AM is regular and the lipstick itself that I received was regular. I think if it had special packaging, they’d say something!

  42. Morgan

    I love pink lipsticks, but if this is similar to St. Germain I will have to do without. That lipstick was waaay too chalky for me and it looked terrible. I’d prefer to have more “normal” colored pink lipsticks. Meaning not such a chalky outcome. Not everyoen can wear it.

  43. Jessie

    It looks too much like Gaga, Saint Germaine, Out To Shock, and Lickable.

    I’ll pass.

  44. Lala

    I kow this lipstick and lady gagas isn’t that similar but how do u think they compare.

  45. Ani_BEE

    Ok got to say I love her hand Sharpie’d wig! Have dyed my own wigs it’d a pain to colour a gradation by hand like that but it’s the only way to get a clean division in colour. Thumbs up to the person that had to do it.

  46. Marcela

    just smear some Pepto Bismol on your lips! LOL

  47. Diane

    It looks like a Lady Gaga wanna be lipstick and it is not as pretty. Too many pinks if you ask me.

  48. nicci

    That shade of pink doesn’t look very appealing & it doesn’t look real. And I’m sure you probably find a shade similar to this in MAC since they have so many shades of glosses/lipsticks that seems to repeat themselves.

  49. Zoe

    I love nicki minaj. So glad MAC did a collab with her. First lady gaga does a collab, then nicki, whats next? Wizard of oz collection?! I’d be in hog heaven. Ps. Her CD pink friday is really good :)

  50. dedra williams

    yeah its wrong to hate but i hate her .lilkim 4 life :)

  51. Is this similar to All Styled Up?

  52. dedra williams

    i hope its in LE packaging pleassssssssssssssssssee

  53. Carmen

    One of the ugliest collections and shades MAC has ever come up with, not to mention the first pic is lewd and sexist. Definite fail.

  54. I definitely want to get it but it’s a limited time only. What do I do when I run out.

  55. Skyler

    I am so not okay with that commercial ad. Kind of tasteless, for one, but also completely scary. I don’t get how that’s supposed to sell a product, her looking psychotic and gross. It looks like the boobs were completely Photoshopped in! What the heck?

  56. I wasn’t going to even bother with this, but I heard Drake’s verse…I mean Nicki’s verse from the new song she has out with Eminem today called Roman’s Revenge and the verse is ill. It caught me by surprise. So, I’m going to support her in some way since I’m not getting the CD or the MP3s I’ll get the lipstick. I know I’m going to have to work with it to get it to look right on me…NC50, but it’ll work with a nice liner. It’s a really pretty color. I’m hoping it will come in a cute packaging????

  57. Amanda

    That first picture of her is incredibly weird… just saying lol!

  58. Ali

    what the crap is she wearing? geeze..

  59. Sara

    i really hope that striped hair is a wig..

  60. She looks really cute in the photos.

  61. Fendi

    itssss Barbieeee biiiitchhhh !! *Nicki voice*

    I’m so excited about this, i called the MAC store just now and they said it can only be purchased online?! Grrrrr.. I’m dyign to get my hands on it!! :)

  62. Megan

    I hate nicki minaj (so annoying), but am still going to buy the lipstick.

  63. Tasha

    with all due respect to mac.. what the hell were they thinking…

  64. Brittney

    the color is nice i’m going to find one and i like her shoes

  65. Lara

    I wonder if this will be available in Australia, and just on the internet. How can we swatch this?? I will still get it, either way.

  66. SoSwanky

    Just came from the website. At 10 minutes after, it was sold out.

  67. Nubia136

    Another one that has “Already Sold out” from MAC. “Come back next Friday” to see it sold out again! MAC is sooo tired. Why should I even bother even thinking about buying a LE product if the items sell out within 5 minutes? MAC, if you are reading this… maybe you should have more than 10 items to sell in the first place! Yeah.. buying this only online and on Fridays is DUMB!

  68. Emmy Rosedale

    Hey I’m from the Bronx and I think u are sooooo hot I have a 6 year old son that’s in love with u . He’s name is ADAM and he is ADORABLE !!! Everytime I’m playing ur video he just sits there and says Mommmy she is BEAUTIFUL !! He also likes little Wayne when he was 4 he did a fashion show and he imitated little Wayne it was really nice and cute. Keep doing your thing girl !!!

  69. How is this different from Lady Gaga’s l/s? if it had special packaging I’d have gotten but I’ll pass on this one.

  70. celeste

    I love that shes from trinidad, like MIA if gives her an interesting edge in the rap world, instead of being white or black. Her skin is fabulous. But im not a fan of the lipstick… looks 100% like snob. I cant seem to see the difference. Not nearly a big enough one to buy it.

  71. Boompsie

    This might be a stupid question, but I’m gonna ask anyway – does anyone know what TIME generally on Friday Mac will have this up for purchase? See I went online early afternoon this past Friday and they were sold out already :/ I signed up for an alert on the Mac site too, and saw nothing in my email other than then initial sign-up confirmation – not in spam either – I already have Mac in my addy book anyway – yeah I know, I’m haneous

    • They put it up before midnight PST — err… like it was Thursday before midnight when it went up initially. So, it was Friday on the east coast…

      • Boobie boo

        All I can say is that I AM DONE!!! There is no way that this product is selling out even before someone can see it available online! MAC is not interested in selling this otherwise more folks would be able to at least attempt to get it. It was in my cart and by the time I checked out it was sold out. No way. MAC is horrible. It is not worth the effort for these LE products.

  72. MochaKnitster

    Isn’t Pink Friday basically the same as Lady Gaga’s pink?

  73. Jill

    I have the Viva Glam GAGA but I decided to get this because it looks a little more vibrant and the GAGA is kind of sheer. I added it to my cart at 12:02 am and clicked continue shopping and I was looking at other stuff. Now it’s sold out already and it’s about 20 after 12. It’s not in my cart anymore. I guess I have to wait until next week :(

  74. Mai F.

    Do you know if it sold out for the dec. 3rd friday? i know fridays not till a couple more hours but mac is famous for launching before the actual date.HELP, am i waiting for nothing?

  75. Penelope

    pink friday should only be worn by girls with some sort of pigmentation in their skin. :)

  76. I love her album cover for pink friday! & people are sayin was it ameant to be “scary”.. Obviously not? She was ameant to look like a actual Barbie thats why she’s got longer legs to what she has & she’s got no arms either. Barbie is her all over, i love her so much my idol ! <3 Xxxxxxxxxxx

  77. Brittany

    does anyone know of or have any suggestion for the liner nicki’s wearing on her lower lash line? i’m in love with it.

  78. Gelencia



  80. cameo

    why does she feel the need to smush her boobs????? i like the lipstick, i dont like her…leavin it…

  81. Trish

    Finally got mine yesterday! I’m an NC43/45 and while it is really bright, my skin tone can handle it. Softened it a bit with MAC’s Magenta lip pencil overlaid with some Extra Amps Dazzleglass and it looks awesome!

  82. Holly

    AHHHH im getting thsi for chrimboo x sooo exited <3 xx

  83. M_

    i love her !!!
    is it still available ?

  84. mia

    Wow so I can no longer order it?

    • Sademonique

      maccosmetics.com still has it

      • Leslie-Marie

        Yes, MAC website does…if you search “Pink 4 Friday” in the search box, it comes up and you can order as many as you want! I just ordered a few and they shipped! I thought it was a site glitch at first! Yay, beats trying to bid on it on EBay, some are going for $70 a pop! THAT’S CRAZY!!! :)

  85. Sademonique

    I was just telling my homies that she needs to brand a chain of lipglosses for the Barb’s. Im soooo happy she got this shade and it a quality one at that. Ms. Minaj do yo mf thang! ALL HAIL THE QUEEN

  86. I love M.A.C products…and I love Nicki Minaj :)

  87. iLoveeYouu Niickii Minnajj Yuu Loook Sooo Preeettyy!!!!!<3333

  88. julia

    Its february 15 and i am still looking for the lipstick is it still in stores?

  89. omg i luv niki minajs new lipgloss am so happy amd getting it tomz luv ya niki minaj x

  90. juliana

    i love this lipstick well the color but i think only nikki can pull it off cause some fat lady was trying it on on youtube and it was a mess…..

  91. -ilove your songs i got all of them

  92. Keisha W.

    Will “Pink Friday Lipstick” be available again or where can I purchase it?? Thanks…

  93. Rani Clinton

    hey nicki love you gurl i love the lipstick ima look for it so we could be twins……lol

  94. tayla

    i love it!! its a true matte barbie chic color

  95. anna

    dying for this lip stick!!! :( whats the cost????

  96. she look beutiful iam gonna get that lipstickk .macc is ma fav storee

  97. i love these pictures and i love nicki minaj she is fabulos omg i wish i was just like her

  98. Love the Pink Friday Satin Mac Lipstick. Is it still available?
    Any color close that is available also? Thank you Barbara