Thursday, February 24th, 2011

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Diva in Distress Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius: Eyeshadows

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows ($19.50 for 0.10 oz.) are larger, over-sized eyeshadows (think Tartan Tale or Peacocky-sized, or else the size of Cream Colour Bases) embossed with shading and overspray detailing to mimic the look of jeans. This is an overspray/sheen, which will disappear after the first use or so (all swatches are of the product underneath, after the overspray was wiped away). The four shades include: Diva In Distress (mid-tone gray with silver pearl), Motorhead (mid-tone blue with copper pearl), Stovepipe Black (black with copper pearl), and White Jeanius (white with silver pearl).

  • Diva in Distress is a sheer icy blue-tinged white with a frosted finish. This one was both sheer and a little gritty–not gritty as in huge chunks of glitter, but it didn’t stick. Lots and lots of fall out and the color itself did not bind well.
  • Motorhead is a brightened navy blue with a satin sheen. This shade was more pigmented but not richly pigmented. It’s comparable to Deep Truth, which is part of the permanent range.
  • Stovepipe Black is a taupe-tinged charcoal gray with a metallic-frost finish. This was the nicest of the four; pigmented and smooth, and the color itself a bit unlike the permanent range.  I can’t think of a permanent dupe for this shade; Satin Taupe would be the closest but not as black.
  • White Jeanius is a bright, frosted white. It has good color pay off. It’s comparable to Gesso but with a frosted finish.

my thoughts on the formula: The formula is hit or miss, it seems.  It’s very consistent across the four within this collection, and they do feel similar to the Tartan Tale eyeshadows from 2010.  They have a slightly powdery feel, but for the most part, apply smoothly and don’t have a powdery consistency once applied.  Diva in Distress suffers from both poor color pay off and fall out, while the other three didn’t have fall out issues.

If you want to know more about how products are evaluated, read out Rating System FAQ! :)

  • Product: 24/30*
  • Value: 9/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

final thoughts: *There is a reason why I prefer and often do review products individually, even if they are from the same formula, because there can be enough variance in the quality that the grades would differ individually than they would as some kind of group grade. Diva in Distress’ quality is 15/20, which gives it an overall D rating. Stovepipe Black, on the other hand, is the best of the four, and the quality is 27/30, which moves it to a B+ rating.

where to buy: MAC Cosmetics, March 3rd, 2011

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Diva in Distress Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Diva in Distress Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Diva in Distress Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Diva in Distress Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Motorhead Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Motorhead Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Motorhead Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Motorhead Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Stovepipe Black Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Stovepipe Black Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Stovepipe Black Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC Stovepipe Black Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC White Jeanius Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC White Jeanius Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC White Jeanius Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
MAC White Jeanius Eyeshadow

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
Diva in Distress, Motorhead, Stovepipe Black, White Jeanius

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
Diva in Distress, Motorhead

MAC Jeanius Eyeshadows
Stovepipe Black, White Jeanius

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Where can I purchase the Jeanius Eyeshadows? How much are they?

MAC Cosmetics and MAC Counters on March 3rd, $19.50 each.

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Any dupes?

See individual shade review.

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48 thoughts on “MAC Jeanius Eyeshadow Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Meghann

    I like stovepipe. Might pick that one up.

  2. Janetta

    None of these are screaming at me but the Stovepipe black looks nice

  3. Charity

    I don’t care for any of the these shadows, the pattern is a bit odd too. I’ve never commented before though and wanted to say I love your blog! I use to use Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown and was scared off by MAC. I think the endless color options overwhelmed me. You’ve really helped me develop my collection, your photos are so true to color, etc. Now I have mostly MAC, which is great because it’s cheaper and there are so many more colors! I just need to chill out now before I develop an addition. :) I did buy a Politely Pink lipstick the other day and love it! I was worried it would be too sheer, but it’s great with my NW15/NW20 skin tone. Thanks for making such a great blog!

  4. Tekoa

    Love the pattern but the colours are merely average. Factor in a limited budget and it gets the Pass stamp.

  5. dani diamond

    Omg motorhead to me is the only styand out, i think i have like 10 shades of white and opal ivory, and like many smokey blacks but blues are soo good cos u can do milliosn of different shades, beautiful motorhead (brill band too lol)
    love it!

    hate the design thom, the jean imprint looks messy, hate the oversheen like with dame edna collection beauty powder, it disapeared, wat is the point? xx

  6. Stephanie

    All I’ve got to say is… Meh.

  7. Stephanie

    Cute packaging and idea but the colors are BLAH… nothing special. PASS!

  8. Bella

    I’m happy I just bough Deep truth. Saves me money on both this collection and Wonder Woman. 😀

  9. I don’t get the tiny rivet detail, if it’s so small, it’ll be used up so much faster?

  10. Yeah… no thanks :) Great review though!

  11. Meg

    It seems that MAC is always coming out with “Deep Truth”-esque shadows. I want something different haha!

  12. I could never buy this for the sole fact that i wouldnt be able to use it cause the pattern is so pretty 😮 so its kinda useless to buy something you will never use.

  13. Josie

    I want Stove Pipe Black! Is it really dark or more charcoal?

    Also, is anybody else tired of buying these over-sized and over-prices MAC eyeshadows? I think these will retail for $23.50 Canadian.

  14. Ann

    I’m passing on these. I have too many UD shadows that look just like this.

  15. beautyaddict

    on the bright side, they make nice decorations since they look better in pan with the cute design & very little temptation to ruin it with actual use. lol

  16. Marcy

    pretty colors but we’ve seen them all and there are dupes within the permanent shadow line. seems like MAC just keeps pushing out collections with gimicky patterns/packaging/sizes just for the hell of it (a.k.a consumers’ $$$).

  17. Steph

    Pretty, but doesn’t really catch my eye.

  18. Carrie

    Disappointed about Diva, it was the only one that tempted me! I wish they would slow down launches and improve quality; I’m getting less and less enthusiastic silty each so-so release.

  19. I like the look of Motorhead.

  20. Stovepipe black looks a bit like the dark one from the Photorealism quad, yes?

  21. Heather

    Reminds me of the Wonder Woman palette

  22. Eileen

    I like Stovepipe black.. Motorhead looks kinda cool, but not very wearable, for me anyway…

  23. Eleanor

    Motorhead is pretty but looks an awful lot like deeptrueth, and you can pick that up as as refill for about $11.00. The others seem only so-so. I can’t justify paying $20.00 for them.

  24. Motorhead is really pretty, but I wish these colors all came in a palette together!

  25. Sydney

    I must have Stovepipe and White Jeanius!

  26. Honor

    i love stovepipe black, woul actually love see what the eyeshadow look like after you swatch them.

  27. Becca

    stovepipe black looks really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Ana G.

    After the quality shown in the peacocky eyeshadows, it will be difficult for me to accept anything less.

  29. Ariel

    I’m not impressed with this collection, which is actually probably good because my wallet can take a breather

  30. Mariella

    I like Stovepipe Black but not so much that I’ll rush out and buy it. I have better dark grays or some just as good. The dark blue look nice but, again, there are nicer dark/bright blues. Is the grommet also just a thin overspray?

  31. Mariella

    Oops, forgot to ask – is White Jeanius anything at all like Unbasic White from Starflash? (which is obviously a starflash finish but it’s quite frosty).

  32. Carrie Ann

    Darn, Diva in Distress was the only one I was interested in. These looked really cute in the promo pics, but not so much here. I may just skip them. I wanted to get more of the Peacocky eye shadows, anyway, which seem to be much better quality.

  33. amy

    I agree that Stovepipe Black is the nicest of the 4.

  34. Emily

    Is Diva in Distress anything like UD’s Mary Jane?

  35. Aude Mai

    I want Motorhead, JUST FOR THE NAME !!

  36. karen

    hi is stovepipe black similarto print in terms of color [not finishing] ? thanks

  37. K

    Anyone think that at first glance of the swatches these look like the MAC Wonder Woman Lady Justice quad? Same quality difficulties as well?

  38. Paige

    I like stovepipe. I have been looking for an eye shadow with that kind of shade and finish. It’s nice to know that this one turned out to be the best of the bunch. I’m going to get this. Thanks Christine for making shopping cosmetics so much easier!

  39. Lala

    I think the packaging is really ugly…I think it’s supposed to be a belt loop, but it kinda looks like a fly. Eyeshadow that looks like the crotch of jeans lol.

    The colors are pretty blah too. Nothing special imo. I’ll pass!

  40. I havent been able to make it to my MAC store lately :/ It sucks so bad because I really really REALLY wanted to try this collection out. Im a Jeans fanatic and this entire collection mentally suited all of my needs. I hope i can get my hands on one or two pieces of this one, if not the entire thing. I love all of it <3