Thursday, August 27th, 2009

MAC Nail Trend F/W ’09 Collection: Review

OVERALL, the shades are creamy and cool-toned, going on mostly opaque with two medium-thick coats of lacquer, and they have a soft glossy sheen.  These are not matte polishes (as I know some have asked me), but they’re definitely colors perfect for the fall and winter season.  I liked For Fun and Cool Reserve the most, though Rich, Dark, Delicious is lovely and I’ll find myself wearing at least once in the next few months.  Dry Martini, while different, just didn’t suit my skin tone, and Beyond Jealous was a bit too dark for my personal taste.  Dance All Night is classic, so it just depends on your taste/collection on whether it’s worthwhile to pick up.

Nail Lacquer

  • For Fun is a creamy magenta-purple with a subtle red tone. It is nearly opaque in two medium-thick coats, though a third coat would really bring it home.
  • Dry Martini is a creamy deep olive-green with a bit more olive than green in it. I didn’t detect any shimmer, and I found this one to be the hardest to apply. It was a bit streaky, and I felt like thicker coats made it easier to apply overall. I’m not feeling the color myself, but it’s one of those shades you don’t see too often.
  • Cool Reserve is a creamy, cool-toned grayed purple. It’s a soft grayish lilac almost. Like For Fun, two medium-thick coats made it just nearly opaque, and a third coat would make it totally solid. This one was one of my favorites — even on my warm skin tone, I liked it on myself.
  • Beyond Jealous is a creamy, green-black. It goes totally opaque with two medium-thick coats, and it has a glossy finish that’s more apparent in this shade than the other five. It is really a very dark, very deep green that runs very close to black in natural light.
  • Rich, Dark, Delicious is a deep dark chocolate black-brown that runs a little neutral-cool and has nearly imperceptible flecks of shimmer. I can only see the shimmer if I look really hard in sunlight, otherwise it appears mostly as a creme. Two coats made it opaque with no application issues.
  • Dance All Night is a rich, blood red that goes on nearly opaque with two coats. I do recommend using three thinner coats with this particular shade, because I found medium to thick coats to be a bit overwhelming. This one is all creme–no shimmer whatsoever–and is quite fitting it is so.

  • Product: 8/10
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Packaging: 7/10

Recommendation: Nail polish fanatics hoping for an improved MAC formula might find in the latest lacquers created by nail guru Jin Soon Choi!

Availability: MAC Cosmetics (August 27th)

What did you think of MAC’s latest polishes?  Did you pick up any?

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30 thoughts on “MAC Nail Trend F/W ’09 Collection: Review

  1. Cathy

    Christine- Did you buy 2 of each color?? I love these, i am getting cool reserve, for fun, beyond jealous and dance all night(will be my first red polish)!!! :)

  2. Nicole White

    aww a give away.. are u going to be putting up pictures of the colors on as well.. I saww them in the store Tue but we couldn’t get then till today :( ..

  3. Alexis

    I previously mentioned that I preordered Beyond Jealous – getting that one tonight and hopefully For Fun if it hasn’t sold out. I’ll post my own review if I can successfully do my nails tonight after my daughter passes out!

  4. glitterprincess


    Do u think the formulation is better than before or the same? x

  5. evo

    i think they tweaked the forumla a bit. the polishes didn’t chip the next day like their other polishes. even the MA at my pro store noticed that

  6. Tanya M. Cormier

    One for me?? =) I’ve yet to try their polish, but I’d like to!
    BTW, How many days are you getting out of it, on average, with no base or top coat before it chips?

  7. Christy

    I want all of them! I hope I have time to pick these up

  8. Tami

    I picked up Beyond Jealous, Cool Reserve and Dry Martini. I’m loving how Cool Reserve looks with Essie’s Matte About You as a top coat:-)

  9. shonn

    I got dry martini and rich, dark yesterday. Already did a mani with the dry martini. I used base and top coat and it already chipped this morning. So it really only lasted 6 hours maybe…
    Can I return it even though I have already used it? I got it from a dillards mac

    • Alexis

      aww that sucks – I wonder how long my polish will last since I painted mine last night.

      I don’t see why it would be a problem to return it…does it say on the back of your receipt?

    • I can’t believe it chipped that fast… but yes, you should be able to return!

  10. amani

    i love these colors but ive been broke lately so i dnt have the money to be spending 12 dollars on nail polishes……i hope they dnt get sold out at my counter!!!

  11. Alexis

    Okay I bought my polishes last night and decided to paint my nails Beyond Jealous while watching Project Runway. I do love that all I really needed were two generous coats – no streakiness love that!! However, this color is just a wee lighter than my new black emerald OPI ‘Here today…Aragon tomorrow’ I may take this back. I did also pick up For Fun and maybe I’ll paint my nails that color this weekend. I just need to make the decision of either going with Rich, Dark, Delicious (even though i’m meh with drk brn polish) or Dirty Martini that I only 50% like. Decisions…decisions

    but two polished thumbs up for new polish formula!

  12. Those colours are not really for me. I usually prefer either really dark or super bright colours, so the only one of these I could see myself wearing would be Beyond Jealous. Maybe For Fun too. I’m probably not going to buy any though.

  13. I got For Fun, Cool Reserve, and at the last minute Beyond Jealous :) But in my opinion OPI for Sephora has a color called Dark Room which is similar to Beyond Jealous but better :)

  14. smut

    I purchased Beyond Jealous which I like, I’m wearing it today. Dry Martini was the color I really wanted, but it didn’t look good on my skin tone :(

  15. Nikki C

    does anybody know of any close dupes for cool reserve, not a darker one, but pretty much very similar?