Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Sneak Peek: MAC Magic, Mirth, & Mischief

For the holidays, MAC’s Magic, Mirth, & Mischief has a whole slew of new mineralize eyeshadows, but we’ll also be seeing some new shades of dazzleglass, including the two pictured here.

  • Phiff A light, beige-nude with lots of silver-peach micro glitter. I wasn’t super impressed by this one; it was a little lackluster–it doesn’t impart any color on me, and the glitter color doesn’t change up colors that much. It was like a darker, peachy version of Bare Necessity.
  • She-Zam A pale, silver-gray with a blue cast and gray-blue micro glitter. This one reminded me a lot of some previous lipglasses like Lightning and Pas-de-deux. It’s a nice shade, just because it can be layered on top of lipsticks to add a different dimension of color.

  • Product: 8/10
  • Value: 6/10
  • Ease of Use: 8/10
  • Packaging: 6/10
  • Overall: 7/10

Recommendation: If you love dazzleglasses, you’ll love these, too. The glitter is the same, and the colors are sheer like previous shade releases. I did feel likethese went on a little smoother and less sticky compared to other dazzleglasses, though.  I still find these low on value (because you pay $4 more for less product than a lipglass–like half!), and as a result, I’m not a big fan of the oversized packaging with not much in it.

Have you picked up these new shades yet?

Check out more product photos and swatches

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32 thoughts on “MAC Magic, Mirth, & Mischief Sneak Peek

  1. egon

    I love my dazzleglasses but these shades do nothing to me, nothing AT ALL :( Thanks for the swatches :)

  2. Tekoa

    Fizzle and crash. Thanks for warning me.

  3. binnie

    these are quite light i like the effect of she-zam which colours do you think this silver dazzelglass would have a nice effect christine?

    ps thanks for the posts :)

  4. Veronica

    Thanks! I’m saving some money since I don’t need these.

  5. Lo

    I love the look of she-zam, I think it will look HOT layered over a darkish red lipstick!

  6. would you say if you had Bare Necessity you didn’t Phiff ?

  7. Wilcoa

    I loved these in the pictures and they were on my must get list for the collection, but after reading this I think I’m going to skip. Happy to hear it wasn’t just me scooping quickly through the glosses, but that there is actually less product in the tubes – not happy with how little there is in dazzleglasses.

  8. MC



  9. Natalie

    Pass for me. I have too many Dazzleglass and these don’t offer anything exciting.

  10. Tami

    I purchased both of these from ACW and received them today. Prior to purchasing, I was more partial to Phiff. It seemed like such a gorgeous color. After swatching, Phiff did nothing for me but She-Zam just stood out. I will layer it with some of my lavender lipsticks or my silver one on days when I’m feeling adventurous;)

  11. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on these. Nothing from the collection has really caught my eye yet.

  12. Natalia

    Wow, so many cosmetic products look great in their package and absolutely unimpressive on the face…

  13. Christy

    She-Zam still looks like one I’ll pick up.

  14. Diabla

    “I still find these low on value (because you pay $4 more for less product than a lipglass–like half!), and as a result, I’m not a big fan of the oversized packaging with not much in it.”

    My reason why I own zero dazzleglass. 2.4 ml of product for 19€ (=27$) at Mac France. I’m not a skinflint but that price is a joke.

  15. She-Zam looks gorgeous! I’ll probably end up with two of them while Phiff, I’ll only get one.

  16. baybee415


  17. TrulyNicole

    i am really unimpressed with the dazzleglasses.
    the prices are high, the colors are sheer and the gloss is sticky.
    oh dear =/

  18. Tattoo Girl

    Hmmm. She-Zam will have to be a swatch and decide. Phiff is a definite pass.

  19. Yaya

    Boring to me

  20. Kharina

    Thanks for the review. I never liked Phiff b/c it looks too sheer but I did had my eye on She-Zam….and less than 2 months ago I picked up Pas-de-Deux at my CCO…so now She-Zam is off my list!

  21. Connie

    I also just received both of these dazzleglasses and love them both. I used Phiff over Madly Creative and it was very pretty. I like it because it isn’t “in your face.” She-Zam is gorgeous – haven’t used it yet but swatched it and I bet it would look great over Lavender Whip. Just my two cents.

  22. alyssamae.

    mmm not so fond of the silver specks for an everyday look :( makes me feel like i have dirty lips =/

  23. Janelle

    Tbh I dont get the fuss over dazzleglass =/ especially because theyre crazy expensive here in Aus so I wouldnt spend that much on a lip gloss

  24. Stacey

    Love the names… but the colours are so-so.

  25. I”m not feeling these two. They are very very sheer. Almost clear. I have other dazzleglasses that I like more so I’ll pass on these. However.. when the whole collection comes out, I’m sure there will be some gorgeous combination and they will be in my kit.

    I over think everything!

  26. Lindsey

    I was so excited to she-zam
    i thought it would be a gorgeous color id fall in love with and buy like 7 million backups

    now, im dissapointed in it 😐

  27. Michelle

    I bought She-Zam from ACW and I love it! :) Definitely not worth it at full retail price but not so bad at ACW prices imo

  28. Kate

    Pass. Thanks for posting swatches!