Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Queen Bee Lipglass

As promised, here are lip swatches of MAC’s Naked Honey lipglasses! :)

She’s A Star Lipglass

Buzz Lipglass

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111 thoughts on “MAC Naked Honey Collection – Lip Swatches

  1. francesca

    Hi Christine, thanks a lot for your swatches! Just one question: is Buzz anything similar to Lychee Luxe?

    • Trisha Mae

      Hey Francesca! From what I’ve swatched in store, Buzz is pretty different from Lychee Luxe. Buzz seems to be more bronze-y/ copper-y with gorgeous golden shimmers. & Lychee Luxe runs on a bright pinky/ coraly side with golden shimmer. If I would compare Lychee Luxe to anything, it would definitely be Red Devil from the BBR collection! Hope this helps. [:

    • stacy

      “buzz” is exactly the same as “ornamental”

    • Buzz is has more copper to it, and I’d say it’s also darker/more pigmented.

  2. MC

    Oh, darn it. Now I need Queen Bee AND She’s a Star…

  3. gio

    Thanks for the swatchs. Buzz looks gorgeous!

  4. Virginia

    How does Queen Bee compare to Gold Rebel from the Style Warrior collection?

    • Trisha Mae

      Hi Virginia! I own both Queen Bee & Gold Rebel. (& I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BOTH! Especially on top of my Brave New Bronze l/s. :D) I would say Queen Bee runs on the more peachy/ apricoty side & has far less shimmer than Gold Rebel. Gold Rebel is more bronzey & has a bit more shimmer. I hope this helps! [:

      • Virginia

        Thanks a lot for the comparison! I think I need Queen Bee :)

      • Michelle

        So you said queen bee is just less shimmery than the gold rebel, but gold rebel has a hint of bronze, what about the hello kitty orange one. I forgot the name of it.. Are the color comparing the same, just with less shimmer?

        • Nice To Be Nice (the HK one) is super sheer, and it had more coppery flecks. Like it was supposed to be more of a bright, true orange, but it wasn’t anything special on my lips.

    • More orange, more pigmented. Gold Rebel is much lighter/less pigmented on my lips!

  5. Ann

    hmm She’s a star looks prettyy


  7. O my gosh.. I was thinking of skipping these but.. Oh my gosh!! :'( That’s gonna be difficult!

  8. Milaxx

    she’s a star and buzz are nice.

  9. Nic15

    All pretty. Buzz reminds me of Pink Grapefruit lipglass.

  10. Luna

    any good dupes for these?

    • dee

      It depends on what your lip color actually is. My lips are browner, and when I tried on Queen Bee(i think, it might have been She’s A Star) it looked almost exactly like Love Nectar.

      • Nic15

        Funny you say that cause when i tried it I thought the same – this looks like Love Nectar. But i also thought that when i tried on Gold Rebel from Style Warriors. So i guess they can be dupes for some depending on natural lip color.

        • Trisha Mae

          Oh I totally agree with you guys! Queen Bee totally reminded me of Love Nectar. & She’s A Star is a more shimmery intense version of Instant Gold lusterglass. Infact, on the MAC website, She’s A Star & Instant Gold are both described as a “light neutral gold” except for Lusterglass it has like 2 words before it. I still need to go back to get She’s a Star & Buzz! πŸ˜€

          • Instant Gold is definitely similar – I think it just might not be as warm/bright – kind of more brown copper gold than pale yellow.

        • I wish Love Nectar turned out this bright on me, haha!

      • Good to know, Dee! Thanks!

    • She’s A Star is kind of like Instant Gold or Sinnamon (I think that’s the name), probably a little lighter/yellower in the gold. Buzz is maybe redder than Ornamental, but kind of in the same vein. Queen Bee is less dupe-able.

  11. Jen

    I just got She’s a Star and now I see, I need Queen Bee too!!

  12. This was really helpful. Except for, now I want all three of them. πŸ˜‰ At first I just wanted Buzz!

  13. She’s a Star is a definite now :)Thanks Christina

  14. daphne

    I’m so glad you posted these, thanks Christine! I’d been convinced I wanted Queen Bee because it swatched pretty and I’m a coral fanatic like you are. But it looks way too pale and orangey for my taste – I think it would wash me out. I’m trying really hard to keep my cart for the 25% sale reasonable, so at least I could take that one out.

    Not Buzz, though! That is a really different one and I absolutely love it.

  15. All of these are so beautiful! I got them all and can’t wait to wear them!

  16. DevilishDoll

    OK, you actually convinced me to get something from this collection. I need Queen Bee, I’ve been dying for a peachy/orangey lipglass. She’s A Star is really shimmery, but there is almost no color to it. I think I have enough that are like that. I think I wanna buy pretty much every orange-ish lipglass that there is. (Along with all purple and blue ones)

  17. Miss_M

    Thanks for the swatches Christine, I think I’m getting Queen Bee ! :)

  18. Brenda

    I love how your lips are so pale that these show up, only one that showed up on me was Buzz =(

  19. So pretty! I’m now lemming on all 3 lipglasses!

  20. apfelwinter

    Quenn B is surprisingly bright. I’ve expected a darker color. Buzz seems what I need. Can’t wait to try them.

  21. Mikki

    HUH!! Queen Bee looks very special to me! It’s a pretty unique color

  22. aradhana

    all three look very pretty on you!!
    i can’t wait till these come out in the uk!

    do you have a fave?

  23. Hanna

    Thanks Christine!
    I was wondering if anyone know if She’s a Star is similar to Elaborate that came out wiht Moonbathe?
    I am actually loving this small Honey collection!

  24. Bettina

    Buzz is pretty. I had it put on me yesterday. I must admit though it took a little getting used too on my part because I thought it was a little too orangey-bronzeish for me but then the more I looked at everything she put on me together eyes, was a pretty combo.

  25. Amber

    What sort of skin tone might She’s a Star look best with? I have olive skin and usually light pinks are NOT flattering but She’s a Star is so pretty!

  26. Brie

    I think Queen Bee is just a tad too orangey to be flattering. But She’s a Star sure looks pretty and no doubt would flatter any warmer skin tone – I think it looks like an ideal summer gloss with the subtle gold πŸ˜€ This collection was definitely aimed at people with warmer skin than me though lol! Come on cool toned collection!

  27. InΓͺs Mariano

    They look so beautiful on your lips Christine πŸ˜€
    loved the she’s a star.. Is there any similar that is part of the permanent line?

  28. Teresa

    Thank you so much! I have been trying to find lip swatches for these forever! You’re the best :) I wanted She’s A Star but I may want Queen Bee too…cant decide! Its unique, at least in my collection it will be lol. & I love that colour

  29. hmmmm, now that i think of it, queen bee would look too orange-y on me. i think i’m going with SHE’S A STAR!!!! πŸ˜€

  30. Elle

    Buzz is my favorite (doesn’t look like Pink Grapefruit on me, though…I think my lips are too pink/red, and PG kinda disappeared on my lips). It really shows up and is just gorgeous. Thanks for the swatches!

  31. livia

    ooooow, pretty!

  32. I just bought BUZZ l/g πŸ˜‰ its a very pretty bronzey color :)

  33. queen b looks gorgeous

  34. margot

    Now I want the three of them :p darn you and your fabulous lips !!

    Seeing swatches on your lips always makes me want to buy the products

  35. Natalie

    Is Buzz similar to Tangerine Dream at all?
    Would it possible for you to do the face swatch for the highlight powders please (preferrably without the overspray)??

  36. Queen Bee is too orangey, but the other two are pretty. :)

    Question: Does anyone know how She’s a star compares to Liberated from Style Warrior? I’m thinking one yellow gloss is enough for one person. :) Thanks.

  37. MC

    After comparing Christine’s lipswatches from Style Warriors and Naked Honey, it looks like She’s a Star is a Gold Rebel with maybe a tad more sparkle. Or perhaps a cross between Gold Rebel and Liberated. End result? I definitely feel that since I have Gold Rebel and Liberated from Style Warriors, I really don’t need She’s a Star.

    Here’s the link to her Style Warrior’s lip swatches.

    Is anyone else getting both? Or skipping out on She’s a Star?

  38. meagan

    unfortunately, none of these colors were wearable on me (fair – rosy). they are pretty though!

  39. Thanks for those swatches! I love queen bee, it’s my favorite.

  40. Almost black.

    These lipglasses look awful! O_o Sorry to be the only one that doesn’t actually like them at all. :/
    But they look so transparent and not so nice on lips. 😐

  41. Nakita

    Queen Bee and Buzz look like must haves. QB reminds me of Love Nectar.

  42. ChristineBlondee

    See, my natural lip color is buzz without the shimmer. I have the WORST pigmented lips. Terr-i-ble. And im a NC40. So I really don’t think any of them would show up as pretty on me..she’s a star and queen bee will show up the same as regular flecks of gold and buzz will make my lips look overly red :(. Oh well:(

  43. Dancerwendy

    Is Queen Bee limited edition? It didn’t have the triangle next to it on the MAC website and I thought I read somewhere here that it’s a regular shade. But now it says it’s sold out on the mac website (pro version)…