Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

OVERALL, the packaging is what sets Manish apart from some of the previous launches. The intricate design is plastered over each product, and there are no stickers to deal with–like Fafi. The eyeshadow palette is sturdy, a yellow-gold, and the front cover is decorated in pretty jewels. The colors are all stunning and worth getting if you don’t already have them. The worst part about the launch is it utilized so many permament colors rather than creating limited edition shades. With such a limited release, it almost makes sense to further add exclusivity by having those unique must-have shades. But then again, it sold out within the first day it went up online, so obviously they did something right!

Did you get your hands on Manish? What’d you get? Why’d you pass?

Find swatches here, product photos here.

See individual product reviews…

Eye Palette

  • Nylon is a frosty white-gold color, the gold being subtle and more like an undertone. It’s a permanent color, and I do use it regularly as a highlighter.
  • Going Bananas is a shimmery lemony yellow color; it’s very pretty, and it’s one of my favorite shadows. For those who have always wanted it, Bright Sunshine eyeshadow is part of the permament PRO line and is the same, if not better.
  • Playful is a pigmented, medium pink, which originally came out with Barbie Loves MAC launch, over a year ago. I don’t remember it being this pigmented, actually, so that was a pleasant surprise. I never owned this color–it’s actually the only one that I don’t have from the palette.
  • Bitter is an almost matte lime green color that borders on chartreuse. It reminds me a lot of True Chartreuse pigment, though a little more green.
  • Electric Eel is a bright blue–electric indeed–and is part of the permanent line. I know this one tends to swatch chalky, but it works well during application for sure.
  • Deep Truth is a shimmery, dark navy blue. It’s one of those colors that we seem to have an overindulgence of in the past year!


  • Girl About Town was one of my very first lipsticks, believe it or not! It’s a creamy, bright deep pink. It’s definitely a bold color, but it is not to be missed. It is part of the regular line, though, so if you missed Manish, you can still grab it.
  • Kiss Manish is an orangey-red color, subtle shimmer in it which seems to reflect a rich, reddish copper color. It’s very opaque and pigmented, which is always a plus in my book.


  • Pink Manish is a shimmery, opaque hot pink/fuchsia color. To be honest, while it looks pretty, MAC releases plenty of hot pink glosses. Totally It! from Fafi is similar, though probably a bit brighter. This actually might be quite close to Pink Poodle, which is permanent to the regular line.
  • Shine Manish is quite orange, very bright and shimmery. It is also opaque, like Pink Manish, and I imagine it would definitely bring out the orange in Kiss Manish lipstick. We’ll see how to wear this one!


  • Devil is an intense, more orange than coral blush. It is part of the permanent line at PRO stores, and I saw this last year when I went to PRO for my birthday haul. I skipped it, because it was just much too intense and orange for me to see myself wearing it.
  • Pink Swoon is a cooler, chalkier pink. It’s about medium in tone, but there’s the chalkiness to contend with, which I’ve never liked. I actually just unearthed it today, thinking I didn’t own it! Reason why I didn’t think I owned it? I’ve used it once!

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56 thoughts on “MAC Manish Arora Collection Review, Swatches, Photos

  1. danielle

    i passed on this line because in the palette i have mostly all those colors and the lippies didn’t really catch my eye. but i love the packaging. i’m waiting for the holiday collection to come out. i am definitely getting that.

  2. sej

    I wasn’t early enough to snag anything, but I really really want the lipglasses and the kiss manish lipstick!!!

  3. Vee

    I went to check out the MAc site, and most items seemed to be sold out the same day! :S

  4. Jen

    Do you think Shine Manish is like Sock Hop? Which of them do you prefer?

    • Nah, not at all. Sock Hop was a lighter orange-peach color, and it was creamy to boot. This is orangey, not light at all, and shimmery. Sock Hop is probably more wearable, but I don’t even think I still have it.

  5. Candace117

    Sock Hop is way more sheer and creamy, it doesn’t have any shimmer…so I would say they are different.

  6. my_stuft_vanity

    I was fortunate enough to be able to get one of everything. I am anxiously awaiting my delivery =0)

  7. Btw, Malibu Barbie and Pink Manish Lipglass have exactly the same color!!

  8. cloudburst

    I go the palette & Devil blush. I think I will gift my Devil blush to a friend who’s very dark – it will look great on them I think. The palette was worth my while as I only have Nylon, Bitter & Deep Truth out of 6.

  9. fab swatches Christine :) Can’t wait to get home to see of mine arrived!


    Can we have some FOTD’s please 😉 I need ideas how to use the palette =-)

  10. BaDKiTTy

    I ordered the palette, I think I was one of the first ones to place the order. I completed my order at 8.20 EST, the products didnt even had pictures yet… lol… I dont have any of these colors, so it was a must have for me.
    Christine, I hope you will post a look using this palette. Cause I have no clue where to start with it. haha

  11. dee

    Ha. I didn’t get anything. I really didn’t think it was going to sell out in one day. I guess I forgot about Dress Camp.

  12. DevilishDoll

    I’m so sad that I couldn’t get that palette. I don’t have any of the colors from it, and I want them all. Especially Going Bananas, I’ve been dying for that color for a long time.

    • If you’re ever at PRO, get Bright Sunshine, you’ll love it :) Also, Sour Lemon is a good sub for Bitter, which isn’t even great. Overgrown is my fave, but Sour Lemon works in place of that, too.

      • DevilishDoll

        I’ve been trying to find Going Bananas on Ebay. There are no PRO stores near me. Not even any stores that sell MAC, so I must get it all online. I’ve wanted Overgrown too. I need a beige toned highlighter and a dark blue. I’ll get them all eventually, lol. I just ordered Rave, Wolf, Bankroll, Fly-by-Blu, Hot Gossip, Blue Zone and Crushed Bougainvillea a couple days ago, so that should be enough to make me happy for a while.

        • If you have a PRO store in the same country, they should ship to you! Sometimes what I do is save up all my wants, then place an order so that it makes it worth it!

          Nice haul!

  13. Janice

    I am so mad that I missed this line. The things that I want is all sold out online. And worst I am miles away from a pro store. Can anybody help me??? I am willing to buy the lipgloss and lipstick.

  14. I had been waiting all summer for this to come out then missed it because I forgot the launch date & when I looked it was already sold out. Oh well I guess.

  15. I only bought pink swoon from this collection! just couldn’t resist the packaging. :)

  16. Bitter was my very first ever MAC eyeshadow. *nostalgia* I still love it intensely – Sour Lemon is also lovely but nothing, for me, beats packing Bitter on top of the UDPP and then using black liquid liner. I usually pair it with the Crimson lipmix for a really bold, bright look.

    I already own 4 of the 6 shadows (and keep meaning to get Bright Sunshine – I have Chrome Yellow but the two really are entirely different – because Going Bananas is a little too light for me) so I didn’t really feel compelled to splurge on this one. It’s funny, I love lip colors, too, but the thing that gets me to open my wallet for special collections is always initially the eye shadows.

    My pennies are being saved anyway, for Dame Edna – I think it’s going to be wonderful.

    • That is a bold and bright look there! :) I guess I’ve always liked the payoff of Overgrown over Bitter, and since then, Bitter got the boot!

      • I seem to be collecting chartreuse shades so I have been meaning to swap for or buy an Overgrown on eyeshadowsluts. And of course I look at Sour Lemon every time I’m in the Pro store.

        My favorite in this color family, though, is Eyepopping from the C-Shock collection. Sharp is much closer to Eyepopping than Bitter.

        I’m not very good at subtle looks. *grin*

  17. I want you to do something crazy: a look with Playful and Electric Eel. That would be fabulous. It’d be a costume/clubbing look for sure, but I love cotton candy colors and I think you could rock it, Christine.

  18. lindsey

    get it in the stores.

  19. Deep Truth is gorgeous! x

  20. cloudburst

    I just got an email from MAC – saying they cancelled my Manish Arora order because it was already sold out when I placed my online order – but I placed it at maybe 9:00 am MST (11:00 am in the east)!

    So I WON’T be getting any Manish stuff…did this happen to anyone else?

  21. evangelia

    on the MAC site, it says that both l/g’s and Devil blush are coming soon!

  22. evangelia

    for those of you who obsess over going bananas, if you have the naughty nauticals quad, the yellow e/s in that quad is very similar.

  23. Brandy

    I just placed an order for Manish Arora on MAC website today!! I came home and just happened to look and the 2 lipglass and devil blush were available so I ordered right away!

  24. Roshcherie

    I wanted to get it but , at the time I was just getting into makeup & it isn’t the perfect “let’s get into makeup” product. I love Manish Arora so , I’m gutted I missed out on it but , I saw it in one of his boutiques hmm I’ll go back again and investigate 😉