Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Fall 2008 for MAC Cosmetics is CRAZY! In addition to Electroflash, Sonic Chic, and New View (all coming out July 10th), there are…

  • Lustre Twins: 9 new longwears with colored gloss at the end; 3 nail polishes (July 31st)
  • Starflash (July 31st)
  • Cult of Cherry (August 21st)
  • Overrich (August 21st) (some will be perm at PRO!)
  • Sheer Minerals: repromote of mineralize loose, then mineralize sheen powder, and MSFs (October 15th) — and it looks like we will see Petticoat, Gold Deposit, and So Ceylon coming back.
  • Mineralize: whole unit dedicated to mineral makeup (October 15th)
  • Suite Array: 8 eyeshadow duos, 8 pearlglide eyeliners (September 25th)
  • CremeSheen: 14 ChremeSheen lipsticks (October 2nd)
  • Emanuel Ungaro: 2 lipsticks, 1 lipglass, 1 see thru lip colour, 3 eyeshadows, 1 paint pot, 2 CCbs, 1 beauty powder, 1 brow set (September 25th) (At select locations)
  • Manish Arora: 6-pan eyeshadow palette, 2 lipsticks/lipglasses/blushes (October 9th)
  • Gold Fever: 2 slimshines, 2 shadesticks, 2 liquidlasts, 3 fluidlines, 2 pigments, 2 glitters, 2 brushes, 2 lashes (September 25th) (Nordstrom and the Bay)

Thanks to ven_0m over @ MAC Cosmetics on Livejournal!!

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65 thoughts on “MAC Lustre Twins, Sheer Minerals, Mineralize, Suite Array, CremeSheen, Emanuel Ungaro, Manish Arora, Gold Fever

  1. addicted_2color

    Gold Fever sounds the most interesting to me. I cant wait to see the shadesticks! I hope they are new and not just re-promoting items from the perm. line. and brushes…ooh that sounds interesting too.

  2. Oh my. All that? That is truly frightening, LOL! My head is spinning a little. I have no idea what to even consider buying! Maybe photos and swatches will help me decide. :)

  3. Kristen Elisabeth

    WOW! Any idea what the MSF will be?

  4. S.

    I am so excited for entirely too many of these collections (oh, my poor wallet, lol)…

    I just got back from my local MAC counter, and my favorite MA let me take a glance through her preview book (complete with swatches in several places, as well as details of where and when collections will be released). I am telling you, I am IN TROUBLE!

    A few things:

    The Ungaro collection will not be on normal counters, but will be available through Nordstrom

    The Mineralize display, if I remember correctly, is supposed to be permanent to the line (at least some of it)

    The Cremesheen lippies (which look absolutely yummy, btw) are not LE…they will be permanent

    Manish Arora is exclusive to the Pro Stores in NY if I remember correctly.

    I’m not saying any of this is ironclad, because I am pulling from memory and I could easily have made a mistake (things tend to get a bit wonky in my little pea brain, lol), but I was quite excited my most of the collections!

  5. Lil

    Oh my gosh…just when I’m going on vacation! I just love all things mineralized!!! The eye shadow colors do look so much similar to last years though. I don’t know how I’m going to have enough money for July 10 and July 18!!! Ahh!!! I’m freaking out because I thought I had until July 18 for a new launch…boy was I wrong!

  6. Ashley

    I’m excited but at the same time getting frustrated! MAC needs to slow down, they’re taking the specialness out of LE items!

    • I totally agree. But I think there’s a reason behind this. this week, I was surprised to see how many “discontinued” stickers there were in the freestanding store. The display for lips is getting smaller, the other displays seem to be following the same trend…. and that would explain their move towards more intense trend-based LE collections

    • I agree! There’s just WAY too much coming out… in fall alone!

  7. Kharina

    Yes…MAC is becoming crazy without giving me a second to breathe. On the other hand, because I’m addicted…I like it anyway!!! What I would like to see more of are new paintpot colors though :)

  8. victoria

    aaaahhh so excited. i hope there’s something for the cheek in gold fever, something like new vegas.

  9. Lil

    This is a tentative schedule I think because I know that Dazzleglass is coming back this fall for sure. Has anybody seen Dior’s new lip-plumping glosses? They have the same sparkle as MAC’s Dazzleglass in a new cocktail twist. They are great for summer. Check them out at Sephora’s. I know that MAC is doing great sales wise, but people can’t keep up with soooo much! I hope they slow things down otherwise sales will slump for some launches. It’s impossible to keep up with it all!http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P212930&shouldPaginate=true&categoryId=1073

  10. kae

    suite array sounds interesting! i wonder if the eyeshadow duos are mineralized and the pearlglide eyeliners sound cool!

  11. Shefali

    I’m DYING to see the Manish Arora collection. Have heard so much buzz about it the last couple of months. Can’t wait to see the new shadesticks, paint pots, & pigments.

    Are CremeSheens new? I’ve never heard of these…unless I’m blanking on something.

  12. Lauren

    Omg. Im so excited-_-. This is ridiculous yet amazing. I CANT WAIT!!

  13. Nell

    What should I do? Go cold turkey, buy it all or (God forbid) exercise some self-restraint? *sits contempating a future out on the streets, but surrounded by shiny new MAC products*

  14. O….. M……G.


    I can hear my bank account whimpering in terror.

  15. Pquanda

    SO CEYLON IS COMING BACK!?????????????/

  16. You might have noticed this too. The permanent displays seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer. But I think there’s a reason behind this. this week, I was surprised to see how many “discontinued” stickers there were in the freestanding store. The display for lips is getting smaller, the other displays seem to be following the same trend…. and that would explain their move towards more intense trend-based LE collections

  17. claudine

    ungaro wow but i dont think my counter will get it :(
    gold fever sounds like the most interesting one

  18. Suite Array, Cremesheen, Manic Aurora and Emanuel Ungaro sounds gorgeous to me.Awww, can’t wait for promo pics!

  19. 0_o This is INSANE!!!

    My purse will never be able to catch up. Or recover, for that matter. LOL..

    Soo looking forward to seeing the collections.

  20. Sanayhs

    I’ll be quite pleased if there are new fluidline shades.

  21. Ariele

    I’m speechless.

  22. lucyzombie

    im excited.
    although if these are only being released in select places i wont be able to get a whole lot of it. probs for the best to be honest! shmer i wonder if the uk is EVER going to see cool heat.

    iiii’m waiiitinggg.
    i hate waiting for new launches. i get so impatient.

  23. Ava

    I think I am having a MAC overdose! But I am enjoying it.
    I have barely had enough time to use my neosci-fi or naughty nauticals collections !

  24. marsina

    Lustre Twins and Starflash are out early at Nordstrom!!! I love love love prolongwear and the texture of the Starflash eyeshadows are amazing. Plus Feline and Raven, 2 of my fav pencils ever are back!

    • Thanks for the update, Marsina! I’ll have to check if mine has it. I know the one I called in Florida (hey, it’s 7am on the west coast, and opening time on the east coast – thought I could see if it was ALL Nordstrom’s) didn’t have it out, though.