Thursday, December 26th, 2013

MAC Punk Couture Collection
MAC Punk Couture Collection

Now Available at

You can check out my reviews, photos, swatches for everything that I have and was able to review for all three collections here.

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15 thoughts on “MAC Magnetic Nude, Punk Couture, Huggable Lipcolour Available Now!

  1. Did you know the lipsticks from Punk Couture aren’t eligible for a PRO discount? I’m not seeing it anywhere on the website so I thought it was a glitch, ordered anyway (cause they’ll be sold out in minutes I’m sure) and THEN called to ask (silly me) thinking I could get it applied retroactively and was told no discount on ONLY the three new LE lipsticks (not the black one) from this collection – none of those – carry a discount. Kind of made my eyes turn sideways cause I’ve seen no mention of it anywhere at all to date.

    • Update… checked the site again and now they are ALL showing a discount. LMFAO! Does that mean the operator saying “All of MY literature says this collection is not available for a PRO discount, if you bought MAC often you’d notice that MAC does this sometimes” was LYING to me? Or just misinformed? Back on the phone…

      • Update (part 2): Was told the same thing about the PRO discount by the next operator but she also saw that it WAS applying so they are retroactively adding the discount to my order (so I’m told, I haven’t gotten my $$$ back yet so wish me luck! LOL)

        • So glad you were able to get it retroactively applied! It’s amazing that these mistakes happen, though. They’re not in special packaging, no special waiting room, etc. so why even a glitch at all?

          • According to both operators it’s not a glitch at all. I can to get the second one to sign into my account and look at the items in my cart (I can gone through and recreated my order) to see the discount. She was confused and gave it to me “as a favor” but they were both certain that the lipsticks carried no discount. I thought it was odd as well since there’s no special packaging or anything. Though it wouldn’t shock me at all if MAC decided to remove the PRO discount for LE collections. Not trying to be overly cynical but it just seems like something they would end up doing.

            • I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they pulled back the discount, and I also wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that there was a whole slew of miscommunication about yes or no and that it actually was “yes, pro discount applies.”

  2. It hasn’t launched here yet, but I cannot wait until it does!! :-)

  3. I had to get Studded Kiss… I wanted to get Instigator but I restrained myself. I love this collection. I wish they would’ve done some bright amplified colors too. Punk Rock isn’t all dark. Some really bright hot pink lipstick would’ve been great. I loved the pigments but I can’t justify the price when Sugarpill is so much cheaper. Still a good looking collection, other than the glosses which are way too sheer.

  4. sylvia

    I placed my order at 6:30 and my pro discount was applied, no problem. Hopefully I dont get an email saying that was a mistake

  5. i placed my order online for two lipsticks (of course, instigator and punk couture) from the punk couture collection, paid for it and everything went through. then 10 minutes later i got an email saying the order was cancelled because they were both out of stock. what the hell mac?! thankfully i was able to snag them in store, but this is the second time this has happened to me with mac LE collections…

    • that’s awful. i’m glad you were able to pick them up in store. i was scrambling this morning trying to snag them because my internet connection was down when they were released online (sighs). called around and eventually got my hands on instigator and punk couture at 11:30 am. both stores in the area were nearly sold out by then, too, a mere hour and a half after they opened.

      sick of mac pulling this, they need to produce more of each product for these releases.
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  6. Christine, any idea if the huggable collection is going to be launched at nordstroms too?. Thanks!se
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