Thursday, December 30th, 2010

MAC Mickey Contractor Look

This was a super quick look I threw together to test out the new Mickey Contractor collection (as well as have some something on for taking blush and lip swatches!).  You can see how Ivy is sheer on the first pass!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Jaan eyeshadow on the inner two-thirds of the lid and pull upwards along the inner crease. Lightly blend Vivah eyeshadow on the outer corner of the lid with the 239. Next, apply Folie into the crease with the 222, lightly blending onto the outer lid. Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Perversion eyeliner on the lower lash line and Ivy fluidline on the upper lash line.  Apply Jaan eyeshadow on lower lower lash line to brighten. Finish by sweeping lashes with Inimitable Intense mascara.

For cheeks, apply Sur blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Yash lipstick topped with Lust lipglass for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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106 thoughts on “MAC Mickey Contractor Look

  1. Macaddict

    Nice look! However, the fluidline color is far from opaque and looks like one has to apply a second coat to get the color intensity and opaqueness of the color as seen in the jar. The Siahi one looks more opaque.

  2. Lucy

    GORGEOUS! Christine you’re such a hottie!

  3. Cassie

    That lip combo is amazing, the perfect peachy nude! I’m a sucker for nude lips. I definitley will be purchasing both of these and Gulabi lipstick.

  4. Taylor

    This is one of the most flattering looks for you that you’ve ever done. It makes you look so warm and makes your skin look beautiful. :)

  5. Lady Di.

    It still stands out and looks beautiful on you even if its not that opaque! I am definitely stealing this look as soon as I can purchase the products.

  6. Vanessa S

    I really love this look simple and a pop of color! I want to try it out :) Thanks Christine! Have a happy new year!

  7. Vijaya

    This look is simple, yet so lovely.

    And, as always, you look AMAZING. My favorite thing about this look is that it’s so classy and sophisticated, but there’s also that pop of green to make it cute and fun. Beautiful!

  8. Lulee

    yay more looks from christine!

  9. Maryel

    You look pretty! 😀

  10. chibu74

    nice look…i love that l/s

  11. Lizz M.

    Gorgeous! THIS is why i know I want that quad. I love the pop of green, and seeing Ivy on your eyes now I realize I have a liquid liner very similar already. Thankfully thats some cash saved, ha, so I can focus on investing a little in that Peacocky collection i’m excited for!

  12. Connie

    Beautiful! I love the Sur blush on you. That’s the only item in my must have list from this collection =P

  13. Christina

    This looks wonderful on you!! However, I tend to use black eyeliner everyday. I don’t know how to go with just a colored liner (I feel it looks super weird on me, without the black) Especially with being hispanic, and medium/darker skintone. Any suggestions?

    • Honestly – just keep wearing it! It’s probably just because you’re SO used to it. You could also try double lining – where you have two wings and you could do one with black, one with color :)

  14. Yuen-Ting

    You have such nice eyes!

    Great look with the colours :)

  15. Polly

    SO beautiful! esp. your eyes lashes! They looks so long so intense and clean (not clumpy)

    The lip combo is nice too!

    But as you said, Ivy is not as opaque as normal fluidline…pretty color, though.

    Overall, love this look!

  16. Deborah

    Cool! Keep up with the awesome eye-looks 😉

  17. Anna

    Ughhh your skin is always so crystal clear! You are so pretty girl!

  18. Ali

    I suck so bad at applying fluid line with the angle brush especially when trying to do the flip at the end for a night look. Christine, could you please do a video on how to apply fluid line? I can’t imagine applying this stuff quickly in the morning, it would take me at least 15mins..please help!!!

  19. Tasmin

    I bought most of this collection today in the UK. The eyeshadows are far too shimmery for my liking!

  20. Sam

    I love the look of the fluidline! The end result looks worth having to apply a few coats :) it makes your eyes pop! Also, that lipgloss looks very similar to NARS Giza. That’s my faaavorite lipgloss. Even though the MAC ones are less expensive, I’d still dish out the $25 for NARS because they’re not sticky whatsoever.

  21. AshleyMelissa

    Yes Christine, you truly are beautiful! I’m an NC42/NC44.. would Yash be too light for me as a nude? thank you

  22. Gorgeous!!! I love this look so much, the color scheme is brilliant.

  23. Heather

    I like the pop of green with the neutral cheeks, lips and eyes.

  24. Farah

    this look is absolutely stunning! one of my absolute favs of yours :)

  25. ilmy

    whoooooooo Christine, love, love this look. I’m going to try it this weekend . You just look amazing!!!

  26. Luna

    It’s sort of puzzling how the overall look is really pretty when your eyes are closed, but when your eyes are open, it looks like green eyeliner and nothing else.

  27. regina

    This may be one of my favorite looks you have ever done! So pretty.

  28. Cassykins

    OMG stuff on your upper lash line! Hope it wasn’t too irritating (maybe you said something on the Ivy review, I haven’t gotten quite that far yet in my backlog of reading) Looks good, though! I don’t think this collection looks like it will be very “me” but it looks great on you!

    • My eyes are swollen today instead 😉

      • lissa

        omg forgot about that. my two best weapons against eye irritation/swelling are caudalie’s eye cream (depuffs swelling/upper lid safe), I rub it right into my lashes and it’s super soothing. and lorac’s eye primer feels almost soothing going on and makes a nice protective layer under shadows I think might irritate. if you haven’t tried them worth getting a sample at sephora, they’re the best I’ve found for super sensitive eyes (can’t wear contacts, etc)

        • Thanks, Lissa! The only thing that irritates my eyes are lining my upper lash line and seasonal allergies :(

          • lissa

            I have everything, seasonal allergies, contact allergies, these two really help. the eye cream is most soothing and only depuffing I’ve found. primer is very gentle and forms a nice barrier. I can try and get some sample containers and send you some to try. the lorac is a little thicker than most primers so I find TFSI/UDPP is fine for every day but if I’m going to do anything like glitter/liners I break that out. you look so pretty I hate to think of you having all that after stuff for sharing these looks with us. you’ve just been cranking out the reviews lately too!

            • lissa

              Just realized– you did the private affair palette, that has a small Lorac eye primer in it. It’s probably the most useful thing in the palette. Def worth a try on liner days. Feels soothing going on too. Another friend with super sensitive eyes tried and said the same thing so I don’t think it was just luck. :-)

            • Aww! I’m glad you’ve found things to help you with your allergies!

  29. Yash looks sort of light on you. I was considering buying it, but now I think if it looks light on you, it must be too light for my NC42 skin.

  30. That look is so pretty! Simple and natural, but the pop of color is fun too.

  31. Carrie Ann

    This is a really pretty look. I love the pop of color on the eyes.

  32. Rachel

    That flash of green looks amazing on you, Christine! I am so excited to get perversion when that eye liner set gets released next year!

  33. mia

    i was looking at some of your older looks recently Christine, and i noticed you used to have a side fringe? it looked so hot <3 why did you change it?

  34. Roxanne

    Yay! ANOTHER LOOK!!! It’s beautiful. I can’t get over how beautiful the orangey browns and the green go together. I keep staring at the close-up pictures!

  35. Nancy

    Beautiful colors on you! I see from looking at your eye, you do a lot of thinking! LOL!

  36. Lena

    It really is a shame that Ivy is not more pigmented… but I will probably buy it anyway :p
    Yash looks great on you! Totally on my list now

  37. Millie

    I love that pop of green! I truly admire how you think of color combinations, great artist indeed.

  38. lissa

    that’s a really beautiful look on you Christine. very polished looking and the colorful liner gives a nice edge. Really makes your eyes stand out. Shades are wonderful choices for your coloring and really work well together.

    BTW– Have you ever tried Revlon’s Berry Rich lipstick? I don’t know a close dupe but I think it would be very flattering to your coloring. Ditto MUFE HD in 11 (rosewood?). Reminded me of you in the store, looks pretty intense but blends out even on NW15.

  39. Elle

    Love it. I didn’t want any eyeshadows, but I might change my mind now. You look great!

  40. Angelicaflora

    Gorgeous look!! Your so pretty, Christine. You remind me of a beautiful Indian princessa.

  41. Love the eyeshadow, but not the MAC Ivy fluidline.

  42. Elaine

    ugh i would TOTALLY wear this look to a new year’s party – if only it were out in time :(

  43. Rose

    The Wet n Wild turquoise liquid liner would work as a cheaper dupe to the fluidline, definitely.

  44. i like this look very much! :) it’s soooo pretty!

  45. ak

    Yash is one of my fave lipsticks of all time now, and probably the best or one of the best nude lipsticks I have ever had, and honey there ain’t a lot of nice nude lipsticks I’ve had. I find fault with most of them. I only truly love MAC Empowered and MAC Yash when it comes to the nude lippies I’m afraid!

    I prefer them even to MAC Touch as it gives me the retro look I’m after and not the super-natural look! LOL

  46. Sarah

    Uh. Just saying.. you got the green eyeliner all over your eyelashes… or maybe you did that on purpose? Idk, but maybe next time you should COAT the TOPS of your eyelashes with mascara so it doesn’t look so bad! You seem to do that a lot in a lot of your looks… like u always have eyeshadow fallout or something on the tops of your lashes :) just a tip.

  47. brooke

    This one of my favorite looks I do almost the same thing I take a neutral shadow my fav is mac time and space and use this turquoise pigment I made and put the neutral shade on the lid and a matte brown in the crease but put the turquoise on the lower lashline its stunning I get soo many compliments I love this look on u

  48. Julia

    Love this! But the eyeliner looks EXACTLY like the Wet ‘n Wild liquid eyeliner in turquoise. (Which is a FANTASTIC, opaque, gorgeous, HIGH QUALITY liner!) And oh, on a separate note, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR EYE COLOR! It’s so gorgeous and unique! Mines all brown and meh.

  49. Devi

    Wow, everything about this look just works on you! You look really gorgeous here. I especially like the way you just popped that green onto your lashline, it really puts a nice edge to this soft look. The lipstick color rounds it all off, and your skin tone just rocks that color..

  50. purnima

    can u please tell me what camera u use ?