Thursday, July 10th, 2008

MAC New View Swatches

Left to right: Medium Dark/Medium/Light Medium

OVERALL, New View gives you five different duos to choose from, and it will depend on how dark/deep you want to go. I actually thought this was going to be more of foundation compact, but I was informed it is more of a contour/bronze and highlight duo instead. I’m NC30, and Camille, the MA who helped me, advised Deep Dark for me. I picked the one she recommended up, so we’ll see how that goes. I was thinking I was going to try using the MSFN side as a foundation color (since I never got around to buying MSFN itself), so I may end up returning it if it doesn’t work out. Each shimmer color is different and pairs with the matte side, in case anyone was unsure.

See two more photos…

Left to right: Dark/Deep Dark/Medium Dark

Deep Dark/Natural and Shimmer

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52 thoughts on “MAC New View Photos and Swatches

  1. dee

    Deep Dark seems a little dark for you…will you use it and take a picture? I was thinking it would be a foundation compact as well, so maybe I can pass.

    • It’s definitely too dark to be used as a foundation and too orange as a contour (for NC30). It works OK so far as a bronzy-blush kind of deal.

  2. jesstooimpress

    hmm, it looks alittle dark, im NW35 from tanning all the time and that still seems a bit much for me.. who knows.. ill see them in store

  3. Milan

    Okay I’m NC50 and figured I would need Deep Dark but since she recommended it for you…i’m thinking no. So I guess this collection isn’t for darker (african-american) skin tones?

  4. Nartian

    I’m surprised they’ll promoting it as a contour/highlighting duo, otherwise why would the matte fnd side be so much larger than the shimmery side?

    • I have no idea, Nartian. Seems like wires were crossed, because some MAs are saying foundation, some say finishing powder, others say contour!

  5. arness

    Dark/deep dark looks kinda orange on you. How does it compare to the Deep Dark MSF ?

  6. Kimberly

    That seems a little weird. I’m an NC35 and I use a Medium Dark.

  7. I would have thought that shade would have been too dark for you too. I’ve had a look at these and would have gone for the medium dark one myself (as I use medium plus MSFN usually) I really love the highlight part but didn’t see the point in getting something I only wanted half of. I guess this is great for those who haven’t given the MSFN a go yet.

  8. I’m NC37 and use Medium Dark as well…and its VERY dark on me-you can see the difference between my chin and face. Medium Plus is a little pink on me.

  9. Bianca

    It’s so odd that they promote this as a contour, isn’t it? I just thought it would be as base like the MSFN’s with a highlighter. I love my MSFN so… I don’t know what to do now!! Guess when I see it I’ll decide…

  10. Bianca

    I was just checking the MAC page and I was wondering. If this was made for contour and bronzing then… who could be able to use the light medium/natural shade? I think it can be used as both a contour/bronzer and foundation, right?

  11. Hey, this isn’t technically for contour/highlighting. It’s a sheerer version of the MSF Natural, which is a bit more appropriate as a light foundation. These are actually finishing powders + a highlighter, which explains better why the more matte side is bigger than the highlight side. I suspect if it were contour/highlight, they’d make them 50/50. So, anyway, after your foundation you can “powder your nose” with this, then add a pop of shimmer for highlight.

  12. Oh, by the way, the lightest one is a bit more yellow, while the next step up is cooler. Who knew? 😉

  13. The MA put this on me as “a really light foundation.” She blended together the matte with some of the shimmer as she applied. It looks amazing – very velvety and glowy. She then went back with the shimmer side only and hit my cheekbones and forehead. Looking forward to using this for the rest of the summer. Really evened out my skintone – better than a tinted moisturizer and feels totally weightless.

  14. joi

    This one is so strange..
    Some people are saying its a contour ,some a light foundation, some a finishing powder…
    I’m just curious about the color as it seems the 2 lightest colors have different tones to them. I use the light in the non duo natural skin finish, but it seems to have different coloring in this formula..I know I want one, but I cant figure out which color is right. :)

  15. karen

    I am so confused about this duo. I believe it is a duo for finishing powder and highlighter. I am waiting for it anyway. the shimmer part looks quite fine. and I am going to out of finishing powder.

  16. lala

    hmm I guess I should get a deep dark as well.

  17. lala

    oh and I got the medium dark (I use the matte side as foundation)

  18. Naomi

    That sounds odd to me too. I am NC42 and got medium dark. I was told it was a powder foundation and the shimmer side was just to add glow to the cheeks. Either by itself or with blush under it. The MAC Regional Make up artist told me this. She was doing some training at Nordstrom’s today. Really nice person. She has worked with celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Fergie. So, I would hope she would know what it was for. HMMM?

    • It’s so weird that the information seems crossed. I think you can definitely use it as whatever you see fit – screw what MAs say or don’t say it’s for, LOL. If it works as a contour, cool; if it works as a foundation, great!

  19. Jennifer

    Hm. I’m not so sure about these – I’m NC15, just barely, and I have this fear that Light Medium is going to be too dark/orange on me :-( I’m going in to my local MAC next week, so I’ll at least try it then…

  20. Jenny

    hmm.. I guess it’d work if you’re using it as a contour. I think I’ll be going to MAC tomorrow to see the new collection. I’d love to use this as a foundation though since I don’t own any MSFNs. What would yall recommend for a NC37?

    • It didn’t, not for me – it’s SO warm. I’m warm toned, for sure, but it went on pretty orange for me. Not so bad as a light blusher or something, maybe even a bronzer, but definitely not a contour.

      I’d say Medium Dark (I think that’s the name), Jenny. I’m going to exchange mine myself!

  21. joi

    I just went with my natural shade to use it as foundation/finishing powder..I figured I have contour color anyway.

  22. Ashley

    Thanks for the swatches Christine. I think I’ll pass!!

  23. victoria

    you’re right, the ma told me the same thing too that the powders work as contouring.i love the sculpt and shape for the texture and even considered getting the darkest shade but when the ma told me these were their newest version of contouring powders, i didn’t buy it because the darker colors were way too orangey. i did like the shimmery side of it however, i’m not a fan of the msf natural for some reason. for my oily skin, my face seem to like the blot powder more, plus to convenience of a mirror. other than that, i think the powder is pretty and i like the shimmer.

  24. dheedhee

    I just wondering which shade suit me. FYI I am NC35. Can’t decide between light medium or medium, is anyone can help me please? thank you

  25. lindsay

    you should have gotten Dark which is the best to contour