Thursday, October 1st, 2009

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Cosmetics Mischief Makers Collection

U.S. Launch Date: November 5th, 2009

Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass ($29.50 U.S. / $35.50 CDN)

Sexy Shenanigans/Soft

  • Elle White pink with pearlized pigments (Lipglass) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Poetic License Coral rose (Lipglass) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Cruise Control Pastel pink with white pearlized pigments (Lipglass) (Limited Edition)
  • Ensign Peachy pink with white and gold pearlized pigments (Lustreglass) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Morning Glory Pale pearlized pink (Lustreglass) (Permanent)

Frisky Business/Bright

  • Silly Girl Pastel peach with multi-coloured pearlized pigments (Lipglass) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Totally It Sheer bright pink with pink pearlized pigments (Lipglass) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Beaute Bright coral with pearlized pigments (Lipglass) (Limited Edition)
  • Pinkarat Soft-toned pink with gold pearl (Lustreglass) (Permanent)
  • Wonderstruck Lustred-up clean pink coral (Lustreglass) (Permanent)

Models Misbehaving/Deep

  • Pinkular Bronzed copper (Lipglass) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Magnetique Frosted violet fuchsia (Lipglass) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Gitane Burnt red orange with pearlized pigments (Lipglass) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Angelwing Deep plum with golden pearlized pigments (Lustreglass) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Instant Gold Lustre-shined light neutral gold (Lustreglass) (Permanent)

Edited: Now with photos!

See more holiday sets and kits AND PHOTOS

Mini Pigments/Glitter ($32.50 U.S. / $38.50 CDN)

Haute High Jinks/Warm

  • Jardin Aires Tan with gold pearlized pigments (Pigment) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Rushmetal Rich copper sparkle (Pigment) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Copperized Olive green with gold pearl (Pigment) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Museum Bronze Rich taupe with gold pearlized pigments (Pigment) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Reflects Gold Gold glitter (Glitter) (Permanent)

Cool Capers/Cool

  • Kitschmas Light airy shimmering pink/mauve pearl (Pigment) (Permanent)
  • Fuchsia Bright fuchsia with pink pearll (Pigment) (Permanent) (Repromote)
  • Grape Deep purple (Pigment) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Deep Blue Green Rich, deep bluish green (Pigment) (PRO) (Permanent)
  • Reflects Transparent Teal Micro-fine teal glitter (Glitter) (PRO) (Permanent)


  • Naked Fleshy beige with golden copper pearl (Pigment) (Permanent)
  • Sunnydaze Soft apricot-taupe with silver pearlized pigments (Pigment) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Chocolate Brown Shimmering chocolate copper/bronze (Pigment) (PRO) (Permanent)
  • Dark Soul Charcoal black smoked with gold (Pigment) (Permanent)
  • Reflects Antique Gold Antique gold glitter (Glitter) (PRO) (Permanent)


MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

MAC Mischief Makers

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120 thoughts on “MAC Mischief Makers Collection for Holiday 2009

  1. bebebrat73

    The collections are never ending. I think I need one of each. I’m so excited!!!

  2. Stacey

    The pigment sets are average… but the lipglass sets sound lovely!

  3. Crystal

    I get the mini pigments every holiday season!! You really cant beat the price and the amount of pigments that you get, OH I’M SO EXCITED ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN!

  4. Sam

    cant wait for the pigments!!!!!

  5. Yea, more pigments! I need all 3 of those for sure. Possibly a lipglass set, but I may wait on those til after the holidays. I remember picking them up last time on sale online.

  6. lesleykat

    i have my eye on those mini pigments. i go out of my way to get those every year. gimme gimme!

  7. Bridgette

    Mini pigments something I may consider looking into!

  8. Jennifer

    I am salivating over the deep lipglass set.

  9. Lorna

    i might get one set from the lipglass and one from the pigments. i have never gotten too much into the pigments but i do like to try things out. i look forward to this.

    • nicole

      i know im exactly in your position.i just started with mac in august and im working my way into my collection.ive never tried pigments this is aperfect chance and u cant beat the planning on getting bright gloss set and warm pigments what about you?

  10. These mini sets are always my undoing during the holiday craziness. I love that there are three pigment sets this year too, even though my wallet isn’t.

    Can’t wait to get in to swatch these. :]

  11. Alexis

    PIGMENTS !!!

  12. aMy

    i’m always a sucker for mini anything, and i especially love lipglass!

  13. Ellie

    ahhhh i need them!

  14. Becca

    Thanks for the pics!!!

  15. Lynh

    Wow These holiday collections look so good!

    Does anybody know if these are still around in December? I’m not going to the US until then.

  16. tofupoo

    i cant wait for this one! everythings so lilll it makes me want everything lol! but i will def get sex pot and one of the lipglass sets!! yayay

  17. amy

    I am liking the mini pigments and the packaging that makes the glosses and pigments stand up right, but I am going to try to skip out on this collection because there are other things I want to try.

  18. Anitacska

    I like the lok of the bright lipglasses and the cool pigments. Been meaning to try out Kitchmas, but didn’t want to get a big jar, would never use it up.

  19. jollie

    I am going for the pigments this year.

  20. Michelle

    I love minis — a great way to try out new colours. I am getting way too excited over these holiday collections . . .

  21. I’m very excited! I like the minis! I travel a lot so they are nice to take with me.

  22. I’m liking both the mini lipglass sets and mini pigment sets. Even though I own some of the pigments in that set.

  23. glitter princess

    Haute High Jinks/Warm sounds the most interesting! the lip glosses set sound good but i have so many so probably skip these x

  24. Coffee

    ummmmmm, I’m getting EVERY LAST ONE of these this year!!! Loves them, Loves them, Loves them (HATE that you cant get a Pro Discount on them tho)

  25. rowan

    i love the little holiday sets <3

  26. Tiffany

    Why mac? why?! i want everything! lol

  27. JK

    OH My GOSH!!!!!
    I want those mini pigments!!!!!!!
    Gotta save up till then!!

  28. lisa

    I love holiday sets!

  29. OMG three lots of pigments I am gonna go broke lol

  30. Lorna

    i want pink lips and smoky pigments. can’t wait!!

  31. Alice

    OMG i can’t wait!!!!

  32. iliana

    I WANT EVERYTHING EUGHHH :( My wallets already empty just by looking at the pictures!

  33. Cherie

    WOW! Mini pigments?! Yeah, I will!!!

  34. oooo..its $29.50 for several. i thought it was for ONE. i was like: welp..too expensive!

  35. Dee

    Pigments are where its at! Im getting all three, two of which will be Christmas gifts.

  36. Alexis

    I spoke to my regular MAC girl and she was annoyed and tired with the abundance of product launches. She makes a very interesting point – they are shown product launches about 3-6 months in advanced, taught how to use product but by the time it comes out they have to remember what they learned and so this is a process she has to do with every launch. So with all the holiday stuff coming out one after another she’s totally overwhelmed. I don’t blame her – this is a bit much!

  37. jolenz

    Not going to miss out on the holiday stuff this time even if I only get one set of things..

  38. Vivi

    I want at least one lip set :( prettiest things ever.

  39. kpenn

    I think I’ll be going for the Models Misbehaving lip and possibly all three pigment sets. I (reluctantly) talked myself out of the Frisky Business set after realizing that I already have minis of both Wonderstruck and Pinkarat. Also, I’m a little sceptical about the cool pigments just because of my colouring, and I’m almost hoping that they’re not for me – my wallet just can’t handle this!

  40. mars

    Just a warning, if you want any holiday sets preorder it with your MAC person. 80% of the Holiday collections sell out long before Thanksgiving with nothing new coming until the day after Xmas. Every year we get people coming in late November complaining that we’re sold out already. When it arrives mid October, our is to be sold out before Thanksgiving so we’re not stuck with it after xmas. Please shop early and preorder your stuff.

  41. nicole

    i just wanna say thank you so much to whoever made this site it helps me so much now what im getting from mac anticipated so i can save between the soft and bright gloss collections i have no idea which to get tho

  42. nicole

    hmm decided to get the bright one just cuase im scared the soft ones are just way too light and after all the gloss wont come off as a hot magenta on my lips.any idea when youll have the barbequo bourdoir or however u spell it rush tho.what are you planning on getting from this collection?

  43. nicole

    ooh sorry didnt realize it was already up stupid me =p

  44. i need no more lip products *sigh* except saint german, girl about town, russian red, and the matter orange one…..

  45. i can’t wait for this collection it is so great for me since i am a starter for mac and the only things i got from mac are 2 brushes
    and i am totally gonna get 2 lipglass sets

    the lipglass sets that i really want to get are
    Frisky Business/Bright
    Sexy Shenanigans/Soft
    maybe pigments who knows

  46. nicole

    hmm you know what ive noticed why does warm pigments look like it brings a white when it doesnt bring any white pigment

  47. andrea

    wowww love themmm!!!!!!! can u use pro discount on this sets?? i want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Solskinn_shu

    When do these come out in the UK?? Is there anywhere I can find out??? I need these in my life!!

  49. Wow, gorgeous! The Cool Capers – Cool Pigments are perfect!!! I want them SO badly, I love all of those pigments!! Do you know the Price on the collection yet?

  50. Jennifer

    I know this may be a dumb question, but whats the size of the individual lip gloss? From the pics, they look like they are full size, though for that price, Im sure they are promo sized.

    • nicole

      yea there promo size just in larger tubes i guess not sure how much is in them tho.i know normal lipglasses and lusterglass are 14.00 full size but some of those colors are l/e that u cant buy individually

    • NappyMACDiva3

      I have the ones from last year and they are 2.4g/.08oz. They are a nice size if you would like to try out different colors for a nice price. Regular lipglass is 4.8g/.17oz.

  51. Padma

    Oh, how vile and cheap looking. :(

    • Crisstyna

      The Packaging I agree, they really skipped over on these, for the cost I’d think they’d put some effort into the packaging! The pigments however are gorgeous!

  52. Susan

    I want it all!!!!! can’t wait for the pigments to come out!!!

  53. stephanie

    is the Naked Fleshy beige with golden copper pearl (Pigment) (Permanent) same as vanilla pigment?

  54. Oooh I can’t wait until these are released! MAC always has great package design, too. These Pigments look great! I’m sure many clients will be asking about these, iti seems like they come in for a hair cut and leave with a make over once they see these mac products.

  55. Becca

    Can’t decide…I might get the Soft lip set & maybe the Cool Capers pigment set….I love the way the lip sets look but I’m not crazy about MAC lip products aside from their lipsticks. I may just get one of the lip sets in the bags from the other Holiday set….that is if they’re not all sold out by November 5 as I’ll be out of town and not able to purchase until then

  56. Christina

    okay, my birthday is on november 19, will these sets still be out by then? because i want all of them for my birthday.

  57. janis

    Gimme the pigments-I already have a million lipglosses so I will on those!

  58. nicole

    hmmmm tempting but most of the pigments r permanent :S
    maybe ill just get the lipglosses. OMG MAC IS MAKIN ME NUTS!
    im gonna be so broke this month and next month all bcuz of MAC LOL

  59. SHANRE

    pigments are a repeat mostly from last holiday season…just want the lip sets

  60. sukii

    All I can say is that ill be broke. I love the soft lips set, and all the pigments even though i have a few on the regular size already. I need to buy a new make up case. make is making more room in my bank and less room in my house.

  61. NappyMACDiva3

    No lippies unless they someone gives as a gift. I have too many already. I have only one of the warm pigments, so I plan to get that set. I may get the cool too even though most colors are perm, but I don’t have the perm ones in the cool set. Hopefully I will get the cool as a gift. :)

  62. Tasha

    Does anyone know how much product is in the mini pigments?

  63. hetty

    if u wait till january i got mine on sale for £18 :)

  64. hetty

    they wer the pigments and i have still got them they last for ages

  65. andrea

    why is this the only part of the collection not posted in the mac website haha ?? it scares me lol is it true that you cant use pro discount with this??? why?

  66. miss

    why aren’t the pigmets on MAC website yet, but the other holiday things are?

  67. Sreyne

    Does anyone know when these come out in canada?

  68. lisa

    does anyone know if these are available online? i’m in australia until end of november!!!


  70. Karly

    Does anyone know if the lipglosses are back to macable?

    • andrea

      i asked and they told me that they are back to macable but you have to get back the complete set to make it count as one.

  71. Ashley

    Ugh I was really hoping to get some of the pigment sets this year, but I own full size of the entire cool eyes collection and at least 2 of all the others. Couldn’t MAC be a bit more creative in the colours they put into these? Maybe bring back some long long ago discontinued pigments? :(

  72. alyssamae.

    i can’t wait for this collection! esp. the lippies!

  73. andie

    Hi! I was looking your webpage and it’s just awesome!! I love it. I love MAC a lot!!

    I was looking at these collections but they are not available on line yet, or am I wrong?


  74. lily

    I NEEEEEED those lipglosses.

  75. I’m loving the Sexy Shenanigans/Soft lipglass set and the Sexpot/Smoky pigment set.

    I only ever bought ONE full sized pigment so I think this is great! You really don’t need that much, which comes in a full sized jar.

    Cant wait til Nov 5th! I didn’t get a thing from the Holiday collections…… I just was not feeling it AT all!

  76. Sarah M

    I have to say I’ve never been blown away by the packaging of MAC’s holiday sets but for me, personally, these items are beautiful. I am a complete sucker for pigments and glitters so I know for sure that, if I don’t get anything else, I will definitely be getting all 3 of the pigment/glitter sets. The good this is that I actually only have 1 or 2 of the colours being promoted so it’ll be a worthwhile purchase! :-)

  77. jolenz

    Definitely going to get the Mini Pigments. Sad to say I don’t have very many. I just bought 2 pigments over the weekend: Naked and Heritage Rouge. I’m happy to say that I think I’m hooked on pigments- so these sets for the holiday is gift to me!

  78. alisha

    OH YES !! THIS IS WHAT IM WAITING FOR !! LOL.. I didnt buy anything from the MMM collection yet cuz Im waiting for these!!!

  79. Sofia

    Will the be sold at NORDSTROM?

  80. Anna

    Im getting the warm pigments for sure since I don’t have any of the colours in there..I really want more of the reflects antique gold but I already have 4/5 pigments that are in there already! What are the chances mac will let me switch the pigments up? LOL

  81. Kate Sutton

    Agreeing with the person above I really need to know when all of the holiday stuff is released in the uk…none of my MAC stores will tell me!

  82. jolenz

    The MAC Counter at my Nordstrom is taking pre-order of this collection and I’m told I can pick it up on the 4th not the 5th! Hmmmm…I guess it doesn’t really matter when to pick it up since it’s only a day apart AND isn’t it nice to be able to pick up stuff a day early:)

    I was to swatch a few colors and I’m definitely getting 2 sets of pigments and 1 set of the lipglosses!

  83. Rosie

    I’m actually excited about these. I only own a few pigments and have some samples but full size I could never use up.

  84. Janette

    Will these be available online?

  85. Aubrey

    These arent on the canada site!? i only wanted this from the whole holiday collection. :( i hope they have it at the bay or mac store even though its not on the website…

  86. Rebecca

    When I went to my MAC counter at Nordstrom yesterday they had the Mischief Makers collection on pre-sale. The had the displays out and everything which made me even more excited to get them! I pre-bought all 3 pigment sets. I only have one full sized pigment (Shimmertime from the Naughty Noir eye bag) so after I get the pigment sets I think I’ll be done with buying pigments for a long time. :) My MAC lady said I got one of the last of each pigment set and that they will be sold out before the collection even comes out so if you know ones you absolutely must have you may want to pre-buy ASAP!

  87. Donnie

    I’m new to Mac & I want a few sets BUT I’m confused. Some of you say, pre-order because sets sell out. Others say, the sets are cheaper after the holiday. So, which is it? Should I wait till January 2010 or order ASAP!

    • Rebecca

      If you feel that you “have to” have one of the sets, or if you want it now then you should pre-order it or buy it off of the website now (they are now on the mac website). It is up to whether you want to take the chance of not getting them at all.

  88. Crisstyna

    Does anybody know what weight the Pigments are in the Mischeif Makers Collection? I need to know to see if it’s a good deal or not, and I can’t find the info anywhere! If anyone knows please let me know.

    • Rebecca

      I don’t know the weight but I believe that it is half the amount that is in a regular pigment because that is how the lipglasses in the sets are. I hope that helps!

    • andrea

      each pigment normally weights 7.5 grams and the mini pigments 2.5 grams each. maybe there is not as much product but they are super pigmented and the variety of colors are great.

  89. Dot

    Which Mac Mini Lipglass/Lustreglass set would you recommend to a WOC, NC50? I want to purchase the set that would “show up” on a dark skintone.

  90. Haley

    Man!!! I want all so bad, I don’t have any MAC pigments yet, but I am sooo tempted with the mini ones, I really need to make a trip to the states and do a major haul there, would be way cheaper with our dollar almost at par with the american right now, although the flight down there i think would be the difference i would be saving… lol

  91. I picked up one of the pigments sets today… heads up THEY ARE WORTH IT!!!! ☺

    • Rebecca

      I totally agree! I picked up all three pigment sets because i couldnt choose! They are one of
      my holiday presents and now i wont need any more pigments for a loooooong
      time :) hahaha

  92. nicole

    ugh im so mad right now i went to mac and i gave my mom the stuff i wanted on a list with clear written names and they give me the wrong lip gloss kit.,ugh this is the third time they either forget something or dont even put it in the bag and ive only shopped at mac like 4 times.Its the only mac around me so i have no choice but to go back but its gettinga nnoying

  93. Haley

    Just picked up the Sexy Shinanigans lip gloss set and i love it so much, the colours are all amazing! Wasnt as happy with the pigments, none of them really jumped out at me.

    • Rebecca

      That is the lip set i like best but i didnt get it today… Yet 😉
      Do you think it is worth the price? Im comflicted about getting it

      • They’re “worth it” in terms of the fact that you’re getting a little more than you would if you paid for the products separately (if they were available in small sizes), and you do get to try five for the price of two.

  94. monika

    Are the lipglosses much smaller than regular ones?

  95. paige

    They will have mini sets like these again this year, right? I loved the little darlings collection, though i got little from it, and i loved this collection. If they don’t do this again I’ll scream; if they do, i’ll ‘eeekkk’ with excitment!

  96. Kailey

    so sad i missed out on the lipglosses,will NOT make that mistake this year!

  97. Deb

    One of my friends who I haven’t seen in a long time just gave me the Cool Capers pigment set (which she bought for me in 2009, hehe). I am so excited! Pretty sure pigments don’t go bad, especially since they were never opened.