Friday, July 3rd, 2009

MAC Lightful Collection for Summer 2009

U.S. Launch Date: July 30th, 2009

“INNER” GLOW IS OVERRATED! M·A·C revivifies the look and luminescence of our high-beam brightening skincare formulations, using our own exclusively developed Charged Water technology – boosted beyond breakthrough this season with the new infusion of red tourmaline and silk, to shift skin’s receptivity, shake up its energy level.

Mousse it up and see triple-activate brightening with green tea anti-free-radical extract, vitamin C brightening prowess, tuberose protection from dehydration. Science trumps style…Beauty and the Geek go all the way! NEW POWER, PALE, PRETTY NEW PACKAGING, A NEW LIGHT ON BRIGHT!

Lightful Foaming Creme Cleanser ($24.00 U.S./$29.00 CDN)

Soothing whipped creamy mousse. Cleanses and re-balances skin. Rinses quickly. Leaving skin feeling clean and comfortable. Never stripped or dehydrated.

Lightful Charged Essence ($40.00 U.S./$48.00 CDN)

Concentrated, lightweight gel-like essence, absorbs quickly into the skin. Helps skin look and feel smoother,s ofter, more resilient and brighter.

Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme ($38.00 U.S./$46.50 CDN)

Lightweight gel-like cream. Provides a moisture-locking barrier for long lasting protection. Instantly hydrates the skin for a smoother skin surface. Helps skin look more luminous over time.

Lightful Active Softening Lotion ($30.00 U.S./$36.00 CDN)

Super-hydrating watery lotion. Absorbed quickly into skin. Immediately infuses depleted skin with moisture. Leaves skin refreshed, soothed, soft with a more even-toned look.

Availability: July 30th, 2009 at MAC Retail Stores, 1.800.588.0070, and

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66 thoughts on “MAC Lightful Collection for Summer 2009



    • vanessa

      Hey Christine, I just saw an offer on Craigslist about a brush set from MAC…
      I’m a bit suspicious about the set, knowing that MAC cosmetics doesn’t sell brush sets.
      I was wondering if you can maybe check the picture of the set out and see if it is trustworthy enough to actually spend $35.00 on it.
      Although, a MAC brush set for $35.00 does seem a bit untrue for me.

      I spoke to the lady on the phone and she said that they were authentic and brand new.

      • Sharon

        Back in 2005 Mac did sell brush sets. They were travel size ( 5 to 6 inches long ) and came in an oriental design bag. There were 2 different styles of brushes, but 3 bag collections to choose from ( 2 bags being the same, just different colors) I know this because I bought 2 bags and got a total of 12 brushes. I like them better than the regular size and they were so much cheaper.
        Hope this helps. I tried to look at the listing but couldn’t pull it up.

      • To be honest, I know MAC has put out sets similar to that, but I haven’t seen that one myself though it could be much older. I haven’t seen anything like that recently – like the past five years.

        • jennifer

          as a reply about the brush sets….

          MAC usually Launches 2 collections of short-handled brush sets every year. The 1st set is always a Nordstoms exclusive that is for their anniversary sale. The 2nd launches in all locations in late October as part of the holiday collection. All sets usually sell for about $49.50 each and differ from the regular brushes with their shorter handle and the fact that they are machine-made instead of hand-made.

  2. Sarah

    Yayy..a collection I can skip. Good news for my wallet.

  3. AYHM

    Agreed…..finally a collection where I am not compelled to buy anything.

  4. Christine, not being nosey or anything. How do you get this information and other MAC products that haven’t been released yet?

  5. And why does MAC promote a collection which has already been promoted in the exact way in February?!?

    • I’ve never worked for MAC specifically, but a lot of cosmetic companies have what they call “soft” launches for products- same products and advertising campaign, but usually only promoted in stores. This helps to gear up for the “hard” or “full” launch when the campaign begins full press and editorial coverage in magazines, TV, etc…

  6. JK

    Are they ever going to come out with the lightful ultracharge foundation?? I thought they are going to release this in US!!! I guess I was wrong……. orz

  7. haley

    Eh, not doing it for me. That, and the model just looks greasy in the non-B&W images.

    • margot

      totally agree, she looks really oily and that is not good publicity !!

      well at least I can skip this collection

      • Mary

        I don’t think she looks oily. She just has the dewy look that the collection is all about. Lit from within.

  8. I love Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme, I hope they never discontinue that product :)

  9. Alicia

    I hope that includes the ultracharge compact!
    We REALLY need it here in Australia!!
    I’d LOVE to see a lightful liquid foundation too 😀

  10. sweets4uk

    I’m not interested in the collection but is it bad that I really like packaging?!

  11. BINNIE

    what’s special about the foundation compact??

  12. sprut

    I like the packaging but I don’t use mac for my skincare.

  13. after a bad run-in with Prep+Prime, I will not be trying any of the MAC skincare!!!!!!

  14. Nicole15

    Definitely not a collection for me as I’m not really into MAC’s skincare, but I kinda like the silver packaging. Would like my blot powder in a silver compact like that. A little something different…

  15. Plumage

    the Lightful line was slightly introduced in Feb…but now on the 30th its going to be PERMANENT in all MAC NORTH AMERICA stores…not just PRO stores anymore…..and as far as the lightful foundation….it would be a godsend if they brought it to the US…..its fantastic!!!! BTW i work for mac!! LOL

  16. claudia

    One to skip !

  17. *neena*

    I love the Lightful Deep Ultramoisture cream. I’m glad it will be available at places other then the PRO stores.

    Anyone know what the compact looking thing is in the picture?

  18. Sass

    The only one I’m going to try here is the Lightful Active Softening Lotion because I like watery moisturizers. I’m in badly need of a good one. The one from Nuertogena is not cutting it. Thankfully I’m almost out of it.

  19. Amber

    pretty colored packaging, but it’s a pass for me :(

  20. Summer

    Maybe i will get Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme but nothing else but i might skip the whole thing!

  21. mars

    Can’t wait to finally pick this up at my local MAC store. This launched in Asia a few years ago and was phenomenal but now has been improved!!! I’ll be getting the cleanser, lotion (toner), cream and serum. Wish I could get the compact but it’s not available in the US. Stupid FDA and your regulations!

  22. Alannah

    These days, I get more excited about the skincare collections than the makeup ones! I guess that shows my age! I will have to check this out in person but it looks awesome.

  23. Phoenix

    must… have… packaging!
    i love getting pretty packagig and swaping it with the pain black ones :)

  24. Jennifer

    MAC Lightful collection was launched in Asia ages ago,,,, and it didnt become popular anyway

  25. tara

    i think i’ll just get the $24 one just so i can have the packaging!

  26. Christy

    I just got the cream, cleanser and serum. I hope they work well!

  27. Lulckathy

    Is this an old collection??? I have seen it before.

  28. Candace117

    I have the lightful active softening lotion and LOVE it. I will definitely buy more.

  29. Aramis

    maybe the Lightful Deep Ultramoisture Creme sine im out of studio moisture fix spf 15. it was ehhhh lol

  30. Valerie

    Is this going to be permanent? I need some new skin care products.

  31. Char/Kohl

    Cant wait for this launch! I had mild acne and tried proactive, clean and clear..everything! But after trying MAC skincare I literally havent had any breakouts! YES!

  32. makeupndesign

    I picked up the line at the MAC Pro store/North Robertson in LA recently since I didn’t want to wait until the end of the month to try it out. Was definitely skeptical at first but have been using it for about 2 weeks and it is fantastic!! It smells so good and I’ve already noticed improved clarity in my skin. The ultramoisture creme is heaven, I love how it hydrates my skin without making it feel greasy–I hate that feeling =p I used to have rough patches on my cheek but they’re gone now, thanks to this line. I’m sold!

  33. I love the packaging of this line– in fact, I remember seeing something very similar to it displayed in MAC stores around February and thinking how much I would like to try it maybe I will.

  34. hi

    Actually, I heard on Kajal Couture ( that the Ultramoisture Creme was a HG for her! She said it was SUPER moisturizing, but light. I think I might try it..

  35. kp

    I LOVElove this entire line. I’m glad they made it avail. in MAC stores. Yay…no more shipping $$$ for me :)

  36. karen

    the face wash makes ur face feel very rubber-like.
    dont like it !!

  37. I like it but would wear it at night where the shimmer would add that appropriate glow. I think the negative comments have more to do with the lighting than the look.

  38. Ashlee


  39. josephine

    actually, the editorial pictures does not represent what thw product does to your skin. you won’t look greasy or oil like some have mentioned. I know because I use MAC’s entire line of lightful products that are available in the US. I can’t say how much I love it.

    foaming creme cleanser is the most amazing cleanser i’ve ever used. it doesn’t leave your skin tight or dry. if your cleanser leaves your skin tight or dry, it’ll only produce more oils to compensate for lack of moisture because you just stripped all its moisture off.

    the softening lotion is really nice to use as a refresher after you cleanse the skin. it makes you feel instantly hydrated.

    i wish they didn’t discontinue the daily moisture one if anyone remembers it.

    my all time fav moist. is the deep creme moisture or whatever its called. its amazing. it’s almost like a gel, but creamy. never greasy. i’d put that stuff all over my body if I could afford it.

    I have the essense too. that stuff is great if you want to even outt he pigmentation/complexion of your skin. super lightweight and non-greasy.

    i wish i can go to asia and ck out the compact and the liquid foundation. =T

  40. I’m interested in 2 shadows from the Moonbathe collection and cant’ find them anywhere. Do you know of a comparable MAC shadow for:

    Cosmic and Firespot?


    • I’d try searching eBay. I recently got mine from there, actually! :)

      Cosmic… maybe Woodwinked. Firespot doesn’t have a great dupe – maybe a mix of Coppering and Amber Lights.

  41. Aleksandra

    Definately one to skip- never been to fond of MAC’s skincare. I tend to prefer higher ends more since I always splurge on skincare! It is the canvas for everything so should’nt we all invest in keeping it in top shape?

  42. PrincessJodie

    i want the stuff for the packaging cause its super pretty BUT after seeing other collections coming up theres stuff in the other collections that i want so badly i need to like miss out two collections to save up the cash for the upcoming collections i like haha so im gonna have to pass on this collection

  43. Emily

    are they launching the foundation too? i heard really good ratings on it in asia.

  44. Brittany

    When will this collection be launched? Its not on MACs site or my local store…

  45. anneh

    I just bought the ultramoist cream..moisturizer thing. cost me 52 bucks :( in canada. I was wondering if anyone knew a replacement for this? i love it..I instantly saw that dewiness and freshness in my face. Also, my little acne scars and area around my mouth which is strangely already brightened.