Thursday, November 20th, 2008

OVERALL, Metal Urge meets expectations–which were low. If you were one of the few who loved and enjoyed Metal-x last year, then you should enjoy this year’s rendition. But in the end, it is really just that: a regurgitation of last year’s collection. Of the Brushed Metal-x shades, Gilded Ash is tempting, just because it looks like a great color for a smoky eye. I know myself, and I know how my Metal-x shadows from last year are buried in my “I don’t use these” MAC box. The liquidlasts are always fun, but they’re readily available throughout the year, so it’s not a big deal to see them highlighted in this launch. The three pigments available are a nice trio of shades that all earn recommendations from me.

You can see last year’s Metal-x Review/Swatches for comparison.  Individual reviews await you!

Brushed Metal-X

  • Material is a soft gilded beige-gold with some sheen, some frostiness.
  • Gold Spice is a coppery gold with a little brown in it, very warm ni the undertones.
  • Forged Rose is a reddish copper color (not at all pink, though).
  • Gilded Ash is a smoky, ashy brown color; more neutral than cool.
  • Verdigris is a dark greenish-brown color; it has flecks of green, but then there are flecks of brown.
  • Pink Platinum is a opalescent pinkish color, more whitish pink with a lot of frost to it.
  • Metalblu is a deep blue that isn’t overly dark, but it isn’t medium either.


  • Gold Mode is a neutral gold with a little beige/peach in it. It has a lot of high sheen, and the texture is very smooth. It is a fine milled pigment, which makes it look almost like shimmering water.
  • Cocomotion is a warmer antique gold color. It has the same feel and texture as Gold Mode.
  • Spiritualize is a cool, pale medium to deep green. It reminds me of one of the Colour Forms pigments (I’m blanking on the name), but otherwise, it’s not a color I’ve seen too often.  This is the only item I picked up.

Reflects Glitter

  • Reflects Bronze is a golden copper color with lots of glitter. It’s one of the very finely milled glitters, which allows it to apply smoother than other glitters.
  • Reflects Blackened Red is the same formula as Bronze (so it’s smooth and finely milled), and the color of it is a dark, reddish burgundy brown.
  • Reflects Very Pink is a chunkier glitter that doesn’t swatch easily. The glittery bits tend to get everywhere.
  • Reflects Purple Duo is a lavender-purple-blue kind of shade. It has the texture of Reflects Very Pink, so you’ll end up with glitter everywhere if you’re not careful!

Liquidlast Liner

  • Classic Cream is a pale white-gold shade with just a touch of pearl in it. I’m not exactly sure how one would use this as a liner–it just doesn’t seem practical to me. Maybe as a base…
  • Visionaire is a pastel pink with whitish opalescence. Pretty, but again, it shares some of the issues with just how are you going to use it as a liner.
  • Molten Sol is a coppery gold shade; it works well with neutral looks especially. It’s one of my favorite liquidlast liners. Look using Molten Sol (also so you can see the swatch).
  • Dress Khaki is a gorgeous shade of deep antique gold flecked with green and gold pearl.
  • Inkspill is a lovely shade of deep forest green with soft pearl sheen.
  • Inky is a cross between a dark blue and a dark purple; depending on the eyeshadows you use with it, you may bring out different tones.
  • Powerplum is a dark mauvey plum color; it’s not as bold as some of the other liquidlasts.

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41 thoughts on “MAC Metal Urge Collection Review

  1. Shefali

    Hey Christine! Are the pigments repromotes or new?

  2. KyaLyn

    Wow, I just not thrilled with anything in this collection.I love the liquidlast liners, but I get them anyway. *Shrug* I think I’ll wait for the Monogram collection next week.

  3. I never wear colors this bold but I do think they look stunning swatched!

  4. Brooke

    I just wanted to add to this some dupes I noticed while swatching, a lot of the shadows were IDENTICAL to perm shadow shades, just in cream form.

    Forged Rose=Coppering
    Gold Spice=Amber Lights
    MetalBlu=Deep Truth

    Hope that helps somebody!

  5. Nadia

    Stupid question: Why are Metal-x shadows unpopular? I’ve never tried them. Is there something wrong with the formula, or is it just that most people aren’t into cream eyeshadows? (I love cream eyeshadows, it’s like grown-up finger painting.)

    • Carrie

      I’m not exactly sure, but my guess is because they crease more easily than paint pots or paints? I’ve also heard people complain that they dry out and become difficult to apply. I have 3 from last year and just ordered Verdigris and Guilded Ash. I apply them lightly on my lids with my finger or a short, fluffy stiff natural hair brush (a maxine mop) over UDPP, and while they do crease a little within like 6 hours, I don’t mind, I really like them. I even wear the neutral ones to work. They are unlike any other products I own.

      But also, I think in general, people do prefer powder e/s to cream(?)

    • The formula isn’t crease-resistant (nor designed to be such), so it takes more effort than most people want to put in to get them to “work.” I know some couldn’t find a way to make them not crease, too.

  6. Tekoa

    Might get Spiritualize. My eyes mostly though are set on Monogram next week. Why have there been no pictures? MAC is keeping things very hush hush!

  7. Sandy

    Thanks for the review Christine :) I didn’t like the Metal e/s from last year and if they’re the same again this year, I shall pass. I “may” pick up Spiritualize. But then I don’t know if I want a whole jar. I may get samples instead. Do you think Spiritualize is pretty enough to be worth getting a whole jar of?

    • No problem, Sandy! They’re very similar – this year’s might be creamier, but the way they work are the same.

      Spirtualize is lovely, and if you do a lot of greens… sure. But y’know, samples last so long, jars are rarely “worth” it, LOL.

  8. Minty746

    Hi Christine! Hmm, Verdigris seems pretty, but I’m not so excited about this collection. Dress Khaki is gorgeous, and I also want to check out Powerplum, but I think that’s about it for me. Gold mode is really pretty, too…

  9. charlene

    So christine,

    what do you do with the ‘i don’t use these mac products’ box? You can always feel free to donate that to me lololol

  10. victoria

    sorry not a fan of these. if i wanted something creamy, i’d rather choose paintpots.

  11. Rio

    I never saw them last year, so I must say I love that dark blue and green. Do they smear easily?

  12. Platinum

    Are the pigments reformulated like how the past few pigments are now? Like more silky to apply, and less product?

  13. I’m really only into the lighter ones . . but i’m not a big fan of cream shadows . . only cream bases . . MMmmm i shall pass i think

  14. IvyTrini

    Hey Christine!!! This is Nerissa
    Great reviews. I personally liked the Metal X shadows, both the ones that came out last year and the new Brushed ones. I do agree that they take a little work but they are amazing!!! The new Brushed Metal X’s are of a different texture that the previous ones. I think MAC improved the texture of these. The texture is a lot smoother, IMO, and the are less ‘chunky’. I picked up Gilded Ash and is gorgeous!! I might have to pick up a back up and I’m going to pick up Material. Gilded Ash is a beautiful colour, a dark brownish, greyish colour. Its a grey with a warm tone as opposed to a cool tone. Material is a light champagne that I swatched and its amazing especially on dark skin! I think people should give these finishes a chance. They are different textured to the paint pots and I think they will work well over the paint pot or any cream base that has had a chance to dry before applying Metal X. Also try with the Mixing Medium….gives a great foiled effect.

  15. retrofox

    I waited for this day for awhile now! I lovveeee the texture of these shadows and the colors are beautiful! My haul included:
    Material Gold
    Gilded Ash
    Pink Platinum
    Gold Mode
    129 Brush
    Reflects Very Pink (sample)
    Reflects Purple Duo (sample)
    Reflects Bronze (sample)
    Reflects Blackened Red (sample)

    My MA did an awesome look on me using Gilded Ash, Verdigris, Spiritulize, and Pink Platinum. And I loveeee the idea of using the Mixing Medium over them, thanks IvyTrini!

  16. DevilishDoll

    I’m definitely getting Reflects Bronze and Reflects Very Pink. I might also get Spiritualize and Visionaire. I’m sure I could come up with several looks for Visionaire, although liquid liners seem to hate me.

  17. pquanda

    Metal Urge = zZzZzZzZzZzZzZz

  18. Cody

    I absolutely did not intend to buy anything from this collection but I went to pick up mascara today and my MUA applied Material Gold and Pink Platinum on my eyes and I actually really liked the texture and color of them, so somehow those two came home with me. Woops! No more for me until Dame Edna.

    • Let us know how you like using the Metal-x shadows, Cody!

      • Cody

        I’m finding they work very well for a quick, fresh day look. If you want really intense color, you would definitely have to build it gradually because you can’t pick up a lot of the product on your brush at once, but it’s well worth it once you’ve layered it on. One thing I’m really liking is that the color lasts longer than basic shadows do on me. I can be in class all day, walk home through a mini-snowstorm (gross!), and there’s still color on my eyes!

  19. Macaddict

    Bought 3 Metal x last year (gold ore, the silver one and the purple one). Unfortunately, the purple one – my fav of the bunch – dried out so quick! But I still use the 2 other ones. I have purchased:
    – Verdigris
    – Metalblu
    – Gilded Ash
    – Spiritualize pigment (already have the 2 other ones)
    – Reflects:
    – Very Pink
    – Purple Duo
    – Bronze (already have Blackened Red)

    Didn’t purchase any liquidlast liners (don’t like them)
    I have used the metal-x with paint pot as base and they last very well. I like the pigmentation. Just wished that they had a purple one again!