Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Look what I have to share with you today… photos of MAC Kitty Kouture! :)

This launches March 5th in North America. I believe distribution includes online, but for in-stores, only MAC Freestanding stores will have it in stock.

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86 thoughts on “MAC Kitty Kouture Product Photos

  1. sarah

    I cant wait! I have my budget worked out perfectly for this!

    Thanks so much Christine!

  2. Kara

    Really Pretty but I dont even have a $5 in my wallet and $90 for that one thing i would love to get it but to much money

  3. Kat

    Ack! I totally want a dazzleglass…but they are so expensive.
    As per usual, I will probably cave under the inducement of Hello Kitty! I can’t say I mind that much….:)

  4. GretaluvsMAC

    OMG!!! I am sooo excited for this stuff to come out! I hope they launch it early because i am tired of waiting….

  5. GretaluvsMAC

    does anyone remember how much the Dazzleglasses are going to be?

  6. i wonder how the european prices will be… Oo (for germany and austria)… i bet 35eur for the dazzles (if not more) and about 120eur for the powders. but thats just my guess. does anyone know?

  7. regina

    These are SO cute, but I am not sure about $28. I am so undecided. That could be 2 lipgloss without the charm on them, ugh!

  8. victoria

    i might probably pass. too expensive and from the last collection, i’m kittyed out.

  9. I’m with Victoria…I’m kittied out…but I’m still getting a compact and both dazzleglasses. They’re collector’s items as far as I’m concerned. So does this mean that Nordstrom isn’t going to have these?

  10. Kayc

    Hmm I told myself I’m gonna stay away from Kitty Kouture but I’m not so sure… I might cash out on the dazzleglasses depending on the swatches. I mean $28 USD converts to $35 CAD… I don’t know about that… I already spent hundreds of dollars on the HK Color Collection. I’ll wait for the swatches first though before anything :)

  11. Jessica

    I can’t wait for these! I’m planning to get both dazzleglasses and a compact. Christine, do you know if the compacts come with refills?

  12. Kate

    Luckily, I’m not even tempted. I think they’re kind of gaudy.

  13. Shanel

    Yay! Im so excited for march 5th, I already pre’ordered/paid for two compacts & both dazzleglasses :) check your mac store cause they might be pre’selling like mines!

  14. IZzySA

    Passes with open mouth. $28 for gloss is getting up there with Chanels, YSL’s and Guerlains.. eek. Lots of competition in the cosmetics market and little money worldwide.

  15. All of these are incredibly over-priced. I’m happy to say I’m not interested in any of this. It’s crazy!!

  16. Yaya

    cute but it doesn’t seem that difficult to just make the charms yourself and add it to the regular HK glosses line

  17. Katie

    I mean, while I would love the compact and the Dazzleglasses, I am passing completely.

    I don’t use Sheer Mystery powder, and I heard that the compact size has shrunk to where you can’t switch it out for anything else. Yes, it’s collectible, and it’s Hello Kitty, which are two lures for me-but I’m not a fan of exactly how it is crystallized. I can make something like this but crystallized to my tastes for about half that amount, if I were to buy the crystals.

    As for the Dazzleglasses, I would go for Dazzlepuss if anything, as I only really get the Dazzleglasses with the blue reflects (as I am too lazy to mix it myself). However, I cringe at “sheer”. Not to mention that Dazzleglasses will be relaunching (I’ve seen many a new one on eBay) and if Style Warriors is indeed animal-prints, then that is money better spent, as all my accessories (wallet, makeup bag, camera case, and hopefully soon compact mirror) are leopard-print.

  18. DevilishDoll

    I love the Dazzleglasses, but I just can’t justify spending that much for them. Especially when I still have a lot of the regular Hello Kitty collection to buy.

  19. I hope it looks better quality in real life compared with the Monogram collection compacts! I thought the Monogram ones looked tacky. Do you know if these will include a refill?

  20. Kayc

    Actually, I’m not even gonna think about this. I’m gonna pass. I mean, I can see how it’s a collector’s thing but I would honestly just spend my money on a bunch of YSL lipsticks and Dior quint palettes than a couple of $35 CAD sheer dazzleglasses and a friggin $113 CAD compact.

  21. vicki

    That compact is soo mines in my dreams! Pfft! I wish I would spend $90 on a compact. I’m still on my Stylistics one and I haven’t even used the refill. I do love that compact though and I do want to make all the girls jealous. (expletive)! I will buy the dazzleglasses though.

  22. kelly

    oh no, not more.

  23. dorothy

    im so excited!
    ive called all the mac stores i go to but no ones taking pre orders yet

    does anyone know if we’re able to depot the powder?

    i hope we’re able to so i get more then just one powder use out of it

  24. Edna

    Does anyone know if it’ll come out with refills?

    Which shade is ideal for NC30? 😀

  25. *sighs* I wish that compact wasn’t $90!

  26. I’m almost disturbed by this. I know I’ve been down about MAC’s packaging quality going down with the years but this is a little too big of a jump for me. I think I’m gunna have to walk away from this one considering it’s really not interesting and crystals aren’t enough for me to dish out $90. Not to mention I can’t even find a way to dish out $38 for a Hello Kitty palette. XD

  27. Macaddict

    I’m buying the 2 dazzleglasses! Not the compacts since I don’t really use the powders.

  28. Christy

    I know this is going to be super expensive, but I still want both Dazzleglasses and the compact. I am almost Kittied out but she still has a near and dear home to me.

  29. pia

    With this price tag, I think I’m going to bling my own SF compact.

  30. Lix

    Uhh, I’ve been saving $100 for the compact but I MIGHT just change my mind if I can’t depot when it’s finished. I need to know!! :[ That would suck.

  31. Berenice

    These prices are crazy! With the economy crisis i am not going to spend $90 on a compact. I urge you all to think very carefully if you really need a $90 compact!!!!!!

  32. pquanda

    **************** PSA *********************
    Dazzleglasses have HALF THE AMOUNT of gloss that’s in MINI HOLIDAY TUBES.

    Yeah, those tiny ass tubes at holiday.. chop ’em in half.. that’s your dazzleglass.. something like $300 FOR ONE OUNCE.

    Don’t fall for it! Those stupid charms are less than two cents and can be found in your nearest big city’s chinatown!

    • ya :( i remebered, mine is almost gone .. too little product (sorry for my english)

    • Kayc

      Sooo true! And as for swarovski crystals, you can get them from a small gem store.. I know since I used to make swarovski charm bracelets back in the summer! This Kitty Kouture is definitely not worth your money. I’d say just save up for the next few collections coming out.

  33. dedra(maclove1)(dedralovesmac)

    sweet :) pictures !! xD im getting the whole lot all 3 and im hate to sound catty but i mean this sincerly :/i fill super sad for the ladys who can not afford this set or one item i read the comments btw .i remember when i only had a 5 er in my pocket shoot!

  34. Liz

    I’m getting both the dazzleglasses!

  35. sprut

    I think I’ll pick up one of the glosses and maybe a compact. I haven’t decided yet.

  36. monica

    umm…i’m good.

    MAC will definetely not suck me into THIS collection. $90 for a compact that looks just like every other compact out there…? PASS.

  37. The powders do not appeal to me at all.. Mmm might get the bright pinky dazzleglass though!

  38. Ashley

    Pretty but PASS. Love love love Dazzleglass but I’ll hold out til they come back in the spring. No lipgloss is worth $35 CAD. I have a hard time paying the $22….

  39. carriespooner

    hmmm.. 28 dollars for the dazzleglass. That’s more expensive than Dior.

    I’ll have to pass on this. It’s gonna be hard though….

  40. Rachael

    no way can i spend the money on these!! i just spent way too much on the regular hello kitty collection. that will have to do for now!

  41. jess

    i’m appalled at mac for releasing such ridiculously priced items during this recession!! Like I’m gonna pay $100 freakin dollars for a compact?? Even in normal times this is a ripoff. I find it irresponsible and mean. They know girls will dish out that kinda money, but should they be charging that just because they can? I mean The compact should be …$40 and dazzleglasses shouldn’t be more then $20. This is like a slap in the face to MAC consumers. Yes I believe in a range of high to low products..but $100 is outrageous no matter how you put it.

    • liz

      SOOO RIGHT!!!! Girls please don’t fall for this rip off, its only crystals, …NICE UPSCALE GLASS. I can’t believe the compact is $100, …ITS NOT GOLD ya know! Some people have nothing to eat while we’re looking at $100 compacts, please don’t be led to believe these items are “worth” the money. Save up for the other collections!

  42. Those dazzleglasses look lovely, but I don’t think I can spend any more money…I need to save for school!>.<

  43. Ashley

    Those look very nice.

  44. Jennifer

    Even if the compact came with a refill it isn’t worth it. What do you do when you use them up? Throw away a $113CAD compact? These would only be worth it if they had permanant refills available. This is what other lines do with their deluxe compacts. The idea is to only buy it once, otherwise what’s the point? Can’t justify any of these. Pass.

  45. Amelia

    I bet all of us could just add a chain and a charm to one of the existing dazzleglasses and call it koture. not sure why MAC is selling these for this amount of $$$ when we are in such a recession…

  46. Tasha Sari

    Is it available in Singapore cause I’m really in love with this! 😀

  47. I can’t wait for this collection to be out!! I’m a dazzleglass addict and I’m getting both of them. As for the Sheer Mystery Powder, I’m not sure if I want to get it or not. And to everyone who has been asking that if it comes with a refill, yes you will get a refill if you purchase the compact.

  48. rt66chix

    Actually, Nordstrom stores will also be selling this collection in addition to MAC freestanding and MAC online.

  49. PoisonousCandy

    If MAC was smart, they should put out these Kitty Kouture out prior the regular KK collection to increase the sale and desire for both collections. Just like how Fashion world works, Couture collection then triggering down to the pret-a-porte for the more affordable version. This way, The KK get sold first to thicker wallets then those who wants a taste of it can purchase the lower prices items version later on. my 2 cents.

  50. Cassidy

    EHMAHGAWD!! These are TOO cute, especially that bright pink lipglass!! OMG m.a.c. is having a sweepstakes and all of these are one of the grandprizes!! i am so excited i hope i get it :) otherwise my tiny budget won’t be able to get one of those glasses :(

    OH WELL!

  51. LoveeeeeMAC

    i think the dazzleglasses are worth it!
    i mena alot of lipsticks and glosses are like 30 dollars
    plus when the container is empty you can take of the little thingy and use it as a keychain
    who can resist a hello kitty keychain with swarvoski crystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. amyy

    as far as im aware..I clearly think it means it comes with ONE powder pan.. I dont think there will be an extra? I believe the compact comes empty, and in the cosmetics world ‘refill’ means ONE pan. Hopefully someone who has or knows for sure should clarify on this. If an ‘extra’ refill is included. its damn worth $90. If not… Still cute but def PASS

  53. Annie

    Yay! I my sister, mom, and I pre-ordered our compacts when we pre-ordered our HK makeup! The lady who help us out said that it comes with one refill and they sell refills around the holidays, like when they came out with the MAC Signature collection.

  54. on3cut3cupcak3

    Does anyone know if Pro discount applies to this or not??

  55. amyy

    Most likely not.. as far as i am aware. The regular collection wasnt even included with the pro discount…i highly doubt this kouture collection is included. If it is, I’ll be damned. lol

  56. definitely getting one of the compacts…at least they’re refillable and the sheer mystery powder is an awesome product.

  57. kirsty

    can you tell me what the latest trends are on the catwalk please,

  58. Diana

    Does anyone know if Dazzlepus looks like Ms. Fizz?

  59. gingin501

    I ordered both Dazzleglasses this morning!!!

  60. BabyDollB

    I don’t know if they will release these in the UK and I dread to think what the price tag will be!! I was thinking about just ordering one of the Dazzleglasses off the American website, as I may get it cheaper! I wish the exchange rate was better :( Lol

  61. Sueann

    I just purchased the Mystery Powder, and the two dazzleglasses this morning via the

    I can’t wait for it to come!!!

  62. Tori

    they released this collection today!!!
    why do they keep relesing them early???

  63. amyy

    Yepp….i sure bought mine :*) I assume that they release stuff early online because it takes time to ship out to the customer. Why not give a couple extra days to let people shop ahead of time? Also, with online sales..they have warehouses of merchandise; therefore, its easier to supply the demand. =)

  64. __KiTTY

    I wud love to get one coz im Hello Kitty crazy but it cost way too much & plus I`m not feelin how they arranged the swarovskis. Hello Kitty`s face not even too defined.

  65. ChicaBoo

    Does anyone know definitively if nothing else from MAC will fit into that compact?