Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

MAC’s Naked Honey Collection, as well as their Summer Trend Bags are now available online for purchase. They are also available online at Nordstrom.com. Both will be available in-store on Thursday, June 11th.

What are you getting from Naked Honey? Anyone picking up any of the bags?

Or are you saving up for a later collection (e.g. Colour Craft, which seems astronomically large)?

Not sure what to buy? We were able to give you two sneak peeks, so hopefully they might help make your decisions a bit easier (or harder!).

Check out: Buzz Lipglass, Golden Nectar High-Light, and Honey Salve, Honey Light High-Light, Creme de Miel, Pollinator, and official promotional photos/information. We’ll have full swatches and photos posted on Thursday.

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64 thoughts on “MAC Naked Honey & Summer Trend Bags Online!

  1. Cristalle

    Overpriced. I think im not gonna buy any of it.

  2. I love the cheetah print but I don’t like that silver piping so I won’t be getting it. Might get the Queen Bee tinted lipglass

  3. Wilcoa

    Nothing from the bags, maybe some from the makeup collection though (Buzz lg maybe). Not much going to be buying from Colour Craft since I’m allergic to all the mineral m/u -great way to save $$ lol

  4. I’m trying to pass it all. Maybe just Creme de Miel e/s with the F&F sale

  5. Aubree

    I’m getting the darker highlight powder and Naked Honey Perfume.

    I have yet to pick up my Style warriors stuff, but at midnight on the 16th I’ll be making my haul purchase of the two collections.

    I’m not wild about graphic garden or color craft so i can most def splurge on these. :]

  6. Hanna

    I am not picking up any of the bags. I think they look kind of cheap?

    I am picking up the Honey salve and probably one of the highlighting powders. I can’t decide on which one though. any advise? I am a NW20 – and no I can’t go to a counter and see for myself cause it’s 3 hours away;0)
    I might pick up Queen Bee and Pollinator as well but it would be sweet to pick those up at the sale. Hmm it’s a gamble….will they still be there?

    • I’ve heard the bags aren’t so great from a lot of people, unfortunately!

      They may, but I’m not sure. I think they WILL be, because people are trying to wait.

  7. cloudburst

    I think I will get all the e/s, l/g & the 2 highlighting powder. This is great, something to look forward to & get me throught the week!

  8. Mikki

    I’m only interested in Buckwheat e/s, that’s probably the only thing I want from this collection..

  9. nicole

    queen bee or nothing,

  10. tremorviolet

    I’m gonna stop by and check out the eyeshadows and the lipglosses but don’t anticipate buying much. The skin care products don’t interest me and neither do the bags.
    I’m saving my money for the F&F sale online.

  11. Christy

    I just saw these at the Pro store. I don’t love the bags, but the Naked Honey Collection was beautiful! I picked up the naked honey perfume and creme di miel eyeshadow. I’m going back for more come pay day. I’m going to get a second bottle of the naked honey perfume, buckwheat e/s, skin salve, golden nectar highlight powder and queen bee l/g.

  12. DevilishDoll

    Since I have started buying MAC, this is the first collection where there hasn’t been even 1 item that I want. I think the colors are all pretty boring. So more money for the good collections coming out in July.

  13. Ilaria

    Is Creme de Miel similar to Solar White?

  14. Renee

    Christine, are you buying online or are you going to wait until Thursday?

  15. Brie

    Did anyone else notice that the perfume prices were $25 instead of $22.50? :(

  16. I’m so excited for the zebra bags, but my bf said that I would probably buy a zebra car if I could and he is right. The tiger bag is nice but $40 is too much for a makeup bag that some companies give away free! We don’t get our pro discount, bummer!

  17. I think I’ll skip on the cosmetic bags, but the highlighting powders as well as Buzz & Queen Bee lipgloss look really pretty, I think I might pick those up on Thursday. I’m a sucker for packaging and highlighting powders. I got to see them in person a week ago at Nordstrom, I love the honeycomb print that the highlighting powders have hehe :)

  18. Megan

    Not much..buzz lipglass and maybe an eyeshadow or two. But I’m for sure saving for colour craft. I can’t wait to see swatches from that collection but I’ll have to wait!!

  19. I’m going to hold off for this collection right now. The only two that I have my eye on is Creme de Miel and Queen Bee. Everything else is a pass, especially the Highlight Powders. I’m hoping that it’s not like the Dame Edna ones where there’s shimmer on top and matte on the bottom.

  20. nothing from either from me, I don’t see anything too specail… F&F I ordered all perm products

  21. kp

    The Salve is AMAZING! I am loading up on it since it is ltd edt. Pollinator eyeshadow and Queen Bee lipglass are also on my list.

  22. alyssamae.

    appealing collection, but i think the only thing i might get is the highlighter or one of the e/s. but i’m waiting and saving for teh graphic garden collection! :)

  23. Tattoo Girl

    I’m trying to save for Love that Look. Will probably pass on Colour Craft because I don’t like mineral stuff. Passing on all the bags. Definetely gotta have the e/s from Naked Honey though. Probably all three. I don’t really like lipglass because I don’t like the glitter look but i will have to check out Buzz. It looks really pretty!

  24. k-c

    nahh I think im gonna wait for the baby bloom and the garden one

  25. Ms Trendy

    maybe one of the highlight powders but I’ll have to wait to swatch them instore on Thursday. Next Up: baby bloom, colour craft, Euristocrats II (3 dazzleglasses) and graphic garden (a palette and a look box). summer of mac i cant wait!

    • Tattoo Girl

      I have never tried the highlight powders. Do you use them all over or just on your face? They look interesting but I will have to wait to see them in the store tomorrow. I plan to be standing outside the Macy’s at 9:45, tapping on the glass! LOL!

    • Lots of MAC coming up, and with Colour Craft, I can see this being a passable launch.

  26. Natalie

    Oh boy.. Christen, do you ever get sick and tired of MAC collections? I have been feeling bleh about them all since Hello Kitty. I think I am going through MAC plateau! I will B2M for Euristocrats lipsticks and get 3 dazzleglasses. Color Craft MES look similar to previous MESs, so I will pass. I am thinking of splurging for MAC F&F instead!

  27. Jen

    I want “she’s a star” lipglass, last time it came out, it was an Asia exclusive “ah mei” so I will get it this time.

  28. Hey…When is this family and friends event? Im new to mac. Hi Everyone!

  29. Tattoo Girl

    So.. I was at Macy’s at 9:50. I was the fiirst one in the store and I bought all three eyeshadows, buzz lipgloss, and some other stuff I just needed that couldn’t wait for F&F. The e/s are all very pretty. Creme de Miel is more gold than I usually wear but I figured what the heck. I love Buckwheat the most. It is a dark brown with shimmer. I may have to go back and get more because I love the tone. I tried the perfumes and passed. The salve was nice though. I put it on my lips and it seemed to last a long time. Made them feel very soft even after I ate and it was gone.